What if there had been 4 of them? What if they had been hardcore lesbians?
This is the movie the way I think it should have been done.

Bandidas: Gang Of Four! Part 1 (FF,BDSM,imp pedo)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Off the coast of Mexico 1903:

Captain Jackson was relieved this trip for his ship 'Sea Horse' was almost
over. Captain Jackson usually put in at San Francisco with the particular
'cargo' he was carrying. But this had been a special order and he had been
paid triple his normal fee. His 'cargo' was Chinese labor!

The Mexicans worked cheap, many were hard workers despite what Americans
thought. But these were not just ordinary laborers. A New York bank and a
New York railroad had teamed up for this venture. Captain Jackson was chosen
because he didn't 'pack' and those he carried were well fed and taken care
of. When they arrived they could start work almost immediately. Deaths and
weakness really were not good for the bottom line.

Most of the men were railroad workers with experience laying track. Others
were cooks and other support personnel. Among them were 13 women, 12 to be
used as prostitutes for the men. The other was also to be sold, but with
conditions. She was the one that scared the shit out of Captain Jackson who
would bite a shark back.

She alone walked above deck, the only sign of her captivity the gold chains
on her wrists. She was dressed in fine silk, her dress slit up both sides of
her perfect athletic legs allowing her to walk freely. She wore jewelry,
perhaps $25,000 American worth. She was a princess, but unlike the ruling
Chings her line, which traced back to the Ming, didn't foot bind. She was
delicate looking, beautiful by any standards. No one, not the horniest most
brutal man on board dared try to molest or rob her!

She was Princess Sun Shang Lung of the hidden Chinese kingdom of Lung Ki.
Named after a famous woman of Chinas 'Three Kingdoms' period, sold by her own
family for her perversion! She was a lesbian! The youngest daughter at 18; 3
older brothers, an older sister, she was unimportant in the line. The scandal
of a royal daughter who liked other women could not be tolerated.

When the royal family heard of Captain Jackson's special order, he was
abducted and brought to Lung Ki City. After explaining the situation to the,
understandingly, frightened Captain Jackson, they also told him he would be
paid twice the amount the bankers and railroad men were paying him to sell
her. With conditions.

"She is a Princess," King Lung said in flawless English, "A disgrace to our
family, but still of our blood. We do not approve of her choice, but that is
the way of it. She is to be sold ONLY to an attractive woman! Perhaps a
younger widow of a Don with a taste for girls."

With what the New Yorkers were paying him plus what this King Lung offered,
Captain Jackson would make enough money to comfortably retire or buy 3 more
ships! It was a no-brainer.

"I would strongly advise against any kind of double cross," King Lung warned,
"Allow me to show you something."

King Lung took Captain Jackson outside where Lung Ki elite guards were
practising martial arts. Jackson's eyes were wide as he witnessed Lung Ki
kung fu. More skilled than Shaolins, more skilled than ninja, their skill
seemed supernatural.

"Men like these will be hidden among your 'cargo'," King Lung said, "Guns or
no guns, any one of them could kill your entire crew in minutes."

Then a tiny slip of a girl appeared. To Captain Jacksons amazement she was
twice as good as any of them.

"That is our headache and your cargo," King Lung sighed, "She is a one woman
army and more than capable of taking care of herself. Hogtied and gagged she
knows 23 ways to kill a man."

King Lung then switched to Chinese.

"[Set up the targets]." King Lung ordered.

Captain Jackson watched in awe as the jewelry the girl wore was actually
weaponry! The earrings were darts, her ribbons were garrotes, her belt a
bladed chain, necklace and metal decorations were throwing stars, she had
stilletos in the toes of her shoes. There was no doubt about it, as he
watched her break 10 concrete blocks with her head without leaving a mark
on her, this 98 pound girl was a demoness!

"Should she choose to escape or should she commit suicide where you are
clearly not to blame, you will not be held responsible and you get to keep
the money," King Lung said, "If she is molested, killed, or sold against her
desire your death will last weeks."

The king told him her name. He told Captain Jackson she would answer to
Sun, Sun Shang, and even to Sunshine. She had indeed been the royal families
sunshine, until she was caught having a lesbian orgy with 5 handmaids and 2
top female fighters. Blindfolded so he couldn't reveal Lung Ki's location
Captain Jackson found himself back on his ship with Sun.

During the trip only one sailor had tried something, a simple slap on the
ass. With hands bound she had beaten him to a pulp, broke all 5 of his
fingers, and then his arm in 2 places. Captain Jackson saw why her dress
had the slits, so she could kick! After that the men gave her a wide berth.

A whistle brought him back to now. His contact was coming aboard. The man
leered at Sun, who spat overboard with disgust. She didn't like his look
even then.

"That's a nice piece upstairs," the man said as he and Jackson had a drink
in Jackson's quarters.

"That ones a 'special'," Jackson said, "And she's worse than a cobra."

"Aw, she just needs the right man to tame her," the man leered, "I like 'em
with spirit, make breakin' 'em more fun."

"Even thinking that about that ones dangerous," Jackson grew white.

"You scared 'a that little gal?," the man sneered.

The room suddenly went black. It was only seconds later, a candle lit up, 6
masked men in black had swords to their throats, the gun on the contacts hip
was gone.

"This only warning," one said, "Princess, woman only."

The light went out, the contact fumbled, but quicky re-lit the candle. The
door and windows were locked from the inside, but the 6 men were gone.
Captain Jackson had lost contol of his bladder.

"You mind telling me what the hell that was all about?" the man asked.

Before Jackson could expain, a splash was heard. "It's the princess," was
heard. "Royal cunt," was also heard as well as "Good riddance, fucking dyke."

"Thank God!," Jackson breathed a sigh of relief, "That was something that is
no longer our concern."

It was a short swim, the men on shore were taken by surprise that anyone,
especially an unusually well dressed girl would try to escape. The chains had
been picked and were still on the ship. She could have gotten out of them at
any time. Sun had walked on shore, and in fact was passed half the waiting
men before one goon yelled, "Grab her!"

"Fuck you," Sun yelled in perfect English, one of her 21 throwing stars
slicing into his hand.

The man screamed, his rifle falling to the ground. Sun was running for
the horses she had seen from the ship. Only 2 men were guarding them. An
excellent judege of horses she had already picked out the best one, and
2 alternates just in case. They were smiling as she ran right towards them.
Both were big men and didn't believe a little Chinese slavegirl could
possibly get by them. They didn't even raise their winchesters. Sun leaped
and kicked both men, knocking them out cold.

Sun loosed the horses, the best one ran off, but she managed to snag the
reins of the first alternate. She leaped into the saddle, unused to the
western style saddle, it took a few moments to bring the horse under control.
Sun still had the element of surprise as the men were only now realizing what
was going on. Only one man was between her and freedom. Going for his pistol
he was amazed when Sun's necklace shuriken sliced the holstered pistol right
off his belt. Even though it meant losing another of her finite stars, Sun
couldn't resist throwing another star to slice the mans belt in half, causing
his pants to drop.

"That's why I like women," Sun snorted in disgust at the filthy mans
shriveled tiny penis.

Sun urged the horse forward. She was in a strange forgein land, but she was
free. She laughed as she was soon far away from her captors. Unlike most of
China, the women of Lung Ki were fighters with a long history of great women
warriors. Sun was one of the best in her country despite her youth. Only her
father and 2 of her brothers were better than she was.

'I don't know how I'll live, but at least I'll be free,' Sun thought.

* * *

Moutains of northern Mexico; Same day:

Her name; the name she generally answered to was Lola Zane. In reality, her
birth name, like many girls of the Apache nation was Lozen, after their
heroine, the fierce warrior woman and shameness who had died a few years
earlier. Like many children during those dark times Lola was an orphan who
had witnessed her parents death at the hands of U.S. Calvery. But in a way
she had been fortunate as she and a few others had been taken to a school,
remaining in their homeland rather than being shipped east where many died.

Even at the tender age of 8 she was uncommonly pretty. A fact the lecherous
eyes of the headmaster warned her of. The headmaster was a short ugly,
balding, man who smelled of booze and tobacco. His wife Fanny however was a
beautiful tall, blonde woman. Their daughter Susan, was also attractive,
blonde, and only a year older. She was the one who named her Lola Zane, and
because she liked it, she kept it.

Lola was protected from the headmaster by Fanny who saw the look in his eye
when he looked at Lola. She knew that look, she had it too. Fanny was a
lesbian pedophile and had turned her own daughter into a lesbian when she
was 8. Susan was just as bad as her mother already and quickly befriended

Fanny used her daughter to help seduce Lola. As it turned out it was pretty
easy. Susan and Lola slept in the same bed naked, took baths together, and
skinny dipped in the large pond, often joined by Fanny. Completely
comfortable with nudity with other females Fanny gave them picture books
showing women doing sex acts with each other, read lesbian stories to the
2 girls, and lessons on how to kiss. Fanny was pleased that the girls became
closer than sisters.

From the beginning the lonely Lola was an eager pupil. The first night Lola
was even the agressor. For the next 2 weeks Susan and Lola had lesbian sex
every chance they got. The more experianced Susan taught Lola 69, tribbing,
rimming, foot worship etc. After that Susan led Lola into their mothers room,
since her father and her had seperate rooms.

Fanny introduced the girls to more perversions. Even Fanny was surprised by
how easily both girls took to bdsm! Both girls displayed extreme masochism
which pleased Fanny. They slept together every night until Fanny and Susan
had to return east to attend Fanny's fathers funeral. (Try saying that 3
times fast, lol.) Lola was 15. Susan and Lola cried their eyes out as they
hugged and said goodbye.

Over the years Lola had come to act and think like the white people,
forgetting that she was Apache. The only thing she retained was her
athleticism. She could out run, out swim, out climb, out ride,and beat up
every boy, including those bigger and older than her. With Susan gone,
Lola began to explore her heritage, sneaking off to be with the remnants
of Apache villages.

She found few her age, mostly old people and younger children, but she slowly
began to reconnect. The hedmaster frowned at this, administering several
scouldings. Lola ignored him. An old warrior, who had once rode with Victoria
and Lozen taught her many skills, partly as a way to relive his own youth.
Lola spent more and more time training in the mountains. Because of Fanny and
Susan though she had lost her hatred of the 'white man'.

For the first few weeks Lola was safe from the headmaster, but then came the
tragic day from the letter. Susan had become ill, she didn't recover. To
make matters worse Fanny had also tragiclly died the same day in an accident
involving something called a 'horseless carriage'. The look in the
headmasters eyes told Lola she was no longer safe as her tears flowed.

It was later that night, her tears gone, her grief still raw, that Lola
packed her meager possessions, including a gold cross Susan had given her,
stole some food, and slipped out her window. She hadn't planned on stealing
the horse, just say goodbye to it. She had always liked this horse. It was
getting old, but still had a couple good years left. A fully equiped saddle
was nearby including the headmasters brand new winchester 73. He had gone
hunting that day and forgotten it. A lousy shot he had hit nothing.

The door opened. The headmaster was standing there dressed in nothing but a
night shirt, a pistol in his hand, a double action colt frontier.

"Well, well, now you're a horse thief," he snorted.

"I'm not a thief, saying goodbye," Lola spat, "I'm leaving."

"And do what?" he sneered, "Go back to those pathetic pigs you were welped
from? I don't think so. Unless you want a necktie around that pretty neck of
yours you'd better start being more friendly."

"I'd rather die," Lola said spitting at him.

"Suit yourself," the headmaster smiled evilly, cocking the pistol, but not
aiming at her, "Then you'll die, but not until I get tired of that hot little
body of yours. Now, take your clothes off."

Lola threw her bag at him. Not expecting that he dropped his gun whie
shielding his face. Lola pulled the rifle from it's sheath. Her first
thought was to use it as a club, but she could tell by it's weight that
it was loaded. Chambering a round she aimed right between the headmasters

"Put it down you bitch," he arrogantly said reaching for the pistol.

"Stop!" Lola shouted.

He ignored her, recovering the colt and walking towards her. She fired. It
didn't take long to saddle the horse. The unfired colt was covered in blood,
but she took it anyway. She had killed a man, she might need it.

That had been 4 years ago. She had crossed into Mexico before the headmasters
body had been found. For 4 years she had traveled from village to village of
the remaining Apache, learning all she could of the old ways. She now spoke
fluent Spanish as well. Her weapons of choice were the rifle and the whip.
She was only average with a handgun.

Today was her 19th birthday, she didn't remember it. She was more beautiful
than ever. Some of the old women told her she had too much muscle. This day
Lola was troubled. She didn't put much stock in dreams although her people
did. She had had a disturbing, yet arousing dream that night, so vivid it
seemed real. She was far to the south, a gun in her hand, but she was with
3 other women. Two were Mexican beautys, the third was a woman with strange
slanted eyes. Lola had never seen a woman like her before. The scene shifted
and they were naked having sex with each other.

"I must go," Lola said to herself as she looked south.

She walked to the corral. Her old horse was still alive, but he was half
blind and couldn't make the journey. She shed a few tears at leaving her
last reminder of Susan and Fanny.

"Rest," Lola patted the sad looking horses head, "You will remain in my
heart old friend."

Since she would not use her body and she needed her guns, Lola had only 1
thing to trade for a horse, the gold cross. Her heart broke again. With a
heavy heart she rode south on a dream.

* * *

Central Mexico; 5 days later:

Maria Alvarez was not very happy. Her father had been turned down by the
bank, because they had been bought out by a New York bank. As a result she
had rode her horse to see Don Diego Sandoval. Don Diego was the third richest
man in all of Mexico, but he was also well loved because of his efforts to
help the poor. Prior to this day, anyone, even the pooret of the poor would
have been granted instant access to talk to him. Today was differant.

Don Diego's gate was closed for the first time in memory. Armed American were
everywhere. After being refused entry she had waited, then climbed the wall
on the other side of his huge estate. Inside the Don was talking to Mr.
Tyler, the same man who had been the contact for the 'Sea Horse'. Don Diego
was being led to believe the railroad would help the people. He was wrong.
The plan of the the New York City bankers and railroads would turn the people
into slave labor.

Don Diego and Tyler were on the balcony. Don Diego was talking about his
daughter, just home from Spain. Sara was showing off her considerable
equestrian skills on her Lipazaner Stallion. It had taken some doing for
even Don Diego to aquire one of those. Tyler lustfully eyed the beautiful
Sara Sandoval.

"That is some horse eh Mr. Tyler?" Don Diego smiled mis-reading the man's
look, "The most prized, most coveted breed in the world."

Don Diego went on, but Tyler wasn't listening. The Don hoped that she would
find a husband. He had no idea that Sara, after 12 years in all girls schools
had no interest in a husband, or in men in general. For the past 6 years Sara
had been part of a secret lesbian bdsm group in her school.

Sara was on her way back to her room when she and Maria, who had so far elude
detection, passed each other.

"Hmmmmppphhh!" Maria went as she saw the spurs Sara wore and the bulky dress.

There was however lots of mutual attraction. Even though she never actually
engaged in it, Maria had always been sexually attracted to other women and
was a total man-hater to the dismay of the men in the area. There was no
doubt that Sara was the most beautiful rich girl around and that Maria was
the most beautiful poor girl.

"Excuse me?" Sara stopped, "Did you just 'hmmpphh' me?"

"I did," Maria said, standing her ground, "Those things."

"You don't like my spurs huh," Sara said, "Why do I think that that's true,
but that there's more to it?"

"Your dress," Maria said, not knowing where her boldness was coming from.

"Oh, and what's wrong with my dress?" Sara asked curious.

"You-you are too beautiful," Maria continued, unable to stop herself, her
long suppressed desire rising, "You should not wear it."

"And what should I wear?" Sara softly asked, growing very interested, she
had been chaste since leaving school and despite the dirt and rags Maria was
attractive, very attractive.

"You-you should be naked," Maria gasped, surprising herself, "Naked, wearing
only chains on your wrists and ankles, covered in whip marks, and then, and
then you do the same to me."

Maria's head was bowed in shame, tears of weling up. She was expecting to be
slapped, cursed, called a pevert, and more fates. She didn't know why she had
blurted out her secret desires like that. And to a lady at that. Sara was
surprised, but secretly delighted.

Finding a woman who shared her desires in this country was something Sara had
thought would be impossible. Her plan had been to return to Europe. The girls
of Paris were open about it, and she knew of the secret clubs of Madrid and
London. Maria was a find.

"Have you ever been with a woman?" Sara whispered, gently lifting Maria's

"N-no," Maria answered.

"So, why would you speak of this?" Sara asked.

"I-I think about, dream about it, all the time," Maria submissively answered,
"Men are filthy and disgusting and I hate them. I saw you, and you are so
beautiful, I could not help myself."

"It's okay," Sara smiled, "I love women. Would you like me to teach you?"

"Very much so," Maria breathlessly gasped at her luck.

"Come with me," Sara smiled at her, her arousal growing, "We could both use
a hot bath, and I will show you everything."

Sara and Maria smiled at each other, walking hand in hand to Sara's room.
Sara locked and bolted her door. Both women giggled as they helped each other
out of their clothes. They gasped at the sight of each others beautiful nude
bodies. Sara embraced Maria and kissed her. Maria had never been kissed on
the lips before as she yeilded to Sara's aggression. Sara then probed her
mouth with her tongue. Maria's head was already swimming in pleasure. She
followed Sara's lead kissing back with her lips and tongue. Sara then pulled

"No, p-please," Maria whimpered, "Kiss me. Please kiss me more."

"Soon I will kiss you all you want," Sara laughed, "But first we should

Giggling they walked into the next room. The mouths of both women dropped
open. A beautiful nude Asian girl was already in the tub. What was left of
a once fine silk dress was on the floor. Sun Lung gasped when the 2 beauties
walked in. Sun quickly got out and kowtowed to them

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Sun rambled bowing, "I'm-I'm not a thief, I have
jewelry to pay, I-I was just so, so hungry, and, and dirty, I saw the bath,
I could'nt help myself. Please!"

"She's like a doll," Maria gasped.

"Who are you?" Sara sternly demanded, but was actually quite taken with her

"I am Princess Sun Shang Lung of Lung Ki China," Sun replied, hoping she was
rading them right," Well, princess no more as my family has sold me for my

"What? Your own family sold you?," Maria gasped, her heart going out to her.

"It is, big disgrace for Lung Ki princess to love other women," Sun humbly
said, "But Sun only be willing slave to other women."

"So, you escaped?" Sara knew such things still happened, but had never seen

"Sun is great fighter," Sun said, " Please great ladies, allow Sun tos erve

"Stand up, Sun," Sara said, not believing Sun could do any kind of fighting.

Sun stood up, hand at her side proudly displaying her naked body, yet
submissively keeping her head down. Her 34C breasts were large for most
Chinese girls. Sara and Maria both let out a gasp though at the sight of
Sun's hairless pussy.

"My God! How old are you?," Maria gasped.

"Sun is 18 and 3 months," Sun smiled, "Chinese girls not have much hair there
anyway, and shaving it looks hot and sexy."

"It certainly is," Sara said fascinated, "I think we should do it too."

"Sun will be good sex slave to great ladies," Sun said, "Apologies, Sun's
English not bad, but only know few words of Spanish I hear last 5 days."

"Let's shave our pussy's, then take a bath, "Sara said, growing even more
aroused, "I think we've got the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

End of Chapter 1


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