Blade The Series: Predator And Prey (MF,inter,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Blade walked through the building. Anyone looking at him would have seen a
tall, good-looking black man. He was a lot more than that. Blade was the
son of a vampire overlord and a human female. He was a Day Walker. He had
superhuman strength and speed, along with the ability to regenerate. All
the powers of a vampire. Unlike ordinary vampires, he could walk in daylight
without harm. He was a new order of being.

These days, Blade was waging war against the various vampire covens. One of
the most powerful of all covens was the House of Chton, ruled by billionaire
businessman turned vampire aristocrat Marcus Van Sciver. Marcus was a very
dangerous vampire. He was not only trying to take over humanity but he also
wanted to destroy the Pureblood Vampires. The Purebloods are the vampires who
were born as members of the undead. The Half-breeds were humans who became

Marcus was once human. He had no love for the Purebloods, the masters of the
race of the vampires. They were controlling and domineering. They despised
the Half-breeds. The Half-breeds often became the immortal lackeys of the
dark lords of the night. Marcus intended to destroy that domination. He was
using advanced technology to create a virus capable of wiping out the
Purebloods and leave the Half-breed vampires as the next rulers of the planet
Earth. What he didn't know was that Krista Starr, an ex-U.S. Army soldier
turned vampire, was secretly working with the Day Walker to bring down House

Krista Starr looked at Blade, the Day Walker. The devastatingly handsome
black man was feared by all the vampires in the world. They had a tense
relationship. Yet he was dear to her. Thanks to him, she retained some of
her humanity. Krista Starr drank the same serum Blade drank, to keep her
from craving the blood of humans. So, she remained somewhat human, even
though she had all the powers of a vampire. Tonight, they had fought
against so many foes and vanquished them. Now, they were recovering.

Krista looked at Blade, and tentatively tried to kiss him. He stopped her.
Even though they were allies, she was still a vampire, and he was still the
Day Walker, the super predator who hunted the vampires. No, he wouldn't kiss
her. They weren't lovers. They were allies, and predators. Two of a kind.
Predators took what they wanted, and Blade was the world's deadliest

Blade sank his fangs into Krista Starr's neck, drinking her blood. Krista
howled in pain...and surprised pleasure. There was something very erotic
about drinking blood. For both the blood drinker and his or her prey. Blade
pulled her down on the floor, and then he ravished her. Before she knew it,
he had taken her clothes off. Krista pulled Blade into her arms, welcoming
him. Naked, they rolled around on the floor. They wrestled and jockeyed for

Krista Starr found herself on her belly, and Blade was on her back, pinning
her. Blade growled in her ear that he wanted to take her. Krista roared her
consent. He cut off her panties, and caressed her sexy butt. He ran his hands
all over her slim, athletic body. His hands caressed her breasts. His sleek
fingers went into her pussy. Krista gasped in pleasure. Then, she felt
Blade's tough hands grip her butt cheeks and spread them wide open. Krista
suddenly realized what was coming. Blade, the Day Walker, the Terror of all
vampires was about to fuck a female vampire in the ass. Surprisingly, she
welcomed it.

Blade pressed his cock against Krista's buttocks. Krista felt every touch,
every time. Twelve inches of thick, uncircumcised black dick pressed against
her tiny asshole. With a swift thrust, he went into her. Krista gasped when
Blade's thick cock went into her. The pain was immense. She cried out and
tried to flee. Blade held her firmly by the hips and shoved his dick hard
into her ass. He fucked her, hard and fast. Krista grunted as he took her.
It hurt like hell. After a while, the pain was almost gone, replaced by a
curious feeling of warmth and fullness.

Blade continued to fuck Krista's ass. He hadn't had a sweet ass like this in
a long time. The vampire woman's ass was so tight. He loved every moment of
it. The feel of a tight ass around his cock was so pleasurable. It wasn't
long before he came, sending his hot cum deep inside of her. Krista howled,
and lay still in Blade's iron grip. She lay there in his arms, with his hard
cock still lodged up her ass. They remained like this for a long time.
Finally, he pulled out. Krista winced as he pulled out of her. The dude's
dick was the biggest she'd ever had inside her. She looked at Blade, flashed
him a smile. He didn't say anything.

Rolling her eyes, Krista got up, and looked for her clothes. Blade smiled
sinisterly. Krista knew why. She could feel it. The sun had risen above. She
wasn't going anywhere. She looked at Blade, seeing the smirk on his face.
Yeah, he probably planned this. Blade told her that her ass belonged to him.
He was going to hit that booty all day. Krista held her hand up in protest.
Blade blinked in surprise. Seeing the look on his handsome face, Krista
smiled. Oh, she wanted to stay indoors and fuck all day just as badly as he
did, but first they needed to get some lube...Blade smiled.

The End


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