Batman Forever: The Macho Man (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Bruce Wayne is a man of many passions. He is a man with many secrets. He is
a very complicated individual. The son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. He was
orphaned at the age of eight when his parents were killed in front of him
by a sadistic criminal. Bruce Wayne grew up with a desire for justice and
revenge. He trained in martial arts, forensics and police studies. He became
the masked and costumed crime-fighter known as the Batman.

As the Batman, Bruce Wayne fought crime like no one else could. He fought the
most dangerous and ruthless men and women in all of society. The world's
deadliest killers. The Batman fought for justice. He was respected and feared
in the city that he had sworn to defend. He was the Dark Knight, after all.
Batman gained the respect and trust of Commissioner Gordon, the leader of
Gotham's police department. He was feared by the men and women who broke the
law and routinely hurt others. The Batman knew no fear and no limits. No one
escaped his desire for justice and revenge. No one could stand in his way.

Lately, the Batman had some difficulties. He had been chasing one of Gotham's
most notorious criminals. Two-Face. Two-Face was once a decent and honorable
man known as Harvey Dent. Harvey Dent was a prominent District Attorney. He
was disfigured in a terrible accident. This drove him mad. Two-Face became
the violent, dangerous, scheming and often brilliant alter ego of what once
was a decent man. Two-Face was one of the leaders of Gotham's criminal
underworld. He and his men robbed banks and did various nefarious acts. They
were a true menace to society. The Batman went after him time and again.

Two-Face was dangerous and resourceful. He and his men were almost
unstoppable. Two-Face showed up at the Circus and was able to kill a
bunch of people, including the parents of a young Circus acrobat named
Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson was too young to be on his own and became
the sole responsibility of Bruce Wayne. At first, Dick Grayson was a
rebellious youth hellbent on revenge against Two-Face for the murder
of his parents. He discovered that Bruce Wayne was the masked vigilante
known as the Batman. Dick Grayson was helped by Bruce Wayne's best
friend and bulter Alfred Pennyworth and became the costumed crime-fighter
known as Robin. Reluctantly, Batman came to accept Dick Grayson as his
partner. Batman and Robin joined forces to fight crime.

A disgruntled and mad genius and ex-Wayne Enterprises employee named Edward
Nygma joined forces with Two-Face. Edward Nygma became the Riddler. The
Riddler made a fortune selling a mind-reading machine. The Riddler and
Two-Face were unstoppable. Batman and Robin went after them. The Riddler
used his arcane and pervasive technology to discover Bruce Wayne's secret.
Bruce Wayne was the Batman. The Terror of Gotham's criminal underworld. The
Batman was unmasked. The Riddler and Two-Face led an assault against Wayne
Manor and kidnapped Chase Meridian, the beautiful woman Bruce Wayne had
been dating. Batman and Robin went after Two-Face and the Riddler. After a
long struggle, the villains lost. Two-Face was killed and the Riddler's
mind was completely obliterated.

The villains were defeated. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson (otherwise known as
Batman and Robin) had won against the forces of darkness. The city of Gotham
had earned a reprieve from the dark criminal forces. The Batman and his
partner in crime-fighting had earned some rest.

Bruce Wayne was at home and entertaining a guest. Dr. Chase Meridian had
showed up on his doorstep. She was a tall, strikingly beautiful woman with
long auburn hair and pale green eyes. She wore a nice dress that accented
her gorgeous figure.

"Hello, Bruce." she said.

"Hi, Chase." said Bruce Wayne.

He led her into the living room. While Bruce Wayne's stunning masculine
figure and felt hot. Bruce Wayne had acquired a lot of skill and knowledge
as the Batman. He could smell a bitch in heat. He turned and looked at her,
reading the undisguised lust in her eyes.

He smiled and made a small gesture of the hand. She came to him. He kissed
her. She kissed him back voraciously. She started undressing him hastily,
practically ripping off his expensive clothes. Once she was naked, Bruce
Wayne looked at her body. Chase Meridian exercised a lot and so she had a
rocking body. Nice tits that were big and firm, a slim waist and a nice,
round, pleasantly thick butt. She was a sight to behold in her glorious
nakedness. She looked at Bruce Wayne. He looked really good naked. In fact,
he was damn close to being physically perfect.

She looked at his muscular, hard and masculine body. The hard, flat chest,
the muscular torso and flat belly. Bruce Wayne had muscular arms and legs.
He had a body that athletes would envy. There was not an ounce on him. Chase
Meridian looked down at his cock. It was erect and looked both long and
thick. She just had to get her hands on it.

Bruce Wayne looked at Chase Meridian. She looked up at him and smiled then
went down on him and started sucking his cock. She licked the head of his
cock and caressed it with her tongue. She was a halfway decent cocksucker.
She licked his balls clean. Feeling a sudden impulse, Bruce Wayne grabbed
her and propped her on the table and she looked at him with wide eyes. She
had never seen this side of him. He lifted her legs so that they rested on
his shoulders and then he rubbed his erect cock against her moist pussy
lips. She grunted when he thrust his cock into her. Chase Meridian had been
fucked before but Bruce Wayne's dick was something else. He started to fuck
her long and hard, shoving that dick of his deep inside her pussy. She
howled like a woman possessed as he plundered her depths and that encouraged
him to fuck her harder and faster. Chase's pussy felt nice and tight around
Bruce Wayne's cock. He slid in and out, loving the feel of a tight pussy
around his manhood. He thrust deep and she gasped and looked at him with
wide eyes. He had gone deeper than ever before. He fucked her like this,
dipping his cock deep inside her before pulling it almost all the way out
before slamming it back in.

She screamed as she was fucked. Bruce Wayne decided to try something else. He
flipped her so that she lay on her belly. He glared at her delicious-looking
plump little ass. She turned around and looked at him. Chase Meridian was
surprised and almost terrified by the primal look that Bruce Wayne gave her.
He didn't look like a civilized man. He looked like a feral prehistoric man.
That animal magnetism turned her on and he grabbed her buttocks roughly and
parted her buttcheeks. He rubbed the head of his cock against her asshole and
she grunted. He slid his cock inside her ass. Chase Meridian gasped when
Bruce Wayne's bare cock slid inside her unlubricated ass. He was so big! He
held her by the hips and thrust his cock deep inside her. In and out he went.
Shoving his cock deep inside her asshole. Chase Meridian screamed like one of
the damned as Bruce Wayne's thick cock plowed into her tight asshole. Bruce
Wayne loved the feel of a tight ass around his cock. He soon came, sending
hot cum deep inside Chase Meridian's asshole. She screamed at the top of her
lungs as hot cum filled her ass.

Bruce Wayne pulled out of her ass and, without giving her time to recover, he
shoved his cock into her mouth. "Clean it, bitch !" he growled.

Chase Meridian had no choice but to comply. She cleaned up Bruce Wayne's cock
and tasted her ass on it. She licked his balls until he told her to stop and
walked away. She just lay there, her hot body feeling pleasurably sore after
she got the fucking of a lifetime. She didn't feel like she could walk and
her butt hurts. That Bruce Wayne sure was something...

Bruce Wayne reappeared a half hour later. Chase Meridian had barely gotten
off the table. She was gathering her clothes.

"Same time tomorrow?" she asked.

Bruce Wayne nodded. He walked back into the darkness of the Wayne Manor.

The End


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