Batman Beyond: Savage Nights (MF,inter)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Gotham City

Night had fallen and the city of Gotham was coming to life. It was very
different from all other cities in America. This was the home of the
legendary crime-fighting vigilante known as the Batman. The shadowy figure
that for decades fought the evil men and women who dared to hurt the
innocent. The city of Gotham was well-known for its almost mythical
protector. People in Gotham knew that the Batman was real. They also knew
that his enemies were the most dangerous foes on the planet.

For decades, Bruce Wayne was the Batman. He fought crime and corruption. He
met a young man named Dick Grayson, who became Robin. They fought crime
together but eventually Grayson left the city and became the crime-fighter
known as Nightwing. The young man known as Tim Drake became the new Robin.

After decades of fighting, Bruce Wayne retired from crime-fighting. He met
a young man named Terry McGinnis and Terry became the new Batman. Armed with
advanced technology and trained by the man who had been Batman for decades,
Terry McGinnis faced the future as the new Batman.

Max Gibson looked at the sleeping figure of Terry McGinnis. She looked at
the young man. He was tall and lean, with black hair and pale blue eyes.
She smiled at him. He was exhausted after several nights of hunting the
Dark Fem Force, a group of female gangsters equipped with advanced military
technology. The DFF had been able to elude the Batman. They had struck twice
and the Batman had been unable to stop them. Terry McGinnis was overworked.
He had way too much to do.

There was full scale war between the "regular" gangs of Gotham and a rival
new gang from the city of Bludhaven. This new gang was called the Latin
Cobras. They were out to destroy the gangs of Gotham. Gotham's most notorious
gangs, the Jokerz and the Blood Pack had joined forces against a common
enemy. The Latin Cobras.

Max Gibson and Terry McGinnis had been friends for years. He was the meek
dude in high school and she was the brilliant student. She had recently
discovered that Terry was the new Batman. She found the Bat Cave and
discovered that multibillionaire Bruce Wayne masterminded the city's
vigilante crime-fighting forces for decades. She had been impressed. In
spite of some misgivings, this only drove Terry and Max closer together.
A year had gone by. She and Max had graduated from high school and gone to
Gotham University. They were the best of friends.

Terry was lying on a couch in the student lounge. She was looking after him,
as always. They had to hustle if they were gonna catch the train back to East
Gotham where they lived.

"Wake up, Terry." Max said. She gently tapped Terry McGinnis's head. He did
not budge. "We gotta go."

She pushed him a couple of times but it was no use. She reached into her bag
and took out something. A feather. Given to her by her grandmother, Mercy
Gibson. She rubbed it under Terry's nose until it irritated him and he

"AAAAAAChoooooouuuuuuuuuu hhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!"

Terry Mc Ginnis bolted awake. He looked around frantically, not knowing where
he was. He found himself staring into the beautiful face of Max.

"We gotta go home." she said.

"Okay." he said.

She had to support him as they made it to her car. She put him in the
passenger seat and drove to her place. It had been a long and tiring day and
she didn't feel like driving him back to his place. Better to let him rest
and recover from his hard day and then call him a cab.

Max gently pulled Terry's pants down. She also took off his shirt. Pretty
soon he was in his boxers. She admired his lean, muscular body. Hard to
believe such an innocent-looking young man was the masked vigilante known
as the Batman. The terror of the Gotham criminal underworld. He needed to
rest. His body was covered with bruises from his many fights. The Batsuit
that he wore was made of a synthetic and highly flexible alloy. It could
resist heat and stop a bullet. Yet it could not always protect the
vulnerable human flesh and blood and bone under it.

Max just stared at Terry. She had always had a bit of a thing for him but he
was just buddies with her. His love interest had always been the beautiful
and elusive Dana Tan. Dana Tan. The beautiful and unattainable girl that all
the boys at school (and some of the girls) wanted. Dana Tan was sexy, rich
and popular. Max Gibson was a cute brainiac. She got her share of looks but
men didn't always turn their heads in her direction. Unlike Dana Tan. If you
asked ten guys if they liked Dana Tan's looks, all ten would say yes. Unless
one of them was a homo. That happened.

Max turned on the tv. She went to Fox News. There was a fire in Gotham city.
The fires were spreading fast. The news camera showed signs of a burning
building. There were several firemen in there, trying to get at the people
trapped inside. It looked hopeless. Max sighed. Just then, Terry McGinnis
woke up. He looked at Max, then at the tv. "What's all this ?" he asked.

"A fire in Gotham." she said.

Terry's eyes went wide. "I gotta go." he said.

Max watched him get up. "Terry, you are tired. You're in no shape for this."

Terry reached into his backpack and pulled out the Batman costume. He put it

"This is crazy." said Max. "You'll get killed."

Terry shrugged. "It's my job, Dana." he said.

With that, he pulled the Batman mask over his face and leapt out the window.

"Bye." Max said.

She looked out the window to see the Batman leaping from rooftop to rooftop.
He looked so graceful in the dark night. Then, he was gone. Max grimaced.
There was no way she was just gonna sit there while her best friend was in way.

The Batman arrived at the scene. He checked it out. The building was ten
stories high. There was a fire at the lower levels. Plenty of people trapped
inside. He went in. The flames felt hot. His armor protected him from the
flames. He walked around, coughing because of the smoke.

"Is there anyone in here?" he asked.

He heard screams coming from an apartment and knocked down the door. There
were two people trapped inside. A little boy and a little girl. Batman
scooped them into his arms and leapt down into the street. They screamed.
He handed them to the ambulance people that were standing by.

"Take care of them." he said.

Batman returned into the building. He saw that there were firemen coming
inside. Batman worked with the Firemen. Together, they were able to rescue
the building tenants. Out of one hundred and thirteen people, one old woman
died and the rest were saved. Some were badly injured but overall, most were
okay. The old woman had died of asphyxiation. She was eighty years old.
Batman was there when her lifeless body was carried out.

He stood there as her family members gathered around her remains. He felt
very sad. Just as he was about to say something, he saw a familiar face. A
young black woman with red hair. Max Gibson.

"Hello, Batsy." she said.

"Greetings, miss." said Batman.

Terry McGinnis didn't feel like talking. He just vanished into the darkness.


Terry McGinnis went back to his mother's apartment. Mary McGinnis was glad
to see her son.

"Terry, are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah." Terry lied.

"Hello, big guy." said Matt McGinnis, Terry's little brother.

"Hey, midget." said Terry.

Terry had a brief talk with them, then he went to bed. He felt lousy. What a
bad week. The criminals had gotten the better of him. Bruce Wayne was out of
town for a few days and he couldn't hold himself together. He was the Batman.
Protecting the lives of innocent men and women was his responsibility. Yet,
tonight, one woman had died. Her death could have been prevented. If only
he'd been better, and more careful. Sheesh. Would he ever be good enough to
be the best Batman that he could be?

Max Gibson went home and did not see any sign of Terry McGinnis. She called
his mother's house and found out he had gotten there safely and that he was
fast asleep. She decided to let things take care of themselves. What mattered
was that Terry was alright. She would visit him tomorrow. She went to bed.

As Max Gibson drifted off to sleep, she started dreaming a rather interesting
dream. In her dream, she was reunited with her lover, Terry McGinnis. He was
just standing there, at the entrance of her bedroom. There he was. Looking so
damn handsome.

"Hello there." he said. His voice was sexy as hell.

"Hi." Max said.

"I have come for you." he said.

"And I waited for you." Max quipped.

He gestured her with his hand, beckoning for her to come to him. She did and
he pulled her into his strong arms and embraced her. She kissed him full and
deep. Terry kissed her back with a passion that rivaled her own. She felt his
hard, hot body press against hers and it just drove her crazy. She started
undressing him. He stood there, looking at her. He pulled her close and
started to touch her. His expert hands went to her neck, her back and her
breasts. They caressed her firm buttocks. He carried her to the bed and made
her lie there. He started kissing her and fondling her. She shuddered under
his touch.

Terry started licking her from head to toe, paying attention to each and
every inch of her body. She looked into the mirror and saw what he was doing
to her. His touch enflamed her with desire. Once more they kissed. She pushed
him off and climbed on top of him. He grinned and rolled underneath her. They
fought playfully, rolling around on the bed. Max found herself on top of
Terry. She looked into his handsome, smiling face and saw the desire there.

Gently, she kissed him. His hands touched her chocolate skin and caressed
her. She straddled him. She went down on him and felt his erect manhood
underneath her. She lowered herself onto it until his thick cock was buried
inside her pussy. Grunting, she began to go up and down on it. Terry held
her by the hips and thrust into her. The black girl gasped and let out little
moans of pleasure as incredible sensations rocked her young body. Terry made
love to her gently. He was making it last, thrusting into her hard and fast
at times and then making love to her so slowly and gently that it hurt. She
felt his cock thrust deep into her love hole and felt a little tingle inside.
It became a burning sensation and she shrieked as it built up inside her.

In the next moments, Terry thrust into her a couple more times and then came.
At the same time he came, the sensation exploded inside Max. The incredible
sensation rocked her body and threatened to overwhelm her senses. Screaming
at the top of her lungs, she fell into Terry's waiting arms. She rested there
until the feeling subsided.

"Are you okay?" Terry asked her.

"Perfect." she said. She kissed him.

* * *

Max Gibson bolted awake. For a moment, she did not know where she was. Then,
she calmed down. She was in her bedroom, alone. Terry was not there. It was
all a dream. She sighed in disapppointment and tried to go back to sleep. She
couldn't. All she could think about was Terry McGinnis. How in hell was she
gonna win him over? She'd think of something. For now, she would sleep.

The End


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