Back To The Future: The Erotic Stories Part 2 (Ff,oral,anal)
by Stephan Mills

Whilst Clara was still recovering from spraying her juices all over
Jennifer's cute face, Jennifer herself was raring to go. Sitting on the
bed, she began to slowly remove all of Clara's silky, frilly clothes. Her
one piece dress was difficult to remove, however, after being instructed
by Clara to 'tear it', Jennifer did so gladly.

Next, Jennifer removed Clara's white, frilly, fairly large knickers; they
were definitely a product of the 1800's, Jennifer couldn't deny that; yet
at the same time they also turned her on a lot. Bringing the knickers up
to her face, Jennifer rubbed them all over her, specifically under her
nose, taking in Clara's female scent.

Next, Jennifer attempted to remove Clara's brassiere, which was easier said
than done; the numerous straps and lacings took a while to untie, but it was
definitely very sexy. After having done this, Jennifer went to remove more
of Clara's garments, before, realising with noticeable shock, that Clara was
now totally nude.

Clara simply lay back, stretched out on the bed, looking very tasty and
slutty. She did not speak a word, but simply looked Jennifer directly in the
face. Jennifer, in the meanwhile, was gazing longingly at Clara's statuesque
physique; her skin was a pale, but sexy, milky white. Clara was fairly slim,
but not skinny, her ribs could only just be seen jutting out of her frame
from beneath her breasts, which, for a woman of Clara's age, were very
impressive indeed. They rested, perkily, atop of Clara's chest. Both were
raised about 6 inches above her chest. Her nipples were brown, and erect.
Like two buttons.

Jennifer looked down again, between Clara's legs; her vagina was indeed
hairy. But then, women in the 1800's probably didn't bother as much with
that as they do today. Jennifer liked it, and placed her hand on Clara's
pubic hair. Stroking it; careful not to touch her slit. Clara's brown
puppy-dog eyes still fixed on Jennifer. Jennifer stopped almost as soon
as she had started. Clara made a decision, and, pulling herself up with
her arms on the bed, she flipped herself over, and lay flat on her stomach,
her face resting on her arms.

Jennifer now looked over Clara's back; her back was as sexy as her front;
Clara's spine just peaked out, every time Jennifer touched her back, her
spine made an appearance; Jennifer liked that, and could tell she was
having an effect on her. Jennifer then wondered why Clara had turned over.
Then, looking down, she had a revelation.

Gazing at Clara's round, soft peaches, and Jennifer's tongue fell out of
her mouth as she stared intently at Clara's pouting ass cheeks. Jennifer
tried to avoid it, but couldn't, she didn't want to take things too fast,
but she just couldn't resist it; without a warning, Jennifer leaned her
head down, and began to lick, seductively, the ass cheeks that lay in
front of her. With circular, soft, loving motions, Jennifer began to run
her tongue all over Clara's ass cheeks. Then, closing her mouth, instead
of using her tongue, she simply ran her whole face over Clara's cheeks.
Jennifer's lips and nose were being aroused by Clara's peach of an ass.
Jennifer deliberated during this time, and decided, that, without a doubt,
Clara's full ass was her best feature. Jennifer used her lower teeth to
scrape them softly across the whole of Clara's ass cheeks.

Bringing up her hands, Jennifer then placed them on Clara's back, running
them slowly up and down her spine, which jutted in and out. Jennifer
started to let her mind drift, her thoughts focused on a variety of different
subjects; fucking, sucking, fucking again, and the thought of the beautiful
Clara as a kind of porcelain, fragile doll; she could break if you did not
treat her with the utmost care. This thought excited Jennifer.

Jennifer pulled up her face, then, almost immediately, threw it back
down again, this time, though, her stiff tongue jabbed harshly into
the very centre of Clara's asshole. Jennifer steadily probed her tongue
deeper, deeper and deeper down inside Clara's asshole, who was now
moaning in satisfied pleasure. Many girls or people in general, would
have reservations about performing oral-anal sex, but not Jennifer; she
liked to believe that she had no real inhibitions; she considered herself
liberated, both emotionally, and sexually. She was willing to try anything.

Having done this many times before on Marty, Jen knew what she was doing.
Her tongue salivating, Jennifer placed both hands on Clara's ass cheeks,
and squeezed them tight, as she buried her face further into Clara's
posterior. Her nose was now fully inside Clara's ass, which meant her
tongue was now past Clara's sphincter. Jennifer placed both her hands on
Clara's ample ass. Digging her fingers into Clara's flesh, Jennifer forced
her face further down inside Clara's ass, reaching her rectum. Jennifer
now tasted Clara's ass flesh, and breathed in her scent. Turning her head
to the left, Jennifer used both hands to widen Clara's ass yet further,
and began licking, lapping, and rimming the left side of Clara's ass.

Then, after having done this, she turned to the right, and did the same.
Jen had never tasted an ass this sweet. Jennifer was now possessed,
uncontrollable, and, putting her tongue back in her mouth, Clara's asshole
now dripping wet, she began to try to bite at Clara's rectum, Clara felt
it, and began to let out high squeals of pain intermittently.

"Shut up" said Jennifer, as she continued her fingers now almost breaking
the skin on Clara's ass.

Minutes later, she gave up, and pulled out her face. Putting one finger deep
inside Clara's ass once more, Jenn pulled it out again, put it in her mouth,
and began sucking hungrily on it.

"Thank you, Jennifer," said Clara.

"Baby, we haven't even started yet."


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