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Babysitter's Club: Black Rape Of Mary Anne
by Keith B

It was a Monday afternoon, and The Babysitter's Club is having its weekly meeting. 14 year old Mary Anne Spier lays on the bed with the ledger and a list of everyone's babysitting assignments for this week. They start going over different people that need a babysitter. They come down to the name Mr. and Mrs. Burbank. "Their real nice and the baby is so sweet." Dawn says with a smile. Kristy says "They need a sitter between 5:30 and 9:30 Friday night, any takers?" All of the girls say that their either busy that night or that they are going out of town for the weekend. Mary Anne jolts up and says "I'll take it, I need the extra money to buy Logan a birthday gift." All of the girls oohh and aahh and they start saying "Mary Anne has a boyfriend!!!" "I do not!!!" Mary Anne starts to blush a bright red. "Don't worry Mary Anne, it's just that were jealous of you since none of us have a boyfriend." Stacey says as they all laugh and giggle like little girls. "We're just friends, that's all." Mary Anne says as she writes down her appointment.

That Friday, Mary Anne had just finished her last class of the day. The 14 year old had to get going. She told her friends and her boyfriend Logan goodbye. She was off to her babysitting job for the Burbank family. She is to babysit their 13 month old baby while her parents go out for the night. When she arrived at their house, the clouds outside were getting a bit dark and there was supposed to be rain that night so she brought her raincoat. She said hi to Mr. and Mrs. Burbank as they got ready to leave. She checked on the baby who was laying in her crib. Mrs. Burbank told the younger Mary Anne that they had to get going. She handed Mary Anne a contact number just in case she had to reach them at the restaurant.

At about this same time across town, there was a room full of men in a jail cell at the county courthouse. The officer was walking down the hall. And when he reached the jail cell he called out "Biggins, Dwayne!!!" A big black guy stood up wondering what the officer wants this time. The officer opened the door and told him that he was being released. As he left, he smirked and said to his cell mates "I told you that bitch wasn't going to testify. Dewayne Biggins was a serial rapist. He has raped at least 15 women, and he has never been convicted of any crimes. The District Attorney was trying as best as he could to convict Biggins, but none of the victims would testify. He usually likes his girls young, around ages 18-21. His favorite are the white chicks, especially the sweet and innocent ones. The ones that are so embarrassed with what had happened to them, that they will never say anything about it to anyone. He usually likes to cruise around the college campuses nearby. He tries to get them when they are alone and helpless.

Later on that night around 10:30, Mr. and Mrs. Burbank came home. Mary Anne was watching TV and told them that their baby was asleep. Mr. Burbank gave the girl $40 and thanked her for staying longer than expected. "You want to call your mom and let her know to pick you up?" Mrs. Burbank said. "No, there out of town for the weekend." Mary Anne said with a slight frown on her face. She really wanted to go with them. They never told her where they were going to, just someplace where only adults were allowed to be at. He offered the cute brunette a rider home but she said "I'll just catch the bus home." She smiled as she left. As she walked down the sidewalk, it had started to get a bit cold, so she put on her yellow raincoat and started walking the 3 blocks to the bus stop.

Dewayne was driving around the college campus, trying to find another victim. He hasn't had sex for almost a year since he was arrested. There were security almost every block of the campus since the last time he raped a freshmen there. He decided to leave the campus and drive around the neighborhood. After a few miles he came upon a street that was quiet and nobody was around. He was about to call it a night when he saw an indoor bus stop with a women inside of it wearing a yellow jacket. He gave his crotch a squeeze and parked a few blocks away. The area was very quiet and isolated. No businesses were open and it was the perfect spot for him. By now it had started to rain pretty hard and thundering. He knew the bus wasn't going to show up for at least another hour or so.

He started running towards the bus stop and got inside just as lightning struck nearby. "Damn, it's raining pretty fucking hard huh?". He said to the young girl who just nodded. He started looking her over. Long brown hair, pale white skin, sweet pinkish cheeks, She had shoulder length straight brown hair that went down almost to her shoulders. A real doll he thought to himself. She looked pretty young. The youngest he'd had ever raped was 18. "What's your name pretty girl?"

"Mary Anne." she replied.

"Such a sweet name for such a sweet little girl." He said.

Mary Anne was just being polite just like her parents had told her to be. She looked at the guy, who was now standing in the way of the exit. He was at least 6 foot 7 black male with a shaved head. For some reason Mary Anne started getting kind of scared as the man was looking at her.

"Everyone calls me Big Bubba." "What is such a cute girl doing out here alone at this time of night." He said with a smear.

"Well I just finished baby-sitting for a couple and I'm on my way home." He said as she started getting goosebumps from the cold.

"How old are you Mary Anne?"

"I'm almost 15."

He smiled thinking that none of his friends will ever believe that this was happening to him. "You got pretty hair Mary Anne." "I love long hair on a girl She was starting to get kind of scared of this huge man with the way he was talking to her. He reached out and softly stroked her hair. She tried to move away from him, but there was no room in the shelter. She then noticed that he was blocking her way out if she wanted to make a run for it.

"You are a pretty little thing." "You know that?" "Thanks." She said as she gulped, hoping that he would get lost or maybe the bus would be here any minute. "Always loved brown hair." Is it natural?" She looked up wondering why would he ask such a weird question. She didn't answer him think that if she ignored him, he would stop talking to her.

"Hey I asked you a question, is it natural?" "Yes it is!!!" she yelled at him as the lightning got worse. "Don't be a bitch Mary Anne, I was just checking. I thought your hair might be a different color. A man has to check a girl's pussy to see what color their hair is these days." Now Mary Anne was starting to get scared of him. She was hoping the bus would get here soon. She turned her back away from him thinking he would stop.

"You got a nice ass too. I like a tight ass." Her heart was pounding real fast like a jackhammer.

Her body started tensing up as her fear grew. Her pulse was hammering in her throat and her breaths became shallow.

"Real nice ass." He sighed. "Nice body too, your kinda little, but you got one hell of a body. Hard to see your tits through that jacket. Why don't you take off your jacket and let me see your titties."

"Please leave me alone." Her voice trembling and weak.

"Leave you alone? I'm not hurting you baby. I'm just asking that's all. I just wanna see if you got real nice tits and ass."

She turned away again. Nobody had ever talked like that before her in her life. She was now terrified for her life.

"I bet a guy my size would squash you like a bug. Do you like having sex on top?"

Again she didn't answer.

"Or do you like it doggie style? You on all fours wanting a man's cock up that tight little ass of yours? Hey Mary Anne, I asked you a question slut?"

"Leave me alone!!!" She screamed as the thunder and lightning got even louder. She tried to make a run for it, but he was blocking her way out. Why won't the darn bus get here? She thought to herself.

"Let me out!!!!!" Her voice raised as she demanded to be let out.

"Let you go? The bus won't be here for another hour. Maybe later than that with all of the rain. Bet you got a nice tight cunt. Bet your still a virgin. Are you a virgin Mary Anne? What's your favorite position?"

Mary Anne is now crying her little heart out. She has never been so scared in her short life.

"Please, just leave me alone!!!!!"

"I'm not doing anything bad Mary Anne. Are you a lesbian? You suck your best friend's tits? Eat their pussy? Huh?" Mary Anne looked around the quiet neighborhood hoping and praying that someone will save her.

"You know what, I love a little lezbo action. I wouldn't blame you if your into that kind of stuff? You ever see your friend's in the nude? You like looking at their little clit's? "Tell me Mary Anne, what color are your nipples? Brown? Red? Are they real big suckers or are they real tiny?"

"Please go away mister!!!" Her voice cracking as the tears come down her cheeks.

"Hey I'm just making conversations and waiting for the bus sweetheart." He moved forward and put her in a corner of the shelter. He reached out for her face. "Real smooth soft skin you got." He then reached up caressing your brown hair. Tears were pouring as he reached for her jacket and started unbuttoning it and opening it. She was wearing a green button down shirt. He looked at her chest for a moment.

"Looks like you got some real nice fun bags under that shirt. You got some nice breasts for a 14 year old. Can I see them Mary Anne?"

She wept even harder.

"Bet I could tear up that shirt without even trying?"

"How about you open your shirt and let me see them? Just a nice little look Mary Anne. Just unbutton the shirt. DO IT!!!!!"

She was terrified that he would hurt and maybe kill her. Her fingers moved slowly starting with the top button. Her mind racing at a million miles an hour. She took off the last button and let the shirt sit there on her trembling body.

"Pull it out of your pants and open it!!!" He yelled at her. She slowly took the shirt off of one shoulder, then the other. She did as she was told. Her hands and body shaking like a leaf.

"Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled as he got his first glimpse at her breasts inside her white bra. Her tits were huge. Her breasts grew almost overnight during the winter from a small B to an enormous D cup.

"I like that little pink bow in the middle of your bra. Now I wanna see your tits and nipples. Slide your bra off slowly."

She couldn't believe what she was doing. Nobody had ever seen her topless since she was little. Even at sleepovers she would get undressed in the bathroom away from all of the other girls.

She unclipped her bra and held it over her boobs. She could tell he was enjoying this. How could a man enjoy seeing a young girl strip in front of him?

"Take it off, NOW!!!!!!!!!!"

She let it fall to the ground. Her whole body was covered in goosebumps from being scared to death and from the frigid weather.

"FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen red, brown, and even black nipples. But I've never seen pink ones, and there so tiny and hard. You must be enjoying this you little whore."

Her breasts were extremely firm and they hung out like two huge watermelons. Her nipples were real tiny and hard like little pebbles.

"There real nice and pink. I bet they get real hard and pointy when your boyfriend sucks on them. Or is it your girlfriend? Now play with them. I want you to pinch your nipples and get them real hard for me."

Mary Anne couldn't believe what he was saying. She had never played or even touched her nipples before except in the shower. Her head bowed and with shaking hands she pinched her erect nipples. Touching them sent shivers down her spine.

"Now roll them, that's it!!! Now pull on them. Pull them straight off your chest."

She did as he said. She could feel them getting real hard. She closed her eyes and pulled on them till they started to hurt.

"Pull them harder you tease!!!!!"

She pulled even further out, her nipples were burning with pain like she has never felt before.

"Now take one in your hands, bring it up to your mouth and suck on your nipple."

She was in total shock of what he just said. But she could tell he was getting real mad at her. She knew what she had to do. She grabbed her left tit and brought it up to her mouth. She could feel the cold air on her nipple sending a chill all over her.

She looks at the little, hard pink nipple. She puts it in her mouth and gently sucks on it. Feeling the little nub getting real hard and pointy.

"Take your tits and squeeze them together."

She takes both of her hands and mashes her breasts till there touching each other,

"OK, now the pants, take them off."

Crying even harder, she undid her pants and let them slide off to the ground.

"Your panties too, I wanna see if your shaved or not."

She kicked off her pants and with a big gulp, she grabbed the elastic on her cotton white panties and lowered them.

"Shoes and socks, take them off too."

By now she was completely naked. Nobody can save her. No bus in sight. No police officer driving by and seeing her getting raped by this huge man.

"Now put your hands on top of your head. Now jump up and down 15 times, I wanna see those tits jiggle." He barked out to her.

She started to jump in place. Her huge breasts hitting her chin as her boobs went up and down. After she was done, she could see him grab his crotch. She looked down in terror wondering what will happen next.

"Get down on your hands and knees and crawl to me."

She crawled to where she was very close to him. She was almost eye level to the huge bulge in his pants.

"Take my pants and underwear off." She shook her head no and started crying again.

He reached down and yanked her brown hair back with a vengeance.

"Do it or else!!!"

Her whole body shaking she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. The smell of him not washing himself for days hit her nostrils. She lowered them down around his ankles and he kicked them off.

"Now take off my underwear."

She was almost on the verge of throwing up. She wiped the tears from her eyes and reached for the underwear and slowly lowered them down. His huge cock jumps out into her sight. She can't believe how big it is, It might be at least 10 or 11 inches long. This is the first time she has ever seen a dick before since she saw her cousin getting out of the shower when she was little.

"Touch it."

Her milky white hands slowly touch the huge black snake that is extremely hard.

"Put your hand around it and start jerking it."

She just sat there with her hand around his dick not knowing what to do. He quickly grabbed her hand and started jerking her hand over his dick. She lowered her head in shame.


She looked at it with her pretty brown doe like eyes as her hand went up and down on it. After a few minutes, he stopped her.

"You ever suck a cock before?"


"Liar, you've probably sucked the entire football team in one night!!!"

"Stand up, spread your legs and let me see you stick your finger inside your cunt."

Legs shaking she inserts a finger into her dry clit. It hurt a bit. She let out a faint squeal as it went deep into her all the way to her knuckle.

"Finger fuck yourself!!!"

She started pulling the finger in and out of her pussy. It started to hurt even more. Why was he making her do this? She screamed at herself. Her breathing was getting a bit faster when he stopped her.

"Get back down on your knees."

She was glad that humiliating part was over, but what was he gonna do next to her?

"Now Mary Anne, I want you to beg me to let you suck on my dick."

"Let me suck on your b-b-b black cock!!!"

"Say Please let me suck on your nigger cock?"

She clears her throat and says.

"Please let me suck on your n-n-n nigger cock."

"Say please let me swallow your sperm?"

Her voice cracks.

"Please let me swallow your sperm?"

The tears were coming down like a flood off her cheeks. He pointed his erect dick at her sweet lips. She opened her mouth and touched the hard dick with her pretty pink lips.

"All the way down."

She inserted the cock into her mouth, she started to gag on it because it was so big and disgusting.

Dwayne was starting to get pissed off so he grabbed her head and forced his dick down her throat. All the way down to the base. Little Mary Anne started screaming as loud as she could. Trying to get the hard thing out of her mouth. He then grabbed her head and forced her to go up and down on the large penis. She couldn't breathe. Gasping for air. She started to panic as he let out a moan.

"You've done this before, little bitch?" He throws his head back laughing at this poor white girl sucking his long cock. Her mind was in a daze as she sucked this guy off.

After about 10 minutes of this, he stopped her and threw her back to the ground.

"Lay down on your back and spread your legs." Her leg muscles quivering, knowing what might be coming up next for her.

"Now play with yourself, rub that little cunt of yours."

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard this. Does he think he wants her to enjoy this? Him taking the virginity of a poor, innocent 14 year old girl? She had seen her mom play with herself once before while peaking inside her room with one of her boyfriends.

Her clit had just a bit of brown hair. Her pussy lips were a light pink and she had a cute little brown mole on the inside of her right leg.

She lowered her hand and started rubbing her bulb. Her breathing became faster as she rubbed it. After a few minutes, she felt something on her clit, she was getting wet. "Oh my God!!!" She thought, is her body is enjoying this? She closed her eyes and tried to think about something else, but her clit was getting wetter and wetter.

"Your enjoying yourself cunt?"

Then she heard something. She heard him coming down to his knees. She felt a hand on her hip. By the time she opened her eyes, his dick was nearing her pussy.

"No!!! No!!!!!! Please!!!!!!! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She tried to get up but his weight was on top of her. She tried to slap him in the face, but he blocked it. Suddenly she felt the cock entering her clit. She closed her eyes and let out a squeal.

It went deeper into her till he hit something, her hymen. He leaned back, smiled and said to the quivering little girl.

"Now I want you to beg for it."


"Beg for it your little whore." "Say please Big Bubba, fuck this little white whore."

"P-p-p-p please Big Bubba, f-f-f fuck this little white whore!!!" She said quietly.

"Louder slut!!!!!" He slaps her in the face.

"Please Big Bubba, f-f-f-f-f fuck this little white whore!!!"

"Tell me I want you want you to pop my cherry Big Bubba."

Please I want you to p-p-p pop my c-c-c-c cherry Big Bubba!!!"

With that he slammed his shaft into her and she let out the most earth shattering scream he has ever heard.


The pain was incredible. She could feel blood oozing down the inside of her thigh. She knew her virginity had been broken. She was saving it for Logan, but it had been destroyed by this bastard. She starts hitting the side of his body with closed fists. But it was doing nothing to stop him.

He started fucking this girl nice and hard. His black balls slapping against her ass. With each deep thrust, she was screaming with terrible pain.

"Ohh yeah, so tight!!!" As he was fucking her he leaned up a bit and slapped her massive tits. She reached up to try and block him from hitting them, but he slapped her in the face again.

"Keep your arms to your side whore!!!!!"

He then proceeded to pinch and pull on her little pink nipples. Making her scream even more as he quickened his speed.

Suddenly he he both of his arms under her armpits and picked her up. He planted her back against the Plexiglas of the window and fucked her even harder. Mary Anne closed her eyes. She was screaming her head off with the pain getting worse and worse.

He then came out of her slit with a pop and threw her down on the freezing ground. He grabbed her hair and stuck his cock near her face. He jerked off as fast as he could and with a blast, shot out his wet jizz all over her face, hair, and tits. She then curled up in a ball completely out of breathe.

Dwayne was exhausted, but he was not done by a long shot. He looked down at Mary Anne and saw her tight white ass sticking out right at him. He wiped the beads of sweat pouring from his bald head and dragged her over to him and started rolling her over to her chest.

Mary Anne's head was spinning. She wondered if she could ever face her friends or family ever again because of this beast making her his whore.

By the time Mary Anne came to her senses, her body was just about to lay face down on the cold, wet cement.

"Get up on your hands and knees like the whore you are."

She slowly got up on her hands and knees "So, you don't want me to fuck your asshole? Beg me Mary Anne. Beg me not to fuck your asshole."

"Please don't fuck my asshole."

"Say please massa, don't fuck my asshole."

"Please master, don't fuck my asshole."

He chuckled and said.

"No, say it with an accent." "Like you're my slave in the old south."

She looked back at him crying as she said.

"Please massa, don't fuck me in my asshole."

She felt a hand spread open her ass cheeks. And with a scream she said.


He got real hard again seeing her tiny puckered brown asshole. He slowly entered and God was it tight!!!!!

Mary Anne gritted her teeth and let out a scream as her asshole was filled with black cock.

She couldn't fight anymore, she just stayed there screaming hoping someone will hear her.

He entered her and started fucking her again. He reached down and pulled her hair up so he could see her face as he raped her.

"You loving this." "You love your ass being raped by a huge black cock?" Say it!!!!"

"I-l-l-l love my ass being raped by a huge black cock."

He gave her a peck on the check and threw her head back down.

"Now I want you to fuck yourself on my cock." He ordered.

She started thrusting her hips driving his cock deeper into her. Her huge breasts were swaying and slapping her in her face. She was in so much pain, she thought she might pass out. But she was not getting out of this so easily.

By now, the only thing coming out of Mary Anne's mouth were low moans and squeels.

He quickened his pace.

"I'm gonna cum inside of your asshole slut!!!!!" "Beg for it." He gave her tight ass a good hard slap to wake her up.

"Please cum inside of my asshole."

He got up on his hands and he drives his dick into her as the thunder and lightning started tampering off.

He screams as he unloads deep inside of her. Mary Anne falls flat on her face. He pulls out and falls back on his ass.

After regaining his strength he puts on his clothes. Then he goes through her pockets and grabs some money, and her school picture I.D. He then picks up her bra and panties.

"That was incredible Mary Anne. Think I'm gonna keep your bra and panties as a souvenir. Who knows, I might come by your place and rape you and your mommy. Bet she is a great fuck just like you."

He then leans over and gives her a soft, wet kiss on her lips. He grabs a fist full of her hair and says.

"Tell me you enjoyed it."

With a weak voice she says.

"I enjoyed it."

"Say I enjoyed being raped by you Big Bubba." "Can you fuck me again real soon?"

With more tears rolling down her once sweet, innocent face, she stammers.

"I enjoyed being raped by you Big Bubba."

She snorts her nose. He grabs her hair and jerks it back again.

"Say It!!!!!"

"I enjoyed being raped by you Big Bubba." Can you fuck me again real soon?"

"You want me to come by your house and rape you and your mommy?"

"Please come by my house and rape me and my mommy."

"I might just do that."

He violently throws her head back down.

"See you again soon whore!!!"

He makes a run for it and gets to his car and drives back to his home.

Poor Mary Anne just lays there for what seems like forever. Then almost near sunrise, she gathers her clothes, puts them on and slowly walks the three miles home.

By the time she gets home, she is almost dead from exhaustion and pain all over her body. She goes and takes a long hot shower and tried to rinse the cum stains from her body. She tries to wash her pussy, but it is so red and bruised, that she can barely touch it without sending pain to her body.

Finally she lays down and quickly falls to sleep. She has horrible nightmares about what had just happened to her. She is never the same.

She never tells a soul about what happened that night and she wonders every night after that, will he be back to rape her some more???

The End???


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