Note: based off the 60s TV show and a Mad TV sketch. Which makes this fic a
parody of a parody of a parody. I'm using the Catwoman from the old show. But
you can feel free to imagine any Catwoman you like.

Batman/Mad TV: Villain Next Door (MF)
by Hamster

Gotham's Suburbs...

Adam Anderson was very, very annoyed. Ever since Catwoman moved next door
his garden tools and lawn gnomes have continuosly disappeared. Each time he
confronted her about it she just denied being responsible and siced her
incompetent minions on him. Now his garden hose was missing.

He marched next door to her house where she was sitting on the porch in her
shiny costume, complete with cat ears and spiked high heeled boots.

"Catwoman have you seen my garden hose?" Adam asked.

"Why Adam dear, I have no Idea what you are talking about." She said.

"Sure you don't, isn't that it right their under your porch swing? Why do
you keep doing this? There's a Home Depot like two blocks away." He said in

"I'm afrrrraid that now that you have caught me I'm going to have to call
upon my henchmen. Tom! Dick! Harry! Get him now!" Catwoman cried.

"Jeez CW I'm tired of beatind the shit out of these losers." Adam said as the
three burly dumbasses arrived.

"No, no these are totally new henchmen. Much better than the last bunch." She

He looked passed her at to the henchmen. "Hi Tom how's junior's batting
coming along?"

"Just great he hit a triple last game..." Tom stopped since Catwoman glared
at him sharply. "Sorry."

"I'll tell you what." She said. "Since you're so cocky, how about we make a
wager. If my henchmen defeat you, and they will, I keep your hose." She said.

"What do I get if I win?" He asked.

"What do you want?" She asked.

Adam pretended to think about it even though it was a no-brainer.

"If I win I get to sleep with you." He said.

Catwoman's eyes widened but then narrowed. "Fine. My boys will defeat you

Good thing she is full of unjustified confidence, Adam thought.

Tom charged him.


Adam kicked him in the face and broke his nose. As he fell to the ground Dick
took a swing at Adam.


Adam grabbed his fist and kicked him in the nuts. Dick collapsed and began to
weep like a baby. Harry tried to bumrush Adam.


Adam just picked him up and delivered a powerbomb.

"You need tougher minions." Adam commented.

"I noticed." Catwoman said. "Well a deals a deal."

"You damm right." He said.


Catwoman lay on her back on her bed with a feline grin on her face. She
licked her lips as Adam began to unbuckle his belt then unbuttoned his pants.
Straining against his boxers was his cock. It was hard and ready to go. "Rowr
is that bone for me big boy? Because I have the perfect place for you to bury
it." Catwoman said.

"Oh I have a pretty good idea of where to bury it myself." He said.

After dropping his boxers he jumped on the bed and began to squeeze
Catwoman's boobs through her leather outfit. They were an excellent size and
wonderfully firm. He reached for the zipper (which was conveniently located
in the front) and unzipped the villainess's costume to her waist. He dipped
his head down and began to suck on a hard nipple, feeling bold he gave it a
soft bite which made Catwoman purr. Adam unbuckled her belt and tossed it
aside and then unzipped the costume the rest of the way down. He went down to
her legs and slipped off each of her boots then pulled off the rest of her
costume. She kept on the mask, ears and gloves. Only her panties remained.
Grabbing the waistband he slid them off her hips and down her sexy, curvy
legs. At this point he came face to face with the most lovely bald pussy he
had ever seen in his life. He climbed atop her and they kissed deeply. He
tasted her smooth sweet tongue as his hands glided over her smooth curves to
her breasts where he massaged them lovingly. She spread her legs wide and he
entered her slowly, taking time to enjoy the the feeling of her tight little
pussy spread for him as he invaded her inch by inch.

"Mmmmmrooowr positively purrrfect." She purred.

Adam slid in and out in and out and she gasped and squealed with each stroke.
He looked deeply into her eyes as he fucked her. She looked back at him
blissfully. He continued fucking her Harder and harder until finally...


Catwoman's look of blissful joy suddenly turned to anger. She reared her hand
back and slapped him.


"First of all you weren't supposed to cum in me, I can't afford to get
pregnant." Catwoman said before kicking him in the balls.


"And secondly, I'M supposed to cum first." She said. Adam was already on the
floor in the fetal position. She searched around and found her whip.


The savage beating continued until he regained his composure and fled the
house in pain and humiliation.

"And don't come back." She yelled.
_ _ _

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