Batman - The Animated Series/X-Files: Lost In A Toon World Part 3
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Mulder was in and out of the sleep. The coffee Alfred gave him kept him out
of BatMan's way. Mulder awoke wandering around the Wayne manor.

When he came up on a sound from the butler's room Mulder looked in the large
keyhole and what a sight he saw. Alfred was on the bed naked with a young
boy behind him. The boy had on a mask of leather. "Yes, fuck my man pussy!"
Alfred said.

Mulder watched and felt his own cock getting hard. Soon he fell to the floor
and woke back in his room. Naked and on all fours, looked over his shoulder
seeing a female with a mask and one her breasts bare, but he look again seen
a long black cock between her legs. She moved up to his ass and she began to
lick and kiss it. He groaned with pleasure as her tongue snaked in and out of
his ass before two then three fingers were probing his ass. "How's it feel?"
Mulder just groaned.

Soon he felt the cock rubbing along his ass and he grits his teeth as it was
pushed in.

"Don't fight it," she said.

He soon relaxed and began to feel the pleasure her hand holding his cock
pumping it. She soon held his hips and began to fuck him.

"Yes, fuck my man pussy," he shouted. He was pumping his own cock till he
came so hard he fell on the bed. She kissed him good night.

Alfred was now fucking young Dick Grayson, he thought back to when he had
done the young Bruce and his father, too.

Meanwhile Batman was pumping Catwoman for imfromation. She laid on the bed
her long legs spread as Batman was fucking her hard. "OOOOOHHHH GOD!" she
cried. His cock was the biggest she had ever had.

He slowed down pulling it out all but the large head which he was working
along her clit. Catwoman tried to push up, but he held her down. "Tell me!"
he said.

She fought, but to no avail. She gave in telling him everything.

* * *

Dana Scully was in a whole different situation. She was on a bed shaped like
a question mark with her head tilted back off the edge. In walked the Riddler
with his men. Dana could see they were naked and had very long cocks. "Show
our guest a good time!"

Dana soon was being fed cocks down her throat, her ass and pussy were being
used. One pulled outof her mouth. "MORE!" she begged.

She had become a cum slut and they gave her more till she passed out. The
days and nights went by Dana was always being fucked. The Riddler came to see
her. No longer tied to the bed she laid there legs open with a large question
mark dildo.

He took out his cock. She laid on the bed, opened her mouth, took his head,
began to suck it. Her tongue was at his piss hole before she took all of his
cock. "Fuck me!" Dana made a popping sound.

The Riddler did just that. Holding her hair he fucked her ass before he
pulled a gun out and aimed it at her head.

Just then she was breathing air, so was Mulder, and they both were in an EMT
unit. Walter Skinner was looking at both his agents laying in beds. In a few
days they both were back to work, not knowing if they were harmed. Dana was
home with four guys. They had her naked and were fucking her. Mulder found
himself with a female fucking his ass.

The End


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