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Date: 12/21/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, female/female sex, male/female sex, strong language

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Barbarella/Pygar/The Great Tyrant

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Summary: After they place themselves on a safe spot away from the danger,
both Pygar and the former Great Tyrant decide to ask Barbarella to join them
in an erotic threeway.

Other Notes: This story is a birthday gift for Jane Fonda, who was born of
the 21st day of December, 1937 and takes place after the movie entitled

Dedication: Happy 69th Birthday to Jane Fonda! -- ATK 2006

Barbarella: An Angel Is Love
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

At first, the President of the entire planet Earth has assigned a hot and
sexy-looking space-babe known only as Barbarella to travel to a distant
planet in order to search for a missing scientist named Durand Durand and
bring him back to his homeworld, but that was before she had arrived on
that planet and experienced one hot and steamy sexual encounter after
another before she had finally reached the palace of the planet's female
leader who has called herself The Great Tyrant.

But as soon as she was about to try to rescue the scientist from the tyrant's
clutches, Durand Durand had turned around and caused the heroic Barbarella to
be captured and placed inside this one room where the suddenly-renegade
scientist had her placed inside a machine that strips the victim's clothes
off of her body and causes a wave of pure sexual pleasure to wash all over
her nude body until she had no choice, but to slide down the machine and
allow it to destroy her.

But after she had caused the machine to self-destruct instead, the enraged
scientist has forced the heroic space-babe to be shoved inside the
unsuspecting tyrant's bed-chamber just before he had released a monsterous
creature to destroy both Barbarella and his former mistress.

But that was before the two space-maidens had been rescued and flown away
from the scene of danger by a blind angel known as Pygar and the creature
had instead destroyed the tyrant's palace with the sinister Durand Durand
inside of it.

Anyway, it was after he had landed himself and the two space-babes on a
safe-enough spot that Pygar had placed his gentle hand on Barbarella's cheek
and his hand on her arm and said, "Now that we are far from danger, my
darling Barbarella. There is something that I am indeed curious about."

That was before The Great Tyrant had looked at the heroic space-babe with a
great sense of gratitude in her eyes, placed her gentle hand underneath
Barbarella's chin and said, "I do believe that we are both curious of the
exact same thing, Pygar. Well, Pretty-Pretty? What do you say?Are you as
curious of the same thing as we are?"

And surprisingly enough, the answer to the tyrant's question had came soon
enough, for as soon as Barbarella had kissed her ever so passionately on
the lips and the trio had stripped off all of their clothes, the heroic
space-babe had started licking all over her former foe's bare-ass naked
body -- all the way down to her hot, wet pussy and carressing her firm

And then, after Pygar has placed his stiff cock inside Barbarella's asshole
and his hands on the tyrant's bare shoulders, the former sinister beauty has
placed her hands on the blonde space-maiden's bare shoulders and said,
"Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Barbarella! Touch me! Touch me there!
Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

Then, after they had laid their nude bodies down on the soft ground and Pygar
had taken his stone hard dick out of Barbarella's backside and allowed the
former tyrant to start sucking on it, the heroic space-babe had suddenly
realized that she was able to experience the one thing that she had never
experienced with any size group before, for she was experiencing pure and
untamed erotica... and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after Pygar had placed his stiff cock inside the blonde
space-maiden's pussy and started licking on the former tyrant's hot, moist
snatch, the raven-haired beauty has started sucking on her former enemy's
stiff mounds, causing a sexually-energized Barbarella to place her hands on
the former tyrant's bare back and yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH,

And then, after the three newfound bi-sexual lovers had started moving
themselves harder and faster and their lovemaking has finally made its way
back to Earth, Barbarella, Pygar and the former tyrant had came and collapsed
due to exhaustion just before the blonde space-babe had placed her gentle
hand on the handsome angel's bare arm and said, "That was truly wonderful,
Pygar. We had indeed experienced pure love."

And after the space angel has placed his gentle hand on Barbarella's cheek
and said, "And that was exactly what I had been saying before, Barbarella. An
angel is love," the three newfound bi-sexual lovers had snuggled themselves
up to each other and fell asleep with their naked arms in a lover's embrace.

Meanwhile, back on the planet Earth, the President of the entire planet has
given the order to try to make contact with Barbarella and demand why she has
been unable to return to Earth with the missing scientist, but they would
only do so without any success, because she had decided to remain on her new
home-planet with Pygar and their female lover.



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