Big Wolf On Campus: Slash Factor (mm)
by Caroline Crane

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, of course." The answer was so innocent, delivered with none of
Merton's usual dramatic flair, and Tommy was tempted to believe him. Except
that what he was asking was so ridiculous that there was no way he could
possibly be serious.

"Let me get this straight. You actually want to watch a movie you've
already seen at least ten times. A movie that stars not one, but two
teen-heartthrobs-turned-bloodsuckers. Two guys that tried to kill us
not that long ago."

Well at least he looked almost ashamed of himself, Tommy conceded as Merton
flushed slightly and looked down. "I know, I know, but think of it this way.
Now that we know that the Coreys were actual vampires the movie kind of takes
on a whole new meaning, right?"

"'The Coreys'?" Tommy shook his head as Merton blushed even harder and turned
his attention back to the VCR. "Besides, they don't even play vampires in the

Tommy watched as his best friend looked at everything in the room but him,
confusion and a little irritation quickly fading into surprise. There was no
way, but Merton had been pretty excited about meeting that first Corey, and
then when the second one came around he kept blowing Tommy and Lori off to
work on his movie script. But that was just Merton getting excited about his
movie, right? It didn't have anything to do with the actual guy. No, it
couldn't, because Merton liked girls. Okay, so he'd never had an actual
girlfriend aside from that Cassandra chick - and what was with the vampires
all the time, anyway? - and that had only lasted about two minutes.

In the end Merton had chosen Tommy and their friendship over his girlfriend,
but that didn't mean anything either. It was the right thing to do, that was
all. Not that Merton was always all that concerned with doing the right
thing; he had kind of gotten a kick out of being an evil werewolf, and he
almost seemed like he was enjoying being a vampire for a few minutes before
he finally snapped out of it. Still, he *had* gone on a little more than
your average guy about that first Corey's looks. Tommy raised his eyebrows
as Merton began to hum under his breath, wondering if he'd been missing a
major piece of information about his best friend all this time.

"If you really don't want to watch this we can watch something else," Merton
said suddenly, and Tommy had to work hard to hold back a laugh at the hopeful
expression on his best friend's face. "I've got 'Silver Bullet', I don't
think you've seen that. Corey Haim plays a wheelchair-bound werewolf-fighting
hero in that one."

Tommy did chuckle softly at that, wisely choosing not to bring up the 'Corey'
theme to the evening's entertainment. "We can watch 'Lost Boys', Merton. I'd
rather watch vampires being killed than werewolves anyway if you don't mind."

Merton winced sympathetically and took a seat on the couch, reaching for the
remote as the FBI warning flashed on the screen. Tommy took a deep breath and
sat down next to his best friend, careful not to sit so close that he'd raise
Merton's suspicions. He found himself inching a little closer once he was
settled on the cushions, but if Merton noticed he didn't react. They both
focused their attention on the TV as the movie began to play, with Tommy
stealing occasional glimpses over at his best friend to gauge Merton's
reaction to the actors on the screen.

Sure enough, at the first appearance of the blonde Corey Merton's eyes lit
up, and Tommy sucked in a sharp breath and turned back to the movie before
the other boy noticed him staring. He definitely hadn't imagined that, and
if he could find a way to get Merton to drop his guard enough to talk about
it things could get very interesting before the night was over. He grinned
and sank a little lower into the couch, stretching the arm that was closest
to Merton along the back of the cushions.

He felt the other boy shift a little just before he looked over at Tommy,
but Tommy pretended to be engrossed in the plot of a movie that he'd never
liked that much but Merton could probably recite by heart. "Tell me again
why you like this movie so much?" Tommy asked, careful not to look over at
his friend. He really wanted to see Merton's reaction to the question, but
he didn't want the other boy to see anything in his eyes and get nervous.
Not until Tommy figured out whether or not he was right about what he'd
been missing all this time.

"Come on, Tommy, it's the classic battle between good and evil. A family
united to take down an evil über-vampire and freeing the tortured souls of
the innocent along the way? Not to mention that it's one of the best in a
long line of buddy movies the Coreys filmed before their career changes.
What's not to like?"

"I wouldn't call 'Dream a Little Dream' and 'License to Drive' a long line
of anything," Tommy said, glancing over at Merton long enough to smirk at
his friend's outraged expression.

"Hey, I'll have you know that 'Dream a Little Dream' had a sequel. And don't
forget the often overlooked 'Last Resort'. And if you hate the Coreys so much
how come you know the names of their movies?"

"Because you made me sit through them," Tommy answered, turning to face the
other boy. "I'm starting to wonder what it is about those guys you like so
much." That split second of dreamy smile alone was worth an entire
Coreys film festival as far as Tommy was concerned. Of course he barely got a
chance to enjoy the look on his best friend's face before Merton blushed and
turned back to the TV, but there was no denying that it had been there. Tommy
swallowed the urge to press the issue and turned back to the TV, watching the
blonde Corey argue with his much cuter older brother for a few minutes before
he got bored and let his mind wander again.

So Merton liked the blonde Corey - that much was obvious from the selection
of movies he'd picked out for the night. Tommy wasn't sure why Merton wanted
to watch a guy he obviously had a crush on when his best friend was supposed
to spend the night, but then again maybe he'd get a chance to ask later. He'd
had his suspicions about Merton's over-enthusiastic reaction to meeting both
Blonde Corey and The Other One, but after the whole vampire danger passed
he'd more or less forgotten about it. Besides, he'd dropped enough hints to
his best friend that he'd be open to the idea of exploring new aspects of
their relationship that he figured it was a lost cause. Nobody could be
*that* clueless.well, evidently nobody but Merton. Of course it was possible
his best friend just wasn't attracted to *him*, but that just didn't make

The problem was that he wasn't really sure what to do with his newfound
suspicions about Merton; he'd never actually made a pass at another guy
before. In fact he hadn't even really dated since he and Lori broke up,
and the few times he did it was just to keep up appearances. Until tonight
he wasn't really sure if he wanted to tell anyone about the impulses he'd
been having for awhile now, but if there was a chance Merton felt the same
way he had to find out. He'd never felt like this about anyone before, not
anybody he'd dated or even any of the guys he used to think of as his
closest friends. There was just something about Merton: whether it was his
unwavering loyalty, his enthusiasm for just about every weird thing that
happened to Tommy, or just the fact that he had an amazing smile and the
bluest eyes Tommy had ever seen he couldn't say. All he knew was that he'd
spent the past few months wondering what it would be like to kiss his best
friend, and if there was a God who looked over werewolves and hormonal
teenagers he was going to find out.

"So which one do you like better?" Tommy asked, keeping his tone as casual
as possible as he flexed his arm just enough to brush his fingertips over
Merton's shoulder. He felt Merton tense and look down at his hand before he
forced himself to look up at Tommy, his expression guarded. It was pretty
much what Tommy had been expecting, but the fact that Merton hadn't pulled
away or asked him what the hell he was doing was a good sign. He hoped.

"Which what?"

"Which Corey," Tommy said, nodding in the direction of the movie without
taking his eyes off his best friend. "I mean assuming neither of them had
tried to suck out all our blood." And there was an interesting kink to be
explored later, one he'd never thought of but knowing how into freaky
behavior Merton was Tommy wasn't really surprised at the shiver that rolled
through his best friend's body unchecked. He knew he couldn't bite Merton;
not without unleashing Evil Werewolf Merton anyway, and *that* version of
his best friend hadn't been any fun at all. Sexy in a dark way, but Tommy
much preferred to keep Merton as human and warm-blooded as possible. Still,
that didn't mean they couldn't.explore the possibilities at some point.

"Corey Haim," Merton answered. Much to Tommy's amusement he didn't even
bother trying to hide his blush, and it was all Tommy could do not to reach
out and run a finger over the pink tip of Merton's ear.

"The blonde one, right?"

"Yeah." Jesus, but that breathy voice was sexy. Corey Haim was a fool,
vampire or not, for not noticing how much Merton wanted him. Not that Tommy
was complaining.the sudden thought struck him that maybe Blonde Corey hadn't
been as clueless as he was assuming, accompanied by a surge of jealousy that
made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

He swallowed the rush of propriety as best he could and shifted on the couch,
trying to adjust himself discreetly so Merton wouldn't notice the affect just
the thought of Merton and sex was having on him. Not that he really wanted to
imagine Merton having sex with another guy, but the minute the image had
flashed in his mind he'd gotten hard so at least some part of him had enjoyed
the thought. "So.the other one, he's what, second choice? Blonde Corey turned
out to be a bloodsucker so the other one was like a stand-in?"

"No, I mean I like them both for different reasons. They're kind of a matched
set, you know? Even the teen magazines of their heyday acknowledged that by
dubbing them 'The Coreys'. Like they were two halves of the same whole. Look
what happened to their careers when they stopped working together - Corey
Feldman went on to do a handful of low-budget horror flops and the admittedly
inspired supporting role in 'The 'Burbs', while Corey Haim's done a string of
B movies that go right to video. They needed the chemistry that only 'The
Coreys' could create together, and when they tried to move on things just
sort of fell apart. I mean my God, Corey Feldman did a Troma movie."

Normally during Merton's speeches about popular culture Tommy would stop
listening after the first few words, preferring to focus his attention on the
curve of his friend's mouth and the rise and fall of his voice rather than
the actual words. This time, however, he actually paid attention, and by the
time Merton was done talking Tommy wondered how many clues he'd missed over
the past few months by not bothering to listen to the other boy. "So they're
kinda like you and me."

"Yeah. I mean sort of. We're best friends, and we do the whole fighting evil
thing and all. We're a team, but with The Coreys it's all about chemistry. I
mean it's always subtext and they never explore it in the actual movie but
you can tell it's there no matter what's going on in the plot. That's why
'The Lost Boys' is the best of their buddy films. There's no love interest
to interfere with the vibe, just a brother."

"So you don't think you and I have chemistry."

"I didn't say.wait. What?"

Tommy smiled then, taking a moment to enjoy Merton's thoroughly confused
expression before he responded. "I mean maybe I'm totally alone here but I
always thought we had chemistry. I mean think about it.if we were characters
in a buddy movie, don't you think people would pick up on our subtext?" It
was hard to say that out loud without laughing, but judging by Merton's
vehement defense of all the Corey movies he figured it wasn't a subject he
should try to make into a joke. Not that he thought it was funny, in fact he
really, really wanted to know if Merton thought they had any chemistry at

"So let me get this straight," Merton said, forgetting the movie as he turned
to face his best friend. "Are you asking me if I think we're slashable?"

"If we're what?" When did they switch to horror movies?

"If we're.oh." Tommy wondered fleetingly if he should be worried about the
color of Merton's face, but he could still talk so obviously the red wasn't
from lack of air. He searched his brain for any memory of the dangers of too
much blushing, but he was pretty sure the subject had never come up in health

"Merton? You alright? Why are we talking about slasher movies now?"

"Not slasher movies. *Slash*. It's when someone writes a story where the
romantic leads are a same-sex couple. Like Dawson and Pacey. Or Luke and
Han. Or even Buffy and Willow." Merton paused long enough to register
Tommy's confused expression before he sighed and tried again. "It's called
fan fiction. People on the internet write it, they take people from TV
shows or movies and put them together in stories online."

"Oh. So there are stories about Blonde Corey and the other one?"

"Not that I've ever run across," Merton said. "Although now that you mention
it I'm not sure why."

This was an interesting insight into what his best friend did with his free
time, Tommy thought as he watched Merton forget his embarrassment long enough
to ponder why nobody wrote 'Lost Boys' slash. Tommy had never been that big
on the internet; in fact until he met Merton he'd had no idea how handy it
could be for researching bad guys. These slash stories sounded kinda
interesting, though. Maybe if he asked nicely Merton would show him some of
that Buffy slash - there had to be a Spike/Xander story or two lying around
somewhere. After all, if people wrote Dawson and Pacey they'd write anything.
"Hey, Merton?"


"Do you read a lot of this stuff?"

As soon as he asked it Tommy wondered if it was a mistake, but he couldn't
take it back so the best he could do was wait and hope that Merton trusted
him enough to tell him the truth. If he had to he'd come clean about why he
was asking; it couldn't make things any weirder between them at this point,
and unless he was totally losing it Merton wasn't anywhere near as straight
as he pretended to be.

"I wouldn't say *a lot*," Merton finally answered, his gaze fixed on the
cushions between them. His fingers worried the frayed edge of one of the
cushions, twisting the loose threads over and over as he spoke. "I mean
mostly I was just curious, and then.well, it kind of helped me figure some
things out."

Funny how no matter how popular you were or what kind of stuff you did in
your spare time, all teenagers were pretty much the same when it came down
to growing up. So Merton had the internet and stories based on TV shows to
help him figure out who he was, and Tommy had the locker room and a handful
of disastrous relationships with girls that were perfect for him on paper.
He would have been a little disappointed that they could have just figured
it all out together if he stopped to think about it, but he was too busy
wondering what his best friend would do if Tommy kissed him.

Merton was still staring at the couch cushions while he waited for Tommy to
react; maybe he expected Tommy to get up and walk out, to freak out about
the fact that his best friend had sort of just come out to him. He still had
questions about the girls Merton had dated since they'd been friends, but
the fact that Merton had always been a little too enthusiastic in his pursuit
of them was a pretty good sign that Merton was putting on the same act Tommy
had been putting on. He smiled at his unbelievable luck - when he got bit by
that wolf he thought his life was pretty much over, but he'd gotten the best
friend he could hope for out of it. And now he might get even more...he
reached out and covered Merton's hand with his, surprising the other boy into
looking up at him.

"Listen, I know I'm not Corey Haim or anything, but." Tommy trailed off,
swallowing hard as he forced himself to hold Merton's gaze. It was now or
never, and he wasn't going to get another chance if he screwed this one up.
Then again Merton had always been patient with him, so maybe he couldn't
screw it up badly enough to lose his best friend forever. "I mean I
understand if you don't think of me that way."

Huh. He didn't know it was possible for Merton to look terrified at the
same time that he looked like he'd just won the lottery. If Tommy had an ego
problem - okay, he had an ego about football, but he didn't waste a lot of
time thinking about his looks or anything - he probably would've gotten off
on the way his best friend was looking at him. As it was he was so grateful
that Merton hadn't gotten up and started running that he took a chance and
leaned forward, and before he knew it their lips were touching.

For a second they both froze, but when Merton still didn't pull away Tommy
figured that since he was already here he might as well see what it was like.
The minute his mouth moved against the other boy's Merton's hands landed on
his shoulders, pulling Tommy closer and knocking him off balance in the
process. He tried to catch himself without breaking the kiss, but instead he
ended up knocking Merton backwards. The smaller boy's head hit the arm of the
couch with a muffled thud, and he let out a groan that trailed off into a
choked grunt as Tommy landed on his chest.

"Shit, sorry," Tommy said as he frantically pushed himself off Merton and
slid his hand behind the other boy's head. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I think.ow," Merton said, wincing as he reached up to rub the spot on
the back of his head that collided with the couch.

For the first time since he'd started this weird seduction Tommy thought
about what he was doing, and he felt his cheeks flush crimson as he tried to
untangle himself from his best friend without doing any more damage. He was
risking the most important thing in his life just to see what it would feel
like to kiss Merton, and no matter how much he wanted his friend what they
already had was more important than making out. "God, I'm so stupid," he
muttered under his breath, blushing even harder when Merton's hands landed
on his arms.

"Whoa, wait a second," Merton said, his grip on Tommy's arm tightening to tug
the other boy back down on top of him. "You don't have to get up, I'm fine. I

"So you.I mean this.I mean I wasn't really planning this or anything." Tommy
trailed off with a low groan and buried his face in Merton's neck so he
wouldn't have to look at the other boy. "Man, I really suck at this."

A soft chuckle shook the body underneath his, sending shivers through Tommy's
extremities as Merton's hand landed in his hair and began stroking softly.
"Well now I know why things didn't work out with Lori."

Tommy groaned again, nuzzling a little further into Merton's warmth and
inhaling the other boy's scent. It struck him that he should feel weird about
lying sprawled on top of Merton with his nose pressed against his neck, but
at the moment it beat watching Merton laugh at him. They couldn't lie here
like this forever, though, no matter how much Tommy wanted to. For one thing
he was pretty sure Merton would have a hard time breathing eventually, and
anyway his body was already urging him to do more than just lie as still as
possible and breathe in Merton's scent.

"I don't want to screw anything up here," he said, forcing himself to pull
away enough to focus on Merton's chin. "You're my best friend, Merton."

"Oh, no. No way," Merton said, making Tommy's heart beat a little faster as
he finally met the other boy's gaze. "You can't just kiss me like that and
then take it back, Tommy. Not after all this time, not after you made me
admit all that stuff. We didn't even get to kiss right."

Any embarrassment Tommy might have felt died on impact when Merton trailed
off into a cute little whine. He was right; they hadn't even gotten to kiss
right because Tommy fell over and practically knocked him out the second
their lips touched. "Okay, so if we try it again."

"Tommy." Merton's hand left Tommy's hair to press a finger against his lips.
"I never thought I'd say this to you, but...Stop. Thinking."

Somewhere in the back of Tommy's mind he had the feeling he should be
insulted by that, but with Merton pinned underneath him and tugging on his
shirt it was hard to really think about anything at all. He pushed himself
up long enough to make sure Merton's head was nowhere near the arm of the
couch before he dove back in, capturing his best friend's lips for a kiss
that he'd been waiting far too long for. The fact that they'd both been
waiting for this moment sent a shiver of anticipation straight to his
groan, and as Merton's lips parted under his he groaned and rocked his hips
mindlessly into the other boy's.

Merton thrust up to meet him, surprising another groan out of Tommy as he
felt a pair of hands slide under the hem of his shirt and across his back.
And it felt better than he'd ever expected it to, but he had a feeling that
it would feel even better if they had more room to move. He tore his mouth
off of Merton's and gasped, filling his oxygen-deprived lungs and glancing
across the room in the direction of Merton's bed. "Can we...?"

"Definitely," Merton answered, practically shoving Tommy onto the floor in
his rush to get off the couch. Tommy laughed and stood up, careful not to
lose his balance again and knock Merton unconscious this time. He pulled
the other boy off the couch and wrapped his arms around Merton's waist,
fusing their lips together again as he backed Merton across the room. By
the time they actually made it to the bed both their shirts were on the
floor somewhere in the middle of the room, and Merton sat down on the edge
of the bed and reached up to tug Tommy's zipper down.

Tommy helped push the denim down his hips and kicked them off the rest of
the way, leaving him in his boxers and a pair of tube socks as he slid to
his knees in front of his best friend. "I know I just told you to shut up
a few.oh, God," Merton moaned as Tommy leaned forward and opened his mouth
against Merton's neck. For a moment the only sounds in the room came from
Merton's zipper being pushed down and the long-forgotten movie, Merton's
hands stroking every part of Tommy's skin they could reach. When Tommy
finally pulled back to inspect the fresh mark on Merton's neck the smaller
boy was panting, his eyes glazed and his hands trembling against Tommy's

"Did you say something?" Tommy asked as he tugged Merton forward long enough
to push his jeans down over his thighs.

"Yeah," Merton managed between gasps for breath. "I just.I wanted you to
know.I've been thinking about this for a long time, Tommy. Us, I mean. I
just didn't think."

"I know," Tommy said, pushing himself up to press a kiss to the other boy's
parted lips. When he pulled away he looked back down at the top of Merton's
thighs, his hands moving in slow circles against the pale skin. "I wondered
every once in awhile, especially when you went on and on about how cute Corey
Haim was."

Merton grinned sheepishly and reached out to cup Tommy's cheek, gently
turning the other boy's face back up to his. "I used to have a little
celebrity crush, I guess. It was no big deal. I mean he's cute and all,
but when he went all vampy." He paused and let out a shudder at the
memory of his boyhood idol as a grotesque creature of the night.

"I thought you were kinda into that whole undead thing," Tommy whispered.

"Why would I want some ugly - not to mention evil - vampire when I've got my
very own werewolf?" Merton asked, raising an eyebrow as Tommy grinned and
leaned forward to press another kiss to his lips. He meant it to be a quick
kiss, but as soon as their lips met Merton's hands landed in his hair again,
urging him closer as the other boy's lips parted. Tommy groaned into the kiss
and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of Merton's boxers, tugging them down
as his friend lifted his hips off the mattress so Tommy could push the cotton
all the way off.

As soon as the rest of Merton's clothes were taken care of Tommy pulled back,
taking a moment to note that Merton's whole body blushed the same flattering
shade of pink as his face before he reached down and ran a tentative finger
along the length of his cock. When he looked up again Merton's eyes were
closed, his hips jerking helplessly into the feather-soft touch. Tommy felt
his baser instincts struggling to break free and he focused all two of his
remaining brain cells on keeping the wolf in check so he wouldn't do any
damage that couldn't be reversed. It was one thing to bite Merton
accidentally - he'd hold him down and force him to take the Wolf's Bane if
he had to this time - but damaging him because Tommy couldn't control himself
was something he knew he couldn't live with.

He leaned forward and buried his face in Merton's neck again, wondering idly
if he'd ever get tired of the scent of arousal mixed with Merton as he closed
his hand around Merton's cock and began to stroke. He heard soothing noises
mingled with the helpless, needy whimpers punctuating the air around him and
realized that he was the one murmuring low sounds to try to calm Merton even
as he picked up the speed of his strokes. He planted soft kisses along the
column of the other boy's neck to his collarbone, running his tongue along
the hollow of the bone before he moved further down Merton's chest.

When he felt the other boy tense and tighten his grip on his hair Tommy
slowed his strokes, tightening his grip the way he did when he was alone
in his room and he wanted to make it last as long as possible. As soon as
Merton's breathing evened out a little he picked up his strokes again,
bringing the other boy back to the edge again before backing off. He could
tell from the blunt fingernails digging into his back now that Merton wasn't
used to denying himself, but he wanted to make this last as long as possible.
He teased one nipple into a stiff peak, worrying it between his teeth before
he moved further down the pale chest stretched out for him. For *him*, like
that just happened every day of the week. Only it could now, because Merton
wanted him as much as he wanted Merton. Which made them.a couple, Tommy
realized suddenly, grinning idiotically against the taut skin of his best
friend's stomach.

"Tommy, please," Merton gasped, tensing again as Tommy's mouth got closer and
closer to its mark. Tommy pulled back long enough to take in the pleading
expression in Merton's blue eyes, smiling his understanding before he leaned
over and took his best friend in his mouth. It didn't matter that he didn't
really know what he was doing, because as soon as his mouth closed around
Merton's erection he knew it would be over in a few seconds. He hadn't really
been teasing Merton for that long, but this was - he hoped - the first time
anyone had ever done this for him and Tommy was pretty close himself without
even being touched. He ignored his own aching need and focused on memorizing
the feel of Merton against his tongue, the taste of salt and an almost bitter
flavor flooding his senses. He barely had time to set up a sort of rhythm
with his mouth and tongue before Merton arched up, coming with a low moan.

He swallowed around the other boy's length and pulled back a little, waiting
until Merton stopped shaking before he pulled away completely and looked up
at his sated, boneless best friend. As soon as Merton opened his eyes and
grinned at him Tommy felt a pull at his heart that was almost painful, and
he let Merton pull him forward for another kiss. Somehow he managed to get
off the floor and crawl over the other boy's prone form without breaking the
kiss, stretching out and tangling their legs together as he thrust against
Merton's hip.

"Wait," Merton said, tearing his mouth away from Tommy's to push him away
slightly. Tommy's whole body ached for release and it was hard to focus on
anything except the pressure building in the pit of his stomach, but he let
Merton wiggle out from under him long enough to dig in the nightstand for
something. When he stretched out next to Tommy again he had a bottle of some
kind of in his hand, and Tommy frowned in confusion as he took it and stared
helplessly at the other boy. "It's lube," Merton said when he realized Tommy
didn't know what he wanted. "I got it to.well, to try a couple things. I like
to use something when I.well anyway, it makes it easier know."

"To what?"

Merton rolled his eyes and pulled the bottle out of Tommy's hand, flipping
the top open and turning Tommy's hand up long enough to squeeze some of the
gel onto his fingers. "You use it know. Stretch me."

"Oh. Oh!" Tommy's eyes flew wide open as he realized what Merton was saying,
his dick twitching painfully as it registered what Merton wanted too. "I
don't.I mean I've thought about it, but I don't actually know."

"Just go slow," Merton said, turning onto his side with his back to Tommy's
chest. "I mean as slow as you can. I' know.just a couple times, just to
see what it would feel like. But just with my fingers."

The image of Merton jerking off while he fingered himself almost made Tommy
come on the spot, but he reached down with his other hand and squeezed the
base of his cock until the urgency passed. There was no way he was going to
last long enough to make this feel good for Merton, but if his best friend
was willing to try this with *him*.well, he'd have to be crazy to say no to
an offer like that. He stretched out next to Merton and pressed a kiss to
the back of his neck, smiling nervously when Merton arched into the touch.
His hand was shaking so much he was terrified he was going to hurt the other
boy, but so far he'd at least managed not to wolf out and that was probably
the best he could hope for as far as 'careful' went.

He took a deep breath and pressed one slick finger to Merton's opening,
applying enough pressure to slide the tip of his finger inside. "It's okay,
Tommy, you don't have to go *that* slow," Merton said, pressing his hips
back into the other boy's touch to illustrate. Tommy gasped as his finger
slid easily inside, tight muscles clamping down on the intruder for long
moments before Merton relaxed into the touch. "Okay."

Slowly he began to work his finger in and out, biting his lip in an effort
to keep from coming and ruining the moment. If it felt this good just to
have his finger inside his best friend there was no way he was going to
last beyond the first impossibly slow thrust, but he was sure as hell going
to try. He grinned against Merton's shoulder, pressing another kiss to the
other boy's skin as Merton's breathing got heavier. When his hips were
thrusting back against Tommy's hand faster than Tommy could keep up he
slowly added a second finger, pausing again when Merton tensed around him.

There was no way this was happening; they'd never even kissed before tonight
and now here they were.and he was all so unreal that he kept waiting
to wake up hard and drenched in sweat. He'd had enough wet dreams featuring
Merton in this very position that it wouldn't have surprised him at all, but
if it was a dream he just hoped he wouldn't wake up any time soon. Finally
he had three fingers inside and Merton was whimpering under his breath,
thrusting back as he tried to draw Tommy deeper inside. The sight of his
best friend writhing and wordlessly begging for more made Tommy so hard it
actually hurt, and he clamped his eyes shut and pulled his hand away from
the other boy.

He ignored Merton's sharp cry at the loss, his fist tightening on the base
of his cock as he reached for the bottle of lube he'd dropped somewhere near
his shoulder. When he couldn't find it he opened his eyes, only to gasp and
bite down hard enough on his lip to draw blood. Merton's hand closed around
his cock, coating him in lube before he pressed a firm kiss to Tommy's lips
and then rolled onto his stomach.

Tommy was sure he was going to die right here in this bed; either he was
going to explode from frustration and over-stimulation or he was going to
have a heart attack. Either way he couldn't think of a better way to go,
and he gripped Merton's hips a little more roughly than he'd intended as
he dragged the other boy to his knees. He tried to go slow, he tried to
remember that this was Merton's first time too and that he wanted his best
friend to enjoy this so they could maybe do it again sometime very, very
soon. The single brain cell that hadn't been completely fried by lust kept
reminding him over and over to go slow, to somehow find a way not to
spontaneously combust as he finally began to slide inside Merton's slick

And he'd wanted Merton for ages, but until that moment he hadn't known just
how much he loved him. Because the tight heat convulsing around him as Merton
struggled to adjust to the intrusion was just begging him to push harder,
faster - to slam as hard as he could into the body underneath his and to hell
with whether or not Merton passed out from the pain. No matter how much his
body wanted to thrust wildly, though, he managed by some miracle to hold
completely still, practically choking on a sob born of desperate need as he
stroked Merton's back and waited. And then, miraculously as far as Tommy was
concerned, Merton slowly began to push back, drawing him even further into
that amazing, pulsing friction.

He let Merton set the pace; let him do the work, really, keeping himself
perfectly still for fear of doing anything to hurt the other boy. He didn't
even realize he wasn't breathing until Merton glanced over his shoulder, his
face flushed and his blue eyes flashing with frustration. "Tommy, move."

So he did; it wasn't smooth or skillful by any stretch of the imagination but
he thrust forward to meet Merton the next time he pushed back, gasping as he
found himself buried as far as he could go. He pulled out slowly, pausing to
take a shaky breath before he pushed back in again, stars exploding behind
his eyes with each thrust. He wasn't sure how long he lasted - four, maybe
five thrusts before he came with a force he hadn't realized was possible. If
he'd ever come that hard alone in his room his parents probably would have
called the cops; no way would he have been able to control the strangled cry
that escaped his throat. He couldn't even make himself care that Merton's
parents might hear him and come down to investigate; he couldn't think about
anything, after the first blinding burst of light behind his eyes everything
went black.

When he came to Merton was propped up on one elbow next to him, a warm
washcloth in his hand as he wiped Tommy clean. " that...God." That
was all he could manage; he knew it didn't make any sense, but it didn't
matter. All that mattered was that he and Merton really did have sex, and
he hadn't actually died.

"Not God," Merton said, laughing affectionately as he leaned over to press a
soft kiss to Tommy's forehead. "But thanks for the compliment."

Tommy managed something that would have to pass for a laugh and reached out
with one boneless arm to pull Merton close. "How took so long...for
us to...figure this out?" he asked, his chest heaving as he tried to catch
his breath.

"If I knew that it wouldn't have taken this long," Merton answered, turning
his cheek into Tommy's chest as he stroked random patterns on the other boy's
stomach. "But it was worth the wait."

"Yeah?" Tommy glanced down at the shock of dark hair against his chest, his
heart skipping a beat at the sight of his best friend curled up against him.
"Yeah, it was."

Merton shifted to look up at him, a grin lighting up his features. "We never
did finish watching the movie, you know."

"I'm not sharing you with what's-his-face tonight," Tommy said, closing his
eyes as he listened to Merton laugh. "I wouldn't mind checking out some of
that slash on the internet, though."

"Oh yeah? Did you have anybody in mind?"

Tommy grinned and cracked one eye open to find Merton watching him with a
bemused grin. "Is there any 'Dude, Where's My Car?' slash out there?"

Merton groaned and fell back against the pillow, throwing one arm over his
eyes dramatically. "What is it with you and that movie?"

"Maybe we should watch it sometime and you can see for yourself," Tommy
answered, tugging the warm body next to him a little closer and wrapping an
arm securely around Merton's waist. "You'll love it. Jesse and Chester have
great chemistry."

The End


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