Bandidas: Gang Of Four! Part 4 (FFFF,BDSM)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Sun made quick work of shaving Lola's pussy. The sight of her now bald mound
brought Lola's thoughts back to the days where she naturally had no pussy
hair. The memories of the pleasure she gave and received made her wet as Sun
rubbed oil on her cunt. Sara and Maria were spreading out blankets on the
soft grass. This small canyon was a mini paradise.

It only took a couple of minutes of touch up for Sun to finish Sara and
Maria. Sun didn't need one herself. Kneeling on the blankets 4-way kissing
began. Maria caressed Lola's firm ass while tongue kissing Sun. Lola kissed
Sara while roughly kneading Sun's tits. Sun's mouth now found Sara's tits,
licking and sucking her nipples to firmness. A pairing off started as Lola
laid Maria on her back, their lips together, tongues dancing.

Sun and Sara got in a 69 position, Sun on top. Teasing Sara's clit Sun
licked up and down Sara's pussy. Sara's tiny asshole was too tempting a
target. Pointing her tongue Sun attacked it, licking all around the anus
then stabbing inside again and again. It was getting hard for Sara to
continue her own licking of Sun's pretty pussy under the erotic anal

Lola was on top of Maria, who had spread her legs wide. Arranging herself
tit to tit, nipple to nipple, and pussy to pussy Lola kissed Maria as she
girlfucked her. Maria and Lola both moaned from the erotic cuntfucking,
their clits touching again and again. Maria wrapped her arms and legs
around Lola, matching her downward stokes.

All 4 women exploded in orgasm, shuddering, but only momentarily sated. Sun
couldn't resist the sight of Lola's asshole and pussy. Crawling 2 steps Sun
buried her tongue between Lola's ass cheeks, licking her from asshole down
to her moist juicy pussy.

"Oooooo, yes," Lola moaned.

Maria's pussy was only inches from Lola's face, slick from their combined
girl juice. Lola started licking up and down Maria's slit, greedily lapping
up her sweet nectar. Sara saw what was going on and offered her pussy to
Maria, who eagerly dove in. Seeing that Sun's pussy was available Sara again
started licking and sucking the Chinese girl as they completed a 4 girl daisy

Sara upped the ante, wetting one of her fingers and gently inserted it into
Sun's tight asshole as she buried her face into Sun's pussy. Lola then felt
Sun's tongue penetrate her asshole again. Lola pointed her tongue and stabbed
it into Maria's asshole, licked all around the ring, then stabbed in again.
Maria stopped licking Sara's pussy only long enough to moisten 2 fingers
which she inserted into Sara's pussy.

Another orgasm shook the 4 women. For a few minutes they lay panting in the
dying sunlight. Sun rolled on top of Maria, roughly kneading and squeezing
her big tits. Sara got on all fours and kissed Lola. Lola roughly fondled
Sara's tits, pinching and pulling her nipples. Lola then lay back so that
Sara could mount her for a hot, hard pussyfuck. Maria rolled Sun over kissing
her. Maria was now kneading Sun's tits. Sun was only small compared to the 3
bigger girls.

"Do it harder," Sun said, "Fuck me good."

Lola positioned herself on top of Sara, Maria was on top of Sun. Sara spread
her legs wide for Lola to arrange herself in the familiar tit to tit, and
pussy to pussy position. Sun did the same for Maria.

"Our lips together darling," Sara said, "Kiss me as you fuck me."

The 4 women began the erotic grinding and rubbing as they girlfucked. Lola
kissing Sara the whole time while Sun gasped and moaned under Maria.

"Yes! Yes!" Sun cried out, "Fuck me! Oh yea! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!

Sun's cries spurred Maria on. Faster and harder, nipples rubbed, clits
touching again and again. Maria and Sun mutually climaxed before Sara and
Lola did, but only by a couple minutes. All four women panted, lightly
kissing and caressing each other in the afterglow of another orgasm.

"Sun like fuck and suck very much," Sun finally said, expressing what they
all really wanted," But Sun needs whipping to really cum!"

"You little slut," Maria grinned.

The 4 women got up, shook, then folded the blankets and made their way back
to the cabin holding hands. Sara laid out her whips and chains while Maria
started a small fire in the fireplace. Lola's eyes grew wide at the

It was easy to set up some overhead chains, by running them between the
rafters. Sun had already cuffed her own wrists.

"Greedy cunt," Lola laughed.

"There are 4 of us now," Sara grinned, "We have more options. We can do 3
on 1 or two of us can get whipped and we take turns."

"I vote for 2 of us," Maria said, "My pussy, ass, and titties are so hot
right now, they need to be whipped!"

"Mmmmmm," Sara smiled, "I do too. I can hardly wait."

"Guess that makes 3 of us," Lola said.

"Oh poo, Sun outvoted," Sun grinned, "Sun wanted 3 on me again and again
and again!"

"She is a little whip slut," Lola laughed.

They paired off, Lola with Sun, Sara with Maria. Both were stretched out,
Sun on tiptoes, Maria's feet on the ground, Sara had not been able to bring
the spreader bars. Making sure they were far enough apart to not get in each
others way Sara and Lola selected their whips. Lola smiled as she advanced
on Sun. Lola rubbed the girls pussy.

"You are dripping," Lola said, pleased at the Chinese girls response.

"Please, Sun need to be punished," Sun pleaded.

Lola's first stroke was across both of Sun's tits. Lola then started,
changing targets with almost every lash. Sun's ass, tits, and pussy all felt
the sting of the whip and she loved it! Sara used a different tactic with
Maria, giving her 15 across the tits, followed by 15 on her ass, then 15 on
her pussy, then back to Maria's big tits.

"Whip me!" Maria cried out, "Aaaaaaaa! Whip me! Harder! Iiiiiieeeeeee! Whip

"Oooooooo," Sun moaned, "Yes! Harder! Aaaahhhh! Whip me! Whip me til I cum!"

Sara and Lola started whipping them faster and harder. Sun and Maria were
thrusting their bodies out to meet every stroke.

"They need more," Sara evilly smiled, her whip landing on tender willing
flesh again and again.

Sun couldn't hold out long as Lola had stopped long enough to pick Sun's leg
up, raise and hold it on her shoulder, and was now spinning her whip into
Sun's pussy.

"Aaaaaiiiiiieeeeee!," Sun screamed in pleasure, "Whip me! I'm cumming! More!

Sun stiffened, then hung limp in her bonds, almost passing out from her
orgasm. Sara continued to lash Maria whose own climax was near.

"Aaaaaaaaa!," Maria cried out, "Whip me! Please! Aaaaaaa! Whip me!

Maria's entire body quivered as she came. Sara kissed her deeply, their
tongue's duelling. Lola was letting Sun down. The Chinese girls legs were
rubbery. Lola kissed her as she supported her.

"Mmmmmmmm. Sun can't wait until next turn," Sun sighed as her strength

Maria and Sun rested for a few minutes a Lola chained Sara up like they had
been. Lola was soon stretched out by Maria and Sun. Maria ran her hands up
and down Lola's body, then cupped Lola's mound. Lola was very wet. Sara was
moaning in pleasure as Sun finger fucked her tight pussy with 3 fingers.

"Oooooo! Please," Sara moaned, "Don't tease me. I want to be whipped,
oooohhh, I want to be whipped!"

Maria got creative, taking some rope she raised one of Lola's legs tying it
off to a rafter.

"I love it," Lola smiled.

Sun and Maria chose their whips and advanced on their willing victims. Sun
kissed and frenched Sara, again rubbing her hot wet pussy. Maria started
whipping Lola, concentating lots of lashes into her spread pussy. Lola loved
it from the very first lash! Sun stopped teasing the desperate Sara and
started whipping the moaning Mexican beauty.

"Whip me!" Lola begged, "Whip me! Yes! Aaaaaaaa! Whip me, whip me, whip me!"

"Oooooooo!," Sara moaned, "Whip me Sun! More! I love it! Aaaahhhh! Whip me!"

Sara's entire body responded to the whipping. Sun whipped her ass, her pussy,
her tits. Pleasure from the whip was also sending Lola into a frenzy as she
writhed in a desperate attempt to get more.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" Sara cried out as shuddered in orgasm.

Due to her more rugged lifestyle Lola could take more pleasure/pain, but she
could feel her orgasm building. Maria increased the speed of her lashes
sending Lola over the brink.

"Ooooooooooo!!," Lola moaned as she came.

Sun and Maria released them, gently laying them on the beds. Sara and Lola
regained their breath.

"Sun want more," Sun said, "But Sun knows we have busy day tomorrow."

"I know what you mean," Lola said, "I want a bullwhipping, but that would
lay me up a whole day."

"Whoa! You can take a bull whip?" Maria asked astonished.

"It's my favorite," Lola grinned, "But it's really brutal. It hurts like
hell, but it makes you cum like crazy!"

"And I thought I was hardcore," Sara said, "I want more too, but we need to
get some sleep."

The 4 women kissed each other and held each other tightly until they fell

End Of Chapter 4


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