Author's note: The horses in the movie are actually unnamed so I made some up
for them.

Bandidas: Jackpot! (FF,F-best)
by Lord Naughtius ([email protected])

Maria and Sara counted their loot. Maria had never seen so much money in one
place before and was already excited about buying back her father's land. In the
midst of a large stack she suddenly stood up and exclaimed "Oh no! I forgot to
thank Lance!" Sara looked on in confusion as the Spanish girl rushed out of the
side exit church to where their horses were tied up.

Following her outside she saw the girl talking to her horse, and gently stroking
its mane. What she saw next shocked her. Hiding in the doorway she watched as
Maria took off her dress and stood before her horse naked. "Alright, Lance, time
to get ready." Literally on command, Lance's cock extended out. Maria knelt
under her long time companion and sucked the head into her mouth.

Sara couldn't believe she could stretch her mouth that wide, but right in front
of her eyes was her partner in crime down on her knees sucking an the head of a
horse's cock while she slowly and rhythmically jacked it off with her left hand.
Her right was down between her legs rubbing her clit in time with her left.

Maria's sucking got louder as the horse's precum and her saliva coated the cock
head. Now and then the Spanish girl would lick around the opening, teasing the
horse's flared tip. Lance shifted on his legs and Maria closed her eyes with the
cock pointed at her face. When nothing came out she resumed pleasuring her
beast. Using both hands she jacked long and hard on the horse's cock, getting
the tip flared again. She positioned it between her breasts and awkwardly gave
it a titty job before getting down on her knees again and pleasuring the beast
with her mouth.

The horse suddenly whinnied, making Sara jump. Maria once again got ready for
her hard won reward. She was kneeling on the ground with her arms at her sides,
her face was directly in front of the cock's opening with her eyes closed and
her mouth open.

Maria was blasted with loads of horse cum. The first three hit her face and
splashed onto her hair. She filled her mouth on the drippings and swallowed
eagerly. As Maria's horse drained his balls onto the girl the spurts got weaker.
By the time he was done the front of her body was covered in cum. She wiped her
face clean with her hands and stood up, licking up Lance's salty goodness.
Looking down she saw that Lance had left her a complete mess. Whatever had been
liquid was cooling fast. Drops of cum oozed off her body, leaving threads
trailing from her breasts and between her legs. She walked over to the nearby
tub of water she had filled for cleaning up afterward and eased herself over the
metal sides. The sun had warmed it a bit making it more pleasant than it would
have been. Once she had cleaned herself she stepped out and leaned against the
fence to dry herself in the sun. The horse snorted at her and gently nudged her
between her shoulder blades. Understanding his words she smiled and turned
around to face Sara. "So, you liked what you saw, huh?"

Sara stammered over her words, embarrassed that she had gotten caught. "You
know," Maria continued as she walked toward her, "you should thank Wang as well.
It was because of him that you were able to make such a quick getaway."

Her partner in crime looked apprehensively at her horse. Maria took this moment
of distraction to get behind her and wrapped her arms around her in a tight hug.
"Come on, Sara," she whispered in her ear, "You can't look into those eyes and
not see that he has needs. Needs you can satisfy." Maria reached a hand down
below the waistband of Sara's dress and rubbed her through the material. Sara
was startled at first but then succumbed to the Spanish girl's skilled touch.
Maria clicked her tongue at her own horse, who stepped forward obediently. She
clicked some more and Lance turned to face Wang. After an exchange of neighs and
snorts Wang's cock extended out. "See? He wants you; and I'm sure he's been
blue-balled for a while." Sara was amazed at the rapport Maria had with horses
and wished that she herself had the ability to get cock whenever she wanted.

Wang stepped forward and grabbed the front of her dress; right where it opened
to reveal her cleavage. It gave a quick tug and the Spanish girl's dress came
off neatly in the horse's mouth.

Sara cried out in surprise. Her bra and panties had also somehow come off,
leaving her naked. Turning around she saw Maria had a big grin on her face,
holding her bra in one hand and her side-tie thong in the other. It seemed the
sneaky chica had ulterior motives for groping her. Maria led Sara to her white
stallion and knelt underneath. "Do it like this.", she said.

Maria grasped the member and gave it a few hard pulls along the shaft. She
licked the head a couple times and then wrapped her lips around the head;
sucking noisily. She passed the engorged shaft to the Spanish girl, who stared
at it wide-eyed. Her hand could barely wrapped around it. Wang shuffled
impatiently and the slick rod slipped out of her grasp. Both girls reached for
it, trying to get the slippery, wriggly organ under control but it was nearly
impossible. Every time one of them wrapped their hands around it Wang thrust
forward instinctively. It was only because of Lance's insistent neighs that
prevented the girls from being knocked over.

By the time they finally had it in their grasp again they both had wet traces of
precum smeared over their faces and chests. Sara used both hands to keep the
throbbing piece of horse meat under control. The musky smell coming from the
opening and her body made her heady. She reached out with her tongue and gave it
a quick lick. The taste and the smell overwhelmed her senses and fueled her
libido. She went back for another, and another. Soon she was licking the flared
tip like the most delicious ice cream cone she had ever eaten and running her
hands along the long hard cock.

Maria stepped out from underneath Wang and stood with Lance to watch the sexy
slut from the East pleasure her beast. The sight of it made her horny and she
began playing with her pussy. Just as she was about to cum felt a nudge against
her back.

"What?" she said, annoyed that Lance would interrupt her at that moment. The
horse neighed and clicked a bit and nodded towards their private sex show. Maria
turned and saw that Wang was thrusting ever so gently under Sara's
ministrations, but even that was enough to almost knock the girl over. Sara was
hugging the horse's dick against her breasts, partly hanging on and partly
giving Wang a titty-fuck. Lanced clicked a bit more; which made Maria face her
horse with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, is that what you like to watch, huh? Well, alright."

Maria got back underneath Wang and kneeled down behind Sara to support her
weight. Sara was glad for the help. Then she felt a pair of hands gently caress
her body, gently squeezing her breasts tighter against Wang's cock and then go
further south to her pussy.

Maria rubbed her fingers over Sara's hard clit and kissed her neck, giving the
Spanish girl room to lean back work the horse cock past her lips and as far down
her throat she could get it. Sara moaned with pleasure at Maria's touch. The
Spanish girl knew how to finger-fuck and Sara had nearly cum several times.
Maria's deft fingers seemed to know when to stop and keep her orgasm just out of

Maria could see her skills weren't lost on Wang. Every time she plunged her
fingers into Sara's wet cunt, she moaned. Wang felt her vibrations on his cock
and it seemed to Maria that it got extra stiff every time. She moved her slick
fingers over Sara's wet pussy lips and tried to pop her clit from its hood. It
took a few tries but she soon had it out in the open standing hard, shiny and
proud. She worked her thumb over Sara's nub while she thrust her middle finger
up her snatch and rubbed her labia with the adjacent ones.

Sara's body bucked as her orgasm finally hit her. She moaned hard around the
horse cock in her mouth. Wang thrust hard against her body, sliding his cock
between her breasts a couple times before letting loose a torrent of blue-balled
cum. The first spurt filled her cheeks until they ballooned out like a
chipmunk's and her mouth flew off the cock head with an audible pop. Spurt after
spurt of hot horse jism hosed the Spanish girl down as her own cum squirted from
her pussy.

When Wang finally finished Maria gently moved Sara from underneath her bestial
lover. She herself had gotten some of the splash-back but Sara was a sight to
behold. The hair at the top and sides of her head were plastered down with thick
ropes of jism. They grew more spread out further down but still clung to her
hair in large globs. Her face, breasts, stomach, pussy and thighs were
completely coated in white. Whatever was still liquid slowly oozed onto the
ground. She considered tipping the bathtub onto her to wash her off but felt a
nudge against her back.

Turning around she saw Lance standing there. "Oh, you're ready for some more?"
she asked. As if in answer the horse trotted around the corner behind the church
to where the stables were. Maria followed her horse inside where it stopped next
to some padded benches they normally used for fucking. Maria felt her cheeks
flush at the memory of what Lance and her did there. She normally only let Lance
have her pussy on special occasions when making their escape was more dangerous
than usual. Lately those occasions had gotten more frequent and while she didn't
want to spoil him, she couldn't deny him either.

"Alright," she said, "But you'd better be hard by the time I'm over there."
Lance snorted as the Spanish girl walked by. The blowjob he'd received earlier
was excellent, and though he was a little limp, he was far from finished. As if
in answer, his cock straightened out until it was horizontal with his body.
Maria laid down and waited as her own bestial lover got into position above her.
The horse moved to put its front hooves over the special railing she had made
just for these occasions. Like this Lance was in his natural fucking position.
As it reared up, Maria saw Lance's cock above her. When he put his hooves in
place, the cock swayed lower, slapping lightly against her body; leaving its
musky scent.

She grabbed his long cock, spread her legs and rubbed the flared tip against her
vaginal entrance. She lined Lance's cock with her pussy and guided it in,
moaning loudly as the thick member pushed into her. Lance thrust forward,
sinking half his length into her. "Oh, fuck! Yes!" Maria cried out. She felt
fully filled and could only imagine what it would feel like when Lance really
got going.

Sara woke up from her orgasm induced nap to find Wang waiting nearby and herself
covered in white spooge. She washed herself off in Maria's tub but found that
the horse's cum was so thick it still left a residue on her skin. "Blue balls
indeed," she muttered to herself.

After draining the tub she looked around, wondering where Maria and Lance had
gone to. Maria's clothes were still hanging from the fence. She checked inside
the church but found it empty except for their loot and the horse's saddles and
tack. Going back outside looked at Wang warily before saying, "You may not
understand me, but do you know where Maria went off to?"

Wang just stood there and Sara felt silly until the horse turned around and
walked towards the stables. He stopped after a bit and seeing that she had not
moved, motioned with his head for her to follow. As they neared the building she
heard moans mixed with snorts and whinnying. What she saw inside left her slack-

Maria was laying prone on a padded table taking as much as Lance could give her.
Her legs were raised with her feet planted against Lance's body and her hands
gripped the edges of the table. The force of the horse's thrusts lifted her
body, suspending her from his cock for a few brief seconds before he pulled out.

"Oh! Fuck, yes! I'm cumming Lance, I'm cumming just for you! Fuck me harder!" ,
Maria screamed as another orgasm took her.

Sara watched transfixed as Lance's long, thick member went in and out of the
Spanish girl's slick pussy.

The horse came, flooding her pussy with cum. There was so much it sprayed back
out. Even though it had gotten its release, the beast still continued to pound
his Spanish mistress. As slick as it was, its cock slipped out and slid across
her stomach, spurting cum over her breasts and face.

Maria lay there with a blissful smile on her face. She grabbed Lance's cock and
gave it a kiss before he dismounted from the railing and walked away. In that
motion she saw Sara leaning against the doorway of the stable; still naked. She
didn't know how long she had been watching, but she knew she hadn't left Wang
that long ago. She could see some of his spunk still on her body.

"You like what you see?" Maria asked. "`Cause I'm sure Wang would run faster if
he knew he could have your pussy at the end of the day."

"I like," Sara replied, "but Wang can wait for now."

Going over to Maria she embraced her and kissed her deeply. Sara led the girl
backward and pushed her against the edge of the table. Maria raised herself up
laid down on her back. Sara got on the table as well and intertwined her legs
with Maria's. Sara rubbed her pussy against Maria's, moving up and down and then
in small circles. Some of the copious amounts of Lance's cum on Maria's body
would ooze down from her stomach, creating an erotic cooling sensation as it
squished between their pussies.

Sara disentangled herself, laid down on top of Maria and kissed her. The rest of
Lance's cum squished between their bodies. Some went up between their cleavages
and created a large pearl necklace around Maria's neck. The Spanish girl licked
up all the large globs around her neck and moved down Maria's body, licking up
as much horse cum she could find. When she reached her pussy she spread her lips
wide and licked deep into her, collecting the mixture of Maria's sweet nectar
and Lance's salty goodness. Then she moved back up and French kissed her,
passing the mixture of cum between their lips.

Sara started kissing Maria's neck, allowing the Spanish girl to see Lance and
Wang standing nearby. She could see from Lance's limp dick that he was still
recovering from their sex earlier. Wang, however, looked ready for another go.
Maria clicked at Lance, who translated to Wang.

Hearing this exchange, Sara looked around to see what was going on. She saw her
horse walking up to the table they were on, rear up and rest his front hooves on
the rail nearly at their heads. With the two of them on the table there was
nearly no room left for the horse. She felt Wang's cock against her back and his
pulse through the throbbing member. There were a few more clicks and neighs in
translation. Wang shifted backward a bit. Sara felt his hot horse cock slide
backward until the tip rested against her ass.

Maria reached down and maneuvered the stiff shaft around. Sara felt the flared
tip, oozing with pre-cum slide between her ass-cheeks, leaving a trail between
them from her asshole to her pussy. The flared tip felt scalding hot against her
pussy and made Sara wonder what it would feel like to be fucked by Wang as she
had seen Lance do with Maria.

Maria moved the horse cock lower until the tip was sandwiched between their
bodies. Feeling his dick being crushed between something warm and wet, Wang
shuffled forward for a better position on the rail. Then he thrust forward,
sliding his entire length between the girls until the flared tip rested between
their lips. Both girls moaned simultaneously as the thick, hot shaft rubbed
against their clits.

The strength behind Wang's thrusts blew Sara's mind. Within two back and forth
motions she had already cum, her juices only making it easier for Wang. Maria,
who was used to horse cock was holding on, but only barely. Wang thrust a few
more times and Maria could no longer hold back. Her juices coated the underside
of the thick prick and Wang only sped up.

Soon a couple weak spurts erupted from the end of Wang's cock. The first shot
across Maria's face, covering her from her chin to her hair in thick jism. The
second dribbled out and fell neatly into her open mouth, nearly choking her as
she tried to breathe.

Wang pulled out neighing and stamping his hooves about, his stiff cock swaying
around. Lance neighed and whinnied, seemingly trying to placate the other horse.
This continued for several more minutes until the haze induced by their multiple
orgasms lifted and the girls were aware of the noise.

"What's going on?" Sara asked.

Maria finished wiping the horse spunk off her face and listened in on the
horse's exchange. What she heard made her giggle.

"It seems Wang could tell he wasn't fucking a real pussy. Why don't you give him
what he wants?" Maria gestured at another padded table beside them.

What was left of Lance's cum created gossamer strands between the girl's bodies
as Sara got off of Maria. She laid down on the other table with her legs spread
wide, waiting for Wang to take her. The horse wasted no time and mounted the
railing. The Spanish girl stared at the swaying cock above her. Just knowing it
was going to penetrate her sent shivers through her spine. She reached up,
grasped the stiff shaft and guided to tip to the entrance of her pussy. She
rubbed across her lips in small circles, coating them in Wang's juices and vice

Wanting to finally ride the girl who had ridden him so many times before, Wang
thrust forward. "Fuck!" cried Sara. Not only did Wang get his entire length into
her, his cock was so stiff he was lifting her off the table by an inch or so.
Sara could see an outline of the horse cock just below her stomach. It didn't
seem real, even when she traced the bulge of it with her fingers. A horse cock
was actually inside her.

Wang pulled out, nearly dragging Sara off the table. Sara held onto the sides of
the table and watch in amazement as the entire twelve inch long, two inch thick
horse cock exited from her pussy until the flared tip was pressed against her
entrance again. Wang thrust in slowly again, enjoying Sara's tight Spanish
snatch wrapping around his cock.

Maria was now sitting upright and she and Lance watched the couple, each getting
more turned on by the minute. Lance walked over to Maria, his cock hard and
erect again, ready for another fuck. He mounted the railing and began thrusting
but his cock only met air.

Maria reached up and stroked the horse's neck. "Calm down," she said. "If you
wanted my pussy again you should have said something. I would have gotten

Nevertheless, Maria positioned herself on the table in her hands and knees,
straddling Lance's shaft. Then she rested her head in her arms with her ass
raised in the air. Reaching underneath her she guided Lance's cock to her
vaginal entrance. Once Lance felt the familiar feeling of Spanish pussy against
his dick he thrust forward again. Maria looked between her legs and saw Lance's
large balls framed by her legs. Since Maria was in a natural fucking position
for him, he was able to get his entire length into the girl.

Looking over to the other table Lance saw Wang thoroughly plowing Sara just as
he was doing to Maria. Sharing a look with his equine friend they both knew the
girls weren't the only ones who hit the jackpot today.


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