Big Wolf On Campus: Lemon Lime (mm,slash)
by Caroline Crane

It was a dark and stormy night. Not that it mattered, because Merton was
settled comfortably at his desk, a steaming mug of hot chocolate in one hand
and his mouse in the other. He glanced absently at the sound of rain beating
against the basement window and hoped the storm wouldn?t knock the power out
and ruin his plans for the evening. "So far so good," he muttered into the
stillness of the lair as he listened to his modem dial and then connect to
his server. It had been awhile since he?d had a whole night to himself with
no homework and no bad guys to help Tommy battle, and he was looking forward
to a quiet evening surfing the net.

With any luck some of his favorite sites had been updated and he'd have
plenty of reading material before bed. He opened his media player and
scrolled through the list of mp3 files until he found the Soul Coughing
files he'd downloaded, pressing play and letting his head move to the
beat as the opening strains of "Rollin'" filled the room. He took a sip
of hot cocoa and clicked his bookmarks, scrolling until he found the
site he was looking for. When the site loaded he smiled fondly at the
graphic on the main page, thinking to himself what a cute couple the two
faces staring back at him made.

Quickly he clicked on the updates link and smiled triumphantly when he saw
the list of new files that had been uploaded since his last visit. "Yes!" he
exclaimed when he saw that his favorite author had not just one, but three
new stories on the site. One of them he'd read a few months ago on one of his
mailing lists, but it was a great story and it had been awhile. The other two
were brand new as far as he could tell, and he hoped at least one of them was
a sequel to the last fic he'd read by the author.

Merton would never admit it to anyone, especially not Tommy, but before they
started hanging out he'd spent a lot of time reading fan fiction. Way too
much time, probably, but he couldn't help it if the stuff was addictive.
There were a lot of fandoms he enjoyed reading, but this one was definitely
his favorite. In fact he liked the idea of his favorite fanfic couple so much
that he'd had to stop watching the show. Tommy thought he'd just gotten his
fill of vampires and weird happenings in real life and given up on the
stylized, Hollywood version shown on Buffy the Vampire Slayer every week, but
the truth was that Merton just couldn't stand the thought of Spike and Buffy
together. It just seemed wrong, almost like he was betraying Spike and Xander
by watching what was going on between Spike and Buffy on the show.

And anyway, there were so many great slash fics about Spike and Xander that
he didn?t even need to watch the show to get a Spike fix anymore. Not to
mention the fact that every so often he?d stumble across the random Oz/Xander
or Oz/Giles fic, they were few and far between but he devoured every one
regardless of the writing quality. Normally he was picky about whose stuff
he'd read, bad writing detracted from his enjoyment of an otherwise promising
story. Besides, he liked a little romance in his slash, and he really hated
the depressing stuff. He had enough heartache in his real life, he didn't
need to seek it out in fan fiction.

A soft sigh escaped Merton's lips at the thought of the source of that
heartache, and he automatically clicked on a Spike/Xander story instead of
the new Oz one he was considering reading. He knew the only reason he liked
Oz fics so much was because Oz was a werewolf, and if he couldn't have Tommy
at least he could read slash about a werewolf and pretend for awhile. Not
that he had a prayer even if Tommy was into guys, which as far as Merton
could tell he definitely wasn't. Granted he hadn?t dated much in the time
Merton had known him but when he had it was always a girl. Not to mention
the fact that when they used to watch Buffy together Tommy made a point of
going on and on about how hot Sarah Michelle Gellar was. It got so annoying
eventually that Merton just refused to watch with him anymore, feeding Tommy
the line about seeing enough vampires and demons in real life. He didn't
need his best friend catching on that he was nursing a crush, that would
ruin everything between them and he didn?t want to risk losing Tommy. Even
if he couldn't have him the way he wanted he had Tommy?s friendship, and any
way he could get Tommy was better than what his life had been like before
they became friends.

He wasn't thinking about Tommy tonight, though, in fact he wasn't thinking
about anything but the wealth of new slash fiction at his fingertips. And if
he ran out of good Spike/Xander slash he could always surf on over to the
Star Wars slash sites and see if there was any new Darth Maul/Obi Wan fic.
Maybe it was perverse but he couldn't resist the whole "fine line between
love and hate" dynamic of those two, especially the stuff that was set
pre-Phantom Menace. He smiled fondly at the thought of his second favorite
slash pairing and reached for his cocoa again, absently sipping at the warm
liquid as he settled in to enjoy the Buffy fic he'd chosen.

An amused chuckle escaped his throat as he scrolled past the usual "if you're
underage go away" warnings. As if, like any self-respecting teenager would
pay attention to lame warnings anyway. Honestly, he didn't know why people
bothered wasting their energy typing that stuff. Oh well, probably some
legal mumbo jumbo, he told himself with a shrug. That whole "better safe
than sorry" concept probably had some merit, and anyway it wasn't like it
detracted from his enjoyment of the story. He settled a little further into
his chair and began reading, smiling at the opening scene. He loved it when
Xander pined for Spike, he could totally relate to being hung up on a
seemingly unattainable crush. Only he could usually rest assured that unlike
himself, Xander would get his man in the end, and that at least made him feel
better for a little while.

He was so enthralled in the steamy love scene at the end of the fic that he
didn't hear the outer door to the lair open, and when he felt a hand land on
his shoulder it startled him so much that he nearly jumped out of his chair.
"Geez, Merton, settle down," Tommy's voice sounded in his ear, amusement at
scaring his best friend half to death evident in his voice. "What's so
fascinating that you didn't even hear the door?"

Merton minimized the web browser as soon as his motor skills came back to
him, his face flushed as he silently prayed that Tommy hadn't gotten a good
look at what he'd been reading. When the window was hidden he took a deep
breath and turned around, hoping the low candlelight in the room would
prevent Tommy from seeing his flushed skin or the slightly glazed look in
his eyes. "H-hey, Tommy," he stammered, his gaze focusing on Tommy as he
turned to face his friend. As soon as he took in the other boy's appearance
his breath caught in his throat again, and it was all he could do not to
reach out and touch his friend's damp skin. Tommy was soaked from the storm
outside, his shirt was literally clinging to his skin and dark brown curls
of rain-soaked hair clung to his temples. Slowly Merton regained his ability
to breathe and he shifted in his chair, hoping his best friend wouldn't
notice just how happy he was to see him. "What brings you out in this

Tommy chuckled low in his throat and shook his head slightly, sending a
shower of cold droplets raining down on Merton's cheek. "Oh, sorry, buddy.
I was just out for a run and it started pouring, I was closer to your place
than mine so I figured I'd stop by and ride out the storm. Has to let up
sometime, right?"

"Sure, no problem," Merton answered, too flustered to realize that Tommy
hadn't actually bothered to ask if it was okay that he'd dropped in
unannounced. Not that he didn't do it all the time, sometimes with an
alarmingly bad sense of timing. So far Merton had managed to avoid his
best friend catching him in any too compromising positions, though, and
he breathed a short sigh of relief that Tommy didn't seem that concerned
with what Merton had been reading. "You wanna watch a movie or something?"

"Actually a towel would be great," Tommy said, grinning as Merton blushed a
little harder and stood up.

"Oh, sorry." Merton stood up and crossed to the bathroom, fumbling around for
a reasonably clean towel before he reappeared in his bedroom and handed it to
Tommy. He didn't mean to watch as Tommy ran the dry cloth over his face and
hair, but it was pretty hard to tear his gaze away from the progress of the
towel over his friend's skin. Tommy was standing in the center of the room,
his head back and his eyes closed as he ran the towel over his neck. Without
warning he stopped, his eyes opening and landing squarely on Merton as he
dropped the towel on the desk. Something like a smirk lit up his features and
Merton found himself blushing all over again, looking away for anything to
preoccupy him while Tommy made himself at home.

When he ventured a glance back at the other boy his breath caught and he
choked on a gasp. He was definitely not prepared for the sight of Tommy
reaching down and yanking his soaking wet shirt over his head, dropping
it to the carpet without a second thought before he reached for the towel

Part of Merton almost expected cheesy instrumental music to start playing as
Tommy closed his eyes again and ran the towel down his chest, the whole scene
was way too close to the script for a bad porn. He knew the furthest thing
from Tommy's mind was stripping off the rest of his clothes and tossing out
a cheesy line about Merton helping to warm him up, but the mere thought of it
combined with the sight of his half-naked best friend was too much for him.

An odd, strangled noise escaped his throat and he took a few steps backwards,
ignoring the slightly bemused expression on Tommy's face as he stumbled over
the couch and headed toward the stairs. "I'll just go get some chips and
stuff. For the movie."

He turned without waiting for an answer and bolted up the stairs, realizing
belatedly that Tommy had never actually agreed to watch a movie. Merton
couldn't think of anything else they might do, though, it wasn't like their
were a lot of options while they were stuck in the lair together. Besides,
he needed to get out of there while Tommy finished doing whatever it was he
was doing. There was no way Merton could stand there and watch his friend
dry off without Tommy figuring out that something was up, so to speak. He
rolled his eyes at the seriously bad pun and opened the fridge, taking a
moment to let the cool air wash over his fevered skin before he grabbed a
couple Cokes and shut the door again.

This was so not what he needed tonight, not when he'd specifically told
himself that he wasn't going to even think about his best friend for the
entire evening. It would just figure that the one time he didn't want
Tommy around he'd show up, and looking'well, edible. Maybe all the magic
and spell-casting had pissed off God or something and this was his
retribution. Maybe the Christians were right after all and he'd brought
down the wrath of the Almighty on his hormone-ridden, teenage self. That
had to be it, this was just some kind of twisted torture that was supposed
to teach him a lesson about lusting after things he couldn't have. He
should have paid attention to those NC-17 warnings on the fanfics he'd been
reading, if he had he wouldn't be completely turned on and about to go
downstairs to make small talk with the object of most of his fantasies.

With a groan worthy of Lori when her mother was lecturing her on being more
ladylike, he grabbed a bag of Doritos and tucked the Cokes under his arm,
forcing himself to head back downstairs before Tommy got bored and started
poking around. He didn't think there was anything incriminating lying around
where Tommy could get at it, but there was no telling what kind of trouble
his best friend could get into in a few minutes. After all, trouble seemed
to follow Tommy around like he was its reason for being.

The sight that greeted him when he reached the bottom of the stairs made his
jaw drop and the hair on the back of his neck stand up, and he barely managed
to set the food and drinks down before he rushed over to his desk. There was
his best friend, dry except for his hair but wearing only the towel he'd used
to dry off. His clothes were nowhere to be seen, and he was leaning forward
in front of Merton's computer monitor. There was a strange half-smile turning
up the corners of his mouth as his eyes moved back and forth across the
screen, and Merton knew without a doubt that it was too late to try to talk
his way out of this. How could he explain to Tommy what he'd been reading
when he showed up out of nowhere' He couldn't think of a single plausible
explanation for what Tommy was reading, even if he claimed that he stumbled
on it accidentally that didn't explain the fact that he was nearly at the end
of a rather long fic when Tommy showed up.

"Interesting story," Tommy said without looking up, but even in the dim
candlelight Merton could see his eyebrows quirking.

"I-I-I-" That was as much as Merton managed before Tommy did turn to look at
him. As soon as their eyes met Merton blushed from the top of his head all
the way to his feet and clamped his mouth shut, his eyes wide as he stared at

Tommy didn't say anything about his obvious humiliation, he just grinned and
let his eyes wander over his friend for a moment before he turned back to the
computer. "Spike and Xander, huh' I mean I guess it could work in a 'I love
you so I'm mean to you' kind of way, but I always kinda liked the idea of
Spike and Angel. Yeah, he's got his own show now and all, but it's not that
much of a stretch."

"Too obvious," Merton answered automatically. It took a second or two for his
brain to catch up with him, but as soon as it did he cocked his head to the
side and played Tommy's last words back over in his head. I always kinda
liked the idea of Spike and Angel. Something about that statement definitely
didn't sound right coming from Tommy's mouth, and not just the obvious fact
that Spike and Angel were all wrong for each other. "Wait a second, you've-
you've thought about Spike and Angel?"

"Well neither of them are really my type," Tommy answered, his gaze still
glued to the screen as he continued to read. He sounded almost distracted,
as though he really was focused on the story and not at all weirded out by
the fact that he was calmly discussing slash fiction with his best friend.
"But you know they've done it. I mean come on, they're vampires. That
automatically makes them bisexual."

Merton blinked, then shook his head as he tried to wake himself up from
possibly the weirdest dream he'd ever had. This beat even the time he'd
fallen asleep watching Night of the Living Dead and dreamed that a mob
of killer zombies was trying to break into the lair. Of course that was
before he met Tommy, so maybe that particular dream was just a little
bout of precognition. This, though'there was no explanation for this.

"Dude, is that even possible?"

Merton's eyes shot up and he focused on Tommy again only to find his best
friend sitting forward in his desk chair, one foot bouncing with pent-up
energy as he evidently got to the part of the story that had Merton so
enraptured that he hadn't heard Tommy come in. "Um, Tommy?"

"Yeah?" Tommy answered distractedly, not bothering to look up at Merton's
strangled tone.

"Where are your clothes?"

If it was possible for Merton to drop dead of humiliation he would have at
that moment, and part of him almost wished that he could. Unfortunately he
was a healthy seventeen-year-old boy, a little on the scrawny side maybe
but otherwise in perfect health. He had no idea why he'd brought attention
to the fact that his best friend was, for all rights and purposes, sitting
in his room naked. It was bad enough that he was reading the gay porn he'd
caught Merton redhanded with, but Merton couldn't leave it at that. No, he
just had to go and draw attention to the fact that Tommy had elected to
take off and evidently hide all his clothes.

"Oh, I, uh, I hung them in the bathroom," Tommy murmured, still not even
glancing in Merton's direction. "Hope that's okay. I mean they were soaked,
I didn't want to get your furniture all wet. And I don't think your clothes
will fit me."

The logical part of Merton's brain accepted that explanation, nodding its
understanding before taking a step back and letting the rest of Merton's
thought processes have free reign again. Things were definitely getting
weirder by the minute, and Merton wasn't sure if he'd be able to work out
what was going on without having some kind of breakdown. For one thing,
Tommy had showed up out of nowhere soaked to the skin and looking, well,
amazing. Then he'd stripped down to nothing but a towel and a smile and
now he was talking calmly about two vampires having sex' Two male vampires,
the logical part of Merton's brain piped up long enough to remind him.

Okay, maybe Tommy just assumed that all vampires were inherently bisexual.
It was a safe assumption, and it definitely beat the alternative. Any other
explanation would mean that Merton had been all wrong about Tommy from the
beginning, and he was having a hard enough time dealing with what had
happened so far that evening. Then again, if he'd been wrong about Tommy
all this time things could get interesting very quickly. That is if his
friend was even remotely attracted to him, which was a huge 'if'.

"Man, did you finish reading this?" Tommy asked, finally turning away from
the computer screen long enough to let his eyes come to rest on his currently
very confused-looking best friend. Merton just shook his head mutely and did
his best not to throw up on his shoes. "I swear I don't think that's even
possible. I mean how would somebody bend that far?"

Merton's hormones piped up long enough to wonder vaguely what exactly was
confusing Tommy so much about the position described in the story. Then again
Merton had just gotten to the good part when Tommy showed up, so obviously
he'd missed something interesting. He had no idea how to answer, or even if
Tommy was expecting him to. In fact he wasn't even sure if his voice was
still working, all he really knew in that moment was that if he didn't die of
embarrassment the ache in his groin was going to kill him.

"Merton, are you okay'" Merton blinked rapidly and looked up at Tommy again,
his mind racing as he tried to make sense of whatever Tommy had just said to
him. It sounded like English, but for some reason he couldn't quite remember
what the words meant.

"I...uh... look, Tommy, I wasn't really expecting you. I mean not that I'm
sorry you're here'well, considering the circumstances...but the thing is..."

The sound of Tommy's soft laughter filled his ears and drowned out whatever
thought he'd been trying to force past his lips. He clamped his mouth shut
again and stared helplessly at his best friend, watching as Tommy stood up
and crossed the room to stop in front of him. "Merton, relax. It's no big
deal. So you like reading fan fiction, it's a little embarrassing but I won't
tell anybody."

Yeah, he could count on Tommy not to go spreading rumors, of course. Wait...
fan fiction was embarrassing? "Uh, Tommy..."

The soft laugh became a deep, throaty chuckle as Tommy's hand landed on his
cheek, green eyes searching his face for any sign that he was reading Merton
wrong. "What? You seriously didn't know how much I've wanted to do this?"
Tommy whispered just before their lips met, a helpless whimper escaping
Merton's throat as Tommy's lips brushed his softly and then pulled back
again. "I figured I'd give you a little time to catch up with me, but I'm
getting tired of waiting."

Merton had a second to register the predatory gleam in Tommy's eyes before
their lips met again, but this time there was nothing soft about Tommy's
kiss. His mouth was demanding, tongue darting out to tease Merton's lips
open and explore the recesses of his mouth. Whatever was left of Merton's
brain fried on impact and he gave himself over to the kiss, his knees
wobbling dangerously. Vaguely he registered the feeling of Tommy's arm
locking around his waist to hold him up, his whole body pressed against
his best friend's as they kissed frantically. He let his hands wander the
smooth planes of Tommy's solid back, smiling against the other boy's mouth
as Tommy let out a muffled groan. In a million years he never thought he'd
have this kind of affect on his beautiful best friend, he figured even if
Tommy swung both ways that he'd always just be the geeky sidekick. Only
that wasn't what Tommy's mouth and hands were telling him, and he suddenly
became painfully aware that a towel was all that was keeping this from
becoming fodder for his best wet dreams.

"You know for the smart one you sure are taking your time catching up," Tommy
panted as he tore their lips apart to gasp for air. When Merton looked up his
best friend was smiling, though, something like affection mingled with the
lust in his eyes as he began working on Merton's buttons.

"What's going on here?" Merton finally managed to gasp, unreasonably pleased
with himself for finally getting his voice to work even if the question was

"If I have to tell you that you've been reading the wrong stuff," Tommy
teased, grinning at the bewildered frustration in Merton's features. "Come
on, Merton, I thought for sure you would have figured it out by now. When's
the last time I actually dated a girl' I spend all my free time with you,
we go to movies together, we hang out together all the time'hell, I even
asked you to go to the winter dance with me."

"No you didn't," Merton said, the fog in his brain clearing suddenly as he
stared back at Tommy.

"Come on, Merton, yes I did." Tommy looked down and shrugged, his fingers
stilling on his best friend's shirt just before he pushed it off Merton's
shoulders. "You turned me down, but I definitely asked."

Merton shook his head vehemently, wracking his brain for any memory of Tommy
asking him out. That he definitely wouldn't forget, even if aliens kidnapped
him and erased his thoughts. There was no way in hell he'd ever forget
Tommy Dawkins asking him out on a date, and to something as public and
couple-oriented as a school dance. "You did not. All you said was, ...Hey,
let's go to the dance. I bet Lori's mom makes her wear a dress, it'll be

For a second Tommy just stared at him, his forehead furrowed as he listened
to Merton repeat his exact words back to him. Finally he shrugged again and
grinned sheepishly. "So I'm not that romantic. I'm a seventeen-year-old guy,
give me a break. Anyway you said you didn't want to go, what was I supposed
to think?"

"So that was'like'an invitation'" Merton murmured, his brain busily trying
to wrap itself around the fact that Tommy had asked him out on a date. To a
school function. Where all his teammates would see them together. "I though
you just wanted an excuse to hang around Lori all night."

Tommy rolled his eyes and let his hands start moving again, pushing Merton's
shirt off his shoulders and down his arms. He leaned forward and pressed his
mouth to the soft skin just beneath Merton's ear, letting his tongue trail
along the base of his friend's earlobe as his hands found their way to the
button at the top of Merton's jeans. He smiled against the smaller boy's
skin as he nipped gently at his neck and elicited a shiver from his friend,
sliding the zipper of Merton's jeans down and pushing the denim down his
hips. "Next time I'll try to be more clear," he murmured as he pulled back
to look at Merton again.

"Oh, I think I get the point this time," Merton answered, sliding his hand
around Tommy's neck to draw him down for another kiss. Tommy moaned and
parted his lips against Merton's mouth, taking hold of his friend's hips and
backing them both toward the couch. When his legs hit the arm of the couch
Merton stopped, tearing his mouth away from Tommy's long enough to look up
at his best friend. "Wait a second. The winter dance was months ago. How
come you waited so long to say anything else?"

"I figured you weren't interested," Tommy answered, remembered hurt clouding
his features for a second before he continued. "Either that or you were
oblivious. Either way I figured it was for the best. Until I found your
Biology notebook. You should be more careful about where you leave that stuff
lying around, you know."

His Biology notebook'Merton wracked his brain for what he could have left in
there that would make Tommy think he was interested. Meanwhile the other boy
took advantage of Merton's distraction to dispense with the rest of his
clothes before he pushed him back onto the couch and climbed over him. He
stopped when they were face to face again, bracing his hands on either side
of Merton's face as he grinned down at his friend. "Don't worry, Merton. I
won't tell anybody you write fan fiction either."

"I-I don't..." Merton stammered, his eyes wide as he watched Tommy raise his
eyebrows at the lie. Finally he sighed and closed his eyes again, only the
fact that Tommy's body was pinning his arms to his sides keeping him from
covering his face with his hands. He hadn't planned on anyone he actually
knew ever finding out he wrote anything, let alone fan fiction. He knew he
shouldn't keep that stuff in his school notebooks, but he was a slave to his
muse and he couldn't help it if inspiration struck most often in Biology
class. "Which one?" he mumbled miserably.

"Something about Obi-Wan and Darth Maul and Jedi training," Tommy answered,
shifting his weight so he would be able to touch his friend's face without
crushing him. "Come on, Merton, it's no big deal. I thought it was good.
Wait a second, you mean you have more? Can I read them?"

"No," Merton answered automatically, forcing one eye open long enough to
gauge whether or not Tommy was laughing at him. As soon as he looked up
he registered for the first time exactly how close they were, it had all
happened so fast that he barely noticed the fact that somehow Tommy had
managed to get all his clothes off. "Um, Tommy, what'what are we doing

Tommy smirked and shifted again, pressing their hips together and evoking a
groan from Merton as he felt just how turned on Tommy was by'him' No, it had
to be the fanfic he'd been reading, that was the only explanation. "You're
the one that writes this stuff, buddy. I figured you knew what you were

"Yeah, well, writing it and actually doing it'two completely'oh God," Merton
trailed off with a gasp as Tommy leaned down and began trailing wet kisses
down the side of his neck.

"I think we can figure it out," Tommy murmured against his skin as he began
working his way down Merton's chest. For a brief, perfect moment Merton was
lost in a wave of pleasure and want and more than a little fear, but then
Tommy pulled back to look at him again and all he could think was that the
other boy had finally come to his senses and realized who he was kissing.
Maybe Tommy hit his head on the way over or something, or he took a hit a
little too hard in football practice or something. "Merton... Am I moving
way too fast here or what?"


One look at Merton's confused expression and Tommy sighed, pushing himself up
on the couch and adjusting the towel that was still somehow clinging to his
hips. Merton's first reaction was to frown at the fact that Tommy was still
wearing something and he wasn't. That was completely unfair, even if it was
just a towel, and one of his at that. A second later his brain caught up with
him, though, and his heart fell as he realized Tommy was pulling away. Okay,
something wasn't right here, he was missing something. He just had to figure
out what, because one minute Tommy was kissing him and the next he was
looking like his dog just died. Merton took a deep breath and reached out
with shaking fingers, closing his eyes briefly as his hand connected with the
solid muscle of Tommy's shoulder.

As soon as his fingers connected with the other boy's skin Tommy turned
around, his expression a mixture of hope and resignation. "I must be totally
losing my touch or something," Tommy said, his shoulders slumped as he
searched Merton's expression. "I could have sworn'I mean I thought you were
into me. For awhile after the whole thing with the dance I thought maybe I
was crazy, but I don't know, lately I've kinda gotten the feeling that maybe
I wasn't crazy after all. Then I found that story and, well?"

Merton shook his head, the rest of Tommy's explanation lost on him as he
struggled to make sense of the words 'I thought you were into me'. Did that
mean? "So, you'you've thought about this? About me?"

"Yeah, of course," Tommy answered, his grin returning as he watched Merton's
eyes get wide again. "I mean if you're not interested just say so. We can
still be friends, though, right?"

Suddenly Merton felt the need to sit down, only he was already sitting and it
wasn't helping the room stop spinning any. In fact he was pretty sure sitting
this close to a nearly naked Tommy was making things worse, because now he
was hallucinating. He could have sworn he'd just heard Tommy more or less say
that he was interested in'something, maybe not a romance per se but he was
definitely interested in finishing what they'd started. Okay, so that was a
start, he could work with that. He'd just worry about the part where Tommy
broke his heart later, and maybe if he was lucky he wouldn't have to worry
about that part at all. The thought of him and Tommy actually dating made his
whole face light up suddenly, and he leaned forward before he could talk
himself out of it to press his lips to Tommy's again.

A low growl tore from Tommy's throat as he turned and pushed Merton back
down onto the couch again, the sound sending a shiver of anticipation down
Merton's spine. He reached down and gripped the edges of Tommy's towel,
yanking it free and tossing it somewhere in the direction of the coffee
table. One of them groaned when their aching erections finally pressed
together for the first time, Merton wasn't sure which of them made the
noise but it didn't matter when Tommy shoved one of his legs between
Merton's and started rocking their hips together.

"Oh," Merton gasped when Tommy's mouth left his again, although whether it
was from the loss of soft lips against his or from the sensations threatening
to fry his synapses he didn't know. Their hands were everywhere, Tommy's
mouth moved back to his throat to nip and suck at pale skin and Merton gasped
and gripped the other boy's hips as he struggled for just a little more, that
extra pressure that would push him over the edge. Tommy groaned and reached
down to pull Merton's leg over his hip, bringing their bodies flush and
capturing Merton's lips again in a desperate kiss.

Merton's lips parted automatically as he leaned up to taste Tommy again,
his movements frantic as they moved together. It still wasn't quite enough,
though, so he reached between them and closed his fist around both their
shafts. Tommy gasped against his mouth as his hand made contact, and he
smiled and began stroking them together. "Fuck," Tommy choked out, his voice
strangled as he pulled back enough to close his fist around Merton's and
increase the pressure of the strokes.

For a moment Merton couldn't focus on anything besides the agonizing pleasure
shooting through him, the same state of ecstasy mirrored back on Tommy's face
as his eyes closed and his head arched back. He could feel how close his best
friend was, he knew Tommy was as close as he was and without thinking he
leaned up and sank his teeth into the smooth skin of Tommy's shoulder. A
startled gasp escaped Tommy's throat, followed by a low grunt as his friend
tensed and jerked forward. His hand closed tight around Merton's, that and
the sensation of wet warmth hitting both their chests was enough to push
Merton over the edge and he moaned his release against Tommy's shoulder
before pulling back to collapse onto the couch.

He pulled Tommy down with him, the solid weight of his best friend reassuring
as they lay in a tangle of sweaty limbs. "Jesus, Merton, that was'you've
never' With anybody'" he asked, struggling to regain enough control over his
boneless limbs to push himself up to look down at the other boy.

"Well I didn't say that," Merton answered, a shy grin lighting up his
features as Tommy's eyes got wide again.

"When' Who'" Tommy demanded, his eyes shining with jealousy that Merton would
have almost found cute if it hadn't been accompanied by a hint of yellow that
told him the wolf was jealous too.

Merton sighed and ran a soothing hand over Tommy's face, pushing still-damp
hair back off his forehead before he answered. "Summer camp, it's not all
just computer hacking. Besides, I haven't done all of it. Just, you know, a
little experimenting. And that was nothing like this."

"Yeah?" Tommy asked, suitably mollified for the time being. Merton had a
sneaking suspicion that there would be more questions later about what
exactly he'd been doing at summer camp and who else was involved, and he
found himself suddenly thankful that his friend Hunter lived in Michigan
where Tommy couldn't kill him easily. Still, it was almost nice that his
best friend was jealous, maybe that meant that this wasn't just sex after

"Yeah," Merton answered, matching Tommy's grin with one of his own. "I mean,
wow, Tommy. Where'd you learn to kiss like that' Wait, you know what, I don't
think I want to know."

Tommy laughed and settled back down into the couch cushions, shifting so that
Merton was lying more or less next to and a little on top of him. "Maybe I'm
a natural."

"Ow!" Merton complained, his laughter stopping abruptly when Tommy smacked
the back of his head. "Okay, okay, you don't have to get physical."

"I thought that was the point," Tommy joked, his eyes closed as he finally
quit struggling to stay awake. "So what do you say' You wanna go to the prom
with me' That'll freak everybody out for sure."

Merton's eyes opened to stare down at Tommy with a mixture of fear and
longing. For a long moment he studied Tommy's features, trying to decide if
his best friend was joking or not. Finally he decided that Tommy couldn't be
serious and let out a low chuckle, doing his best to keep the disappointment
out of his voice. "Yeah, right. Quarterback for Pleasantville High and his
boy toy at the prom together? That'd go over huge."

"Boy toy? I kinda like the sound of that." Tommy laughed at the image of
everyone's expressions when he and Merton walked into the biggest social
event of their high school careers together. He didn't really care what
any of them thought, though, and part of him had kind of hoped that Merton
wouldn't care either. After all, Merton was used to people staring at him
like he was some kind of science experiment. If people found out he was
gay they'd probably just decide that it explained a few things about him,
and considering the rumors Tommy had heard since they'd started hanging
out he was guessing no one would be all that shocked about him either.
"You think I care what those guys think of me' Keeping the werewolf secret
is one thing, if that got out there would be a lynch mob after me. This is
totally different."

"I don't know, I'm guessing a lynch mob is still a definite possibility,"
Merton chuckled. He didn't mean to sound nervous, but the thought of the
whole school watching him and Tommy come out together was'well, it was
unsettling to say the least. "I bet you look pretty hot in a tux though."

"Only one way to find out." Tommy grinned and shifted so he could look down
at the other boy, smiling softly as he reached out and traced the outline of
the mark he'd left on Merton's neck. For a few minutes they just lay next to
each other and breathed, the only sound in the room the music still playing
on Merton's computer. Finally Tommy smiled again and pushed himself up,
swinging his legs over the other boy's and pulling them both into a sitting
position. "So...about all that stuff you've never tried before. Want a little
firsthand experience to help you with your writing?"

Merton groaned as he realized Tommy was never going to let him live down the
fact that he'd written a few slash fics. In fact he had a sneaking suspicion
that Tommy wasn't going to let it go until Merton finally agreed to let him
read everything he'd ever written. Right now, though, he was being hauled to
his feet and shoved unceremoniously in the direction of his bed, a very naked
and willing Tommy on his heels. "Hey, you know me," Merton finally answered
as Tommy pushed him back onto the bed and crawled over him again, "I
definitely believe in the value of hands-on research."

"Good, because I read this thing just now that sounded pretty interesting,"
Tommy answered, leaning forward to brush his lips against Merton's again.

"Oh yeah? And what exactly are we doing?"

Tommy stopped kissing the other boy long enough to pull back and raise one
eyebrow suggestively. "Well, we're gonna need some lube?"

The End


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