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Baldur's Gate: Victim of the Underdark (FF,mc,pwp,nc,oral)
by Sailor

Jaheira left wounded Khalid near the campfire and went to hunt something to eat. Her husband was hit with the arrows during their combat with a bunch of goblins. His wounds weren't serious, but he had to rest for a while before magic will heal him completely.

Half elf woman walked through the forest silently, but suddenly she saw something odd. There was a cave entrance in the middle of the forest. She could feel an odd aura around this place. Driven by the curiosity, she moved forward, keeping her spear ready for any attack. She had no idea that her every step was watched by the drow hidden in the cave. Each entrance to the underdark had its guardian after all.

Jaheira enterted the cave and in the same moment her eyes grew shady. The leather clad woman begun to wave, as the drow casted her spell. Strings of magic wrapped themselves around surprised woman, before she could do anything. Jaheira fell on her knees, feeling weak and numb.

"What do we have here?" said white haired drow woman as she came over captured Jaheira to shacked half elf's hands with a chain. "A nice looking elf slut came right into the trap?"

"Nnnhhmmmm..." Jahiera tried to say something, but her tongue was like a made of wool. Her captor grinned, as her dark palm cupped Jaheira's round breasts, hidden under the leather armor. "Nice tits, slut" she said, slipping her black hand into Jaheira's bodice, and undoing the strings that kept her leather armor together in place.

"Nice and firm, that's what I like" she hissed, her hand moved over Jaheira's breast. She pinched the hard nipples, causing wordless moan coming from the female druid's mouth. She worked on Jaheira's tits bit more, making both nipples hard as diamonds.

"I have to say that I really like elves, you're so easy to capture and arouse" purred the drow, licking Jaheira's face, to finally bit her earlobe. Her right hand wondered down, to rub helpless half elf's crotch.

"Someone is already wet down there" she said, as her fingers felt the moistness on the front of Jaheira's panties. She played with captured woman's firm tits and fingered her pussy until Jaheira panted. Drops of juices run down her legs.

"Let's go bit deeper, so none would disturb us," said the drow woman, taking a chain and tugging Jaheira behind her, to the place where the purple moss made something like a bad. She started to strip Jaheira.

"Come," murmured the dark elf, taking the short chain between Jayla's shackles and tugging the dull eyed girl behind her until they came to a soft bed of purple glowing moss. Half elf was still under the effect of the spell when her captor started to undress her, pulling down her skintight leather armor. Very soon the druidess was naked except for her ankle boots and shackles.

Drow smiled, seeing Jaheira's wet, pink pussy. She reached and cupped the cunt, fondling it with her fingers.

"Ooooohhh...." Jaheira moaned as the fingers parted her pussy lips, more of her juices run down her thighs. Drow woman cupped Jaheira's chin and looked deeply into elf's eyes, helping herself with a little magic.

"Do you like it, elf slut? Do you want more?" she said slowly, as her hand worked between Jaheira's legs.

"Yessssss...." hissed Jaheira. She was confused, yet her body was all hot, begging for release. She awas fully ware of what's going on, but she couldn't fight the hunger for more.

"That's the good answer, bitch" smirked the drow, pressing her palm into Jaheira's lips and making her lick her own juices, before returning her fingers into Jaheira's wet fuckhole.

"Oooooo.... ohhhhhhmmmm...." moaned Jaheira, with her breasts trembling as the ebody skinned woman finger fucked her. She begun to rock her pelvis, humping the black fingers that probed her soaking wet cunt.

"I see you finally released your inner whore. That's good, you'll make fantastic slave" smiled the white haired drow, playing with Jaheira's tit with her one hand and ramming her fingers deeper and faster into juicy pussy. Poor druidess panted as her finger fucked pussy finally exploded with a mind blowing climax. Drow woman held helpless half elf in her hands as the juices gushed off her pussy.

Drow woman kissed Jaheira, forcing her tongue inside druidess mouth. Confused and drunk with lust, Jaheira answered the kiss as best as she could. She looked at the ebony woman with love. Despite being mortal enemies, she couldn't fight her devotion to this drow. Deep inside her mind she called Khalid to come and save her, but her body couldn' resist the pleasure.

White haired woman broke the kiss and forced the naked druidess on the glowing, purple moss. Jaheira knelt obediently. Drow dropped her leather skirt, showing surprised Jaheira her long, black cock, already stiff. The top almost poked Jaheira's ruby lips.

"Suck, surface whore" commaned the drow woman and Jaheira opened her lips for the big cock. She moaned as she started slurping sloppily on the long ebony member. She noticed that it was twice bigger than Khalid's. She never seen a cock like this. Jaheira heard that there are hermaphrodites among the drows, so she wasn't shocked at all. And even if sucking drow's cock was something utterly humiliating and disgusting for her, she couldn't resist her inner urges. The ebony boner mesmerized her.

"I can see... you're cock craving whore" said the drow woman, placing her hands on Jaheira's bobbing head as the naked druidess polished her capor's cock. Her saliva spattered across her breasts as her O shaped lips worked up and down throbbing member, letting it slide deep down her throat.

"Just like I heard, surface sluts are all craving for the big black cocks" she teased Jaheira while fucking her blushing face. "We'll take care of you, whore. We'll shave your head bald and give you a big slave tattoo on your head. I'll gladly pierce your udders wit heavy metal rings. I think I'll add one more on your clit too. And do not forget about slave mark branded on this nice ass"

The thoughts of being shaved, branded and pierced made Jaheria's pussy flood with juices. A puddle of cum formed between her legs as she bobbed her head faster till the drow woman finally filled Jaheira's hungry mouth with her sticky sperm. Cruel drow held druidess head, forcing her to swallow the entire load. Finally she took her cock off Jaheria's mouth.

"I bet you want my cck inside your wet pussy, right?"


"You have to beg properly... call me your mistress."

"Yess... mistress..."

"And what do you want, whore?"

"I want your mighty cock up my pussy, mistress" said Jaheira. There was no shade of pride in her voice anymore. The drow woman cock whipped her completely.

"And will you be always my slave, whore?"

"Yes, mistress" Jaheira knelt in front of the drow, her eyes pointed at the big cock.

The white haired woman pushed Jaheira onto the moss. She spread druidess legs appart before forcing her saliva coated cock right into Jaheira's warm pussy. A loud moan came off the naked elf's mouth. She clutched her mistress's hips as the drow started thrusting into her welcoming cunt.

Jaheira bucked under the drow, her hands caressed her mistress as the white haired woman pushed more of her huge cock into elf's tight pussy. Drow woman groaned, tugging Jaheira's nipples as she fucked the cock whipped druidess, ramming her dick to the hitl in Jaheira's vagina.

Moaning with lust and pleasure, Jaheira arched her spine and took the cock as deep as she could. Their sweating bodies rocked on the glowing moss till the drow woman came, filling Jaheira's pussy with her sperm. Captured druidess cried when powerfull climax filled her body. As the drow woman took her cock off Jaheir'a pussy, the flood of cum begun to pour out.

Without being asked, Jaheira crawled to her captor and begun to lick the cock clean. But the drow knew she has to go. She rose and yanked Jaheira's hair, forcing the druidess to rise. She tugged helpless woman, hurrying her with the edge of the sword as they descended deeper into the underdark. Sobbing and panting, Jaheira joined the big number of women that disappeared without trace in the depths of earth, turned into the slaves of the cruel drows.


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