Bates Motel: Norman, Norma, Normal (mF,inc,oral)
by Insomniac

Norman Bates was... damaged to say the least. The affectionate relationship he had with his mother wasn't the usual type you'd see between mother and son. Norman lost his father and he often helped her cope with that. The help was actually mutual, Norma, Norman's mother, had to play the role of both parents.

Norman's brother Dylan and since moved to their house, and this only caused Norman to want more attention from his mother now that he had to share her.

Norman was growing up, women seemed to be drawn to him. He had the hottest girl in school in his bed, his wonderful friend Emma whom he adored, and unfortunately his teacher. He wound up and her house, and from that point on he couldn't recall. All he knew was, that she wound up dead, and his mother had a slight suspicion that he was involved.

Norman would have these blackout that his mother only recently confessed to him about. At first he thought she was lying with her manipulative ways to keep him in her pocket. Then he realized that explained some gaps in his day. He knew there was something wrong with him, and lately, it was his sudden lust for his mother. He had always admired her, thought she was beautiful. She was always there for him, understood him, of course they loved eachother. He knew their relationship was different from most mothers and sons, but no one could see what they've been through, and how that makes you close. But even so, even he lately was questioning his intention.

"I mean surely" he thought to himself, "she squeezes me a bit more than normal in hugs. She lingers after, almost... waiting for a kiss."

'NO!' he shouted in his head, that's not right. 'I CANT think of mother that way.'

He seemed to wage war with himself. He decided he couldn't get these images of her, in his favorite blue and white dress out of his head. This isn't Normal Norman. You shouldn't be thinking like this Norman!

Just then his mother passed by the room, her overbearing self, couldn't let him sit alone upstairs too long before she checked up on him.

Norma: Hey hunny, Dylan is out working doing God knows what tonight, so its just me and you for dinner. Want anything special?

Norman: (taking a few moments to answer) Uhhh, no. No that's ok. Whatever works for me.

Norma: Are you okay? You seem a bit... off. More than usual.

Norman: Yeah, its just.

Norma: Just what? You know you can't tell me anything honey.

She sat down and put her hand on his knee smiling at him.

Norma loved her son more than anything, she loved Dylan, but due to the circumstances in which he was born, and the fact he didn't live with them most of his life, she felt estranged to him. With Norman however, there was enough motherly instinct to make up for both her sons. She was sexually abused as a child and felt she needed to protect Norman from the dangers out the world, even if that meant sheltering him beyond what he thought was necessary.

Norman: Well, its just that. I find that you are beautiful...

Norma: Aww, well thanks sweetheart. But what's the problem, you always tell me how pretty you think I am. I love it.

Norman: Its just that... I find myself, thinking I am ya know... sexually attracted to you. (Norman hung his head down anticipating his mother's disgusted reaction.)

"HAHHAHA!" Norma laughed.

"What so funny?" Norman questioned?

"Of course you do silly," she replied. "You're a teen boy for god sakes. You're just confused. I'm a woman, right? You're a man, yes? It's supposed to be that way. We just spend a lot of time around each other, its only natural. BUT that doesn't mean you want to act on it, cause you know that's not right. Its just your hormones.

Norman: Really?

"Of course," she answered.

Norma: I mean I change in front of you all the time. Does that make you feel any certain way?

Norman: Well, yeah kinda. I think you look great naked. It gets my, you know... penis... hard.

Norma was kind of taken back, as this more than a confused teen she thought. She had been sexually abused by her brother, does this sort of thing run in the family. NO of course not she said, he is just confused, of course he will get excited at seeing a naked woman.

Norma: Ok, well do you think cause its me, or the fact there is a naked woman around you?

"Well," he thought. "I've seen other women naked, and it happens then too, but... I always think about seeing you in the shower, or in bed."

Norma was slightly in shock, they had a close relationship sure, but she couldn't really have imagined this. Although she thought to herself, its not that surprising. She did openly change around him and he would occasionally wash her back in the tub if she was too sore to do it herself.

This was getting her curious now.

"Well..." she said. "How do you get rid of those images?" she asked anticipating the answer."

Norman: Mother, he said bright red.

Norma: It's a natural thing, you masturbate. I do it too.

Norman: Really?

"Of course," she explained. She looked down and caught a glimpse of a buldge forming in her son's pants. 'He's getting hard just talking about me masturbating,' she thought.

Then all of a sudden she could feel her nipples harden, and herself start to get moist. 'My god,' she wondered, 'am I getting horny for my son? That can't be right.'

Norman caught his mother look at his hard on.

Norman: Oh, I'm sorry mother. (blushing)

Norma didn't want him to feel embarrassed, so she said the first thing that came to mind. "Don't be silly, why don't we get naked, that way we can see how comfortable you are with our bodies naked so close together."

'SHIT!' she thought, 'Well can't take it back now. Hopefully Norman says no.'

Norman: I, I suppose. If you think that will help.

"Can... you go first?" he asked with big eyes full of curiosity and hope.

Well, he had seen her many times before, just not under the pretense of her knowing he was aroused by the sight.

She stood up and removed her blouse. She was wearing a flattering black bra and still left imagination. Next she unbuttoned and slid down her tan skirt revealing matching black underwear. The underwear a little more racy than the bra. The were a small lace number, almost see-through, as she turned around to toss her clothes on the chair Norman got a view of her ass as her panties rode up.

Norman knew this site was different than the other times he had seen his mother naked. She was stripping FOR him, knowing that he liked it. He was rock hard.

His mother than reached back and unclasped her bra dropping it to the floor. She had light pink nipples, roughly the size of a quarter sitting in the middle of the largest breasts he had seen. Granted, he had seen them several times, but not since he became a man. These were much larger than Bradley's he thought to himself. Its been a while since I have seen her naked.

She smiled at his reaction. She hadn't met a man in this town, it was slightly arousing her to know that someone was getting enjoyment from her body, even if it was her son.

Finally, she dropped her panties. Showing her son her most private part. She was cleanly shaved, as of this morning in fact. Norman couldn't hold back his smile any longer. He had never actually seen his mother shaved. He thought it was so great when he saw Bradley's snatch, now his mother has beaten her again.

"You are gorgeous mother!" He exclaimed.

"Well, thanks, baby. But see, it's natural. Something everyone feels. We all get naked."

"Now," she said slightly wanting this know, "why don't you get naked."

Norman forgot about his turn. Would his mother get offended if he was so hard from her. Would she laugh if its not big enough for her?

He nervously stood up and removed his t-shirt. He was very slender with no real muscle definition. He then unbuttoned his jeans leaving just his boxers covering his rock hard member. It was already sprung at attention. Norma was now the one who had to maintain her composure. Though he saw her naked often, she hadn't seen him naked since he was about 10. Since becoming a teen he wanted to change and shower alone.

He then removed his boxers showing his mother his cock for the first time in years. He had roughly a 7 inch penis, rather thin with a small trimmed patch of pubic hair neatly around the base of his throbbing cock.

"My, have you grown," was all she could say.

He stood with his cock point at her. "So, this is normal right. This isn't bad?"

"Does it feel bad?" She asked. With that she reached out and grabbed a hold of her son's dick.

He gasped. "Oh mother, surely this is bad."

"Honey," she smirked, "I know you want this just let it happen," and with that she grabbed her son's ass and pulled him closer. And with one quick motion shoved her son's cock in her mouth.

"Oh mother!" Norman sighed, this was incredible. He had only had his dick sucked on one occasion and he thought that was as good as it got, but his mother was a pro. She took his all seven inches of him down her throat like it was nothing. She would let out a slight moan every couple of seconds to let Norman know they were both enjoying it. She could squeeze out her tongue from around his cock and would lick the top of his balls when she was down that far, then on the way up, her hand would follow her lips in a twisting motion opposite of her head. This corkscrew was going to cause Norman to blow his load.

Norma saw her son's abdomen tightening so she decided to let up.

"Here baby, why don't you return the favor?" she smiled.

Norman was beyond thrilled to do so, his mother got on the bed, legs spread. Her pussy awaiting his tongue. He was worried he wouldn't be good at it so he got in quickly. He started taking huge laps at his mother's vagina.

"OH FUCK, that's nice Norman, fucking lick me!"

He couldn't believe his mother was enjoying him licking her pussy, something he had only dreamed of doing, until now.

She grabbed his hair and lead him up to her clit. "There baby, suck right there until I tell you to stop."

Norman wondered why here, but he did as he was told. As soon as he hit her clit she bucked her pelvis into him.

'My God,' Norman thought, 'I must be really good at this.'


Norman recalled the clitoris from his sex-ed class, never did he learn that stimulating it would have such an effect.

Norma then grabbed her son's hair again, this time yanking him up to her mouth, tasting herself on his lips. Norman wasn't particularly a good kisser which she found odd given how well he ate her out, but at this moment she didn't care. Norman wasn't ready for what happened next.

Norma grabbed her son's hard cock and guided it into her slit.

"UHHH!" Norman immediately groaned. 'So wet and warm. Her pussy was even tighter than Bradley's. How could that be? She's had two kids,' he thought to himself.

"Oh my god, mother, you're so tight!"

Norma: Yeah, baby, it's been a while. I've been waiting for a hot dick to spread me open again!

She wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him in, helping him thrust into her.

Norman felt like he could cum at any moment, he decided to attempt to take his mind off of it by sticking his mother's breast in his mouth. Swirling his tongue around her nipple, flicking it swiftly.

"OHHHH FUCKKK, BABY," was all Norma could say.

Her moans only made it worse for Norman.

"OH FUCK, MOTHER, youre so fucking tight I think I'm gonna cum soon."

"Don't do it inside me baby, stand up."

Norman quickly pulled out of his mother and stood over her, she continued to jack him off while she got on her knees, she once again saw his abs tighten signaling he was ready to blow. She stuck out her tongue and opened her mouth.


Norman's eyes rolled back in his head, he grabbed his mother's hair to keep her in position. She loved that Norman was doing something dominant.

Just then Norman blew his load. "It was huge," she thought. After all he was a teen boy that was socially awkward, he couldn't be having too much sex.

Several streams of cum shot across Normas face and across her tongue.

"HOLY SHIT, you look so hot right now," Norman sighed trying to collect himself.

"MMMM, baby, that warm cum is so tasty."

"Push the rest into my mouth with your finger."

Norman cleaned up his mother dragging the remains of his seed into her mouth. She sucked every last drop off his finger, making sure she savored the flavor of her son's hot load.

"Now," she stated, even though this was normal to us, "we shouldn't tell Dylan, or anyone else. They may get jeleous, okay sweetie?"

Now put your clothes back on and we will have some dinner.

They both rushed to get their clothes back on.

"Hey mom, Norman tossed out..."

"Yes?" She questioned.

"We can do that more often now right?"

"Of course," she smirked.



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