Note: It's best to read the Buffy/Charmed/Sabrina crossover Crossfire to get
a better understanding of what the overall storyline is about, but that still
doesn't mean you can't enjoy this tale. Enjoy!

Crossfire: Crossworlds - The Blair Witch Project: Rites Of Ascension (f/f)
by Arcane ([email protected])

The forest was cold. Very cold.

It should not have been cold at all.

But then, it should not have been forest either.

It should have been a nice warm apartment.

She was supposed to be warm and cosy in her bed, safe from the storm that
raged outside.

She had been. She had been perfectly safe and perfectly cosy until a flash of
lightning that had changed everything.

One instant she had been in bed, the next she was lying on a bed of leaves.

The cold had struck fast, icy fingers creeping beneath the fabric of her
night gown, clawing their way up from her bare feet to her thighs.

She wanted to believe that it was just a dream but it was too cold to think

She was in a forest alright and how she had got here was a complete mystery.

She didn't know where she was going but in the dark she would have been lost
at the best of times.

She remembered the last time she had been in these woods. It had been cold
then, when she had full tramping clothes.

Dressed in nothing but a night-dress, Heather Donahue knew she would be dead
of hypothermia before sunrise.

She kept walking, if only to warm her body a little. Her arms wrapped around
her chest did little to help at all, nor did the constant shivering that her
body had begun. She was going to die out here without the faintest hint of

When she finally found the first hint of why, it did nothing to raise her

A stick scratched her hair, tangling in the blond locks. When she reached to
remove it she discovered it was more than a simple twig.

It was a figure, four sticks bound together into human shape.

The symbol of the Blair Witch.

Someone was playing games with her. Very serious games.

There had always been a thin line between what was real and false about The
Blair Witch Project. She had used her real name and even gone into hiding
when the film came out. Her friends received calls about her absence. Some
still did. The marketing of the movie had made it a huge success but had
confused a great number of people. The Burketsville police still got calls.
she hoped that roles in further films would get her better noticed, losing
the tie of Blair Witch. If nothing else, further films would prove that she
was still alive.

That was, if she could survive the night.

Her mind started to rationalise as she walked.

Someone had knocked her out, kidnapped her and dumped her in the forest.
Obviously the tree symbols were to try and scare her. It suddenly occurred
to her that she was probably being filmed from the bushes.

"Alright you sick freaks! Come out with the damn cameras now!"

There was no reply. Not even a rustling or a cackle.

Heather shivered for a second, from fear not the cold.

What if they had simply left her here, dumped her so that she could die in
the forest, fulfilling the movie after all.

She shook her head. There was no point in considering motives. She had to
find help and quickly.

Shelter alone wouldn't do, not unless she could find matches too.

Then she saw a sight that made her heart skip a beat.

A light. A house light.

Despite her cold bare feet Heather started to run, heading for what could be
her only hope.

* * *

She pounded on the door with all the strength her shivering hands could
muster. For a few frightening seconds she was afraid that no one would
answer. Then the door opened.

Heather found herself face to face with a young woman in a simple black
dress. She wore long black hair in braids and a look of surprise as she
stared at the shivering woman.

"H.. help.." Heather shivered.

For a second the woman was frozen but then she ushered Heather into the

It was a small, two room building, but with a fire place burning, Heather
felt warmer the moment she stepped inside.

"What were you doing out there?" the woman in black asked, taking a blanket
from a cupboard and wrapping it about Heather's shoulders.

"I.. d don't know." Heather shivered. "I w w as asleep then I was in the

"And you don't know why?"


"I'm Emily. Emily Hollands."

"H.. Heather.. Donahue."

"Alright Heather. You just warm up. Okay?"

Heather nodded.

"So what are you doing living out here?" Heather asked after a few seconds.

"I'm an artist. I like the retreat here. Plenty of nature. No people to
disturb me."

"Apart from the occasional lost girl."

"I can make exceptions. Here."

Emily handed Heather a bowl of soup.

The actress sniffed the warm liquid, which gave off a pleasant but
unpalatable smell.

"What's in it?"

"Eleven secret herbs and spices." Emily smiled and handed her a spoon. "But I
think you'll need to get as warm as possible."

Heather nodded, huddled further in the blanket and began to consume the soup.
It had a spicy taste to it and it certainly served to warm her up.

"This is going to sound weird," Heather asked, "But where exactly am I?"


"What?" Heather almost dropped her bowl in surprise.

"Maryland. Fairly isolated. I think the nearest town would probably be..

"You've got to be kidding me." Heather was totally sceptical.


"Well for one thing, the last thing I remember was going to sleep in LA. And
this.. this is crazy. Is this some joke?"

"No. I can't explain why you're here. But I assure you, this is Maryland."

"It can't be. This has to be a set up."

"Why? You've been here before?"

"You don't... I guess you don't get to the movies much."

"No TV, no video. No power actually. You're an actress or something?"

"Yeah. Last time I was up here I was shooting a film. The Blair Witch

"The Blair Witch?"

"You've heard of it?"

"Sort of. I've heard it mentioned."

"Well that was me. As best I can figure, someone wanted a sequel so they
kidnapped me and dumped me out here."

"But you're warming up now right?"


Heather put down the empty soup bowl. She certainly was warming up. She
pulled the blanket away from her shoulders discovering that it was almost too
hot for her. She was feeling warm now. Warm and drowsy.

Heather yawned slightly, watching the fire as it crackled.

Suddenly she was tired. Too suddenly.

She looked down at the bowl before her then up at the woman.

Emily's face blurred in and out of view as she stood over Heather.

"You..." Heather heard the sound of her own voice slurring as she spoke.
"What did you do?"

She tried to get to her feet but instead rolled over onto her back, staring
up at the roof of the cabin.

It began to spin more and more until at last it was nothing but a cloudy

* * *

Heather's head was still spinning as she came back to consciousness. She
was still in the small shack, but things had changed considerably. She was
standing in the centre of the room, dangling from shackles on her wrists.
Her arms ached slightly but they weren't painful bonds. Likewise there were
manacles on her ankles, preventing her from moving anywhere.

She was still in her night-dress though it now didn't seem as flimsy as it
once was. Certainly the cold was no longer a problem.

The room was practically a sauna, the hot humid air pulling in around her.

Heather could feel the sweat running under her dress and sliding down her

The woman, stood across the room, in front of the source of the heat, a large
boiling pot.

Steam rose from it filling the room with it's odour, which was definitely odd
but not altogether unpleasant.

"What is going on here?" Heather demanded, her words still slightly slurred.

Emily didn't reply with anything more than a mutter as she added something to
the cauldron.

A witches cauldron.

Heather shivered as she made the connection. The woman thought she was a
witch. And chances were that Heather was going to end up in that pot too, or
at least parts of her.

She pulled at the chains but they held fast.

Emily turned to Heather, her face serene, almost entranced. Heather watched
as she lifted a small bowl and walked over to her captive.

"What are you doing?" Heather demanded again but still there was no reply.

The woman dipped her finger into the bowl and drew some dark green paste.

She reached for Heather, who tried her best to move away but failed.

The finger traced a line over each cheek and over her nose.

Then she returned to the pot once more.

Unable to wipe the paste off Heather twitched her nose and cheeks. The paste
felt odd, almost tingling on her skin. In addition there was the smell,
unavoidably close to her nose. It was a spicy scent, nothing potent but very
distinct. The same as the soup. Heather knew she was being drugged yet again,
but there was nothing she could do to avoid the smell rising to her nostrils.

"You! You brought me here!" Heather spat the accusation.

Emily turned to Heather.

"I did not bring you here. But your arrival is a sign to me. You are the one
I have waited for."

"Waited for. Oh shit, you're some psycho witch or something. Please don't
kill me. Just let me go."

"I will do neither Heather. Soon you will understand."

Emily returned to the pot, adding another lot of herbs.

Once that was done she lifted a box from the cupboard, placing it on the

Heather looked down as she opened it.

From inside it, Emily drew two black shapes. Leeches. Or something close to
them. They were tow inches in length and fat, slimy creatures. Heather
shivered in fear as se watched Emily lift them out into a bowl.

She rose to her feet in front of her captive, drawing a knife from her belt.

Heather stood still in fear as the blade reached out for her.

Emily sliced the two shoulder straps of Heather's night dress.

It fell down, gathering about her hips and leaving her bosom exposed.

Calmly, Emily reached down for the two creatures.

The actress tried to pull away but there was nothing she could do as Emily
placed the slugs on her chest.

Heather screamed and thrashed about as the creatures slid over her sweaty
skin, sliding through her cleavage then crawling across her breasts. One took
a path to the left, one to the right and once they reached her nipples they
began to circle her areola. She felt their slow slick movement and the trails
they left behind them. To her horror she felt her nipples becoming erect,
either from the movement or the chemicals in the trails. Either way, within
twenty seconds or so, her nipples were completely stiff and the slugs

Heather screamed again as she felt two, soft toothless mouths suck onto her
nipples. In unison they sucked, forming a rhythm and ensuring that the
nipples stayed perfectly erect.

The helpless woman could only groan as they creatures performed their task.

Across the room the witch kept chanting and adding to her cauldron and
Heather tried to focus on her to ignore the leeches.

The sensation wasn't pain, more like a dull sensation, a draining.

When she finally had the courage to look down again she was even more

The slick black creatures were almost twice the size they had been, still
clinging and sucking greedily.

There could be only one source of their nutrition and it was Heather.

She watched, transfixed as the creature milked some unknown energy from her.
Before long they were half the size of the ample breasts they fed from and
Heather could feel their weight on her.

The witch seemed to notice their size and returned to Heather, plucking each
one off with little difficulty.

Heather could still feel the coat of slime they had left on her and her
nipples remained erect.

Emily took the two swollen creatures and threw them both headlong into the

She stirred and kept chanting

* * *

Heather watched as Emily drew a bowl from the cauldron, and proceeded to
drink it. The sight almost made Heather's stomach turn, especially when she
knew what the concoction contained. Filling another bowl, Emily crossed to

The manacled woman would have none of it.

She fought and pulled away as soon as Emily came close to her, not wanting
the liquid anywhere near her lips.

But the witch was ready for her protests. She grabbed Heather's nose and
forced her head back, dripping some of the bowl onto her lips. Heather could
feel the hot brew on her skin and the smell rose to meet her. It was an
inviting scent, not at all foul, almost sweet and pleasant. Emily trickled
more of the liquid down and some of it slipped inside her mouth. The taste
matched the smell, sweet and nothing revolting. But she knew what had gone
into the mix and she had no idea what it might do to her.

She refused to open her mouth.

Emily squeezed her nose painfully and despite herself, Heather let out a cry
of pain.

The brew poured into her mouth, followed quickly by a hand covering her lips.

Heather's mouth was filled with the warm liquid and try as she might, she had
to swallow it to allow herself breath.

Only when she had swallowed the mouthful did Emily remove her hand.

Heather coughed, almost gagging but the liquid stayed down.

Heather waited for whatever effects to hit her.

They soon did.

Her pulse started to race and her breathing increased, blood rushing to her
skin, sweat streaming from her more than before.

Emily nodded and dropped to her knees before the helpless woman.

Heather felt hands tugging at the fabric of her night-dress, sliding it away.

Warm fingers stroked the flesh of her thighs, tracing lines over the
dampness. She could feel hot breath breathing against her, sending tingles
of excitement through her. The concoction was making her more dazed every
second, the room spinning around her. Heather shivered and gasped as she
felt a tongue lap against her thigh. It swirled and slowly pressed inwards,
lips kissing her crotch. She couldn't help be gasp aloud as she felt the tip
of the tongue brush her clitoris for the first time. It was more pleasurable
than she had ever imagined, filling her body with electrical energy. It
lapped again, more forceful this time and once more she shuddered. She felt
hands sliding around her, holding her hips tight as Emily buried her face
deeper inside her. The combination of the drug in her system and the
inescapable oral sex was sending Heather into a world of delirious pleasure.
She gasped and moaned at every twitch of the tongue between her legs, feeling
her mind reeling further and further into chaos. And as she quivered the
tongue became faster and faster, lapping against her clitoris with fiery
zeal, blowing Heather's mind, making her moan louder and louder.

Heather could feel the inevitable release coming nearer and nearer, enhanced
by the magical brew that flowed through her system. It was irresistible,
undeniable and coming closer and closer and...

Heather screamed as the orgasm ripped through her, stronger than she had
ever experienced, ever dreamed. Every nerve in her body fired, every muscle
twitched with the feeling. Wave after wave poured through her burning body,
shattering her mind, reducing her to a primal creature that gasped and moaned
at the sensations it felt. On and on it flowed, pulsing at her until she
didn't know how much more she could take. It was relentless, ever
intensifying as it blew through her body. Heather began to scream again, the
force too much for her to bear.

Then suddenly it stopped.

Heather slumped over, held up by her manacles. She gasped for air, sweat
streaming from her naked body. And suddenly she knew. She understood
everything that had happened to her since she had entered the hut.

The witch. The Blair Witch was real.

And she understood how such a witch could exist for hundreds of years.

By passing their magic to the next.

Heather fell to the floor as the manacles dissolved away above her.

The Blair Witch wasn't supposed to be real, but somehow she was. Emily was
gone and Heather doubted she would ever see her again. And though she still
had no idea how she had got here, or how to get home, she knew so much more
now than she had ever imagined possible.

She still felt the energy flowing through her and understood that it was more
than a simple sexual release. It had been an influx of knowledge and power.

The Blair Witch existed.

And her name was Heather Donahue.


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