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Big Wolf Of Campus: Strange Relationships (mf,mF,f-dom,anal)
by The Fan

Tommy Dawkins.

He had it all.

He was the star quarterback for Pleasantville High's football team. He
happened to be a 6'1, 180-pound all american stud with dark brown hair and
pale brown eyes. At least that's how most people saw him. But he was far
more than that. The night before his senior year he had been bitten by a
not-so-normal wolf which turned him into a werewolf. As a werewolf he was
very strong and fast and could be killed only by silver bullets. He kinda
liked having super powers sometimes. Just sometimes.

The rest of the time he had to be calm not to "wolf out" or his identity
would be revealed and he would be recognized as the Pleasantville Werewolf.
Most people thought of the werewolf as a monster. They did not know Tommy
Dawkins had been using his powers to protect them. He fought vampires,
werewolves, demons and aliens. He loved the power. He faced witches with
it. As well as veryday life.

He had very few people he could trust with his secret. There was Merton
Dingle, an annoying genius of a nerd who had saved his life and helped him
more times than he cared to remember. Then there was Lori Baxter. Lori was
something else. A blonde, blue-eyed tomboy with a killer body. She
transferred to Plesantville High from a catholic school and in a few days
had figured out Tommy Dawkins was the wolfman of the town. She had been cool
with it. Really. In fact, she became his and Merton's number one friend and
ally. Lori was a karate expert and a really cool girl.

Merton secretly had a thing for her. Tommy kinda did too. She was the only
girl they could trust. Tommy had had trouble with Stacy, a pretty preppy
girl. She was out of his league and could not understand him. Now she was
gone, off to college a year earlier than the rest of them. It was for the
best. Stacy attracted all kinds of monsters and Tommy had to defend her
constantly. Lori could take care of herself.

Today they were going out together. Merton was hanging out with a gothic girl
named Megan Edwards. Tommy paused to look at the odd couple. Megan was a
tall, slim girl with long black hair and dark green eyes. She wore a black
leather jacket over a black shirt, black jeans and boots. Pretty hot. She
walked with Merton, a skinny white guy dressed all in black with spiked up
black hair and an idiotic, benevolent grin. Tommy smiled. It was rare to see
Merton dating. The girls at the high school had a no-dating Merton policy
that was strictly enforced.

Tommy waited patiently for Lori. She came. She was herself. The sexy tomboy.
Only tonight she wore a red T-shirt and blue jeans. She smiled at him. "Hey,
Tommy," she said.

"Hello, Lori. Say, would you like to double up with them?"

"Why not?"

They all went to the movies. They went in Megan's car. She drove a black BMW.
She sat driving and Tommy sat next to her. Lori and Merton were out back.

"So, Tommy, what's up?" said Megan.

"Not much," Tommy said.

She was looking at him by the corner of her eye. They made small talk. Tommy
really did not have much to say to her. She was surprising though. She spoke
several languages and knew the history of Pleasantville well. She said coming
to this town was the best thing she ever did. Tommy was surprised at that.
Pleasantville was not a nice town most of the time. He had to use all of his
powers to protect people that feared and hated him. He was worried he would
be revealed one day. And he'd be killed. Still, those were his townspeople...

At the theater they sat huddled together at the front. Tommy sat next to
Megan. The young woman puzzled him. They watched some flick about some
popular guy falling in love with a dorky girl who had leukemia. Pretty dull

"Chick flick," Lori said.

"Yeah, totally, lousy acting," said Merton.

"Really?" said Tommy. He looked at Megan. She looked a bit...odd. Flushed.
"Nice movie, huh?" he asked.

"A really outstanding motion picture," she said. "The acting of Miss Moore
and Mr. West was most refreshing. I thought Hollywood had gone to hell when
we lost Bogie and Jimmy."

Tommy was perplexed at that but nodded.

They went to buy ice cream. It was kinda of hot night. Everyone bought ice
cream except for Megan.

Finally they parted.

"Strange chick," said Lori.

"Maybe," said Tommy. "But the same could be said about one of us here so let
us not judge."

"Whatever," Lori said.

Megan kissed Merton good night and they parted.

The next day...

Tommy could not stop thinking about Megan.

He spent the week like this.

Then he went on the computer. Usually Merton was the cyber-nerd, but he had
to find out more. He found nothing on Plesantville records about Megan
Edwards. He searched as far back as 1970. Then he hit to the 1960s and the
1920s. He went all the way back to 1898. What he found amazed him. There had
been strnage occurences in Plesantville back in the late 1890s. The town was
the playground of a killer, who left his victims drained of blood. "Vampire,"
said Tommy.

He searched some more and found out who one of the vivtims were. There was a
picture of a girl who looked exactly like Meagan. Meagan Edwards, it said.
Daughter of Charles and Mary. Born in December 2, 1880 and dead on October
13, 1898. Buried 3 days later. A startling realization hit Tommy. 'She's not
human,' he thought. 'Oh no. My best friend's dating a vampire.'

He went to Merton's house.

He went in. He searched, but heard nothing. Then what he saw amazed him.

It was HIM. The poor guy was on his hands and knees. Tied up. 'Oh no,' Tommy
thought. 'She's got him.' Then he saw a feminine figure come in. He stood
stiff, ready to spring and attack Meagan. But it wasn't Meagan. It was Lori
Baxter. She was scantily clad and cracking a whip. She whipped Merton and he
howled. Tommy's eyes zeroed in on what Lori was sporting. A thick dildo was
strapped on around her waist.


He watched with fascination and dread as she came and spread Merton's
asscheeks apart. She took a bottle of lotion and aplied some on the dildo and
then on Merton's ass. Then she began to pump it up into Merton's ass. Tommy
was shocked. He knew something was going on with those two. They argued far
too much. He was sickened to the core at the sight of one of his best friends
fucking the other in the ass. Despite himself he watched.

Merton was howling in pain. Lori humped his ass with the dildo for what
seemed like forever then she took the dildo out of his ass and put it
straight into his mouth.

That was it. Tommy could not take any more. He had seen weird things but that
took the cake. Ew. He ran.

He did not know he was being watched.

He walked home somberly. Then he saw something.

In an alley, a young girl of perhaps 14 was being attacked by 3 men at least
2 times her age and size. Tommy let the change wash over him, going from
human to wolf. He had had a tough day and was willing to take out his
frustration on those humans. He waded into the men. As a werewolf he was
stronger than all three combined. He took them apart, careful not to kill.
He was done with them too easily.

Then he walked to the girl. She was backed up into the wall, scared. More
scared of him than of the men who were about to rape or kill her. Tommy
hesitated. He knew how he looked. A big scary monster covered with hair.
A clawed and fanged thing with blazing yellow eyes. A human wolf. So
disturbed was he that he did not see the last man pull a shotgun out of his
jacket and quietly aim it at the werewolf's head.


Out of the air came something. A dark shape that moved quickly and snatched
the gun from the man and tossed him away. Tommy turned in time to see all
that happen. Then he found himself staring at a tall, beautiful woman with
black hair and very pale skin. He recognized her at once. Meagan, though she
was dressed in a black garb and long black cape with cloak.

That was too much for the human girl. She ran. Leaving Tommy Dawkins the
Pleasantville werewolf to face Meagan Edwards the Pleasantville vampire.
They looked at each other. Man to woman. Monster to monster. Two of a kind.

"What do you want?" the werewolf growled.

"Is this how you repay those who save your life?" said Meagan.

"I know you," he said. "You are a vampire. You've been once since 1898."

The vampire woman was a bit surprised but not too much. "Very perceptive. I
know you are Tommy Dawkins," she said.


This changed everything. She knew who he was. So he might as well drop the
mask. He changed. He morphed into his human half. Once more he was the tall,
handsome young high school athlete.

"You are a strange one," she said with a smile.

"Hey, you are not exactly normal either," he said.

"No," she admitted. "But you are an anomaly for a werewolf. You share your
secrets with the humans and it has gotten you nothing but trouble. You are a

"Hey, if I am a fool, why did you stop the guy from wounding me?" he said.

"The Bullet would have killed you," she said.

Tommy smiled. "Yeah, right."

She picked up the gun and Tommy stepped back nervously. He watched as she
pulled slug after slug from the gun. "Silver," she said. "Someone is hunting

"Yeah," he said. "Many have sighted me since I've become a wolf."

"Really?" she said. "I used to make the same mistakes as a young vampire,"
she said smiling.

He smiled too, recalling his awkward days when he was new to the wolf thing.
He found it odd to be laughing with this beautiful creature. He had killed
vampires before, like Corey Haim when he went after Lori. But he did not feel
threatened by her. His wolf sense was calm, not buzzing. She suddenly looked

"People are coming," she said. "I can feel them."

"No way," he said. Then his nostrils caught the scent of human. "Oh, damn."

In his panic he wolfed out. Now he had to leave and calm down before he
was seen. He could feel the crowd coming. The Wolf Lynchers, led by the
overweight bullies Tim and Travis. AKA T&T.

He went into the bushes. Meagan watched him go. Then when the crowd came,
armed with pitchforks and guns and knives, she spoke to them. Tommy's heart
beat faster. She was going to reveal him. He was dead meat. He closed his
eyes in a silent prayer and gritted his fangs. They would not take him

The guns and pitchporks never came. The crowd went away. Only Meagan

"You can come out now, Tommy," she said.

He did.There was no one here but them.

"I sent them on another direction," she smiled. "They'll find Jimmy Hoffa
before they find you."

"Thanks," he said hesitantly. "I gotta go."

"I'll see you tomorrow night," she said.

"Cool," he said without thinking.

She watched him go.

Tommy was not focused in math analysis the next day. He was thinking more
and more about Meagan, the vampire girl who saved his life twice in one
night. He thought maybe she was tricking him but if that was her intention
she could have simply told the mob where he was and they would have finished

What was her game? Vampires were a dark and evil bunch. So were werewolves.
But he was a good werewolf, the oddball in the bunch. Maybe she was an
oddball vampire.

Maybe. He tried to avoid Lori and Merton as much as possible. He knew about
their kinky games and they disgusted him. He was pressured the whole day. So
he found himself going to Meagan's place at dusk.

She was there.

In an old mansion. Waiting for him. Tonight she wore a blue dress. Her long
black hair was held in a bun and she actually wore makeup. She looked so

"Hello," he said. He had bought her flowers. "Those were for saving my hairy
ass last night," he said.

"Thank you," Tommy.

She gave him the tour. The mansion was big and old and rich. She said it once
belonged to her family and now more than a century later it was hers again.
They talked. She was very nice, he decided. They traded stories of adventure.
He was very surprised to hear that she had been on the Titanic. She had been
in love with a German soldier named Heinrich Gutenberg back in 1941. She had
not agreed with the Nazi ways and played the heroine. Her actionsd cost her
beau his life. She had been alone since. She told him of her early days as a
vampire, killing animals to survive, not knowing what she was. She told him
all that. He told her of his life as a human and the day he became a
werewolf. How he helped the people even though most would kill him without a
thought and feel a profound sense of satisfaction.

This saddened him.

She cheered him up. They were crying and hugging like old friends even though
yesterday they might have been sworn enemies. Then he was lying down on the
couch telling her of his past loves and she was listening and caressing him.
It was innocent at first then it intensfied. She kissed him full and deep and
they were on the couch. Out of excitement, Tommy morphed into his bestial,
werewolf self. She was not scared lor disgusted like most of his dates would
have been but rather excited. He could tell she liked it. She liked that he
was different. They made love like animals. They were biting and clawing and
running all over the house. Tommy stuck his hard dick into her thin lips and
she sucked him then he came in her mouth.

The release of cum made him turn back to human. They were both naked on the
bed. She was kissing him and licking him. She sucked his cock until he was
rock hard then probed his anus with her tongue. Tommy had never had anything
in his ass and liked the vampire girl's expert tongue. She was licking that
ass like it was the sweetest thing she ever tasted. Then she introduced one
finger inside then two. She went and got a huge dildo. At the sight of it
Tommy was apprehensive but she smiled and said it was for her. He watched
her sit on it, watched the rubbery thing almost disappear completely in her
pussy. This she did while sucking his cock and probing his ass with her
fingers. Then she said he was ready and bent him over. She went and got a
strap-on. Tommy gasped but she reassured him he would like it. He was
nervous as she oiled the thing and entered his ass with it.

She managed to get in a good 6 inches until Tommy said it was enough. She
began to pump his ass all while doing a good hand job on his cock. Tommy
squealed in pleasure and pain. They went on for several minutes like this
then she took off the strap-on and tossed it away. She lay on the bed and
let him have her pussy. Tommy got back in wolf shape and grew in size all
over the place. His prick as a human was about eight inches. As a wolf he
was a solid eighteen inches and very thick too.

He began to pump it into her pussy. Meagan howled. She had been fucked
before, by all kinds of men but Tommy was BIG. He tore up her pussy, sending
a thousand pleasure waves rolling inside of her. She grasped the sheets. And
howled. Tommy joined her in howling. He fucked her with a fury until they
had to use all of their superhuman strengths and staminas to go on. Then he
turned her on her hands and knees and took her ass....

Meagan had never been fucked up there by such a large prick before. She felt
like Tommy was gonna come out through her mouth. He fucked her and fucked
her. Her sore bunghole tried to take in as much as it could, which was ten
inches. Tommy still had another eight to go so he drilled her... Hard.

The night went out like this. They fucked each other in every humanly
possible way, and a few inhuman ones. They howled and fucked and came.
Luckily, she had no neighbours. The mansion was secluded.

Tommy fucked her and she took all he had until dawn found them exhausted
beyond belief. Tommy got up first and closed all the windows so the house was
completely dark and shielded from sunlight. With his wolf sight he saw well
enough. He looked at the sleeping Meagan. She was so beautiful and...inhuman.
Like him. They were beasts, he realized. Monsters. They were above mortal men
and women. Their passions would tear up Pleasantville as would a maelstrom.

He went out at dawn and caught a deer for his honey. She drank up the warm
blood while to please her he went wolf and ate the deer's raw flesh. They
devoured it. Each in their way. They looked at each other. Their eyes glowed.
Inhuman monsters not bound by the laws of men. They smiled through bloody
lips. They kissed and smeared blood all over each other in preparation of the
lovemaking to come.

They let out their wildest desires. They were like this all day. Together.
They read books and walked at night, punishing the guilty and scaring the
living daylight out of the innocent. They frightened the town, creating
myths of their own.

When dawn came, it always found them entwined in love. Smiling over bloody
fangs. Sinners. Man to woman. Monster to monster. Lover to lover. Soulmates.

As they prowled the roofs and alleyways at night, they pitied the humans
around them. Always running from the inevitability of their mortality. They
enjoyed walking at night in public. The world saw an athlete and his gothic
girlfriend. They smiled at the pretense... and howled.

The End


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