Bandidas: Gang Of Four! Part 5 (FFFF)
by Tyval ([email protected])

The best plans are always the one that seem to go wrong the most. After
checking in with the local padre, who informed them that this bank had
indeed been bought by the New York cartel, the women rode into the town.
That was their first mistake. A photographer working for the New Yorkers
saw 4 beautiful women and naturally took their picture. So intent were
they on the bank and escape routes they never even noticed. The
photographer was also an artist with a photographic memory.

Sara's plan was basically sound. Lola chose a roof where she could cover
them, she had 2 winchesters with her. Sun was behind the bank with the
horses. Sara and Maria would go in. At first it worked perfectly. Masks
over their faces they quickly took control, forcing the teller to open
the safe. The empty safe.

"What the hell?" Maria angrily said.

"S-s-senorita, t-the money is, is supposed to come in at 3," the nervous
teller said.

Maria couldn't tell time, Sara could, it was 2:32. Their second mistake was
not asking how it came in.

"We've got to tie everyone up," Sara sighed.

"What? There's a dozen people in here," Maria said, "And our rope is

"Cover them," Sara ordered, handing Maria her pistol.

"Shit!," Maria said, then raised her eyes, "Forgive me Lord."

Lola was surprised to see Sara run out of the bank and around to the horses.
By now they were acting like the amateurs they were. They were lucky there
were no gunmen among the people in the bank or they would have been caught
or killed. Sara and Maria finally got everyone tied up except the hostage
teller. Sara panted, checking the time, 2:56. A few minutes later 20 riders
rode up.

'Oh shit,' Lola thought, 'We are so screwed!'

A big Swede named Hans threw the saddlebags with the loot to Matt Hamm, a
killer with 4 notches and the leader of this team. Despite their rough look,
only Matt Hamm and 4 of the other men Ted Franks, Rick Peterson, Sam House,
and Mike Conner had killed men with a gun. Hans had killed 3 men with his
bare hands, and another with an axe. In Hans case they had all ironiclly
been self defense as the big Swede was a friendly man, slow to anger.

Only Matt and Hans went into the bank. The true killer Matt sensed something
wrong immediately as the teller nervously smiled.

"How are you doing Paco?" Matt asked.

"Very well senor," the teller said.

"Slap leather boys," Matt yelled, drawing his gun.

Mistake 3, the women had never asked the teller his name. He was Jose.

"Shit," Maria yelled and opened fire, her bullet hitting Matt in the
shoulder. Matt went down, dropping the saddlebags. Hans was shooting as he
retreated out the door, but he was as bad a shot as Sun. Lola had opened up
and most of the men pinned down, but knew she couldn't hope for that long.
She got one man in the leg. If any of the townspeople joined in, and some
would, it was over for the Bandidas.

Or it would have been without their secret weapon; Sun Shang Lung. Sun's 2
darts landed in the gunhands of 2 men, causing them to drop their pistols.
Sun then dropped them with a jump spit kick! Sun rolled and came up behind
one man behind a water trough. She landed a chop to the back of his neck
knocking him out. Another man tried to tackle her. Sun side stepped and the
man landed in the water trough.

'What the hell is she doing,' Lola thought, as she was forced to cease fire.

The gunmen also had to stop shooting for fear of hitting each other as Sun
was among them. She did a leg sweep taking one man down, knocked out Sam
House, with a 3 kick combo, spun around and knocked out another man with a
spin kick, then threw the wet guy over her shoulder into 2 other men. Two
men tied to grab Sun from behind, but she caught both in the stomich with a
double back chop and took them out with a double back forarm smash. In less
than 20 seconds she had knocked 7 men out and was holding off all the rest.

Watching from the roof Lola's mouth dropped open. She hadn't believed that
the little Chinese girl was a one woman army. Sun flipped upside down, both
feet kicking one man in the face. Ted Franks was knocked cold when Sun did
a move that would someday be known as the 'FrankenSteiner'! The wet man
thought he had her when it seemed like he caught her leg, only to be sent
into dreamland when Sun flipped up and somersault kicked him.

"I never want her mad at me," Lola said aloud.

Sun kicked one man to the right, then whipped her leg back and kicked a man
on the left. Mike Conner charged in with a knife only to be sent sailing from
a basic stomach throw. Sun kipped up and caught one man in the throat with a
crane strike. He went down, gasping for air, concious, but out of the fight.
Another man threw a punch at her, but Sun ducked and the man hit one of his
buddies. Sun conked him with a head butt putting him out.

Sun's back spinkick knocked out another man, she then dropped, kicking the
legs out fom 2 other men, and with an amazing spin move was back on her feet.
Sun ducked under Rick Peterson's roundhouse, kicked him behind the knee, then
another kick to the gut, followed by a kick to the jaw that knocked him out.
Sun dropped another man with a spinning backfist.

"Hold still you fucking cunt," Mike Conner yelled charging.

Sun used the bodys of 2 unconcious men as a sprinboard, leaping over Conners
head and landing a double kick on him. Mike Conner fell unconcious. Out of
the original 20 only Hans was still on his feet. It had seemed an eternity,
but only 2 minutes had passed.

"You not get by Hans so easy," Hans said confidently.

"We'll see about that," Sun smiled, not even breathing hard.

"No we won't," Sara said as she and Maria covered him, "Drop your gun."

Hans complied. Lola scambled down as Sun went back for the horses. Sara threw
the saddlebags on her horse. Maria shoo'ed the others horses off.

"This not over," Hans said.

"For today it is," Maria said as they rode off as quikly as they could.

With the hird men downed they had too big a head start so Hans and the
wounded Matt didn't even try to pursue. But the photographer had realistic
accurate drawings, and the wanted posters started going up before the sun

"We did it!" Maria whooped when they got back to their canyon.

"Luck and Sun," Lola snapped, "We should be dead or already rotting in a

"You're right," Sara admitted, "We made every mistake in the world. We've got
to practise before we try again."

Too tired for sex they went to sleep. Father Estiban brought supplies the
next day. They handed over $10,000 and more importantly, several land deeds.

* * *

A custom railroad car, San Diego, Ca.; 5 days later:

Paxton was one of the few men Tyler respected. Even at that he had to hide
his sneer when the Chinese man walked into the room.

"I've seen this guy in action," Paxton warned, "Whatever you do, don't call
him chink, breed, slant or anything like that. Trust me, he can kill you
before you clear leather."

Mr. Cash and Mr. Money greeted him and offered him a seat. The man declined.
The man couldn't help letting out a laugh when he heard their names.

"Sorry," the man said still grinning, "I know 2 men with the same names."

If the New Yorkers were offended they didn't show it.

"We have a rather unique problem Mr., um, sorry, never caught your name,"
Mr. Cash said.

"Jonathan Lung," he said, "You may call me John Dragon if you wish. That's
what my last name means."

"I actually thought you were older," Mr. Money said, "Or dead. You haven't
been heard from in about 6 years. I was fortunate my agents saw you when
they were recruiting talent."

"I found out I wasn't changing anything," John said.

"So Lung means Dragon?," Mr. Cash said.

"Lots of Chinese with the names dragon, or tiger, or pheonix," John said, "A
billion Chinese can't all be Wong."

"That's a good one," Mr. Cash chuckled.

"Well, you have a bit of a rep Mr. Dragon," Mr. Money said, "You solve

"I'm not a killer if that's what you need," John said, "I've killed my share
and more, but I'm not a murderer."

"Well, we don't neccessarily need anyone dead, just brought to justice," Mr.
Money said.

"Four bank robbers to be precise," Mr. Cash said.

"You need me to go after 4 bank robbers?" John was incredulous, "You've got
a small army just in the men outside."

"Ah, but these criminals are rather unique," Mr. Money said," They must be
dealt with without angering the people. And one of them has proven to be an
unusual problem. Chinese, from some place called Lung Ki according to Captain

"If there's someone from Lung Ki involved then you do have a problem," John
said, growing stiff," One that definately only I can solve without a gatling

"Oh really," Tyler said, unable to keep quiet.

"Outside," John ordered, "A little demonstration."

John Dragon stepped off 50 yards, picking out a 2 foot long tonfa from his

"Empty your pistol before I come at you," John said, "I will then fight with
only my left arm, beating you like a dog."

"Your funeral," Tyler grinned, drawing his gun.

Like most smart gunmen Tyler loaded 5 with the empty chamber as a safety.
Tyler fired all 5 at John Dragon, whose hands moved in a blur. John was still
standing, opening his hands, 5 bullets fell to the ground. Tyler's mouth
dropped open. That was impossible! First that damn girl, now this 'breed'
making him look like a fool.

John started walking towards him. At 25 yards Tyler's derringer popped out
from his sleeve and fired twice. John went down. Before Tyler could laugh
John kipped back up and dropped the derringer bullets in the dirt. Enraged,
Tyler pulled a knife. Using only his left arm and the tonfa John beat him
like a dog as promised.

"Very impressive," Mr. Money said, applauding like Mr. Cash.

John was glad Tyler didn't have an automatic. He could have dodged, but
couldn't have caught those. They went back into the private car. Mr. Money
had a huge smile on his face at seeing what John could do.

"I take it the Lung Ki'an took him?" John said more than asked.

"Sliced off the tigger fingers of 2 of his men too," Mr. Cash said.

"Name was Lung, like your's," Mr. Money said.

"I was born in Los Angelas," John said peeved.

"Anyway, here's the wanted poster," Mr. Money said, "One of our photographers
is also an excellent artist. He got a good look at them. You can see why we
need an 'outsider' to deal with them."

It took everyting he had to remain emotionless. Sara Sandoval, Maria Alverez,
Lola Zane, and Sun Shang Lung, Princess of Lung Ki; the Bandidas!

* * *

Norhern Mexico; the canyon hideout of the Bandidas; Three weeks later:

For 3 weeks the women had trained. In the morning they learned the way of the
Apache, in the heat of the day they practised shooting, in the evening Sun
taught them martial arts. The women were in much better shape, and much more
capable. Father Estiban had completed forming a network of spies. Sara could
plan where and when to hit the targeted banks where they would have the
advantage. They were ready now.

Over the next 2 weeks they successfully hit 4 banks, with no opposition. What
the New Yorkers feared most, a roused populace was beginning to happen. "Viva
La Bandidas!" was beginning to be heard. John Lung and the rest were always a
step behind.

After their 5th raid, the New Yorkers set a trap. John Lung and a group of
men would hold up outside of a town. All directions would be covered. A
strong force would bring in a large shipment of gold. By making it look
strong the New Yorkers rightly guessed the Bandidas wouldn't suspect a
second, even stronger force.

The Bandidas almost didn't bite, and still did the unexpected.

"What do you think?" Sara asked Lola.

"About 30 riders, 10 in front, 10 behind, 5 on each flank, winchesters,
pretty damn risky," Lola said watching them through binoculars.

"Do we wait?," Maria asked, "Hit them at the bank?"

"No, too many," Sara said," We can handle 20 with surprise, but they expect
us now."

"So, we have to let the bastards win this time," Maria said.

"Not neccessarily," Lola said, "Look."

"What am I looking for?" Sara asked looking through her own binoculars.

"They have to go through a narrow pass over to the right," Lola said, "That
means they'll have to pull in their outriders. I know that passage, in some
places they'll have to ride single file, and it's never wider than 2. We
roll rocks at the right place we can seperate them, cut the numbers in half
at least. We can force the others to disarm, take the loot, no one gets

"Sun glad you on our side," Sun smiled.

The riders really didn't expect it. They thought they would be hit at the
bank. As a result they really were taken completely by surprise when a
rockslide sepeated the 10 forward riders from the rest. Covered by the girls
wincheters they had no choice but to hand over the strongbox. The girls
loaded up and rode off laughing. They didn't laugh long when the robbed men
started sending off signal rockets.

"What the hell?" Sara yelled.

"It's a trap!" Lola yelled as men started riding from every direction.

The New Yorkers had put everything into this ambush. Counting the 30 in the
pass, who were slowly joining the chase, the Bandidas were facing 200 men!
Only Dragon's horse 'Lightning' was a match for theirs, but no matter which
direction the Bandidas turned they saw riders.

"We're boxed in!," Sara yelled.

"Over there!" Lola yelled, seeing a slight gap. "Only 3 men! We'll have to
shoot our way out!"

"I still don't know if I can kill a man," Maria yelled barely heard.

"Shoot to wound or shoot the horse then!" Lola yelled back, she was shooting
to kill.

"Leave this to Sun!," Sun yelled urging her horse faster.

Being the lighest Sun could ride faster. Whipping off her chain belt she
twirled it over her head faster and faster, then took the reins in her teeth
as she stood on the horses back. The riders were confused and held their
fire. At 10 feet away Sun threw the belt like a gaucho would throw a bolo at
the legs of the furthest horse. The horse went down hard, throwing it's rider
even harder, but both would live relatively unhurt.

'I must be crazy,' Sun thought at what she had planned next.

In Lung Ki Sun had practised this move, but never in an actual combat
situation, and never at anything like this speed. The other 2 men were inches
away on either side of Sun as she flipped and kicked both men and landed
right back on the saddle as they went down. Even Dragon said 'Holy Shit!'
seeing that.

At that moment the women might have gotten away. They would never know as
Paxton, winchester in hand, pulled up, took careful aim and shot Lola's horse
in the head. Lola went down hard. Sara pulled up and held out her hand. Lola
took it and swung behind her. The Bandidas were slowed.

Sun finally saw Dragon, of course she didn't know him. His blue outfit and
'coolie hat' definately set him apart as did the fact he had no gun, but had
a sword strapped to his back. A few men dropped out as the chase resumed as
their horses tired or stumbled. Still the girls thought they might have a
chance if they could get to the looming mountains.

That hope was soon dashed. Paxton again pulled up and shot Sun's horse in the
heart. Sun tumbled as she hit the ground. Maria slowed down, swinging Sun
behind her. Their horses, tiring and carrying triple with the gold, couldn't
last much longer and they knew it.

"We'll have to make a stand!" Sara yelled out to Maria and Sun.

"Custer's revenge," Lola said, "The 4 of us against 200 of them."

Lola pointed out the best spot, high ground with lots of cover. The downside
was that they would be on foot. The riders would also have lots of cover.
The girls all had pistols, but were down to 2 rifles, and maybe 200 rounds
between them. In addition Lola had her bullwhip and a knife, Sara had 12
throwing knives and a bowie, Sun was down to her earring darts and 12
shuriken. Pulling up they scrambled up the hill.

"Don't fire unless you have a clean target," Lola ordered, "This isn't over
yet. If we can trim the odds enough, and hold out until nightfall, there's a

"How good?" Sara asked.

"Shitty," Lola replied, "One, maybe 2 of us can slip out. Sun has the best
chance, then me."

The women spread out. Lola and Maria were the best shots so they had the
rifles. The riders were arriving at the base, 189 strong, shooting as they
too spread out. They were able to cover fire keeping the women pinned down
for the most part. Maria wounded one man in the shoulder and another in the
leg. Lola, shooting to kill, killed 2 men with 3 bullets. They knew they
couldn't hold.

The afternoon wore on as the riders slowly advanced, taking their time as the
women's bullets decreased. Sun had fired 12 times, hitting no one. Sara lost
her 'blood innocence' when Tyler suddenly appeared right in front of her. A
single bullet fired with all the hatred she had for the man who killed her
father behind it.

Tyler stood there for a moment, a hole in his heart. He saw the blood, then
saw no more as he fell dead. Sara's eye's grew cold. She would not let these
evil men rape and murder her friends. Lola had 3 more death's on her hands at
this point. The assault seemed to slow, the fire from the gunmen dwindled.
The process was slow and it wasn't until an hour later that the Bandidas
noticed that no one was shooting at them. They waited several minutes and
still heard nothing.

"Cease fire," came a man's voice, "It's over."

Sara dared a peek. A large white cloth was being waved from a sheathed sword.

"Okay, did any of you notice someone with a sword?" Sara asked the others.

"There was a Chinese man on a fast horse," Sun said.

"I knocked them all out," the man said again, "I am Jonathan Tang Lung, known
as China Dragon. I am, rather I will be, King of Lung Ki in the future."

"That can't be," Sun called out.

"I can prove everything," China Dragon said, "Including the fact that I am
the prophasied one. Here!"

The naked sword flew threw the air landing a mere 5 feet in front of them.
Sun's eye flew wide as she saw it. Maria made a motion to grab it.

"No! Don't touch it!," Sun yelled yanking her back, "If it's real I'm the
only one who can hold it."

Sun grasped the handle and raised it over her head. She twirled it, the
perfect balance, the perfect weight. She swung it at a huge boulder. The
others gasped as the blade sliced through the stone. The stone was sliced
in half without a single blemish on the steel. Only one sword in the world
could do that, one Sun had held before. Dragonflame!

Hands up like a post WW2 Frenchman, John Dragon, a.k.a. China Dragon, leader
of G.O.L.D., hereditary 'King of Lung Ki', future 'god of the Martial Arts'
of the Chinese Pantheon, slowly walked into the open with his hat off.

"Where, where did you steal this?" Sun asked.

"I didn't. Didn't even know about until a couple of years ago," China
Dragon said," 'Man of the east, born in the west'. Your brother is my
great-great-great grandfather."

The sword flew to his hand. Fire crackled and surrounded him, but didn't burn
him. The sword had chosen him as it's ultimate master. Sun knew it was the
truth. Any pretender would be ashes by now.

"So, what now?" Sara asked, if Sun was satisfied she was.

"Take what you have, give it to the people," China Dragon said, "I'll finish
this. Then, live however you wish. I am from the future, nothing I can do
will change what is to come. Mexico will continue to be exploited by
Americans and Europeans, revolutions will continue, the peope will suffer.
Madero will come along, a good man, and things get a little better for 2
years. He gets murdered, tyranny comes back, bandits take over. It never
gets much better."

China Dragon sheathed his sword, mounted Lightning and rode off. North.

* * *

The severed heads of Mr. Money and Mr. Cash were delivered to New York. China
Dragon removed the saddle and bridle of Lightning days later.

"This was our last ride old friend," China Dragon said, "We won't be seeing
each other again. I can't change anything here, but maybe, just maybe I can
make my world better. Now, go stud some mares!"

China Dragon activated the time machine and returned to his rightful destiny.
Once back in his own time he recorded what he knew of Sun into the official
record of Lung Ki.

"Final fate, unknown," China Dragon spoke into the camcorder, "The 2 younger
brothers died in WW1, her sister of old age, childless. the oldest brother
was a good king, died in WW2 with only one son. Final thoughts of Sun Shang
Lung. She was young and in love, I hope she found happiness. Her crime is
longer since I assumed the throne. So odd, a half breed American street kid
who became a super hero, then a king."

* * *

After delivering the gold to the padres the Bandidas returned to the canyon
with heavy hearts. Nothing they did was going to make much differance. That
knowledge of the future made them sad. They were alone with only each other
for comfort.

"So are we going to just give up?" Maria asked.

"Our fathers are avenged, but we have no home beyond this canyon," Sara said,
"It's nice here and we could stay, but we'll grow old and be forgotten. What
are we going to do when we're 60?"

"Sun wishes we had asked honorable semi-descendant Dragon to take us with
him," Sun said.

"Your wish is my command," China Dragon said appearing before them.

He was a few years older, his skin shining like pure gold. The magic sword
Dragonflame had merged with him and he had, through combat, joined the
Chinese pantheon. Granting them Sappho system lifespans he took them to his
own time of 20xx. The wonders of the future filled their days and nights.
Sun was now honored in Lung Ki and given a small palace.

"Here, we can train you to be crimefighters," Princess Tara told them, "Here
you can make a differance. By the way, I designed the dungeon."

"I love it!," Sun cried.

Sara, Maria, and Lola did too. The stereo amazed the girls as they entered
the room. A fully stocked bar and small dance floor (with pole) at one end,
all manner of bdsm devices and equipment, a large bed.

"I may never want to leave this room," Sara said, getting a drink.

"The technology of the future," Maria said, looking at a sybian, "I like it."

The drinks, lights, and sexy music soon loosened their inhibitions. One by
one they got on the dance floor and did a slutty striptease, each one trying
to be nastier than the other. Sun had 3 fingers in her own asshole while she
used a riding crop on her own pussy. Wantonly she licked and sucked her

Once they were naked they couldn't keep their hands, or lips, off of each
other. A 4-way of kissing started. Pairing off they moved to the big bed.
Sara kissed down Maria's neck, her tongue then traced over Maria's big
titties, stopping to suck Maria's nipples to hardness. Sun and Lola were
already pussyfucking in the traditional tribadism scissors position.

"Fuck me Lola, fuck me," Sun panted.

"Oh yea," Lola moaned, "So good. Fuck me!"

Sara was on her back, Maria licking her tits. The nipples became aroused and
hard under Maria's talented tongue.

"Ummmm, I want your pussy," Maria said.

"Please, please suck my pussy," Sara pleaded, "I want to taste your pussy

Sara and Maria got in a 69 and eagerly started sucking each others wet juicy
pussys. Sara worked 2 fingers into Maria's ass as she licked her slit. Maria
returned the favor with 2 fingers in Sara's ass. Both women moaned in
pleasure. Maria added a third finger in Sara's asshole, then a fourth.

"Omigawd! I love it," Sara cried out as she continued to eat pussy.

Sara worked a third finger in Maria's ass. Maria loved it. Sara finally got
the fourth finger in and both women now had a near anal fist and pussy suck
going on. It was too much and both women climaxed. Sun and Lola followed with
a mutual cum seconds later. Forming a 4 girl daisy chain they were soon
licking each other from clit to asshole. Sara added 2 fingers in Lola's ass
as she licked. Lola then gave Sun 3 fingers in the pussy. A 4 way cum insued.
Lust driving them on, the orgy continued.

Sun's wrists were cuffed to the bed. Lola kissed her, roughly kneading,
slapping, and squeezing Sun's tits. Sara was licking and sucking Sun's right
foot, sucking each toe, running her tongue up and down her sole. Maria was
doing the same to Sun's left foot. Sun shook in a small orgasm.

Lola straddled Sun's face, hooking Sun's legs with her arms so that Sara and
Maria could lick Sun's pussy and asshole. Sun eagerly licked Lola's tasty
pussy while the girls ate her pussy and ass. Lola came quickly, Sun came
moments later.

Sun and Lola then kissed and licked Sara's feet and toes with Maria working
over Sara's tits. Sara couldn't believe her feet were so senstive as she
came. Sara then ate Maria's pussy while Sun and Lola licked and finger fucked
her pussy and ass. Maria and Sara quickly experianced another mutual orgasm.

Laying in a naked tangle of arms and legs their lust was only temporarily

"Anyone who's ready for the whip raise your hand," Lola said raising both

Sara, Sun, and Maria also raised both hands. Since being enhanced they could
now take brutal bullwhippings without leaving a mark. They didn't know that
Tara was secretly filming them, and they wouldn't have cared if they did.
They had a new life now, one where they could make a differance while openly
loving each other.

* * *

The End?

The Bandidas will return in a future story!


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