My take on the origin of the Blair Witch. This is all fictional. Happy
Halloween. This story contains a real icky demon rape scene, you probably
shouldn't read it.

Blair Witch Project: Death Of The Blair Witch
by Sleeper

1786. Blair, Maryland

Ellie Kedward walked quickly through the market, hoping to get through the
gauntlet of stares without being harassed. The women hissed as she passed,
muttering to each other words they would slap their children for using. The
men watched her with stares they'd beat their wives for using. Both genders
whispered as she passed. Ellie was used to it. Being the only Catholic in a
staunchly Protestant town, Ellie was an outsider. The fact that she had the
body of a goddess did little to make the local women sympathetic to her
plight. There was supposed to be a man from her hometown of Drydwen coming
to marry her. He was five months overdue.

Ellie did her best to support herself using her knowledge of herbcraft and
helping the women midwife their babies. They wouldn't use her at all if they
had even the slightest knowledge of birthing a child. Their ignorance was
not discarded with the afterbirth, however; the town had already lost a
number of newborns to the sheer stupidity of their mothers. Babes left
unattended for hours, toddlers allowed to drink their fathers' spirits. It
was a miracle the entire town hadn't perished.

Ellie clutched her overcoat tight against her body, trying to keep out the
creeping chill. Winter had settled in to stay. She hurried back to her tiny
hovel, glad to be done selling her herbs. The merchants were getting stingier
with her, giving Ellie less and less for her herbs. Some of the merchants
were beginning to make veiled suggestions as to how she might make up the
difference. She was forced to wander further and further into the wilderness.
Perhaps she could harvest mushrooms? Probably not, the townsfolk were not
ready for that. Ellie shut the door behind her. She couldn't remove her
coats, the tiny shack wouldn't be warm for nearly an hour.

Ellie was withdrawing the herbs she hadn't manage to sell, organizing them
on the small round table by the hearth. She heard a heavy knock at the door,
and rose to open it. The men usually came when their wives became pregnant,
and demanded her services without offering payment. Ellie did not mind using
her God-given skills to aid the miracle of life, despite her friction with
the locals. Ellie opened the door.

There on her doorstep was the sheriff, with the two large farmers who doubled
as his deputies. They were carrying torches. Sheriff John spoke, "Ellie
Kedward, you have been charged with the crime of witchcraft, you'll have to
come with us now." He emphasized the word now. The determined set of his face
told Ellie he didn't want to do it, but knew it was his duty.

"All right, Goodman Beamon, let me get my things."

"I don't think that will be necessary, Miss Kedward. Come with us."

Ellie knew they wouldn't take no for an answer. Witchcraft? What sort of
madness was this? "John, what is the meaning of this? Who accuses me?"

"We'll get to that, whore of Satan, you just wait!" One of the deputies,
named Renfell, spoke, spitting on her as he did.

"That'll be enough of that, Renfell."

* * *

The town mayor was presiding over the trial. The entire town came out to see
it. A platform had been erected in the square, with a raised enclosure for
Ellie to stand within. They pelted Ellie with vegetables and feces as she was
dragged through the throng. She was stripped of her coats and made to stand
in the raised area. The chilling February air made her nipples hard, standing
out from the thin fabric of her light gown. They didn't have to take her
coat. But they did. They enjoying watching her shiver. Especially the
menfolk. The crowd booed and hissed as she stood. Eventually, Mayor
Bellowworth began the proceedings.

"Hear ye, hear ye. As mayor of the township of Blair, I call this trial to
order. Ellie Kedward, you have been accused of the crime of witchcraft. How
do you plead?"

"Not guilty, your honor. I am innocent of this crime." Ellie searched the
crowd for a friendly face. She found none, all their eyes gleamed with a
perverse fire.

"Call the first witness!"

One by one the children came, the accusations suspiciously identical. In each
case, Ellie had lured the child into her home, where she had drawn blood.
Each child had suffered terrible visions, sent obviously by her. Ellie knew
she was doomed. They wanted to kill her. There was no one to stop them. It
was just a matter of how they wanted to do it. Would they burn her? Drown
her? Maybe something quick. She knew witches had been drawn and quartered in
the old country. Ellie ignored their voices and the numbing cold and began to

The ending was of course a foregone conclusion. The punishment was pronounced
by a jury of twelve town elders: banishment. Ellie shook uncontrollably, she
would die of exposure and the animals would devour her. Worse yet, for her
there would be no Christian burial or last confession. Not only was she
doomed, she was damned.

They led her away on a cart. Ellie was bound with thick rope. They had
blindfolded her so she couldn't hope to find her way back. After what seemed
an eternity to her, they stopped. The blindfold was removed. Ellie found
herself in a clearing. It seemed familiar to her, but she didn't quite
remember it. These had once been Indian lands, but had been abandoned long
before Blair was settled. Why she did not know. The farmers lashed her to a
thick birch tree, tight so the ropes bit into her numb flesh. Sheriff Beamon
glanced once at her, was that regret in his eyes? They left her in a hurry,
eager to be out of the cold and away from her.

Ellie screamed as they left, calling out their names and pleading for
them not to leave her. They ignored her, and did not look back. Ellie felt
herself becoming numb, watched the world slip out of focus. Her teeth ceased

* * *

Ellie awoke. It was snowing now, fat flakes that collected in a drift
around her feet. Moonlight reflected off the thin layer of snow. Thick
shadows pooled all around. She felt strange, no longer cold at all. She
felt strangely calm, at ease with the coming of death. And then she felt
it. The presence. She could feel something moving around her, whispering
in the trees. It chilled her to the soul, far more than the cold winter
winds and the biting snow. It was evil. Ellie began to struggle, writhing
in the bonds, anything to escape the malevolent presence. A shadow
coalesced in front of her. She gasped as it formed into a man. He was
handsome, a youngish man without trace of the pox or any other mark. He
smiled a slim smile, curved at the corners suggesting a cruel man. Ellie
began to hyperventilate, her full breasts heaving as she gulped in the
cold air.

"Calm down, my pretty. What are you doing out here?"

And instantly Ellie was calm. It surprised her, the instant change in her
mood. No longer was she afraid. She trusted this stranger. "I've been
banished as a witch. I'm dying."

"How terrible. You're not really a witch, are you?"

"Of course not, good sir. I was wrongly accused! Release me, please, and may
the Father's blessing be upon you!"

He hissed once, then calmed. "Good lady, what is your name?"

"Ellie. Ellie Kedward. Please release me, I'm so cold!"

"Of course. Ellie, you say you're not a witch?"

"No, of course not!"

"What would you do if you could get back at those who put you here?"

To be honest, revenge had never crossed Ellie's mind. She simply wanted to
go home. But when he said it, a fire ignited in her bosom. They should pay
for doing this to her. They accused her! Sent her here to die in misery in
the wilderness! They should pay! The idea of revenge possessed her.

"Anything! Anything to make them pay!"

"Ellie. Would you sign my book?"

"Anything. Release me, and grant me revenge!"

"As you wish."

The ropes melted away. Ellie flexed her arms, feeling beginning to return.
The stranger held out a small black book. Ellie tentatively reached out to
touch it. She jumped as it throbbed at her touch. She looked for a quill,
but saw none. She looked up at him, confused. He smirked.

"Blood, Ellie. Prick your finger with this thorn."

Ellie took the wickedly curved thorn from his outstretched palm and pricked
her index finger. Blood gushed from the tiny hole. She quickly made an X in
the open book and stuck her finger in her mouth to suck on the wound. The
stranger smiled, then slammed the book shut in his hand.

"Was that so hard, Ellie?"

"Is that it? Now you'll help me?"

"Of course, but first we must seal the deal."

And then he began to change, twisting and growing into a hulking monstrosity
of horns and muscle. The beast stood before her on cloven hooves, eyeing her
with orbs of purest black. It hunched forward, but still towered over her by
better than a foot. Ellie drew back a step, horrified by his sudden change.
An enormous erection sprouted from its shaggy groin. It pulsed with a
horrific vitality of its own.

"What are you?" she whispered.

"Ellie, you know what I am. You've always known. Now we must conclude our

The beast grabbed Ellie, shredding the thin gown with one swipe of its paw.
Her ample tits jutted forward into the cold air, rosy pink nipples atop each.
She tried to cover herself, but the devil hoisted her arms above her head in
the grip of one paw. Again, she was helpless.

"You belong to me now, whore. And you shall serve me eternally. First, you
shall taste my seed."

The devil threw Ellie to the ground, twisting her so she landed on her
stomach. Before she could rise, Ellie felt him mount her. His weight pressed
her into the cold soil. Then she felt the tip of his hard cock pressing into
her maidenhead. She had waited all these years for a husband, and still
retained her virginity. No more. She felt him tear into her, the massive cock
ripping her asunder. She began to cry as he thrust again and again into her
ravaged womb. He thrust again and again, Ellie felt it driving out all trace
of her previous life. Soon all feelings of home and faith were gone, replaced
by a cold aching void. Then she truly felt him inside her. It felt right, the
thick hard cock cleaving her sex. She needed it, and began to moan her need.
He heard her and responded, driving into her harder and harder. Ellie felt
herself nearing the edge of her first climax. The void embraced him, bringing
meaning and shape to her. He was all she had now. Then he came, and she felt
him pour gouts of liquid fire into her womanhood. She screamed and came
fiercely, gnashing her teeth and squeezing the giant tool with her box. The
devil laughed, and then was gone.

Ellie gasped at his sudden disappearance. He was gone, utterly. The void
returned, worse than before. She was utterly empty. But now she knew how to
fill it. The voices told her. They came to her on the wind. The spirits of
the damned, they said, they're to serve her for all eternity. They whirled
around her, formless and hateful, whispering their secrets to her. And they
had much to teach her. In the space of ten heartbeats Ellie knew the woods
for miles around, every little secret it held. Ellie was no more, she would
forever be the Witch. Every animal was known to her. Each plant yielded its
mysteries to her. The Witch knew of every sinkhole and mineral deposit. She
could feel the water moving and the sway of the trees. Her senses extended
into the forest floor, feeling the warmth of decaying matter. She was home

The Witch began to walk. The voices spoke again, and then she was floating.
Her feet dangled several inches above the snow. They began to blacken and
curl under. The twisted coils hung useless from her legs. Never again would
she need to walk. The Witch had work to do. She sent out a call, and the
forest tingled with her commands. Trees died. Birds attacked the dead trees,
stripping them bare until they died, their beaks ruined. Bears knocked down
trees and splintered limbs. Foxes and rabbits put aside their differences,
gathering twigs into piles.

The Witch came to a clearing. The beasts had done their work. Piles of
twigs awaited her command. The once beautiful woman wove the twigs, turning
creeper vine and twig into crude totems. Each totem was made of five sticks,
and resembled a man with his legs spread and arms wide. The damned sang to
the Witch, instructing her in her task and showing her how to empower the
totems. The totems called to sin, binding evil within to bind the sinner to
the Witch. Each totem would capture a soul, holding it in service to evil
forever when the Witch killed the owner. She wove quickly, twigs disappearing
into her hands to become sincatcher totems. Her hands twisted and warped,
blackening into hairy spidery lumps.

Soon she had a great pile of totems. One for every man, woman and child in
the town of Blair. They would all serve her. But first she had to rest. The
animals began to dig, opening a deep hole in the ground. They left quickly,
leaving behind a brown bear. It was weak from exhaustion and could barely
move. The Witch ordered it into the pit. She stepped in after it. Its
instincts screamed for it to attack, to run, but her commands dominated the
bear's mind. It was powerless to resist. The dirt fell into the tomb after
her, covering them completely. Even the ground responded to her call.
Entombed, the Witch began to devour the dying bear as the dawn broke. In
the black embrace of the earth she rested, and planned her vengeance.

The End


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