Big Wolf On Campus: What's Your Fantasy? (mm)
by Katarin

"What's your fantasy Merton?" I ask him while I'm drawing lazy patterns on
his naked chest. I love this, lying naked with him on his huge bed. It's
always so warm here.

"You are Tommy. Your all I ever think about," he emphatically replies with
a smile.

"No that's not what I meant Merton."

"What did you mean Tommy?"

I sigh slightly and the air causes gooseflesh to rise on his skin, "For us
Merton. A sexual fantasy of something you could do to me or I could do to
you that really gets you hot." His body, so supple and yielding in my arms
suddenly goes rigid. I look up quickly and notice the deep red flush that
has started on his cheeks and threatens to engulf his face.

"I don't know T..tommy, whatever I guess," he replies looking everywhere but
my face.

"Merton?" I ask him, grasping his chin in my hands and looking into his eyes,
"tell me the truth."

"Well, umm, I, umm, always kind of, well, sometimes, before we were a "we",
and a few times since (but I can hardly be blamed for what I did when the
team went to that week long training camp) anyways, once and a while I'd
kind of, umm have these... dreams," he stammered out and looked up at me

"And these dreams were about...?" I reply.

"Well they were about you and me and you kind of rimmmg me," he answers back.

"Me doing what?" I ask him, not being able to comprehend the jumble of
consonant sounds he mumbled at me.

"Rimming, Tommy. I want you to rim me. As in your tongue in my ass. Are you
happy now?" he asks angrily, turning a baleful eye on me, his blush, after
fully consuming his face begins to move throughout his body and he is really
sexy like that "go ahead freak out man, do it."

I have to take a few minutes and really process this. My white, suburban,
middle class male mind just wants to shut down and say eww, but well, I used
to think that about a lot of things that have been proven wrong. Like sucking
Merton's cock (which really is a taste of heaven, heightened senses or not)
or taking it up the ass (which is also divine, I'm considering writing the
Vatican and having them declare Merton's dick a venerated object), so I
remember to stop and really think about doing this. I remember how good
Merton smells down there from when I licked his balls, and I remember how
much he loves it when I use my fingers down there to get him open.

I take that information and imagine doing it in my mind, imagine how he'll
writhe and moan and come to the conclusion that, sticking my tongue in
Merton's ass would be *unbelievably* HOT. So I tell him.

"Damn that sounds hot Merton," I confess, my mouth centimeters from his ear,
my hand curling around his cock.

"You don't have to pretend to make me feel better ToOOOm.." he begins and
drops off as I begin to massage his hot length.

"Does it feel like I'm pretending?" I ask him and thrust my member against
his hip, "just the idea of having another part of my body inside you, of
drowning in your scent your *taste* has me hard enough to hammer nails
Merton. This is not pretend."

"You really want to?" he asks his eyes searching mine.

He must find what he wants there because when I nod, he seems to accept it.

"So how do you want me to...?" I trail off, not knowing how to do this.

"Oh, well in my dreams I'm always on my stomach, is that okay?" he asks.

"Yeah, that sounds perfect," I answer and moan a little as he turns himself
over, presenting that perfect little pale ass to me.

I push a few pillows underneath his hips and bend his legs. His torso is
tilted slightly forward and it raises his ass into perfect position. I reach
out and spread his cheeks a little and spend a little time just looking at
his tiny hole. I can't believe I fit in there. It doesn't look big enough
for my tongue, and I put my cock up there? Often? He begins to squirm and I
decide it's time to stop messing around.

The first pass of my tongue over the outer rim of his hole causes him to
shiver slightly. I continue to slowly stroke my tongue over and over his
opening, gradually increasing my speed. He's really getting into it, I can
tell by the slight shifts in his hips, moving in time to the movements of
my tongue, but he really loves it when I push into his hole, just a little.
He lets out a moan and begins to squirm underneath me. I push in the tiniest
bit further and he begins to writhe, right there on the bed.

I pull out and begin the sweeping pattern over the outer rim again,
occasionally darting in and licking in deep. He shifts back every time I
do it, trying to get me in deeper. I don't let up though, and continue my
pattern. Lick...lick...lick..lick...THRUST... lick...lick... THRUST... lick.

He's mewling in frustration and struggling to get me to thrust more when I
suddenly give up my rhythm. I thrust in hard and continue to thrust, going
deeper and deeper. Merton surges back into my mouth and keeps surging. One
of his hands slide down to take his cock in hand and I follow his example.

It doesn't last long after that. I get maybe 6 more thrusts with my tongue,
he gets 3 pulls on his dick and I get about 2. We cum like freight trains
and afterwards, I've got my face practically buried in his ass. I remove my
tongue, after licking over it a few more times, and turn him over. I lick
up the mess he's made on his stomach and groin and stretch out next to him.

"Merton?" I gently question him.

"hmmm, yeah Tommy?" he asks, looking up through sated, sleep heavy eyes.

"Got any other fantasies you haven't told me about?"

"Well, there was this one involving handcuffs and you wolfed out, but I'm
kinda fantasized out right now," he replies, laughter in his voice.

"Handcuffs?" I squeak, "mmm, sweet," I reply my eyes turning yellow as I
lay down to join him in sleep. Here's hoping I get some of the same dreams
Merton's been having.

The End


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