The girls want revenge. But can they defeat the forces arrayed against them?

Special note; The Palms Hotel in San Diego mentioned in Chapter 2 does exist
and was built by Wyatt Earp.

Bandidas: Gang Of Four! Part 3 (FFFF,BDSM)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Central Mexico; a week earlier:

Sara and Maria had their pistols down, Sun had 2 throwing stars in each hand
as Lola rode up. They were apprehensive, but relieved at their escape.

"I'm Lola Zane," Lola smiled, "I'm guessing those weren't friends of yours."

"Those gringo bastards killed my father, stole my land, and wanted to rape
us," Sara angrily said, then softened, "Sorry. I'm Sara Sandoval."

"Maria Alverez," Maria smiled nervously.

"Sun Shang Lung, pleased to meet you," Sun smiled at her, "You pretty."

"Uh, thank you, Sun," Lola smiled back.

"We need to go to my farm," Maria said, "I don't like the way those
Americano's were talking."

"We will, but we need to rest our horses or we'll be on foot," Sara said.

"I can see that," Lola smiled, "You ladies have got some damn good looking

That broke the ice as Sara and Maria smiled. Sun of course, didn't have the
fear of Apache's. Maria wanted to get back to her farm and her father, but
she wasn't going to kill her loyal horse.

"She can use my horse," Lola offered.

"Thank you," Maria said.

"Do you think you'll be all right if you go alone?" Sara asked.

"It worries me, but I have to know if my fathers okay," Maria answered.

"Be careful." Sun hugged her.

Sara hugged her next. Maria then hugged Lola.

"Thank you," Maria said.

Maria mounted and rode off. She was scared. This day had been too much. From
her father's trouble at the bank, to revealing her true feelings, finding
love, only to be involved in a fight for life, and a dizzying chase. The sun
was setting when she saw the smoke. In her heart she knew what had happened,
but she rode hard anyway and found her father. Dead.

It was dark when Maria stopped crying. The time for tears was over, now was
the time for vengeance. Maria was a practical girl, they had no money, no
food unless the Apache woman had some, few weapons, going against an army of
killers. Maria searched the ruins of her house, but there was little that
could be saved. Reluctantly she rode back to the others, covering her
father's body as best she could.

Lola, Sara, and Sun had just talked. Lola had shared some bread with them.
She didn't want to start a fire until they were all together. About 2 hours
after sundown a sad Maria finally returned. The look on her face said it
all. Sara hugged her and both women cried some more.

"We really need to go," Lola said, "Those men will be back, and in greater

"Yes, but where?" Sara asked.

"We have to fight back," Sun said.

"But we need to have a plan, weapons, supplies," Maria added.

"There are several villages nearby," Lola said, "We can hole up in one of
them if you girls vouch for me. Apache are not very popular."

"If we had some money," Sara said, "Hell, this morning I was the third
richest woman in Mexico, now I'm pennyless."

"Sun take care of us," Sun said pulling out her stars, "These are weapons,
but are made of gold, Sun also have some jewels sewn in clothes. Also, I
have 4 rings. Only this one can't be sold."

"You are full of surprises Sun," Maria hugged her.

The one ring had her seal, the 'Lung Ki Dragon'. That ring was her birthright
as a member of the Lung Ki royal family. They decided to take a chance and
ride to the largest village. It was the most likely to have what they needed,
and the outlaws were less likely to believe they would choose a bigger
village. Having lived on the run Lola knew this. It was very late when they
arrived on the outskirts of town. Even the activities at the cantinas were
winding down.

By luck the stable master had woken up for a snack. He recognized Sara. Lola
was in the shadows. One of Sun's stars bought feed and silence. Sara asked
him to melt it down to cover their trail. Maria got them a room at the hotel
since she was the least likely to be identified. The 4 women snuck up the
back stairs. Tired, Sara and Sun took the bed, Maria the couch, Lola said
she'd be okay in the chair.

The girls were actually being a little paranoid. Tyler wasn't even worrying
about them. He was a little pissed that he had lost 2 good gunhands, but he
didn't think 3 women, even if they were still alive were any threat. The
girls woke up, they were hungry and sore. Sun looked out the back window and
saw some Chinese below.

"Sun can blend in," Sun said, "Get some breakfast for start."

"Good idea," Maria said, "We can melt down a couple more of those things of
yours for food, clothes, and maybe some weapons."

Sun left 8 of them. She hated to use them, but she could sharpen coins for
the same effect. Sun indeed blended in, at first. One old man noticed her
ring. He knew what it was and kowtowed.

"[Please get up]," Sun nervously said as other Chinese were looking on.

"[Princess, I am humbled by your presence]," the old man said.

"[Please, I beg you to stand and forget about me]," Sun said.

"[How can I serve you great lady?]," the old man gushed.

Within 10 minutes all of the Chinese knew who she was. To most, Lung Ki was
a legend. None of them even knew where it was. But all had heard the legends.
Sun offered to pay for food, but they wouldn't let her. She ended up loaded
down with food, 2 female shirt and pants outfits, and 100 peso to boot.

"Well, I guess breakfast lunch and dinner are taken care of," Sara laughed
when Sun kick knocked and she opened the door, unable to see Sun under her

"At least Sun have change of clothes now," Sun said pretending to be cross,
taking an outfit after the others helped her, "We are not being hunted. Only
strangers in town."

"First thing then is for the rest of us to get some travelling clothes,"
Maria said getting some bread and cheese," We can rest and gather supplies

"Then what?" Lola asked.

"Then we start fighting back," Sara stated.

"Okay, raise your hands if you have ever killed a man," Lola said, only her
hand went up.

"Sun?" Sara asked.

"Sorry," Sun shook her head, "Sun fight, lots. Beat up many, but never kill."

"Thought so," Lola said, "Can any of you shoot?"

"I can," Maria said, "I'm very good with a pistol."

"What about you Sun?" Lola asked.

"She's a demon with her bare hands," Sara said, "And she took the trigger
fingers off 2 men with those darts of hers."

"Sun expert in martial arts," Sun said.

"Um, Sara," Maria implied.

"Knife throwing," Sara said, "I was also the top archer in my class."

"Well," Lola said, "Looks like we all have something. I'm good with a rifle
and a whip."

The girls laughed.

"Uh, what's so funny?" Lola asked.

"Lola, we're dykes," Sara giggled.

"And we're whip loving dykes," Maria laughed.

"All right!" Lola laughed, "It's unanimous!"

It was now 4 women kissing, hugging, and frenching. They laughed, giggled,
and fed each other. They didn't strip down and have sex in leiu of waiting
til later. Just in case they waited until siesta to hit a dry goods store,
followed by a hardware store. The hardware store only had 3 repeaters in
rifles, 2 Winchesters and a Henry. They went ahead and bought all 3, plus
two double action Colt .38's, and ammunition for them. Sara also found a
set of 12 balanced throwing knives someone had ordered, and died before

Money bought at least temporary silence. Back at the hotel the women started
comparing notes about what each of them knew and didn't know.

"The way I see it we may be in better shape than I thought," Lola said, "I
know guerrilla warfare, Maria knows the people and the country, Sara has
schooling and can make battle plans, Sun, well, accoring to you guys she's
a one woman army."

"According to Maria, Tyler's bosses are buying up banks and we know they're
stealing land," Sara said, "Hitting them in the wallet, the banks, will
actually do more damage than just killing their guns."

"But robbing banks may hurt good people," Sun said.

"Not if we only hit the ones they control," Maria said, "I'm willing to bet
my father's not the only one they shot. I can speak to the padres, we'll have
an army of informents."

"We need to get tougher too," Lola said, "We need to start living outside,
learning to shoot rifle and pistol, learning Sun's fighting and all that."

"And there is railroad connection too," Sun said remembering, "That how Sun
came here. They were bringing in Chinese workers."

"That explains a lot," Sara said, "The bankers finance the railroad, which
could monopolize Mexican goods if they have the land."

"And rather than buying the land they're just stealing it," Maria said, "With
the railroad they will basiclly own Mexico's economy."

"The murders also send a warning to anyone trying to resist," Lola said.

"Our government is week and corrupt, Diaz can be bought," Sara said.

"Most of the rich, your father really was an exception Sara, don't give a
damn about the people," Maria said, "We have few guns and little will to
fight after countless revolutions that have yeilded nothing."

"Lung Ki has been lucky," Sun said, "An unbroken line of kings since the Ming
dynasty, and not one has been a tyrant. Is crime for royal to kill lowest
begger in Lung Ki."

"That would have to be the strangest monarchy I've ever read about," Sara
said, "The problem with kings was always that even if you had a good one
that didn't mean his son would be."

"My father master of disguise," Sun said, "Lives as peasent sometimes to find
out what they need. My oldest brother traveled the countryside alone on foot.
People will not follow anyone who can't hold magic sword 'Dragonflame'."

"A magic sword?" Lola was curious.

Sara and Lola had both read stories about knights and the like. Both wanted
to hear more.

"Yes, only royal Lung Ki with good heart can hold it," Sun said, "If anyone
else touch it, they are consumed by fire. If Lung Ki royal have heart of evil
sword will kill him. Sword exists, Sun has held sword. There is a legend that
someday a great king will unlock all the swords power."

"Oooo, a legend," Sara said excited, "How does it go?"

"Sun forget most of it," Sun sadly shook her head, "Girls are not taught
about it. Let's see what I recall... 'Man of the east, born in the west, a
hero comes to slay great beasts'... No one knows what it means."

"So, even in your country women are second class," Maria said.

"Maybe, Sun don't know, has never been put to test," Sun said, "But women
can be generals and hold high political office. Lung Ki has long tradition
of female warriors and swordswomen. Unlike other parts of China we never
bind and mutiate women's feet because of that."

"I always thought that was a myth," Sara said, "The footbinding I mean.
Women with 3 inch feet. I've only seen a few Chinese though."

"Most of the ones that have come to America have been peasents," Sun said,
"It was always mostly in the noble class. Barbaric practise. Guess all
cultures have had bad things in past."

As evening fell the women finished getting some camping supplies and traded
Sara's expensive saddle for 2 cheaper ones for her and Sara that had fifle
holsters. Sun, who had never fired a gun was given the Henry rifle.

"It's not a bad rifle," Maria said, "But we'll try to get you a better one

"Sun couldn't hit broad side of barn anyway," Sun grinned.

Under cover of darkness they rode out. They rode in a zig zag pattern
northwards towards a small stretch of mountains. They reached the ridge
at dawn, paused for an hour to eat a cold breakfast then continued on,
heading for a small mission outside of Maria's village.

Father Estiban was happy to see Maria. When the women entere they found the
church full of woundd and dead. The assassins had done their job, 23 dead,
12 wounded. Wives and 2 local doctors were tending to the wounded.

"They killed 4 of your father's vaquero's too Senorita Sandoval," Father
Estiban said recognizing her, "Most of their kills were men, but they killed
a couple of women too."

"We are going to fight back Father," Maria said.

"But, you are women," Father Estiban said surprised.

"Do not underestimate us," Lola said, "They won't expect women to fight

"But we can't do it alone Father," Maria said, "We need eyes and ears,
supplies on occassion, sometimes a place to hide."

"You know, I may know a place that would be the ultimate hideout," Father
Estiban said thinking.

Father Estiban led them into his small study. Going to his desk he opened
up the bottom drawer and reveiled a secret compartment with a small box.

"When I was a very young man I was more interested in gold than God,"
Father Estiban said, "So consumed with greed and pumped up by a young man's
delusions of invincibility I even dared sneak into Apache land. What a fool.
The first Apache I saw I hid in terror and pissed my pants. God was with me
that day as he eiher didn't see me or figured I wasn't worth killing. I must
have cowered against that wall for hours, because the sun was setting before
I dared move. I was surprised to find my mule still hidden in the brush with
all my gear. Their was a full moon that night and I decided that getting out
alive was more important than gold. I walked all night, my mule muzzled,
cloth tied around her feet. I was lost, but too scared to stop. When morning
came I saw a small patch of open ground. I wasn't about to cross it, sheer
cliffs on both sides made a big U, it would take longer, but if I followed
one side or the other I would have less open ground to cross. God again must
have guided me, I went left instead of right as I usually did. At first I
thought the overgrown narrow opening led to a cave. I could hear running
water. Being thirsty I carefully moved the vegetation, the opening was big
enough for me to lead the mule through, barely, and only about 4 feet high.
I was surprised when I turned around, after replacing the vegetation as best
I could, that I could see daylight only 10-15 feet away on the other side.
The mule was already through, smelling the water."

Father Estiban pulled a crude map from the box and unrolled it.

"I had found a small hidden box canyon with a large freshwater spring that
made a pond, perhaps 100 yards long, by maybe 25 yards," Father Estiban
said, "I hid there for 3 days, before I finally had the courage to leave.
I started this map when I finally left, and when I reached a small town
after another 3 days I decided to dedicate myself to God. Two years ago I
went back and found it again. The wars are long over so I decided to build
a cabin there. It's crude, with very little furniture, 2 beds in case I
wanted to bring a friend beause I found the pond had fish. They have no
eyes, so they must come from an underground river, but they are good eating,
a type of bass I think. I already have some stored food and except for an
occaional snake, road runner, or lizard I've seen no animals there. As far
as I know I, and now you 4 are the only 4 people in the world who know about
this canyon."

"Thank you father," Maria said hugging him.

"I can see I wasn't going to be able to talk you out of, whatever your plan
is," Father Estiban said, "For what they have done, to the people, many of
whom I christened as baby's, I make this gift that may help you."

The women stayed there the rest of the day and that night resting up. Sun
helped some of the wounded with acupuncture, relieving pain, and setting one
man's leg right. He would walk with only the slightest limp, where he would
have lost his leg from the knee down without her help.

"And you say she can fight too?" Lola asked Sara and Maria.

"She took out 3 big men in maybe 10 seconds, then 2 more, in 5 seconds," Sara
said, proud of Sun.

"I've seen lots of men fighting," Maria said, "I have never seen what she

"Some call it Wu Shu," Sun said, "Although it's mostly called kung fu now.
Allow Sun to demonstrate. Try to draw your gun, oh, here it is."

"What?" Lola reached down to find an empty holster, Sara and Maria snickered.

Lola laughed as she took her pistol back. She decided she was going to try
and not underestimate the little Chinese girl anymore.

"Very effective at close range," Sun smiled, "But Boxers find out that kung
fu can't fight guns 3 years ago. Sun be dead meat further than she can throw
dart or star."

The next morning, Father Estiban acquired a wagon. Learning that Tyler and
his thugs had lett town Sara convinced Father Estiban to take them to her
hacienda. Everyone had fled, and a few rooms had been looted. Sara, Sun,
and Maria smuggled Sara's sex toys and whips into the wagon, along with a
chair Sara said she had picked up in Paris that they would like. Father
Estiban didn't know what was in the 2 trunks. Loading the wagon with more
supplies they headed north, to what once had been Apache land.

During the last 4 years Lola had been close to where the hidden canyon was a
few times. She had a pretty good lay of the land. But even Lola was surprised
when Father Estiban showed them the entrance to the canyon 2 days later. They
barely got the horses through and they all had to stoop. It took most of the
day to get everything up to the cabin. Bidding farewell, Father Estiban left

"The bed isn't bad," Sara said, as she lay down, "If we put them together we
can all sleep and fuck."

"I'm ready for some hot girl fucking," Lola grinned," I just want to clean up
first. You know, that one village Father Estiban talked about is still there,
less than a days ride. It was too big for my people to attack, although there
were some thefts in those days. And it has a big bank."

"Target number one then," Maria said, "We keep only what we need for
supplies, we give the rest back to the people."

"Hey, where's Sun?" Sara asked.

Sun was naked and swimming. Seeing this they all stripped down to join her.
Laughing and splashing was follwed by kissing. They were alone and horny.
Lola couldn't believe the sight of their shaved pussys. Sun suggested they
needed a trim and for Lola to join them. She eagerly agreed.

End Of Chapter 3


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