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Date: 07/01/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, drug use, voyurism, BDSM, female solo sex, graphic
violence, male solo sex, rape, male/female sex, female/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Barb Wire/m/f

Archive: Yes

Feedback: Yes, I want feedback.

Other Notes: This story takes place after the movie and is a birthday gift
for Pamela Anderson, who was born on the First day of July, 1967.

Summary: The sudden arrival of a sexually-abused young woman causes Barb Wire
to finally go take her revenge on the very couple who had sexually-abused her
after she got seperated from her unit.

Dedication: Happy 42nd Birthday to Pamela Anderson! -- ATK 2008

Barb Wire: Barb's Revenge
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

This happens to be Steel Harbor, the only one free city left in the 21st
Century during the Second World War--that has placed the whole country in a
state of emergency and what was formerly called the American Congress now
rules with fascistic methods--and also the headquarters for the resistance
and I ought to know all about this because I just happen to be this buxon
blonde female bounty hunter known as Barbara 'Barb Wire' Kopetski and I also
happen to be the owner of the Hammerhead night club.

Anyway, if there are some of you folks who want to know how I was able to
become so good at my job as a bounty hunter, it was simple for me because I
had allowed myself to follow one little rule and that rule is to not take
sides but that was before a former lover of mine named Axel Hood had came
over to my club and asked me to help get a female scientist named Doctor
Corrina 'Cora D' Devonshire across the American border to expose a
governmental cover-up.

And to tell you the honest truth, I was so glad that I had Charlie--who
happens to be my blind mechanical genius brother--helping me make sure that
Cora D gets her ass across that border safely but it had also caused him to
get injured by some really nasty assholes in the process, causing me to kick
the living shit out of those sorry shit-heads and rescue that lovable
goofball of a brother of mine.

Speaking of which, I had just rode my motorcycle over to the hospital to pay
a visit to a still-recuperating Charlie and noticed that he was happy to see
me and I was able to tell by the small smile that had appeared on that face
of his after I had placed my gentle hand on his forehead and gave him a small
kiss on the cheek which had caused me to allow a small smile to appear on my
face as well.

Anyway, as soon as I had given Charlie a little 'goodbye' hug and kiss and
stepped out of the hospital, I had walked myself over to the bike and was
about to get myself on it and ride on out of there, only to have me notice an
ambulance pulling itself up to the hospital's emergency room door in order to
let the paramedics and the doctors to take this poor strawberry-blonde girl
who had looked like she had the living shit kicked and smashed right out of
her out of the ambulance and into the hospital.

And let me tell you right now that as soon as I had gotten a really good look
at the poor kid's face and noticed that she was totally scared out of her
mind, I had suddenly realized that a certain pair of overly-crazed sex-fiends
were up to their old tricks again and it had suddenly caused me to think back
to that one day on which I had gotten myself seperated from my unit and I had
no choice but to try to get my own ass out of there before some enemy
assholes were able to find me and turn me over to their Hitler-ish commanding
officers for their own brand of interegation.

But I'm sorry to say that I was only able to make it into this one abandoned
building which was where I had laid myself down on the floor, rolled myself
up in a ball, allowed a single tear to run down my cheek and began asking God
for anything that could help me get myself out of that hellish war-zone alive
and in one piece.

And believe it or not, I had suddenly felt someone's soft and gentle hand on
my cheek and that had caused me to look up at this stranger and noticed that
it was a beautiful dark-haired female, who had looked at me with a small
smile on her lips and asked, "What's wrong, Sweetie?Are you lost and unable
to find your way home?", causing me to wipe the tears from my eyes and tell
her that I had gotten seperated from my unit and needed to get myself out of

And then, after she had helped me get back up to my feet, the kind female
stranger had placed her gentle hand on my shoulder and said, "It's going to
be okay, Barbie. You could stay with us for the night. Oh, and before I
forget, my name is Nicole Bingham and I really do wish that this whole Second
Civil War had not gotten started in the first place and the United States of
America could be one happy nation again. "

"Believe me, Nicole. I'm with you on that. ", that was what I had said to
Nicole before the both of us had looked around to make sure that not a single
unfriendly was heading right towards us, stepped out of that vacant building
and headed straight for this mansion-type place that had seemed to be
untouched by the war that was going on outside of it.

And as soon as we had stepped inside that place and Nicole had closed and
locked the door behind us, we had walked into the drawing room and noticed
that a handsome male stud with dark-brown hair was sitting in a chair and
staring at a crackling fire in the fireplace with a glass of fine brandy in
his hand before he had turned his eyes toward us and said, "Well, Nicole. I
see that you were able to bring another poor unfortunate soul home with you.
May I ask what her name is?"

"Her name is Barbara Kopetski and the poor thing had suddenly gotten herself
seperated from her unit. I had told her that she could stay with us for the
night. Barbie, this handsome hunk is my housemate, David Stevenson. ", that
was the answer that Nicole had given David before he had gotten himself out
of the chair, given me a gentle kiss on the hand and said, "A real charming
pleasure to meet you, Dear Sweet Barbara. Please do go ahead and have
yourself a sip of brandy. "

And to tell you the truth, I was reluctant to do so at first but as soon as I
had realized that both David and Nicole were allowing me to stay in a place
of pure safety for the night, I had taken the glass of brandy out of David's
hand and took a sip of it, only to have me start feeling woozy and realize
that something else has been mixed into the brandy but just as I was about to
turn around and start walking towards the front door, I had became so woozy
that I had no choice but to drop myself down to the floor and become

Now, I really had no idea as to how long I was out-cold as a result to taking
a sip of that drugged brandy but as soon as I had opened my eyes, I had made
a shocking discovery that I had been stripped bare-ass naked and chained to a
doorway, causing me to start trying to free myself from my bondage without
any success before a devilishly-gleefull Nicole had walked her totally-nude
body over to me, looked at me with two of her fingers inside her hot, wet
pussy and her second hand on her own tits and said, "Well-well, Barbie! I see
that you're finally awake from your little nap! That's good! Because now is
the time for you to recieve some serious fucking, you little bitch!"

And just as I was about to ask that fucking bitch about what she was talking
about, I was unable to notice that a buff-naked David had placed himself
behind me with a large paddle in his hands before he had looked at my exposed
ass with a devilishly-gleefull smile on those lips of his and said, "Time for
you to recieve a little tenderizing, Babe!"

And after he had started smashing that large paddle of his straight into my
ass and that pet bitch of his had savagely smacked her hand across my face,
David had dropped the paddle down on the floor and began stroking his stiff
cock before he had placed his hands on my exposed tits and that stone hard
dick of his inside my asshole and Nicole had placed a vice-like grip on the
back of my head and gave me a really deep kiss on the lips.

And then, after that fucking bitch had started licking on my exposed pussy
and dug her really sharp fingernails straight into my tits, her asshole of a
partner had grabbed hold of my hair, pulled on it really hard and yelled at
FUCK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU! SAY IT NOW!" causing me to have no choice
but to let out a scream of intense pain and yell, "AAAAHHHH, YES! I DO ENJOY

Then, those humanoid pieces of shit had started moving themselves harder and
faster until they had made me and themselves cum, dropped themselves down to
the floor and fell right to sleep before I had closed my eyes and began to
cry, only to have me start feeling my hands sliding out of the wristcuffs and
after I had looked at my newly-freed hands and noticed that it was true, I
had allowed a big smile to appear on my face.

But after I had looked at the still-sleeping forms of both David and Nicole
and realized that I should not be allowing myself to stay there for much
longer, I had carefully reached down and slid my feet out of the ankle-cuffs
just in time for me to sneak myself past those two assholes, quickly get my
clothes back on and use the lock-picking skills that Axel had taught me to
unlock and open the front door and get my ass out of there before they were
both able to wake up.

And as soon as my own mind has placed itself back into the present and I had
looked at myself and realized that I had allowed myself to become the best
bounty hunter on the face of this very planet Earth, I had realized that it
was time for me to finally have my revenge against those two humanoid shit-
heads and it was that very realization that had caused me to start up my bike
and ride it straight to the one place that had looked like a beautiful
mansion but was actually the den of my nightmare.

And then, after I had arrived at that place and looked around to make sure
that there were no more assholes heading right towards me, I had taken a lead
pipe that I had picked up on my way over, used it to smash the living shit
out of one of those fucking windows and allowed myself to step into the
drawing room of that place just before I had heard someone walking down the
stairs and placed myself behind the sofa.

That was before that one male piece of shit known as David Stevenson had
stepped into the room, turned on the lights, looked at the smashed window
with wide-eyes and yelled, "WHO DID THIS?I WANT TO KNOW RIGHT NOW! WHO IS THE
SON OF A BITCH WHO HAD DONE THIS?", causing me to take a deep breath and
answer, "It's funny that you should ask, David!" only to have him turn
around, look around the entire room with a devilishly-gleefull smile on that
face of his and say, "Well-well! Our naughty little slave has finally
returned to us! Hi, Babe! How are you doing?"

"Don't call me 'Babe', you sick piece of shit!" that was what I had said to
that fucking dumb-ass prick, only to have him take his robe off to expose
that bare-ass naked body of his, let out some evil laughter and say, "Don't
give me that, you fucking bitch! You really do love being called 'Babe' and
you know it! Now, get your fucking ass out here and recieve another fucking
right now, Babe!"

But of course, that had only caused me to become so pissed-off that I had let
out a growl of rage, aimed my shotgun at the son of a bitch and pulled the
triger, causing that shot to hit him straight square in the nuts and forcing
that sick asshole to drop himself down to the floor, place his hands on what
was left of his dick and let out a scream of total pain before I had stepped
out of my hiding place, kicked that piece-of-shit ten whole times in the face
and stomach and yelled, "FOR THE LAST TIME, YOU SON OF A BITCH! DO NOT CALL

That was before I had suddenly heard someone screaming bloody murder, causing
me to turn quickly around and discover that a totally-shocked Nicole was
standing in the doorway and looking at me with pure terror in her eyes and
YOU! IT'S JUST IN OUR NATURE, THAT'S ALL!" only to have me walk up to that
pathetic bitch, placed a vice-like hold on her hair and hissed, "Well then,
Nicole! Please do allow me to return the favor!"

And after I had kicked the living shit out of that fucking cow right in the
stomach a full fifteen times and dead in the face only once, I had looked
down at that one bitch who I had thought was trying to help me on that one
day and said, "Now we're even, you cock-sucking cow!" before I had finally
stepped out of that place, got myself back on my bike and rode straight back
to Steel Harbor, where I had gone into my club, stepped into the apartment
above it, stripped off all of my clothes, turned on the water, stepped into
the shower, sat myself down on the floor, curled myself up in a ball and
began to cry.

But to tell you the truth, you folks really don't have to worry about me
because I had only allowed myself to stay in that shower for only a couple of
minutes before I had finally realized that I had finally gotten my revenge
and it really wasn't my fault to begin with. . . and if there are still some
of those assholes who are willing to say different, then they could just go
straight to fucking hell for all I care!



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