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Batman Forever: Part 2 (MF,oral)
by Roger T Pipe

Chapter 1

Bruce Wayne's utter dismissal of his work may have pushed Edward Nigma to the
edge, but the actual test run of his invention had obliterated his unstable
sanity. With the new device, he could beam TV signals directly into the
human brain. Ed had planned to use to revolutionize home entertainment and
communication, but the unexpected side effects had opened up a host of new
possibilities. He could use the machine to extract information from the mind
of anyone he chose, making it useful in personal, corporate as well as
international espionage. Also, the machine seemed to possess a rather strong
suggestive power, which could make this invention more powerful than he could
have imagined. But first, Ed knew he had to find some way to test his
theory. Some way to see if he had truly invented a mind control device.

After fixing the surveillance tape so that the death of his former supervisor
could be easily seen as a suicide, Ed gathered his invention and left the
building. All the way home, the odd helmet-like contraption rattled on the
seat next to him. Ed needed to find a subject on whom to test it, but where?

"What the Hell." he thought aloud, pulling his car into the nearest fast
food drive through. He ordered his food and waited in line, his old car
idling roughly as Ed fastened the old helmet to his head and setting the
beam on reverse. In theory, if he concentrated very hard, his thoughts
would be beamed directly into the mind of the subject, thus allowing Ed to
control them. Ed's heart raced as he pulled his car up to the window. The
pimply faced teenager handed Ed his food, laughing aloud at the odd looking
man in the stupid hat.

"That will be five sixty eight mister." The youth chuckled.

Ed could feel his temples throbbing, this was more difficult than he had
thought, but the boy's expression changed a bit, slowly until finally he
said lately, "No charge sir." Ed could have left right then, but already
the lure of such power was tightening its grip. After another long stare,
the boy turned around to his female coworker and grabbed her breast. As
the girl screamed and slapped the boy, Ed sped off, laughing uncontrollably.
He had done it. Ed now possessed the power to control the minds of others.

Chapter 2

While Edward was using his mind control beam to drain brain power from some
of Gotham's finest minds, Two-Face was hard at work trying to destroy Batman.
In one particularly dastardly attempt to kill the Dark Knight, Two-Face had
staged a terrorist attack on a circus performance at the Gotham Center For
Performing Arts. The plot was foiled, but there were a dozen casualties.
Among them were all but one member of the Flying Grayson's acrobatic team.
The sole survivor, young Dick Grayson, had thwarted Two-Face's plan in
Batman's absence and saved hundreds of lives. His payment for such courage
was to be left without a family at eighteen years of age.

Feeling a certain camaraderie with someone who had lost his family, Bruce
Wayne took Dick Grayson in. In addition to this reason, Bruce also felt a
certain degree of guilt. Only Alfred understood the pain Bruce felt for
not acting sooner to reveal his identity. Perhaps everyone would have been
spared. Whatever his reasons, Bruce Wayne did take in Dick Grayson. For
his part, Dick only agreed to stay after realizing he had no place else to
go, besides, it would only be for a short while. As curious as Dick was
about the mysterious billionaire, it was amazing that it took him three
whole days to sneak into the silver closet and discover the Bat Cave.

Meanwhile, across town, Bruce Wayne stood in the doorway of Dr. Chase
Meridian's apartment. It had been a successful first date and she had
already decided to make a move on him if he asked to come inside. Bruce
shifted nervously in the hallway. The Bat Beeper had been going off for
the past hour, but he had thus far ignored the pages. There was no way
he was going to just blow off a woman as incredible as Chase. Besides,
if it had been a real emergency, he would have seen the Bat Signal.

"Well Bruce." Chase said after a long silence. "Thank you for a lovely
evening. Perhaps we can do it again sometime, schedules permitting of

"Yes, that would be very nice." He replied, leaning in for a good night
kiss, but pulling back at the last moment. The Bat Beeper was vibrating in
his pocket once again. He really needed to see what was up. Fun with Chase
would have to be put on the back burner. "May I call you?" He asked.

The decision had been made to make a move only if Bruce asked to come in,
but as it became obvious to her that he was not going to do so, Chase
changed her mind. She just had to crack that shy boy exterior of the
brilliant, enigmatic billionaire.

As Bruce Wayne held out his hand to shake Dr. Meridian's. the beeper went
off yet again. However, before he could finalize their good byes, Chase
grabbed Bruce by the wrist and jerked him into her semi dark living room.
His protests were cut off as the beautiful doctor pulled him close and
kissed him passionately. It was all he could do to slip a hand down into
his pocket and turn off the beeper before returning her deep kiss.

Chapter 3

Alfred had feared Bruce might not wish to return the pages. Years together
had allowed Alfred to see things in Bruce that he often could not see in
himself. Master Wayne's attitude this evening had told him that Dr. Chase
Meridian was more than just a lovely woman with whom to spend an evening.

HE knew he could set off the Bat Signal with the remote control, but Alfred
was not even sure if anything was wrong. Upon discovering the Bat Cave,
Dick Grayson had become a bit over enthusiastic, going so far as to take
the Bat Mobile out for a joy ride. Torn between alerting Bruce to this fact
and letting him enjoy his evening, Alfred finally decided to let it go.
Master Dick would most likely be fine. "Besides." Alfred though aloud.
"Master Bruce truly needs to get laid."

Chapter 4

Dr. Meridian's moonlit penthouse apartment had a wonderfully romantic
ambiance it. However, the dim shadowy light was Hell on a groping
billionaire. Trying to kill her towards the sofa, Bruce had tripped over an
end table, sending him sprawling to the floor. With a quickness that
surprised Chase, he was back on his feet, no worse for the wear. She pulled
his tuxedo jacket off, snagging it at the elbows, forcing Bruce to struggle
with it until he threw it off. Chase kicked off her shoes and reached for
the zipper at the back of her long evening dress. Bruce fumbled with the
buttons of his shirt, finding it more than a bit difficult. Reaching out with
surprising quickness, Chase tore the front of his shirt wide open, sending
buttons flying everywhere. Shocked but even more excited, Bruce stumbled
trying to kick his shoes off. Standing precariously on one foot, he grabbed
for his socks, but froze in that ridiculous position when Chase shrugged her
dress to the floor. He just stared for a moment at the beautiful woman, clad
in white lace bra, matching stockings, garter and skimpy panties. Mouth wide
open, Bruce Wayne fell sideways to the floor in a clumsy heap.

Pulling himself onto the couch, Bruce finished removing his socks and went
to work on his pants. Moving close, Chase pulled on the legs, easily sliding
them off of his body. She sat next to him on the couch. and kissed him once
again, her tongue probing his mouth deeply. Breaking the kiss, Chase
whispered into Bruce's ear. "Stand up and strip for me."

Bruce Wayne stood slowly in front of the couch. He was used to women taking
their clothes off for him, but this was something new. Standing there in the
bluish moonlight, Bruce waited for a sign from Chase to continue. She just
sat on the couch, looking lovely, admiring his body. He had square handsome
features that screamed of good breeding. Clearly, all of his free time was
not spent sitting around being a couch potato. His broad shoulders and well
developed chest tapered down to a flat stomach and narrow waist. Clad in
only black silk boxers, Bruce Wayne looked good enough to eat. A thought
which caused a chill to race up Chase's spine.

"Take them off." She whispered. "Slowly."

The excitement of being watched like this turned Bruce on more than he ever
could have imagined. His throbbing erection made it a bit of a chore to slip
the boxers down over his hips. The look on Chase's face was pure lust as
the boxers reached Bruce's muscular thighs. The cock that sprung into view
matched his chiseled hard body perfectly. His member throbbed visibly as
Bruce kicked away his boxers and stood in front of Chase. Having seen her
share of stiff pricks in her day, Dr. Meridian was pleasantly surprised by
the one she saw before her. It was at least nine inches long, only an inch
shy of her ideal length and certainly more than she would have expected from
a quirky man like Bruce Wayne. Chase licked her lips and felt her pussy
flood itself. "Turn around." She whispered, her voice throaty and shaking
with desire. "Let me see your ass."

Trying to appear relaxed, Bruce turned slowly way from her, feeling her stare
as she checked him out from behind. As Batman, he was used to being gawked
at, but as Bruce Wayne, it made him feel somewhat uncomfortable. He looked
back over his shoulder to see Chase's reaction. She was staring at his butt,
one hand playing with her hair, the other absent mindedly stroking her thigh.
"You must work out." She said, seeing him look back at her. She spread her
thighs and raised her legs so that her feet were resting on the edge of the

"Come eat me." Chase said, pulling her panties aside invitingly, giving
Bruce a promise of wonderful things to come. Mustering up all of his self
control, he turned around slowly, eased himself to his knees and began to
crawl ever so slowly towards Chase, his eyes locked on hers. She watched
as he approached, reached out and began to caress her stocking clad calves
in his strong hands. Peering into his eyes, Chase could sense the deep,
hidden fires burning within Bruce. Some day, she would have to explore his
inner thoughts and fears, but at this moment, Chase had more base plans for
him. As his hands crossed her thighs and came in contact with her hips,
Bruce tugged on the band of her panties, tearing away the lacy fabric easily
off of her body. Bruce leaned his head in close until chase could feel his
warm breath on her thighs. Bruce ran his fingers through the neatly trimmed
patch of hair around her pussy, teasing her moist lower lips and playing
with her opening.

Chase shuddered as Bruce played with her pussy, teasingly inserting just
the tip of a finger into her and running it along her slit. She was on
fire and wanted so desperately to tell him what she most desired, however,
experience had taught her that such perverse needs were best held until
she was certain the man could handle them. She decided instead on the
next best thing, a nice bit of passionate love making. "Eat me." she
whispered, her mind reeling from Bruce's talented fingers.

More than happy to oblige, he pressed his mouth into the hot flesh of her
pussy. He was dying to taste her and by drawing it out, his desire was
greatly heightened. He covered the length of her slit with soft kisses,
savoring her sweet womanly aroma. A finer woman would be hard to imagine
and Bruce knew that he would have to pull out all the stops if he was
going to satisfy Chase.

As Bruce teased her, Chase ran her slim manicured fingers through his thick
blond hair. By the time his tongue made contact with her pussy lips, Chase
was ready to scream. He began with long slow strokes, painting her pussy
with his tongue, kissing it lovingly. His fingers slowly worked their way
inside of Chase, exploring her insides just as his mouth did the same to her
outer lips.

For what seemed like hours, Bruce kept Chase in a state of high arousal, but
never pushed her over the edge of climax. He explored every inch of her
pussy with his lips, tongue and fingers, carefully avoiding her clit, until
she ached with the need for release. All the while, he had been working his
fingers in and out of her, fucking her with now three fingers. Sensing her
arousal and feeling her grip tighten in his hair, pulling him close, Bruce
moved his mouth upwards to her erect clit.

"Oh yes." Chase moaned, feeling his lips brush against her pulsing bud.
Knowing how close to the edge she was, she wrapped her long legs tightly
around his head and grabbed two handful of his hair. "Oh Bruce, make me
cum." she cried as his mouth closed over her clit, sucking hard and fast,
matching his frenzied finger fucking.

Bruce felt Chase smother him between her thighs, forcing him to nearly drown
in the flood of juices she let loose as her climax wracked her body. He
lapped at her sweet nectar, savoring her taste and simultaneously driving
her ever madder as her orgasm consumed her. Bruce felt deep satisfaction
at hearing Chase screaming her way through climax. He lived by a simple
sexual principle, the better you give, the better you receive. He only
hoped Chase held similar beliefs.

Bruce kept up his sucking until Chase's orgasm subsided and she loosened
her vice grip on, at last, collapsing onto the couch. Chase was out of
breath and thin sheen of perspiration glistened on her skin in the
moonlight. Standing, Bruce went from the room without a word, returning
moments later with a bottle of water. The simple gesture so touched Chase
that she forget to question how Bruce knew his way to the kitchen in the
dark. It also renewed her desire to return the pleasure he had given her.
They sat next to each other, sipping the water and kissing for several
minutes. Chase slowly worked her hand up Bruce's thigh until at last she
wrapped her fingers around the hard shaft of his cock. It felt so big
and hard in her hand, smooth hot skin, pulsing under her touch. The fat
purple head was swollen and already shining with leaking pre-cum.

Chase took a final swig of water and let head fall into Bruce's lap. She
curled up on the couch next to him as her soft lips make contact with the
head of his cock. In that position, Chase reminded Bruce of Selena Kyle,
his most recent lost love, "but not even Selena used her tongue this well."
He thought. Her lips parted, allowing Bruce's hard cock to slip inch by
inch into her cool mouth. The ice water added to the intense pleasure she
gave him. As she did this, Chase circled her tongue around his cock with
amazing skill, driving him to the edge of climax almost instantly. Her
head began to bob delicately in his lap as Chase sucked most of him into
her mouth. She knew that to deep throat a cock the size of Bruce's would
be no problem, but there were limits to what she was prepared to reveal
about her sexual nature and talents. Besides, he didn't seem to mind at

Bruce Wayne was having trouble holding back as Chase's oral talents nearly
overwhelmed him. Were he in costume as Batman, he would have grabbed her
head and fucked her mouth good and hard until her unloaded in her mouth.
Such rough sexuality was expected from the wanton sluts who often fell at
the feet of the Dark Knight, but this was an educated, classy lady. Bruce
decided to hold back on his aggression and simply enjoy the feelings.

As Chase sensed Bruce's impending climax, she added to her stellar blowjob
by wrapping her hand tightly around the base of his shaft and stroked to
match her lip motions. She was pumping his cock like she wanted to milk it
dry. In reality, Chase wanted nothing more than to jerk Bruce's dick off
right into her mouth. He would certainly love it, as would she, however,
she feared it might set the wrong tone for their relationship. After all,
she was a Ph.D. and as such, his expectations of her would be higher. To
swallow his cum on their first date might cause Bruce Wayne to disregard
her as a common strumpet.

Feeling his balls begin to tighten in inevitable climax, Bruce thought
briefly of not warning Chase, so that he could spurt into her warm mouth.
However, knowing the sort of repercussions this could cause he regretfully
moaned a warning. "Oh Chase, I'm going to cum."

Pulling her lips away, the beautiful doctor doubled her hand motions,
pumping wildly on the hard cock she held. With a sudden convulsion,
Bruce's body stiffened and his cock exploded a fountain of sperm. The
thick fluid sprayed out onto his chest and stomach. It streaked his
body and her fingers, running down and polling in Bruce's navel. Chase
wanted so badly to lick his body clean of his sweet fuck juices. When
at last Bruce stopped pumping and closed his eyes to catch his breath,
Chase snuck a quick taste from her fingers, savoring his taste a moment
before curling up next to him on the couch, resting her head on his
strong shoulders.

"Give me a minute to catch my breath." He said. "Then let's continue this
in the bedroom."


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