Big Wolf On Campus: Tomboys And Goths (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Night fell over Pleasantville.

It was an idyllic little southern town. Looking at it, you would never think
it was an all-time favorite hangout for monsters, freaks, strange creatures,
as well as vampires and werewolves.

This was also the home of Thomas Dawkins. A six-foot-one all-american
athlete, a handsome youth with dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. He is the
star of the Pleasantville High Football team. He led a pretty ordinary life.
Well, he was a popular jock on campus. But that was it. He was cool with
everybody. No one really knew the real Tommy Dawkins. It is true that all
people have a hidden side. But Tommy Dawkins's hidden side was different
from most. Tommy Dawkins had a big secret. Many people had big secrets.

Some men and women leading seemingly ordinary lives were doing other stuff
on the side, like doing drugs or sleeping around with members of the same
sex, the opposite sex and sometimes both. Respected male and female members
of one's community had huge secrets in their closets. Some of them were in
their closets. Tommy's secret was nothing like that. He was a werewolf. You
see, the night before his senior year, 17-year old Tommy Dawkins had been
bitten by a wolf. The Bite of the Wolf transformed him into something other
than human. He could become his wolf self at will. As a wolf, he was a lot
hairier, also stronger, with sharp claws and fangs. When in wolf form, Tommy
could do some truly amazing things like leaping twenty feet into the air or
lift fifteen times his own weight. Also, he could heal faster from injuries.
He was unique, and not just because he was a werewolf. He was the one and
only good werewolf.

No one knew his secret. Well, almost no one. Except two people. Lori Baxter,
a tall girl with short blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a Black Belt in
Karate and a transfer student from a catholic school. Then, there was Merton
Jay Dingle. A slim guy with spiky black hair, dark eyes and a sparkling
personality. He was Tommy Dawkins 's best friend. Merton J. Dingle was the
President of the Gothic Fantasy Guild. Basically a nerd at school but a more
loyal friend could not be found by anyone.

Currently, Merton, Lori and Tommy sat at a table in the school cafeteria.
They ate lunch together. "Say, has anyone seen the LOTR - Return of the
King?" asked Tommy.

Lori shook her head. "Last time I went to the theaters, I saw that dance
movie with that black guy who used to be in 'Sister, Sister'," Lori said

Merton looked at his friends. They were so mainstream.

"I avoid theaters like the plague. I have however bought Underworld on DVD.
Kate Beckinsale is HOT!!!!!" Merton and Tommy exchanged high-fives and Lori
rolled her eyes.

Suddenly, Merton was distracted. He was staring at a girl who walked by.
Actually, two girls.

The first one was tall and slim, with long black hair and very pale white
skin. She wore a black and red leather outfit. She was accompanied by another
girl. This one was just as tall, only a bit more athletic, with chocolate
skin and long hair bleached bone-white. A fine sistah!

"Who are those two?" said Lori.

"Vera and Tamika," said Merton. The two new girls in school.

Tommy looked at Merton. Merton was staring, dazed as the two tall girls went
to sit by themselves at a table. "What are you waiting for, man, go talk to
them." said Tommy.

"Go, Merton!" said Lori, smiling.

She and Tommy exchanged looks. This was gonna be good. Merton got up and,
with more confidence than he really felt, approached the girls. Tommy and
Lori and pretty much everyone in the cafeteria watched the scene. Merton
was talking to Girls.

Merton walked nervously to the girls. He stood before their table. "Hello,"
he said. They continued to talk to each other. Like he wasn't even there. He
had seen this too much to let it bother him. He lowered his voice and said,
"Listen, I don't want to be here. And you two don't like the attention. I say
I just come over and sit and you two just pretend to enjoy it and when I
leave we never have to do it again." He looked from pale-faced Vera to the
dark and exotic black female Tamika.

Vera offered him a chilling smile. "Deal."

Merton sat down with them. A universal oh of disappointment and surprise
could be heard in the cafeteria before everyone resumed their activities.
Tommy and Lori were very surprised.

"Why did you come over?" Vera asked Merton.

"Peer pressure," he said.

The pale-faced girl looked him up and down. "You don't seem like the type to
just obey the rules of society," she said.

"I was entertaining some normal friends," Merton said. "This is as much for
their benefit as it is for mine."

Vera and Tamika looked at Tommy from across the room. "Are you sure your
friends are as normal as they appear?" she asked.

Merton shrugged. "We all have a hidden side," he said.

Tamika smiled, and said, "Got that right."

Over the next half hour Merton got to know them. Vera came from England and
Tamika came from the Bronx in NY. They had just moved to Pleasantville. They
were best friends who had chosen to travel together. Both were eighteen and
financially independent from their parents. Before the bell rang, Merton
slipped them his number. Vera pocketed it. "I'll call you." she said.

Merton smiled, wished them a good day and a formal welcome to Pleasantville
and walked away. Vera watched him go. "Interesting boy," she said.

"I wonder if he knows who or what his jock friend is," said Tamika.

Vera grinned. "Oh, he knows. He is attuned to all things supernatural. He has
the gift."

Tamika looked at her friend. "You're kidding."

Vera got up and Tamika did the same. "I kid you not."


Tommy had come to Merton's Lair, both to catch up on what happened at
school and to get help with his Advanced Algebra homework. The teacher,
a middle-aged man named Rick was decent enough but Tommy had trouble
understanding him. Merton sat at his computer. He was checking out a
list of colleges he wanted to apply to next year. NYU in New York.
Suffolk in Massachusetts. Hmm. Boston. Nice town. He kept looking and
looking. Maybe he shouldn't go out of state.

"Hmm. So, dude, you got their numbers?" said Tommy.

"Yeah," said Merton.

He looked at Tommy, lying on his bed and holding a football. The bastard
was sexy as hell.

Sometimes, Merton envied Tommy's life. Other times, it sucked to be Tommy

On Merton's bed, Tommy Dawkins closed his eyes and dreamed. He was thinking
about Stacey, his first love. She was a lovely redhead with a lot of spirit.
A cheerleader at the school. She was not only beautiful and wealthy but also
popular. He asked her out once. She turned him down and chose soccer player
Danny Deltone over him. That was freshman year. Tommy was still a young
blood. So, he tried out at football and made the team. He tried harder than
any other guy on the team and became one of the best. He earned the respect
and admiration of the guys at school and the attention of the girls. Still,
Stacey remained out of his league. Tommy befriended a girl named Kara Thorne
during his sophomore year. Kara Thorne was a tall, skinny girl with short
blonde hair and blue eyes. She was the new kid at school. A junior. Tommy
became her friend. At first, he felt odd for hanging out with her. But he
grew to like her. She was so different from other girls.

A girl who could run faster than most boys and do better than anyone at any
sports. Kara joined the Girl's Basketball team. She soon became the best
player. Tommy loved hanging out with her. They played ball in his backyard
and all was cool. They ate lunch together at school. They went to the movies
together. They were the best of friends. She was the one girl he could
completely be comfortable around. He could totally be himself.

He remembered the first time... things changed between them. They were lying
on the grass, looking at the stars one summer night. Kara said, "Tommy, what
do you think is up there?"

Tommy, who had his head resting on her shoulder said, "People. Different from
us yet similar." He said that to sound cool, cause that's what coach said
about the rivalry between soccer players and football players.

"How?" asked Kara.

"People everywhere need two things, love and food." Tommy chuckled.

Kara grinned. "That's so romantic," she said.

Tommy was surprised. It wasn't like Kara to get romantic or mushy. "Love is
for suckers." he said.

Kara pushed him. He tried to grab her. She was too fast. They rolled on the
grass, fighting only half-seriously. Somehow, she ended up on top of him.
Kara looked into Tommy's eyes. He was laughing.

"Alright, Kara. I surrender." he said.

Kara was looking at him with an odd look in his eyes. Slowly, she leaned down
and pressed her lips against his. They kissed. Before her, Tommy had never
kissed anyone. He found himself embracing Kara, kissing her while she ran her
hands all over him. She was an experienced girl. Tommy Dawkins had never been
with anyone. He felt a rush inside himself. He desired her. "Kara....I" he

Kara pressed a slim finger on his lips. "Shh. Tommy. It's alright." she said.

Tommy looked at her, mesmerized as she undressed herself. He saw her slim,
sexy body slip out of her clothes. When Kara slid her hand beneath the
elastic of his underwear, he panicked. "Are you sure you want to do this?"
his voice squeaked.

"Yes," she said. From her jeans pocket she pulled a condom. Then, she resumed
undressing him and began to caress and kiss his neck, back and torso. She
went to his cock, and took it in her mouth. He gasped when she began to suck
it. He closed his eyes. God, this felt so good. He felt just about ready to
pop, so intense was his pleasure. He warned Kara. "Jara, I'm gonna..." He
just came, a geyser in her mouth.

She sucked him off, drinking all of his cum. Soon, she had licked him dry
yet he was still rock hard. She took his erect cock in her hands and put the
condom on him. She made him lie down flat and lowered herself onto his cock.
He looked at her, not knowing what to do. His hands reached to hold her hips,
supporting her as she began to bounce up and down on his cock, ensnaring it
in her flesh. This went on for a long time, with Tommy sucking Kara's tits
and kissing her while she impaled herself onto his member. They soon came
simultaneously and their screams of pleasure filled the night.

After that night, everything changed between them. Tommy wanted to keep being
friends with Kara. He also wanted to make love to her as often as possible.
They did it many times. In her parents's basement, in his parents's car and
sometimes in a secluded room at school... after hours. He couldn't get enough
of Kara. He cared for her and she cared for him, though it would not last.
Kara moved three months after they had taken their relationship to the next
level. She'd left Pleasantville for Orleans, a small town in Canada. He was
angry and scared. He begged her not to go. She had no choice. She had to

Now, years later, it still bothered Tommy. He'd changed a lot since those
days. He'd become a werewolf and befriended Merton Dingle. He dated Stacey
the popular girl but it didn't work out. He met the foxy, tomboyish Lori
Baxter and they became friends. He had great powers, a fun and adventurous
life, good family and a scholarship to any division one school of his
choice. The sky was the limit for Tommy Dawkins.

Tommy....Tommy.....came a voice.

Tommy Dawkins bolted awake. He had wolfed out. He was looking into the
alarmed face of Merton.

"Hey, man. You okay ?" asked Merton.

Tommy nodded, and un-wolfed, going from supernaturally powerful savage beast
to handsome jock with just a shake of his head. Merton never got tired of
seeing him do that. Tommy looked at his best friend. "Are you gonna call the
girls?" he asked.

Merton grinned. "Sure. Vera is cute."

A minute later, the phone rang. Tommy picked it up. Sure enough, it was
Vera. She wanted to speak to Merton. Tommy passed the phone and high-fived
his buddy. He went to the window, and climbed out onto Merton's rooftop. He
was looking at the stars, thinking of Kara. Where was she? What was she
doing? He listened to Merton's conversation with Vera. The chick was
obviously interested in him and wanted to do something together. Merton
asked her to go see some dancing competition movie featuring some black guy
who used to be "Roger" on the tv show Sister Sister back in the day.

Tommy frowned. He hoped Merton was lucky with this girl. Sincerely.

The End


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