The action and bodies heat up. Two are now 3, 3 become 4. Outlawed and
hunted. A specialist is called in, whose side is he on?

Bandidas: Gang Of Four! Part 2 (FFF,BDSM)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Sara Sandoval gasped in surprise and pleasure as Sun rubbed oil on Sara's
freshly shaved pussy.

"Oh my!," Sara gasped," You're right! My-my pussy looks and feels sexier and

"Wait til Sun use tongue, fingers, or whip on it," Sun smiled, rubbing Sara's
pussy harder.

"My turn," Maria interrupted, staring at Sara's now hairless cunt.

Sun quickly lathered up Maria and began to expertly shave her. Sara wanted
to play with Maria's big tits, but knew she couldn't while Sun shaved her.
Sara was totally in love with both Maria and Sun, and they loved her and
each other too. Sun finished and rubbed oil on Maria's pussy.

"Let's ge cleaned up quick," Sara said, "I don't think I can keep my hands
off either of you much longer."

"In Lung Ki, Sun have sex with maids in bath all the time," Sun grinned,
"Tub much larger though."

The tub actually was large enough for all of the women. Kissing and caressing
they washed each other unaware that upstairs Don Diego fell dead from
poisoned wine after signing a form that he didn't know gave Tyler's boss his
land and money. Maria's father was shot dead at their small farm shortly
thereafter along with other farmers over the next few hours.

The bath was ending, they giggling girls towelled each other off then ran
squealing into the bedroom, falling onto the bed in a tangle of arms and
legs. Sun was in the middle, kissing Sara, then Maria, who then kissed Sara.
Sara and Maria were running their hands over Sun's body.

"She is just like a doll, our little China doll," Maria giggled kissing her.

"Her pussy is so tiny," Sara said rubbing it.

"Sun not fragile, "Sun said," Sun tight as virgin, but can take fist in pussy
and ass and Sun love whipping."

"Oh really?" Sara smiled, not believing her.

Sara kissed Sun while Maria started licking Sun's nipples. Sun moaned as
her nipples became hard. Sara offered Sun her big tits. Sun eagerly attacked
Sara's tits with her lips and tongue. Maria continued to lick and suck Sun's
tits, then roughly kneaded and squeezed them.

"Ooooooo, yes," Sun moaned.

"Mmmmmm," Sara went, as her nipples became rock hard.

Maria traced her tongue slowly down Sun's flat stomach, circling her belly
button, then probing inside before again tracing down. Sara moved up and her
pussy was now above Sun's pretty face. Sun started licking up and down Sara's
slit, then teasing Sara's clit. Maria's tongue found Sun's pussy. Unlike Sara
and Sun, Maria had never been with a woman before, but after a few licks she
knew she was doing it right as Sun's body responded. Maria found she loved
the taste of pussy and girl juice as she lapped and sucked.

"Oh yessss," Sara hissed, "Aaaaaa! You do know how to eat pussy. Mmmmm."

Sun and Maria both started licking faster. For her first time Maria was doing
pretty good. Sun felt herself getting closer as she tried giving Sara the
same pleasure she was receiving. Sara and Sun were moaning in pleasure as
their orgasms grew closer. Sun redoubled a tongue attack on sara's clit.

"Aaaaaaaaaaa!" Sara cried out cumming.

"Mmmmmffffffff!" Sun groaned as her own cum shook her.

After a few seconds Sara motioned for Maria to get in the middle.

"Time to lose your virginity," Sara panted.

"You are virgin?" Sun asked Maria.

"Well, technically," Maria blushed, "I've never been with a man or a woman,
only my own fingers. My cherry popped riding."

"Well, we're going to cure you," Sara grinned.

Sun giggled as she started licking and sucking Maria's nipples. They were
soon fully erect under Sun's ministration. Sara started out kissing Maria's
lips, then kissed down her neck. It was Maria moaning now as Sara worked on
her right tit and Sun on her left tit.

"Oh yea," Maria groaned, "Suck my titties!"

Sun continued the erotic tit licking, Sara wanted Maria's pussy. Sara spread
Maria's pussy lips, then pointed her tongue and stabbed inside. Then again,
and again. Sara expertly tongue fucked her before starting a licking.

"Aaaaaaaa!" Maria cried out, "It feels so good!"

Sun was now roughly kneading and squeezing Maria's big tits. For her size Sun
had a decent pair, but she really envied the big firm tits of Sara and Maria.
Sun worked her strong fingers, twisting and pulling Maria's nipples. Maria
was loving the tit pain as much as the pleasure of Sara's tongue.

"Oh, oh, oh," Maria panted.

Maria couldn't last much longer, sensing that, Sara and Sun increased the
speed of their licking. Maria was soon sent into her first orgasm not from
her own fingers.

"Aaaaaaaaaaa!" Maria cried as she came.

Sara and Sun took turns kissing and frenching her. Three-way kissing followed
as the women got on their knees. Hands roamed each others bodies as they
kissed. Sara then gently, but firmly grabbed Sun's hair, yanking her head

"Now, we have to punish this little thief for breaking into my house," Sara

"Oh yes mistress," Sun submissively said, "Sun begs you to punish her hard."

"Oh, I will," Sara grinned, "Stand up, arms over your head. Maria, open the
chest at the foot of the bed."

Sun complied. Sara opened a drawer, pulling out cuffs and chains. The chest
Maria opened had all shapes and sizes of whips. Sara hooked a chain with
attached fur lined cuffs to a hook in the ceiling Maria and Sun hadn't
noticed before. Maria looked up and saw several now.

"Our carpenter had no idea what they were for, "Sara said grinning as she
snapped the cuffs on Sun's wrists.

Sun was forced onto her tiptoes. She looked really hot, helpless, and
stretched out. Sara then got down on the floor and pulled a spreader bar out
from under the bed. Sun licked her lips, she had had several of those and
loved them.

"Ohhhh yes," Sun moaned.

Sun's legs were now spread wide, her toes were actually off the ground now.
Maria couldn't believe the wide variety of whips. She also didn't know how a
tiny girl like Sun could take a whipping. Maria did know she wanted to feel
the whip herself. Sara sorted through the whips, picking out 2 small ones.

"Bigger whip, mistress," Sun said, "Please."

"Are you sure?" Sara asked.

"Yes, mistress," Sun said, "Those 2, the medium multi-tailed cats."

Sara smiled, that was one of her favorites. Sara handed one to Maria, made a
couple of practice swings and stepped in front on the Chinese girl. Maria was
behind Sun. Sara dangled the whip in front of Sun's face. Sun was dripping
wet just from the sight of the whip.

"You have been a very bad girl," Sara smiled, "We are going to have to whip

"Oh yes, yes mistress," Sun gasped, "Please, please whip me."

"Where should I whip you slut?" Sara was running her hands up and down Sun's

"Everywhere mistress," Sun answered, excited, "Whip my ass, my tits, my
pussy, my feet. Please mistress."

"I think she wants it too much," Maria winked at Sara, reaching around from
behind, squeezing Sun's tits hard, "Maybe we should just fuck in front of her
and not whip her."

"Nooooooo! Please mistress," Sun pleaded, "Please whip me! Whip me raw!"

"You think you deserve it?" Sara sadisticlly asked.

"Oh yes mistress," Sun panted, "Sun is slavegirl. Slaves must be punished.
Please punish your slave with whip."

Sara smiled as she kissed the eager slavegirl. Stepping back she lashed Sun
across both tits, then again, then into her pussy. Sun already loved it!

"Oooooo! Whip me more," Sun begged.

Maria joined in whipping her ass. Sara alternated between whipping Sun's tits
and her pussy. It was obvious Sun was getting off on it.

"Like it slut?," Sara asked.

"Oh yes, yes mistress," Sun panted, "Whip me, whip me, whip me!"

Sara and Maria started whipping her faster. Sun moaned in ecstasy. She was
loving every lash.

"Aaaaaahhhh!" Sun cried out, "Whip me! More! Oooooooo! Whip me! Aaaaaahhhh!"

"Whip her harder Maria," Sara ordered, excited by Sun's pleas, "The slut
loves it!"

Maria and Sara whipped Sun faster and harder. Sun couldn't hold out much
longer as pleasure overwelmed her.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!" Sun screamed, "I'm cumming! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!"

Sun's entire body shook from the intense orgasm. The whipping stopped as the
2 Mexican beauties watched Sun, fascinated. Sara and Maria then kissed Sun
and each other in a 3-way of lips and tongues.

"How did you like it?" Maria asked.

"Ohhh, I loved it," Sun moaned, "I want more."

"Wait a minute," Sara said pulling back, "Your English is now perfect! What
happened to 'Sun love it'."

"Sun, I, can speak perfect," Sun said, "But it is effort, I mean an effort
to do so. As princess, as A princess I mean, we are taught to address
ourselves in third person. English is Sun's, my, 3rd language, not counting
5 other Chinese dialects."

"Sounds like you had to study pretty hard," Sara said as she started freeing

"Besides, it sound sexy when Sun talk like this," Sun winked.

Sun's legs were rubbery for a few moments when they let her down. The pink
lines from the whipping already fading. She steadied herself and smiled. Sara
was on her knees licking Maria's pussy. Sun kissed Maria squeezing her tits
hard, then pulling on her nipples.

"Oooooo," Maria moaned from a small cum.

"Mmmmmm," Sara smiled, "I think you need to be punished."

"Yes, yes, punish me," Maria pleaded.

Maria was a little scared, but she had seen Sun take a whipping and obviously
enjoy it. Maria was chained up like Sun had been. The helplessness of the
situation was turning her on. Sun kissed and licked Maria's hard nipples.
Sara gently patted Maria's tight ass. Sun and Sara giggled as they picked up
whips and advanced on Maria.

"You have so much," Sun giggled, caressing Maria's big firm titties.

"They need to be punished," Maria said.

Sara was behind her, Sun in front. Maria closed her eyes and gritted her
teeth expecting pain. To her surprise and delight the pain was overwelmed
by pleasure from the very first stroke. Eyes open Maria now felt her body
responding to the erotic whipping. Sun alternated with lashes to her tits
then to her pussy. Sara was whipping her ass, and also aiming strokes
between her buttocks that found anus and cunt.

"Aaaaaa!" Maria cried out, "It's true, it's true! Aaaaaa! Whipping is

Sun and Sara smiled at each other. Both had experianced the 'whip lust' that
Maria was feeling. The whips landed faster and faster. Maria couldn't believe
the intense pleasure she was feeling.

"She needs more," Sara said.

"Whipping, a good whipping," Sun lustfully replied.

Maria moaned as the pleasure grew and grew. She now knew how Sun felt.

"Oooooohhhhh! Yes!" Maria cried out, "Whip me! Aaaaaaaaa! More! Whip me!"

Maria was so close. Sara and Sun sent her over the edge.

"Eeeeeeeeeiiiiii!!" Maria screamed as she came, almost passing out.

Sara and Sun were in each others arms kissing hotly. Jumping onto the bed
they got in a 69 position, Sun on top, and started licking and sucking each
others hot wet cunts. Sun licked up and down, then licked all the way to
Sara's asshole.

"Ah, you nasty girl," Sara gasped.

Sun tongue fucked Sara's asshole, Sara responded in kind, rimming Sun's
pretty asshole. Maria slowly came around and watched as the 2 women licked
each other from clit to asshole.

"No fair," Maria pouted.

Sun and Sara shuddered in mutual cum, lapping up each others tasty girl

"My-my turn," Sara gasped, laying on the bed.

Sara and Sun let Maria down amid more 3-way kissing. As soon as Maria got
her feet steady Sun was about to snap the cuffs on Sara when there was loud
frantic pounding on the door.

"[Sara! Sara!]," Martino, the old trusted vaquero yelled in Spanish," [Come
quick! Your father!]"

Sara gasped.

"[Martino! My father, what has happened?]," Sara called out.

"[He has collapsed in his study]," Martino answered, "[I have already sent 2
boys to fetch a doctor]."

"[I-I am in the bath]," Sara lied, "[I will be there quickly]."

Maria was already trying to get her dress back on. Sun frowned at her ragged
dresss. She could get a top out of it. Her martial arts slippers were okay.

"Here are some boys pants I used to wear Sun," Sara said as she picked out a
women's pants and shirt outfit.

"Are you sure you want us to come with you?" Maria asked, "I could take Sun
to my farm."

"No, I think that gringo bastard Tyler may have hurt my father," Sara
snarled, "I want witnesses, and I may need back-up."

Actually, Sara didn't think Sun would be much help. Sun attached her darts
to her earrings, tied her make shift shirt in the front. She still had 17
throwing stars, 8 were no longer attached to her clothes so she put them in
her pants pockets. It took only a few minutes to dress, but to Sara it seemed
too long.

The three women ran up to Don Diego's study. Sara saw her father on the
floor, 2 menacing gunmen keeping household workers back. Sara ran to her
father, holding his head. It was obvious he was dead. Sun was pissed when
she saw and recognized Tyler from the ship. He didn't seem to recognize
her yet. Then again, he hadn't had a good look at her before, her hair was
now down and she was dressed differant. Also, he was pretty intent on Sara.

"Papa! Papa!," Sara wailed.

"Poor fellow," Tyler calmly said, "Having a hert attack, just like that.
Oh well, he wasn't much of a businessman anyway. These papers, with his
signature, he sold me all his land and property for 1 peso."

"You animal!" Sara yelled jumping to her feet, "You murdered him!"

Sara took a wild swing at him,but Tyler easily caught her arm and twisted it
behind her. His 2 laughing gunmen covered Sara with drawn pistols. Maria
started forward, but the gunmen coverd her.

"Murder? Now that's a pretty strong accustion for a tresspasser Miss
Sandoval," Tyler evily grinned, "Why, I've got your father's signature
giving me everything and 2 witnesses. That's not very ladylike throwing
out false accusations like that."

"Aaaaaaaa!" Sara cried out in pain.

"Let go of her you pig," Maria ordered trying to step forward, but the hired
guns aimed at her.

"Well, well," Tyler sneered finally getting a good look at Sun, "This must
be my lucky day. Harboring a runaway horse thief too."

"Oh no," Sun wailed, hands on both sides of her face, "What will we do?"

Tyler and his 2 hired guns were thinking with their crotches. Three really
beautiful women seemingly at their mercy. They would have none. Sara and
Maria thought Sun really was helpless. Tyler and his goons thought they were
in control.

Two darts flew. The trigger fingers of both gunmen were sliced off; their
guns pinned to the wall hanging by Sun's accurately thrown darts.

"What the fuck?" Tyler threw Sara to the ground, drawing a Bowie knife.

The 2 thugs just stood there, staring at the bleeding stumps of their trigger
fingers. Sun smiled at Tyler as he advanced on her. Maria had ran to Sara and
both looked at Sun, thinking she was a good as dead. In one swift motion Sun
kicked the knife from Tyler's hand, landed a punch with her palm that snapped
Tyler's head back, then kicked him in the stomich to double him up. So fast
did she move, Tyler was bent over before he ralized his knife was gone. Sun
put a knee to his chin that lifted him back up, then a spin kick that sent
him down on his back.

"Holy shit!," Maria gasped, "Forgive me blessed virgin!"

The 2 goons were only beginning to come out of their shock, when Sun kicked
one in the balls, and knocked him out with a chop to the side of the neck.
The other man tried a telegraphed looping punch wit his good hand. Sun caught
his arm and threw him head first into the floor. A groaning Tyler tried to
sit up, Sun did a basic snap kick on his jaw.

"We've got to get out of here," Sun said, "There's many more of them."

Sara and Maria were just staring at her as she retrieved her 2 darts and
clipped them back on her earrings. Sun noticed it.

"Sun told you she was great fighter," Sun laughed, "Maybe now you believe

Sara and Maria finally moved. Sara grabbed the knife and one of the pistols.
Maria took Tyler's S&W double action Schofield and the other goons pistol, a
common, but popular Colt Peacemaker. Running outside, Sara saw 2 men with
rifles near her Lipizzaner. She started to aim her pistol, but Sun had
already vaulted the railing, and in an amazing move scissored one mans head
with her ankles, her arms around the other mans head, and she flipped both
men down. Prone, a kick to one man, a chop to the other and both were out

"Santa Maria," Sara crossed herself, "Remind me to NEVER make her mad."

Her own horse was tired from 5 days of riding, but there were plenty of
available horses within reach. Sun grabbed Tyler's horse, a fast Palomino.
Sun reached down to Maria, who waved her off and whisted. Maria's well
trained Pinto trotted up. Maria smiled as she leaped to the worn saddle.

Tyler, rubbing his head, staggered outside yelling for his men, but the girl
were already near the gate, Maria kicked one man down in passing.

'Can't let Sun have all the fun,' Maria thought, 'Hey, that rhymed!'

The three women had a small head start and better horses. Tyler, hating loose
ends, rounded up his remaining concious men, ten of them, and the chase was
still on.

* * *

An hour later;

The chase was still on. The horses on both sides were tiring. The lighter
women still had the speed advantage, but Tyler's numbers allowed him to have
flanking riders that could cut off any direction change forcing the women to
ride straight ahead. Rape was still on Tyler's mind, although he planned to
kill Sun after the men had her.

"Fucking Chink whore!" Tyler said aloud, but thought, 'How the hell did she
do that, that, whatever the fuck that was!'

Things were getting worse for the women. The ground was getting rocky. Huge
boulders could be seen, hills loomed. The women couldn't sacrifice their
horses, Tyler could lose a few and send a man back for more. True to his
prediction, the women were indeed slowing, the gap began narrowing.

* * *

She stood on top of the small bluff. The chase was coming closer. Lola gasped
as her binoculars confirmed what she had thought. These were the women of her
dream! But how could that be? Well, it didn't matter. Lola knew what side she
was on.

Lola aimed her rifle at the pursuers. Her first shot missed, sending Tyler's
hat flying. Her second shot sent one man tumbling from his saddle, a bullit
in the shoulder. That was their last warning shot. If they kept coming she
was shooting to kill.

"A fucking ambush!" Tyler yelled pullingup, "The fucking cunts have friends!
Pull back!"

Tyler thought bandits. Lola smiled, putting the rifle on her shoulder. Tying
a white cloth on the barrel she mounted and rode towards the 3 women who had
pulled up behind a group of large rocks.

'No stratigy,' Lola grinned.

Any Apache could have made easy work out of them, huddled together like that.
Lola could have even taken them with a landslide where they were at.

"I'm a friend," Lola called out.

Reluctantly Sara, Maria, and Sun stepped out. Sara and Maria crossed
themselves. The very name Apache still made people tremble. And Lola WAS
Apache now.

* * *

San Diego, Ca.; One week later.

A humble Tyler was reporting to his Railroad boss Mr. John Cash, and the
Banker boss Mr. Edward Money at the Palms Hotel. They were lucky the owner,
Wyatt Earp wasn't around. Tyler's news was mostly good. Don Diego was out of
the way, numerous peons were dead too, reistance was virtually nil.

"Explain this then," Mr. Money said laying a wanted poster with the drawings
of 4 women onto the table, "They robbed one of my Mexican banks 2 days ago."

"That one," Tyler pointed at the remarkably good drawing of Sun, "She's some
kind of freak. Fights like nothing I've ever seen."

"I've heard of some kind of Chink fighting before," Mr. Cash said, "I've got
a man working on it. Some kind of 'specialist'."

"Yea, and this one," Tyler pointed at Lola, "Fucking Apache. You know all
about those savages. Didn't know she was a woman til now, and she murdered
some poor schoolteacher too. That Sndoval woman, she's probably pretty soft,
spoiled daddy's girl. Don't know too much about the farmer, 'cept we killed
her poppa."

"Well, you better deal with them," Mr. Money said, "Right now they are merely
annoying. But we are too close to allow some cunts to stir the people up."

"They can't be allowed to become dangerous," Mr. Cash stated, "Only the
savage and the slant seem to be any trouble."

* * *

A tough mining boom town with no name 70 miles east; later the same day.

The man was dressed like a coolie, even to his pointed hat. The horse was
old,but still beautiful. A white Arabian with a distinctive black lightning
bolt mark on his forehead. To the horse it had 6 years since this man had
rode him. To the man it had been 2 weeks. The agent of Mr.'s Cash and Money
had been told what to look for. The man wore no obvious gun, but had an
ornate Dragon hilted sword slung on his back.

Paxton had an ugly scar on the left side of his face, but he was good with
a gun, and smarter than most. Paxton sized him up. The man was pretty tall,
5' 10", slim and wiry looking. Flanked by Webb and Paul Rondo he approached
the man.

"You the specialist?" Paxton asked.

"I am," the man answered.

"You don't look like much," Webb said.

"Here's your gun," the man said.

"What the hell," Webb said surprised, noticing his pistol was gone, and that
this man was indeed handing him his own gun back.

"I never even saw him move," Paul gasped, mouth open.

"That's a nice trick," Paxton said.

"No trick," the man said, "I'm that damn good. You also better know right now
that I only go after bad guys," the man said, "So if you want someone to do
dirty work you've got the wrong man."

"How about bank robbers and killers?" Paxton asked, not mentioning they were

Paxton's boss had warned him that this man fancied himself some kind of hero.
Bad for what they wanted, but they figured they could always bushwack him
afterwards if he became a problem.

"That I can deal with," the man said, then headed toward a crowdd saloon with
a sign on it that read 'No Chinese or dogs allowed'.

"What the hell are you doing?" Webb asked," Can't you read English? It says
no Chinese."

"I was born in L.A., I read just fine," the man said, "I'm betting you $1000
I can clear this saloon in 10 minutes."

"You're nuts," Paul said, "There's gotta be 100 men in there."

The man smiled, takng off his hat, revieling oriental features except for
blond hair and steel grey eyes from his mother.

"Oh shit, a breed," Webb said, "You're a dead man for sure."

The man walked in. Eight minutes later he walked out, the only man standing
and he wasn't even breathing hard. Even Paxton's eyes were wide. Men were
laying everywhere, some had been thrown outside via windows and door.

"You owe me $1000," the man smiled, "I suggest you get it somehow."

Webb quickly robbed several unconcious men for the money.

End of Chapter 2


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