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Bay Watch Encounters: Mitch & Hobie (mm/romance)


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PROLOGUE: This story takes place during the first season of
BAYWATCH, when Hobie was a young kid. So now you know,
and I don't want any complaints about this, because
I no longer watch the series now that the characters
are much older. Infact, I stopped watching it after
Shawnie and Eddie left the show.

It was early morning. Mitch Beucannon stumbled over a skateboard
at the bottom of the stairs as he was walkin to the kitchen to pour
himself a cup of coffee. He kept himself from hitting the floor by
supporting himself on the counter just next to the staircase and reached
down and picked up the skateboard and looked at it for a moment.

Mitch: Hobie! How many times have I told you to pick up your
skateboard when you are finished using it! Almost broke
my neck on the darn thing!

Hobie: (From his bedroom) Sorry dad.

Mitch went to the counter next to the sink and pulled a coffee cup
out of the cupboard above, and poured himself a cup of coffee. As he
began to take a sip, he heard Hobie trampling down the stairs full speed.

Mitch: Hobie! Dont run! You'll fall on your face!

And just then, he heard a thud and an "Owww!". He slammed his cup
down on the counter and ran to the bottom of the stairs and saw his son
laying there holding his arm. He crouched down to see if he was okay.

Mitch: You okay?

Hobie: (Standing up) Yeah.

Mitch went back to the counter and picked up his coffee and went
into the living room and sat down and picked up the morning paper and
began reading it. After a few hours of that, he set the paper down and
got up and looked around. He had noticed that the house was quiet, and
there had been no sign of Hobie for the entire time he was reading the
paper. Knowning that his son was undoubtably up to no good, he decided
to tiptoe quietly up the stairs and stood outside his room for a moment,
listening at the door. He didn't hear anything. He quietly turned the
knob and cracked the door open just a bit and peeked inside.

There, right in front of him, was his own son sitting on the bed,
with his penis in his hand, stroking off. And next to him, was a magazine
of some sort. Hobie looked up and put his thing away and quicly closed the
magazine and just sat there staring at his dad, with a really scared look
on his face.

Mitch opened the door all the way and walked into his son's room and
stood in front of him for a moment. He looked next to him at the magazine
and realized it was a nudy magazine. But what surprised him, was that
the magazine didn't have a picture of a naked woman on the front cover
as he expected most boys Hobie's age would be looking at. Instead, there
was a picture of an adult male, with a huge muscular body, with his cock
in his hand. Mitch looked over at his son, who had his head down, too
embarassed to say anything. After all, his father had cought him in
the act. And it was embarassing enough that his father cought him stroking
off to a nudy magazine but even worse that his father at that moment
realized his sexual orientation.

Mitch picked up the magazine and set it asside and sat down on the
bed next to his son and looked at him for a moment. Hobie looked at him
through the corner of his eye, then when he realized his father was watching
him he quickly centered his attention to the floor again. Mitch put his hand
on Hobie's shoulder.

Mitch: Son, it's alright. You're not in trouble.

Hobie: I'm not?

Mitch: No. Not at all. This kind of stuff is normal for boys your
age. I just didn't expect you'd be interested in members
of the same sex. Most boys your age are into girls.

Hobie: (Calming down) Oh I was for a while. But....

Mitch: But what?

Hobie: I don't know, I just think men turn me on more. Do you
think thats weird?

Mitch: (Smiling) Ofcourse not son. Whatever sex you chose, it's
okay by me. Just be careful with who you're with and
what you do. Be sure and use a condom if you're going
to engage in sexual intercourse.

Hobie: I know dad. But now the choice is... Who do I be with?
Don't know anybody around here that likes men. All my
friends are into girls.

Mitch: (Thinking for a moment) Well... I suppose I should give
you a few pointers, I mean it's bound to come up sooner
or later.

Hobie: What do you mean?

Mitch: (Holding his finger to his lips) Shhh.. Lay back.

Hobie layed back on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. He had
no idea what his father was talking about. But in a moment it all came
to him as he felt his shoes being untied and pulled off. Following that,
his socks were slipped off. And then, he felt his shorts being pulled
down to his knees, where they stayed. He looked up to see what was
happening, and he saw his father getting down on his knees in front of

Hobie: Dad, what are you doing?

Mitch: Shh.... Don't talk.

Hobie closed his mouth and just looked at his dad. He kinda had an
idea as to what was going to happen next. It was pretty obvious. And
somehow, he was getting really turned on by all this. His penis was
standing straight up. And when he felt his father's warm hand clasp
around it and begin gently squeezing it he let out a gasp.

Hobie: Dad.. Mmmmm... What are you.....

His words were suddenly cut off by the feeling of his father's lips
around the head of his penis. He propped himself up on his elbows and
watched his penis sinking slowly into his dad's mouth. He moaned the
whole time. His dad's eyes met his and remained fixed as he continued
moving up and down on his son's little rod. And then his dad stopped
and stood up and removed his clothes.

Hobie's eyes widened as he saw his dad's huge penis, hard as a rock
hanging there. His eyes followed his dad as he sat down on the bed and
then took his son's hand and layed him down so that his head was right
next to his huge cock.

Mitch: Now you do it to me son.

Hobie took his father's huge cock with both hands and guided it
into his mouth and began moving slowly up and down on it. He heard
his father groaning as he went further and furth down.

Mitch: That's it son. Suck it... Suck your daddy's penis.

And with that, Hobie began moving faster, enjoying every minute
of what he was doing. Mitch grabbed Hobie's legs and pulled his lower
body onto his chest so that his son's penis was right in his face and
his legs were straddling his neck. As Hobie continued, he dook
his son's penis into his mouth again and began returning the favor.
Each time Hobie would go faster, he would do the same.

Moments later, Mitch found himself with a mouth full of his son's
cum. Which turned him on so much that he suddenly with a loud gasp
let his own load go all over Hobie's face. He sat up, and Hobie got
off of him. Mitch propped himself up against the wall, and looked
at Hobie for a moment.

Mitch: Ready for your final lesson?

Hobie: Mmmmmm (Licking the cum on his lips) Yes...

Mitch: Come here.

Mitch held out his hands and Hobie moved closer to him. Mitch
grabbed Hobie's hips and lifted him up and made him straddle his pelvis
area. Mitch sat Hobie down so that his butt crack was right near his
cock, infact so close that it was just barely touching it.

Mitch: Now this may hurt a little bit.

Hobie: I trust you dad.

And with that Hobie placed his hands on his dad's shoulders and slid
back a little until his anus was right over the head of his father's cock.
Mitch put his hands on his son's shoulders and began slowly pushing him down.
As his Hobie felt his father's enormous cock entering his ass hole, he
let out a moan of pleasure.

Mitch: You okay son?

Hobie: Mmmmmmm.... Hmmmmm.. Im fine dad.... Mmmmmmmmmm...

Mitch: You like this?

Hobie: Mmmmmmm.... Yes..... Mmmmmmm.

When the inside of Hobie's ass was lubricated enough by the wetness of
his father's cock inside it, hobie rested himself on his father's chest and
just layed there, allowing his father to do what he pleased to him. Letting
out loud moans of pleasuer each time his dad's cock went in and out of him.
And with one final thrust, he felt his dad's Jizzem flooding the inside
of his ass, hitting every inch of his anal walls. Hobie just looked up at
his father and smiled and shared a very passionate tongue twining kiss with
him, and the two of them fell asleep, still in their loving embrace.



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