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Batman Forever: Part 5 (M/F,rough)
by Roger T Pipe

The wave of petty crime that had swept over Gotham City had Batman desperate
to find out what Two-Face was up to. The sort of cash only robberies that
had kept the caped crimefighter and his new partner busy were not standard
for an arch villain like Two-Face. That alone might not have triggered
Batman's sense of urgency, but the rapid rise of Edward Nigma's Nig Inc. set
of bells of alarm like Batman had not felt since Selena Kile has slipped
away. Something about the little box he was pushing to the people didn't
sit right with the Dark Knight, but he had been so busy with the petty
crimes, Batman had not had time to see if his hunches were correct about
Edward and his discarded mind control device.

With Robin more or less up to speed on the basic operation of most of th
Bat-devices, the caped crusader was actually planning a midnight visit to
Nig Inc.'s development center. Somehow, he knew that they were building
more than an affordable, mini satellite system for home entertainment.
Bruce sat behind his PC going over the building lay out for Nig Inc. He
had sent Dick to bed, not wanting his young partner along for this mission.
He shook his head in disbelief at the intricacies of the Nig security
system. It had gone up so fast. "Where did Edward get all that money?"
Bruce pondered, suspecting he knew the answer quite well. Before he could
finish his thought, the bright beam of the Batsignal caught Bruce's eye.
In a flash, he had forgotten all about Edward Nigma and was off to the

The message left with Chief O'Harrah has said for Batman to rush to the
offices of Dr. Chase Meridian. The doctor had apparently uncovered some
information in the case. As he rushed to the doctor's office, Batman
could not help but recall the amazing nights they had spent in each other's
arms. Chase was everything Bruce wanted in a woman, and were he not so
busy trying to figure out where Two-Face was holed up, he knew that their
relationship would have moved to the next level.

Standing silent on the ledge outside her window, Batman watched the doctor
going over files by the dim light of her desk lamp. She was strikingly
beautiful and the Dark Knight had to pause for a moment to avoid becoming
painfully erect in his constraining costume. He made his entrance without
a sound, getting halfway across the large office before Chase looked up at
him and yet, she was not startled by his appearance. "I'm so glad you
could make it." she said dryly, standing and walking around to the front
of her desk. "Thank you for coming. Would you like a drink?" Her voice
was cool, Bruce recognized it as the same tone Chase used in the bedroom
and it threw him a bit to hear her use it on Batman.

"No, thank you Dr. Meridian." he replied. "Your message said you had some
information on Two-Face."

Chase leaned back and sat on the edge of her desk, crossing her legs at the
ankles, letting the slit in her skirt ride up her thighs seductively. "You
are quite focused aren't you Batman? That must not leave you much time for
a relationship."

"Dr. Meridian. If you have any information, I would appreciate you sharing
it with me. I really don't have time for games."

"Games?" Replied Chase, leaning back on her desk and staring at the Dark
Knight. "Who said anything about games. I just thought you might like to
relax a little bit, unwind, let yourself go Batman."

"Honestly, Dr. Meridian, I have no interest in wasting time. The next time
you fee the urge, I suggest you call one of the local outcall services."
Batman was fighting back his anger. Not only was Chase taunting him
sexually, but she was cheating on Bruce to fuck the Dark Knight. He turned
to leave. "If you come up with anything, leave it with the Commissioner, I
will pick it up from him if it is of any use."

"Leaving so soon Batman." Chase mocked. "Hurry back to your young partner.
I'm sure he misses you. Maybe that is why you haven't had a woman in so
long. Maybe he has changed your mind."

Batman stopped and turned back to say something to Chase, but saw that she
was holding a folder in her hand. "Here is the file I put together, it
should give you some starting points in finding where Two-Face is. The only
question now is whether or not you are man enough to come take it from me."

Tired of her taunting, Batman walked quickly to Chase's desk. She playfully
held the folder behind her, forcing the Dark Knight to reach across her body
to get it. When he leaned his frame over hers, Chase used her free hand to
reach between Batman's legs and squeeze his cock through his costume. That
stopped him in his tracks.

"Don't tell me you don't want this Batman." She whispered. "I have studied
you for years. I know everything. The rage, the frustration, the sexual
inferno." Her voice dropped, almost inaudible. "I know about the whores
Batman. The throw away women who can take on all your aggression." Their
eyes met and both of them were aware of his cock growing beneath her touch.
"I won't break." She whispered.

Batman stepped back as if shocked. "You are dangerously close to opening
doors you don't want to open Dr. Meridian. Believe me, you don't want to

"Bullshit!" she hissed, sitting straight up, challenging him. "I have needs
just as you do. Needs no man can touch. Let it out Batman, unleash your
demons on me and we might both be saved."

He was nearly blinded by the rage and pain he felt. Chase was betraying him
and didn't even know it. As the anger swelled in him, so did his desire.
Batman had long battled his inner demons and needed an outlet for his
emotions. When smashing an evil doer in the head did not satiate his needs,
he would often find a hardened street whore who could take anything he could
dish out. Before him was not one of these women, however, it was Chase, a
delicate, beautiful thing, and the woman he loved. Yet, here she was asking
Batman to let loose on her, and in so doing she was betraying Bruce Wayne.
The confusion paralyzed the Dark Knight.

"I knew it." spat Chase. "Underneath it all, you're nothing to be afraid
of. Powerless, made impotent by your own fear."

"Shut up whore!" screamed Batman, the fuses in his mind had all blown. There
was no turning back and he knew it. Rather than be worried what he might do
to the beautiful doctor, the Dark Knight decided he would give her everything
she was begging for.

With blinding speed, Batman grabbed Chase in his strong hands and tossed her
to the floor. She was startled, but more excited than ever to see the man of
her fantasies come to life with passionate fire. For years Chase had tried
to satisfy her own desires by hiding them, but she always knew what she
needed most was to be taken completely. In the Dark Knight, the esteemed
doctor believed she had at last found someone with the inner rage to rip her
demons from her forever. As Chase felt his gloved fingers entwine in her
long, strawberry blonde hair, she knew, if Batman did not fuck the rape
fantasies from her, then she was forever doomed to be haunted by them.

Batman dragged Chase over near her desk where he sat, just as she had
earlier, on the edge, staring down at her. "You are going to be very sorry
you ever crossed me Chase." he said, removing the protective covering in his
costume, exposing his pelvis, Under the costume, Batman wore a full body
suit that reminded Chase of the wet suits worn by surfers she watched as a
girl back home in Australia. It was as tight as a second skin, and even as
she stared, Chase could see the outline of his cock growing beneath the
material. Although the Batsuit had been designed to let Batman get to his
cock when he needed to, even the simple flap would have taken too long in
his overheated state. Using the hidden Batblade, the Dark Knight slashed
through the material with incredible dexterity, leaving him with a hole in
his costume just large enough for his cock to spring free, the heavy head
bobbing in front of Chase as it continued to grow.

As she stared at it admiringly, Chase instinctively licked her lips. Such
a tasty piece of meat. Even as her head moved towards the head of his cock,
Chase felt strong hands pull her forward. "You want it, you got it. Now
suck my cock you stupid slut." Chase felt her lips stretch as his dick
invaded her mouth. It was the first time anyone had not waited for her to
make the first move in this area. All the nice men she had fucked in her
life had all let her take charge, she was entering new territory and already,
the doctor could feel her nipples harden like rocks under her blouse.

Batman gripped the side of the desk as he enjoyed the warm wet feel of
Chase's mouth. As Bruce Wayne he had felt her wonderful blowjobs, but now
he was taking charge. Her mouth was going to please him exactly as he
desired no matter what she wanted. She had asked for as much and as Batman's
dark urges bubbled to the surface, he knew he was going to give Chase more
than she could ever have imagined. Her mouth gripped his shaft tightly as
he bucked his hips forward, thrusting more of his still growing shaft past
her inviting lips. Batman had never wanted a woman this badly before, and
the fact that she was, in fact, or at least in principle, cheating on Bruce
only made his desire to pound her into submission with his cock stronger.

Chase could feel his cock turning to steel in her mouth and as it kept
growing, her desire to have it in her increased. Already it was as big as
Bruce's and was still growing. She could not believe her good fortune,
fearing that after all this time, Batman's aggression might be little more
than overcompensation for a little pecker. Quite the opposite, the thick,
smooth head quickly found the back of her mouth and pushed its way towards
her throat. Swallowing cock had been a art Chase mastered long ago, but
Batman was leaving her no time to prepare her throat for his invading rod.
Instead, his thrusts forced the back of her throat open and Batman could
feel every inch of his now nearly hard prick slide past the tight ring of

As things got tougher, the Dark Knight had returned one hand to the back of
Chase's head to make sure she took it all. He had no way of knowing that
no amount of pulling could have kept the horny doctor from taking every inch
of that magnificent fuckstick into her throat. She knew that when this was
over, she would be battered, but not broken, and there was nothing she wanted
more than for Batman to know he had found a woman who needed the kind of
cruel sexual assault that he had locked inside him.

Chase had told him she wouldn't break, and Batman almost believed her as he
felt his dick sliding well into her throat. He knew that as Batman his cock
often swelled two inches bigger than as Bruce Wayne, and yet Chase, in all
their lovemaking had never taken the full length of his cock in her throat.
She struggled to work him deeper until her soft, wet lips gripped tightly
around the base of his shaft. Her mouth and throat were wonderfully filled
and Chase felt her pussy lubricating itself in anticipation of being equally
filled if the Dark Knight would so bless her.

Looking down into her soft green eyes, Batman for a moment felt his heart go
weak. This was the woman he loved, the woman he adored as Bruce Wayne, and
yet she thought so little of him, that she was willing to be used by Batman
in a way only the most jaded street walkers had been willing or able to
handle. His feelings for her were strong, but they were not as strong as the
desires boiling within his body. Desires to show her just why she was not
prepared to deal with all he had to offer. As Chase backed of his cock,
Batman reached as if to force her face back, but before he could, she started
working her mouth on him in a way that simply froze him in his tracks. The
lovely doctor was taking most of him in and then letting his spit slicked
dick slip out of her mouth until the head rested just on the tip of her
tongue. It was an incredible sensation to feel his cock slip through her
tight throat muscles time and time again and to look down at Chase and watch
as she teased the tip with her tongue. For most men, this sort of action
would have been a dream come true, but the more she did it, the more Batman
could see her enjoyment. This drove daggers through his heart, and once
again the rage in him flared up.

With a rapid thrust of his hips, Batman reminded Chase who was really in
charge, stuffing his cock back in her throat and holding her still. With an
evil grin, the Dark Knight reached one of his gloved hands down and groped
for Chase's thigh. She shuddered, thinking he was going to give her pussy
the relief she craved. Chase was shocked however, as she felt Batman begin
to lift her body. With one hand still holding her head against his crotch,
the doctor felt her body rise off the ground. Batman was rotating Chase up
off the ground, lifting her counterclockwise. She began to struggle as she
felt her weight leave the ground, but he was too strong. His hand held her
in place and she felt this throbbing cock twist in her throat. Batman did
not stop lifting Chase until he had brought her around 180 degrees and her
legs flailed wildly. Now, he was able to grab her firmly around the waist
and hold her tightly. Her tight skirt fell with gravity and bunched around
her hips, leaving her pussy exposed. "No panties?" he questioned aloud.
"Expecting someone special." he mocked. The temptation to pull her close
and taste her sweet juices was overwhelming, however, Batman resisted,
turning instead to face the doctor's desk. He slowly let her body drop,
cradling her in his strong arms, until her back rested on her desk and her
head hung over the edge. His cock still throbbed in her throat, and now
his balls hung down in front of her eyes.

Now her body was spread out before him, open to any exploration he desired.
He yearned to take of his gloves so that he could feel her skin beneath his
fingers, but even is his enraged and aroused state, survival was too great
an instinct for the caped crusader. Instead, he tore open her blouse,
sending buttons flying all over the office and exposing her near perfect
breasts. The pert, erect nipples did not escape his gaze, and his fingers
worked small circles around the hard nubs, bringing a deep moan from Chase.
Her throat was still packed tight with his meat and her moaning creating a
wild vibration that brought shivers to his spine. As much as he loved the
feeling of her moaning, Batman made it clear that her pleasure was the last
thing on his mind by clamping down on her nipples and twisting them in his
strong grip. This time she moaned in pain and thrust her body up off the
desk trying to escape his grip as Batman twisted her nipples mercilessly.
She beat her fists against the back of his legs and his ass, trying to get
him to let go, but the Dark Knight had found a way to enjoy her vocal
vibrations while not letting her forget who was boss.

At last, he let go of her nipples and Chase collapsed on the desk. Her body
had begun to sweat from her thrashings and the dim light gleamed off her
pale, damp skin. With the same ferocity, he tore away her skirt, leaving
Chase in just her heels, which scraped desperately against the desk. Her
neatly trimmed pussy was so inviting, Batman had to fight to gain enough
control not to just jump on top of the prone doctor and take her right then
and there. Instead, he straightened up and reached behind him, groping for
the hands the still beat weakly against his back. With ease, he brought
her hands around in front of him and held them tightly. "Your pussy is wet
Dr. Meridian." he said calmly. "Perhaps you like the way I am treating you.
Perhaps you are as big a slut as you are a tease."

Unable to respond verbally, Chase simply moaned against Batman's cock. He
wasn't waiting for a response anyway. "Your pussy is wet Chase. I'll bet
you want someone to lick your clit don't you." Again, she was unable to
respond, but wanted desperately to cry out. "I'm going to let your hands
go, but if you don't do exactly what I tell you to, you will be very sorry.
Do you understand?" She nodded slightly, moving her head as much as she
could. "Good" replied the Dark Knight. "Now, hold still and spread your
legs wide." Chase did as she was told, opening her thighs and letting
Batman see that indeed her pussy was well lubricated and more than ready
to take anything he had to dish out. Her clit was swollen and poked out
from between her lips, begging to be sucked. "Hold open your pussy Chase."
he ordered. Even though she could feel her cheeks blush with shame as she
did so, Chase reached for her aching pussy, almost beyond caring that
Batman was making her play with herself while he raped her. Never mind that
she fingered herself to orgasm many times dreaming of the mysterious crime
fighter. Now, he was demanding that the well respected doctor finger
herself for his amusement, and it embarrassed her. Still, the yearning
from her pussy was crying out for relief and at least she could cum.

As Batman watched Chase hold her pussy open, his hips involuntarily thrust
forward, driving his cock even deeper into her throat. He could feel her
teeth against his balls. "Rub your cunt Chase. Show me what a slut your
are. How close you are to cumming from having my cock shoved down your
throat." She was more than happy to reach down and touch her burning pussy
and not at all surprised to see how wet she had become from his assault.
After all, this was the dark figure Chase had long ago placed at the center
of her dark sexual desires. He was brutal, uncaring and knew that he
controlled her. The confident doctor, so used to being in control, could
do nothing to stop this huge cocked beast from using her in any way he
chose. That thought alone nearly made Chase climax the second her fingers
grazed over her wet lips.

Batman knew that it would not take much stimulation to push Chase over the
edge. Her skin had begun to pinken from her thighs up to her breasts. He
knew that meant she was close and if he wanted to catch her before she came,
he had to be careful. Almost immediately, her delicate fingers slipped into
her spread pussy and Chase moaned softly against his member. Her mind was
racing, she had never felt such a savage need to orgasm in her life and her
fingers worked frantically to that end. Watching her fingers slide in and
out of her now dripping hole, Batman marveled at how wet Chase got. Her
fingers worked harder than ever as her thumb began to caress her clit. Her
slim hips bucked upward in time as the inevitable climax approached. "Stop."
he commanded, but as expected, his words fell on deaf ears, Chase kept right
on fucking herself, desperate to bring herself some relief.

Timing his assault perfectly, Batman grabbed Chase's nipples and yanked them
upward with great force. This brought her chest up off the desk and stopped
her fingers as she clenched the air to stop the incredible pain. She
shrieked around his cock as her head lifted up, burring her nose in his ass.
He released her nipples, and Chase fell limp on the desk, out of breath and
panting through her nose as his cock still blocked her mouth. He smiled as
even before Chase had caught her breath, her fingers were heading back to her
pussy. She was literally beyond rational thought. Still, a quick squeeze of
her tender nipples and a slap to her hands stopped the doctor and left her
more docile. "When I tell you to stop slut, you better fucking stop. Don't
ever forget that I am in charge Chase." He said menacingly.

To help prove his point, Batman reached down, thick fingers encircling his
hard cock. Her nose was pressed against the base of his shaft and she was
helpless to stop him from squeezing gently, blocking off her only oxygen
intake. As Chase realized what was happening, she flailed her arms back
against his body. In desperation, she bit down on his cock, trying to make
him release her. Although this move caught the caped crusader by surprise,
he was quick to retaliate, grabbing her abused nipples and twisting harder
than ever. "Keep biting whore and I will rip them right off." His voice
was unlike any she had ever heard. Something told her that good or not, at
that moment, Batman would make good on his threat if she did not do just as
she was told.

Batman let go of her nose long enough for the doctor to catch her breath.
"Now whore, you see what I can do. I can strangle you if I want, but what
I want right now is to see just how big a fucking slut you are." His
fingers closed again around her nose and Chase started beating on his
stomach again. "You can hit me all you want Chase, but I am going to cut
off your air completely in about two seconds, and I will not let go until
you make yourself cum. So, I would suggest you get to work whore." Just
moments before, Chase had been dying to cum, but now as she felt her nose
close and her mind panic, she was unsure she would be able to climax.
Oddly, as visions of her own death raced through her mind, she felt her
clit twitch. The idea of smothering on this thick cock had her closer than
ever to cumming. Her hands acted involuntarily, spurred on by the burning
fire between her legs and her own basic survival instinct. If she was
going to live, she had to cum, and do it quickly.

As Chase's fingers returned to her aching pussy, Batman watched with an
evil smile. He wanted so badly to rear back and fuck her throat, but knew
that to do that, he would let her breathe, and she had this test to pass.
If, on the brink of death, Chase could bring herself to climax, then he
would let her live for the next phase. If not, then she would die just the
way the dirty slut wanted to, stuffed full of cock. As he watched her
fingers jabbing noisily in and out of her wet hole, Batman absent mindedly
rolled her nipples in his fingers. He was unaware that he was causing her
tremendous pain, but was beyond caring. Chase's whole body was working in
a desperate rhythm, bucking upwards, as if trying to impale herself on her
fist. The pain coming from her throat and breasts were nearly drown out by
the intense pleasure she felt finger fucking her pussy and rubbing her
swollen clit. However, as climax neared, her body yearned for more air
that absolutely would not come. The unbearable build up between her legs
was seemingly beyond relief as she felt her head begin to spin for lack of
oxygen. Still her fingers worked faster and faster. As her life hung in
the balance, Chase could think of only one thing, her need to orgasm. It
was the one thing that seemed just out of her grasp. As the doctor resolved
herself to her fate, never letting up on her furious finger fucking, help
came from an unexpected source. Batman, watching her body twitch and feeling
her gasp for air around his cock, was mumbling to himself. "Fucking whore,
not quite so self assured now are Doctor Meridian." He was mocking her as
he let her die, using her without a care in the world. A familiar twitching
deep within her body gave Chase last second hope. Batman continued to talk,
now directly to her. "Go ahead Chase, cum or die, I don't care which one.
If you die, I'll just fuck your throat and leave you with a nice facial.
Maybe then I'll deliver you to the doorstep of Wayne Manor and show your
boyfriend what a complete slut you really are." That was it, the mention of
Bruce pushed Chase over the edge. She needed to be treated like this, not
the way Bruce and so many men in her life had. They adored and worshipped
her, when deep down, the sort of thing Batman was doing to her was all
Chase really wanted. Her whole body went stiff even as she began to lose
consciousness. She felt her clit explode and her pussy spasm, the intense
waves expelling her hand from her opening and wracking her body with one all
encompassing climax. Batman was not entirely sure as she shook beneath him,
if Chase had cum or died, and at that point he didn't really care.

As Chase lay motionless beneath him, Batman stared down at her limp, naked
body. His cock throbbed in her right throat and his whole body ached to
relieve the tremendous build up in his balls. He stepped slowly away from
her body, loving the feel of his thick meat sliding out of her mouth.
Chase's head hung off the edge of her desk as the Dark Knight backed away,
her long, beautiful hair, limp and dripping with sweat and drool from her
ordeal. She was still alive, but just barely. Batman breathed a sigh of
relief, not for her, but for himself. It would have been a terrible waste
of his hardon to have to finish off with a dead slut.

Quickly, Batman scooped the doctor off her desk and turned her over so that
her chest lay flat across it. Using restraints from his Utility Belt, Batman
secured her ankles to the legs of the desk. Then he stretched her arms over
her head and secured them to the opposite legs so that she was bent over her
desk and held down tightly. Her feet her nearly raised off of the ground so
that her pussy and ass stuck up invitingly. Batman smiled as he admired his
work and the doctor's perfect skin and well rounded buttocks. It was easy to
see why Chase was so used to getting her way with men. She truly was nearly

Wanting her to be awake for the next phase, Batman strolled around in front
of her and tossed a glass of water in her face. "Wake up Dr. Meridian, it's
time to learn another lesson." he mocked, standing over her and watching the
shock in her eyes as she struggled to regain consciousness. She shook her
head and spat the water from her lips, gasping for air. Even before she
could speak, Batman had shoved something in her mouth. "I found these
panties in your desk drawer doctor." he growled. "I guess you were looking
for some action this evening." With her panties gagging her mouth, Batman
secured the silk garment with her bra, which she had also placed in her desk
drawer in anticipation of his arrival. As Batman circled around behind her,
he used the bra to hold her gag in place and yanked back on it, using her
undergarment as a reign to control Chase's already restricted movements.

"Now." He growled, lifting her chest off the desk. "I am going to finish
what I started." He let the tension on her reign go, causing Chase to slam
her chest back down, knocking the wind from her. The Dark Knight let loose
an evil chuckle as Dr. Meridian sucked desperately for oxygen. In her
struggles for air, she was barely aware of the thick head of Batman's cock
as he rubbed it along her still wet pussy lips. He waited, head poised just
inside her tight hole until she had almost caught her breath before slamming
his hips forward with all his might, shoving his thick cock past her lips
and deep inside her hot, tight love tunnel. The sudden invasion caused
Chase to gasp in desperation. His cock was huge, and in one swift stroke
her body was filled with hard, pulsing cock meat. As his hips slammed into
her ass, Chase was driven hard down against the desk, again making it hard
for her to breathe.

Batman struggled to get every last inch inside of Chase, and smiled
triumphantly as his balls rested against her smooth pussy lips. She was
incredibly tight and his cock felt as it were being gently squeezed in a
hot velvet vice. Pulling out slowly, he watched as Chase's body trembled
with each exiting inch. Just before the head of his cock came out, Batman
slammed back inside her, shocking the doctor once again, this time,
bringing a cry through her gag. As he thrust his shaft inside her, Batman
pulled back on Chase's bra, forcing her chest up off the desk, even as his
weight pressed her hips into the hard wood. The discomfort was tremendous,
but Chase could feel her clit smashed against the edge of the desk, sending
waves of pleasure through her tormented body. She groaned deeply as Batman
hit bottom with his rod, forcing it behind the limits of her channel. He
filled her so completely, Chase could hardly think of anything but his
fantastic cock. She nearly cried out as he pulled out, leaving her feeling
empty and releasing the pressure on her clit. Her hips involuntarily ground
down on the edge, trying to stimulate her clit even as Batman continued to
ram his cock in and out of her at an increasing pace, repeatedly slamming
her body against the desk under the weight of his strokes.

Batman was unaware of Chase rubbing her clit on the desk, but he could not
help but notice how wet her pussy was getting. Although she was still
tight, he now was able to slam into her with relative ease thanks to her
flowing juices. As he slammed home again and again, he almost laughed
thinking of her sitting behind this desk in the morning, counseling people
on their "abnormal" desires. Pulling out one final time, Batman muttered
to himself. "I'll give you abnormal Chase."

His words had snapped her out of her trance like state, but Chase could not
make out what Batman had said. She was too busy trying to figure it out to
notice what he was doing until it was too late. The Dark Knight slid his
slick head out of Chase's dripping pussy and guided it up slightly, pressing
the fat tip against her asshole. Bruce had longed to feel his dick inside
Chase's tight ass, but never dared approach the subject with his lovely
companion, but now, as Batman, and in a blind rage he was going to take her
ass with all he had and make sure she never forgot it. He let her have
enough slack in her reigns to see Chase whip her head back to him, her eyes
wide open with alarm as his wet cock slipped inside her ass. Even as slick
as it was, Batman knew it was going to be a nearly impossible feat to get
his thick prick up that tight ass. He yanked back on the reign, forcing
Chase's head back around and pushed with all his might. The first three
inches of his shaft disappeared inside her ass before he could move no

Although Chase had let a handful of lovers take her in the ass, and often
used fingers or toys in her butt while she fantasized about Batman, she was
unprepared for a battering ram of this size invading her ass. It was clear
that the Dark Knight had no intention of showing her any mercy. She had
invited this sort of response, and now it was beyond her control. His rod
pressed further and further into her ass, stretching it beyond its limits
and sending waves of pain and perverse pleasure through her entire body.
Her ass was being ripped open and yet, Chase continuously ground her hips
on the desk, desperate to cum and let pleasure overtake the pain.

Batman could feel Chase squirming beneath him and mistook her movements as
vain attempts to escape his invading member. At about five inches, her ass
simply stopped allowing him to penetrate any deeper. Batman let go of the
bra that held Chase's head still and spread her cheeks wider with his strong
hands. This gave him some room to operate and another three inches of cock
slid into Chase's backdoor in one stroke. Still, two inches remained outside
her body, and those were the only two that really mattered. Batman was
determined that when Chase woke up the next day, it would be with the
knowledge, that she had done what the most accommodating whores in the city
had failed to do, take his full length in her ass. "Get ready Chase." he
said stoically. "Here it comes." With a final thrust, the Dark Knight
completely impaled the beautiful doctor on his cock. He cried out in triumph
as his crotch touched the smooth skin of her butt. Her body squirmed beneath
him, effectively stimulating him even more.

Chase only vaguely heard Batman cry out as he buried himself in her ass.
Her mind was reeling in the middle of a massive climax. With her clit now
pressed firmly against the sharp edge of the desk and her ass split open and
full of cock, her pussy spasmed again and again, in a series of explosive
orgasms unlike anything she had ever imagined. All she could do was quake
in her bound state, but every muscle in her body quivered beneath her
attacker. As he began to fuck in and out of her tortured opening, Chase
found each stroke brought a new and greater climax. She was beyond all
pleasure and pain and the Dark Knight abused her prone body.

Batman had celebrated his triumph for only a few seconds before the intense
need to climax took over and his hips began bucking, driving himself home
again and again. Chase was quaking beneath him and her ass gripped at his
cock every inch of the way. The Dark Knight threw his head back, reveling
in the feeling of his inevitable climax. His own body began to quake as he
felt his balls tighten and prepare to unleash their long overdue load. Not
wanting to fill her insides, Batman pulled back a bit so that he was fucking
her with just the first few inches of his cock. He wanted to blow his load
all over her body, marking his territory as he defeated this woman. At
last, he felt the hot rush of semen shooting up his long shaft and into the
walls of Chase's ass. As his cock exited her with an audible pop, a stream
of thick cum sprayed into the gaping hole. Batman grabbed his cock and
stroked madly, feeling his shaft surge and throb with each blast of semen.
The streams sprayed out across Chase's exposed buttocks and up her back.
It looked as if someone had turned a hose on inside the Dark Knight's body,
letting loose an unprecedented load of liquid lust with incredible force.
Thick gobs of goo splashed around the doctor's head and landed in her hair.
The heavier flow covered her back and ass, running slowly into a long pool
along her spine and dripping over her ass and down her shapely thighs. She
was an incredible sight, bound and covered in sperm. Batman smiled down at
her, watching a thin stream oozing from her ass. "This will make quite a
sight for Bruce in the morning." He chuckled, already stuffing his half
hard cock back into his suit. Chase could not respond, her continuous
climaxing and the intense pain had been too much for her and she had passed
out. "Let's see if she even tries to explain this to Bruce." He said as
he left the office, already planning an early visit to his girlfriend to
"save" her. Until then, he thought to himself as he climbed down the
building, she could stay tied up and let his cum dry on her skin.


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