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Batman Forever: Part 1 (F-mast)
by Roger T Pipe

Chapter 1

The smoke was just clearing in downtown Gotham as Dr. Chase Meridian stepped
out of her black BMW. She had raced over the moment the news of Batman's
battle with Two-Face had been broadcast. Although the fireworks were now
finished, Chase still hoped to have the opportunity of meeting the Caped
Crusader face to face. She was greeted by Police Chief O'Harrah who had
taken control of the clean up. Unfortunately, Two-Face had escaped, making
Dr. Meridian's presence at the scene somewhat unnecessary. Still, the cops
didn't seem to mind having her around. In addition to being one of the
world's foremost experts on abnormal psychology, Dr. Chase Meridian was also
a very beautiful woman. Standing five feet eight inches tall, the strawberry
blonde woman, now in her early thirties, had the sort of body that teenagers
were envious of. Her prestige allowed her to charge exorbitant fees for her
services, which left her plenty of time to work out and keep her body in top
shape. Her efforts were obvious and impressive to all who saw her.

As the chief busied himself shouting orders, Dr. Meridian strolled around a
bit, buying time, still hoping Batman might return to help assess any further
damages from Two-Face's attempted robbery. She got her wish. Out of the
corner of her eye, Chase saw Batman swooping down from the sky, landing
gracefully on the sidewalk. Dr. Meridian gasped and bit gently on her lower
lip as the dark figure brushed swiftly past her. She scurried along behind
Batman as he approached Chief O'Harrah.

"Oh Batman." said the chief in his thick Irish accent. "Thank the Saints
you came along when you did. Old Two-Face almost got away with all the money
in the vault."

"Lucky for us, he likes to announce his crimes just before he commits them."
the costumed hero said flatly. "Otherwise he would have gotten away with

Dr. Meridian spoke up. "He doesn't want money. Well, not really. He wants
you Batman."

Both men turned towards her. Chief O'Harra spoke. "Sorry Batman. This

"Dr. Chase Meridian." Interrupted the masked figure. "Yes, I know who she
is Chief. The good doctor's work in criminal abnormal psychology is well
known and widely regarded as the finest of its kind."

"Well, I only hope that I can live up to such a lofty introduction." She
said, holding out her hand for Batman.

The Dark Knight extended his large gloved hand and shook. "Pleasure to meet
you doctor. I do look forward to discussing your theories on Two-Face at
your earliest convenience."

Chase never let her eyes stray from Batman's as they shook hands. She had to
struggle to hide the desire she felt as his strong leather clad hand grasped
hers. Electric shocks shook Dr. Meridian's body as she felt an unfamiliar
loss of control. "I'm free right now." She managed, sounding as calm and
professional as humanly possible given the raging inferno burning between her

"Sorry Doctor. I have to run and check a few things on the Bat Computer.
Another time perhaps." He replied, breaking their handshake and turning to

The dark figure was gone even before she could respond with a shaky, "Count
on it." Chase had to excuse herself from the crime scene quickly before her
trembling knees betrayed her and gave out.

Chapter 2

Back at her apartment, Chase rushed past the blinking light of her
answering machine without a second glance. No time to be bothered with that
now. Once in her bedroom, she began to tear at her clothes. All the way
home, she had been reliving her brief encounter with Batman. He had merely
touched her hand and yet Chase melted in that instant. She dropped her skirt
to the floor, leaving her clad only in a black lacy bra and watching G-string
panties which had been soaked from the moment Batman had touched her.
Leaving her high heels on, Chase threw herself onto the bed, laying on her
back and peeling off her soaked panties. So many times, she had brought
herself to orgasm while thinking of him. So many times while making love
to other men, she had dreamed it was Batman. The Dark Knight had captivated
Dr. Meridian from the start, he had fanned a flame burning deep within her.
Tonight, with a single touch of his hand, he had sent her into a lusty

With one hand Chase tore off her bra and tossed it aside while her other
hand was already fast at work caressing the firm flesh of her shapely thighs,
inching closer to her burning crotch. The second hand quickly joined its
partner as her fingers danced gently in the soft reddish hair which sparsely
covered her pussy. Chase closed her eyes and remembered the hard, steely
look in Batman's eyes. So purposeful, so secretive, eyes the hid many
secrets. They fascinated her. Everything about him fascinated her, his
physical prowess, his strength, his commitment, his cunning, the way he
filled out his costume. As she dipped two fingers inside of herself, Chase
wondered how completely Batman filled out the impressive pouch in the crotch
area of this suit. She could feel him between her thighs, mounting and
penetrating her with his long hard shaft. That same intense look was burning
in his eyes, invading her very soul as he pounded her repeatedly. Chase
mirrored her dream lover's movements with now three fingers from her right
hand while her left hand stimulated her clit. Her long, beautiful legs were
high in the air wrapped around his body, and moans of ecstasy bellowed from
her lips.

After a long while, in both her her fantasy and in reality, Chase flipped
over rapidly, never letting her fingers lose contact with her pussy. Now
on her knees, Chase buried her face in the pillow and muffled some of her
screaming. She pictured the Caped Crusader's strong hands grasping her hips
as he drove into her from behind. Her ass stuck up high in the air and her
hard nipples brushed against the satin sheets on her bed. Well aware that
she was nearing an earth shattering orgasm, Chase began to beg her dream
lover to shoot his load inside of her. She longed to feel his hot fluid
splashing inside of her pussy. Lost in her fantasy, Chase began to climax.
Long rolling waves of pleasure wracked her body as she screamed out his name
into her pillow. For several minutes. Chase rode out her orgasm until she
just collapsed face down on the bed and drifted off to sleep, still dreaming
of the dark figure who so dominated her thoughts and fantasies.


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