Blade - The Series/Buffy The Vampire Slayer:
Blade Versus Buffy (MF,inter,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Blade, the half-human, half-Vampire Huntsman feared by all the creatures of
the night looked at Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer. Slowly, they circled
each other. Two of the world's deadliest predators stalked each other. The
world held its breath. What was going to happen next? Would they kill each

The predators smiled nastily, and leapt at each other. Claws came out. Fangs
were bared. Roars and insults were exchanged...and they fell...naked into bed
together. Buffy Summers looked at her new lover Blade, the young black man
who fought against the Vampire Coven known as House of Chton. This was the
sexiest hook-up ever.

They met not too long ago. Buffy Summers traveled to New York, where she
encountered Vampires the likes of which she'd ever seen. They were not like
the Vampires she was used to. These fang boys and fang girls had technology.
They were smart, and organized. They had their own network. They were a true
community. They almost killed her. The ruler of the most powerful Vampire
group in the city was Marcus Van Sciver, Lord of House Chton, Home of the
Elite of Pureblood Vampires. Marcus ruled House Chton with his lover and
ally, the deadly female Vampire known as Chase.

Blade currently had an informant in Marcus inner circle, a beautiful female
Vampire named Krista Starr. Spike, the world's latest Vampire with a soul had
gotten into a scuffle with Krista Starr. It didn't well for either of them
since they fought until dawn came. Not the brightest thing for Vampires to
do. Spike survived, as did Krista, but neither of them were going to be
walking and talking anytime soon. Oh, well. Meanwhile, Buffy Summers and
Blade had bonded while fighting against the House of Chton.

Now, they were about to consummate their union for the thousandth time. Buffy
had never had a lover like Blade. The passionate Huntsman could go on and
on... a test of her superhuman physique and sexual appetite. Grabbing a
bottle of lube, she rolled into bed with him. Playfully, they wrestled. Blade
was on top of her. Buffy smiled. She knew what he wanted and was more than
happy to give it to her.

Recently, Blade had told her about his adventures with Angel and company when
they got magically transported to a world where Vampires were the majority
and the humans were an endangered species. Blade and his allies, Vampire babe
Krista Starr and Asian techno-geek Shen met Angel, along with his half-human,
half-Vampire progeny, the dastardly Connor, and his latest main squeeze,
Werewolf babe Nina Ash in Vampire Planet.

Blade and Angel had joined forces to get rid of the demonic Sirius, an
evil spirit who took over the body of Vampire-turned-Rock Star Lestat De
Lioncourt. Fusing his supernatural powers with those of Lestat, Sirius
became the Blood God. He freed his paramour, the malevolent Kali, Possessor
of the Bodies of Women, and installed her in the body of Jessica Reeves, a
female vampire who loved Lestat. Sirius and Kali, housed in the bodies of
vampire lovers, were worshiped as gods in their world.

Blade and Angel succeeded in destroying them, but it wasn't easy. Blade
disclosed something odd to Buffy. Apparently, the macho black man was
bisexual. Buffy wasn't surprised. Her ex-lover, the hunky Angel was
bisexual. Heck, her current Monday Night Man, the vampire Spike, was
bisexual as well. Buffy was practically the only woman in Sunnydale who
hadn't yet experimented with "the love that dare not speak its name". She
was cool with Blade's bisexuality. Bisexual guys were cute, in her opinion,
especially those with fangs.

So, when Blade asked Buffy if he could tap that sexy booty of hers, she was
all for it. He greased her up, and then propped her on all fours. Slowly, he
worked his cock into her tight asshole. Buffy gasped. Very few men had ever
fucked her in the ass. Angel was the first. Next, there was Spike. She had
to give up the booty to him. It was either that or he'd keep fucking macho
construction worker and closeted bisexual Xander Harris tight ass when Anya
the ex-Vengeance Demon wasn't around. Buffy took one for the team, and became
a familiar face on the "personal lubricant" aisle.

For the sexy girl named Buffy Summers, getting fucked in the ass by a
bisexual man was really nothing new. Still, with Blade, this was different.
For starters, he was bigger. Blade held her by the hips and slammed his thick
cock into her asshole. Buffy howled as he pounded her butt. It hurt oh so
good. Though she howled, she was loving every minute of it.

Blade firmly held her as he fucked her. He hadn't had a good ass to fuck ever
since he and sexy vampire babe Krista came back from the Vampire Planet along
with Asian stud Shen. He had fucked both Krista Starr and Shen's assholes so
often that they both had a "not more than twice a week" policy concerning his
dick going up their respective assholes. The bisexual black man couldn't
blame them for that. His cock could make both men and women sing when it was
buried up their yin yang.

Buffy screamed in both pain and pleasure as Blade rammed into her. He fucked
her good. Finally, her ass grew to be too tight for him in spite of his
efforts to loosen her up and he came, sending his cum deep inside of her. The
Slayer screamed as the bisexual black man filled her ass with his cum. She
tried to flee. He grabbed her and held her firmly into place. After a while,
she calmed down. Her first words were a request. Surprise, surprise, she
wanted another round. Blade smiled.

The End


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