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Bay Watch Encounters: Shawnie & CJ (ff/romance)


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It was a typical day at Bay Watch Headquarters. Lt.
Mitch Beucannon was standing in his office giving out tower
assignments to a group of 10 lifeguards. And after telling
Shawnie and CJ that he was gonna assign them a truck forr
patrol duty along the beach, everybody parted ways, and Mitch
went to his desk and pulled out a set of keys and handed them
to CJ.

Mitch: Be careful out there.

CJ: (Looking At Shawnie) We will.

And with that, CJ took the keys and she and Shawnie headed
out the front door of Headquarters and out into the parking
lot where the many Bay Watch trucks were parked. The pavement
was rather hot, so both women were litterally running to the truck
that CJ was given the keys for, trying to keep their feet from

When they reached the truck, they put their lifeguard cans
on the back in their racks and opened the doors, CJ in the driver
seat, Shawnie in the passenger seat, and CJ started the engine and
they were off to patrol the beach.


As CJ drove along the beach, both of them observing the water
maing sure everything was okay, Shawnie began noticing how beautiful
CJ looked with her hair down. How tight and firm her Bay Watch
baithing suit fit her curves. How smooth her legs were. How her
right foot seemed to caress the gas peda of the vehicle. And just
then, her thoughts were interrupted when CJ spoke.

CJ: Shawnie... Could you hold the wheel for a minute? I just have
to tie up my hair.

Shawnie: (Grabbing the steering wheel) Sure.

While Shawnie steered the truck along the beach, CJ kept her foot
on the gas pedal, making the vehicle move slowly along the sand, and
at the same time, pulling a hair tie out of her bag and puting it around
her wrist as she grabbed bundles of her beautiful long blonde hair with
both hands and pulled it up into a pony tail and put the hair tie around
it. Then CJ took the wheel again.

They were driving along a very empty, very sicluded section of
the beach. There were no swimmers or people around for miles.
Shawnie looked around and couldn't figure out why they were out
this far, since their job was to watch the waters where there
were people swimming. She stared at CJ for a moment with a
strange look on her face as the truck slowed to a complete stop.

Shawnie: CJ what are you doing? We're suppose to be watching
the beach.

CJ: (Putting the truck in gear and facing her) Shhh.

Shawnie: What?

CJ: Just.. Don't talk.

Shawnie closed her mouth and just sat there observing CJ,
trying to figure out what had gotten into her. Trying to figure
out why CJ would jeopardize both their jobs by taking them so
far away from the crowded beach. And in a few moments, it all
made sense when CJ spoke again.

CJ: (Patting her hand on the seat next to her) Come here.

Shawnie: (Looking at her strangely) Why?

CJ: Just come here.

Shawnie just sat there still for a moment. "What was
CJ up to?" she thought to herself.

CJ: (Smiling at her) Please?

Shawnie: (Still skeptical) O...kay...

Shawnie removed her seatbelt and scooted closer to CJ.
So close in fact that there was barely a half an inch of
space on the seat between them. She really didn't know why
she had moved that close to CJ. Perhaps it was so that CJ
didn't complain that she was too far away. She didn't know
for sure. She didn't even know why CJ would wanter to come
closer to her.

CJ: (Moving her face close to Shawnie's ear and whispering)
Close your eyes.

Shawnie: CJ, what are you doing?

CJ: Just close your eyes. You'll like this, I promise.

Shawnie closed her eyes. She admitted to herself that
CJ was being rather mysterious in what she was doing, but she
kinda liked it. And just then, all her fears were swept
away as she heard CJ telling her to just keep her eyes closed
and listen to the sound of her soft whispery voice in her ear,
and felt the straps of her baithing suit being pulled down her
shoulders. Shawnie said nothing. She simply did what she was
told and just sat there, allowing CJ to do what she was doing.
All the while, listing to CJ's whispery voice in her left ear.
Feeling CJ's hot breath on her ear lobe began to slightly
arrouse her, and she let out a soft moan.

CJ: (Whispering) Does this bother you?

Shawnie: (Whispering back) Mmmm... No...

And just then Shawnie felt CJ's tongue circling her ear
lobe, very gently, and then slid inside her ear. She let out
another soft moan as she slowly opened her eyes and noticed
that CJ had her shoulder straps of her baithing suit complete
off and was playing with her breasts. Shawnie just sat back
and allowed herself to be fondled.

CJ: (Whispering) Do you want me to stop?

Shawnie: (Moaning) Mmmmm.... No... Please... Mmmmm....
Keep going.

A chill suddenly washed over Shawnie's whole body as
she felt CJ's hand move between her legs and press slightly
on the material of her baithing suit, covering her pussy
ever so tightly. When she felt CJ's hand move away from her
pussy, she opened her eyes and looked at her.

Shawnie: Mmmmm. Why did you stop? Keep doing that.

CJ: Oooh you like this don't you.

Shawnie: (Pulling CJ's hand back between her legs) Mmmmm
Very much.... Mmmmm... Come on..... Touch me.

As CJ began rubbing her hand accross the soft wet surface
of Shawnie's pussy, Shawnie put a hand on each of CJ's shoulders
and pulled her baithing suit straps down. CJ held out her
arms and allowed Shawnie to remove the straps from the rest
of her upper body. And they both grabbed their breasts and
pressed them to eachother's and began rubbing them together.
CJ put her arms around Shawnie and pulled her closer to her
body. So close that Shawnie could barely breath. But she
didn't care. She had wanted to do this with CJ for a very
long time, and was so glad that it was finally happening.

As CJ continued the slight up and down motion, rubbing
her suculant breasts against Shawnie's chest, Shawnie slowly
took CJ's face in her hands and pressed her lips to CJ's and
gave her new lover a very passionate warm wet kiss. And
suddenly became very excited as she felt CJ's tongue slip into
her mouth. Shawnie's grip on CJ's face tightened up as she
returned the favor sloshing her own tongue around inside CJ's
waiting mouth.. The two woman appeared to be having the most
wonderful time of their lives.

As the sunset rolled into view, the two women broke their
kiss so that they could strip their baithing suits off, and
the last thing that could be seen of them was CJ on top of
Shawnie in a very carressing 69 position both of them moaning
to their hearts content.



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