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Bay Watch Encounters: Caroline & Shawnie (ff/romance)


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The entire crew of BAYWATCH were all standing around in a
large room, each had a glace of champagne in teir hand, and some
people were wearing red hats with little fluffy snowball lookin
thingies on the end. It was obviously a time of youl tide cheer
around here. The sound of a fork tapping against a glass could
be heard, and everybody quieted down and looked in the direction
the sound was coming from. Mitch Beucannon set the fork back down
on the table and looked up.

Mitch: Alright listen up everybody! I would just like to
congratulate each and every one of you for your hard work
and devotion to this team. Without lifeguards there would
be no beach to enjoy..... And I would be sitting at home
enjoying a nice Christmas dinner with my son right about

Everybody laughs briefly.

Mitch: (Smiling) No, seriously.... Each and every one of you are
a part of an excellent lifeguard team, and you should all
give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done....
(shouting over some whispering) And I hope you all know
that this little vacation doesn't last forever. We've all
got to be back here by 8:00 in the morning, the day after
tomorrow. Thank you. Cheers.

Everybody shouts "Cheers" back to him and they all touch glasses
with one another and everybody breaks off to do their own thing. Mitch
leaves the table and goes over to a corner of the room where he sees
Caroline and Shawnie talking amongst themselves.

Mitch: So what are you two planning for Christmas this year?

Caroline: Well Shawnie said she doesn't have anybody to spend
the holidays with this year, so I invited her over
to my house. Mark makes the most exquisite turkey
you've ever tasted.

Mitch: Sounds deliscious. Well you two have fun. I'm goin home.
Hobie is waiting for me.

Shawnie: Good night Mitch. Merry Christmas.

Mitch: (Leaving them alone) Merry Christmas to you too.


The building was pretty much empty. Lots of people had already
gone home to spend Christmas with their family and friends. The only
people left were the Janitor and Shawnie and Caroline, who were both
sitting on a couch in one of the offices with a bottle of champagne
getting drunk. Giggles and lots of laughter could be heard from inside.
The janitor passed by the office door mopping the floor and took a brief
look inside. Both women looked at him then to eachother and began
giggling again.

Janitor: You two ain't gonna be here all night are you? I got work
to do!

Caroline: (Smiling at Shawnie) I don't know. What do you think
Shawnie? Should we go?

Shawnie: (Giggling) No, we should stay. I'm having so much fun.

Janitor: Oh no! I don't think so! You two can't stay here! I
got to finish this up so I can go home to my wife and
kids! Now git!

Shawnie: (Standing up with Caroline) Aww you're no fun.

Janitor: Fun is not what it's about. It's about you two getting
out of here so I can get my job done!

The two women giggled all the way out the front door. The
Janitor yelled after them to drive carefully, but neither of them
heard him. They were staggering arm in arm out the front doors
giggling the whole way, attempting to act cool as they passed a
couple of teenagers who were satboarding in the parking lot. The
teenagers just glared at them and smiled to themselves and went
about their business.


Shawnie and Caroline finally found the car. They had been
stumbling all over the empty parking lot for 30 minutes until
Caroline finally remembered that she had parked the car in the
back. At this point, they were so drunk, they could have gotten
into a total stranger's car and had a good time. Caroline fumbled
with her purse for a minute as she pulled out the keys and slipped
them into the passenger side door to unlock it for Shawnie. When
she finally got the thing unlocked she opened it for her and Shawnie
plopped down hard into the passenger seat, almost falling out of it
as she brought her legs inside the car, giggling the whole time.

Caroline: Watch your feet.

Caroline closed the door and went around to the driver side and
unlocked and opened the door and got behind the wheel. She put the
keys in the ignition and started the engine and was getting ready to
put the car in drive when she suddenly saw Shawnie's head hit the
dashboard of the vehicle. She appeared to be passed out cold.

Caroline: Shawnie! Wake up!

Shawnie: No mommy I don't wanna go to school!

And then Shawnie busted out into uncontrollable giggles and
laughter. Caroline smiled at her realizing she was just faking it
trying to get some attention. She decided that they both were
too drunk to drive home, so Caroline turned off the engine and
layed back in the seat and closed her eyes.

Shawnie: Caroline?

Caroline: Hmm??

Shawnie: Do you... Like me?

Caroline: (Opening her eyes and looked at Shawnie) Ofcourse I do.
You're a wonderful person, and a great asset to the

Shawnie: No... that's not what I meant. I mean... Do you...
Really like me?

Caroline: I don't know what you're trying to get at.

Shawnie: Caroline, I think you know exactly what I mean. Come on,
you can't tell me you've never been intimate with another

Caroline looked at Shawnie with a shocked look in her eye. She
never expected Shawnie to be talking like this. But nonetheless,
they were both drunk out of their minds, so she decided that Shawnie
was entitled to say anything she wanted. She leaned back in the
seat again and thought for a moment.

Shawnie: Well?

Caroline: I did get intimate with another girl once. (Smiling)
Tracy Hatchfield. She was in my Junior High P.E. class.
We always use to joke around about what it would be like
to kiss eachother. And one day, a bunch of other girls
from our class dared her to really kiss me.

Shawnie: Did she?

Caroline: Ofcourse she did. You don't know what it was like in my
Junior High P.E. class. If somebody dared you to do
something, you did it, otherwise you were doomed to be
made fun of the rest of your life.

Shawnie: Really? What was it like? Kissing another woman I mean.

Caroline: It really didn't feel much different from kissing a guy.
But the thought of being kissed by another woman was
what turned it into the most erotic fantasy come true
I had ever had. See we use to joke about it, but she
never knew how much I really wanted to be with her.
And when she pressed her lips against mine, my heart
shot up into my throat. It was the most wonderful
experience I had ever had.

Shawnie: How long did the kiss last?

Caroline: Only about 5 seconds. The other girls were beginning to
make comments amongst themselves that we were really
enjoying what we were doing a little too much. And deep
down inside, I really was. But we had to break the kiss
because I could hear the little comments the other girls
were making. Some were calling is lesbians, others would
say that we were so desperate for a man, that we would
practice on eachother and get a thrill out of it, just
to satisfy ourselves. (Looking over at her) What about

Shawnie: Me?

Caroline: Yeah. I assume you didn't strike up this conversation for
nothing. You ever been with another woman.

Shawnie: (Smiling) Yes.

Caroline: Who?

Shawnie: C.J.

Caroline: Oh really? (Giggling) I kinda figured something was going on
between you two. I mean when I see the two of you look at
eachother, you both just glow for the rest of the day.

Shawnie: Well, we shared a wonderful experience together.

Caroline: (Getting comfortable) Tell me about it.

Shawnie: Well there's really not much to tell. I mean she was the
one that got me all hot and bothered. I just sat there
and enjoyed every minute of it.

Caroline: Did you two kiss?

Shawnie: Oh yes, lots of times. But the best part was when the
two of us stripped naked and made love to eachother. Mmmm
she has the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted.

As Shawnie was telling Caroline her tale of sex and love, she
was noticing that Caroline's nipples were beginning to show through
her baithing suit, and her breathing was a little erratic. She
appeared to be enjoying the subject they were talking about. And
when she was through, she had Caroline so hot, that she was playing
with her own breasts in front of her, not caring whether or not
she was watching her.

Shawnie: Caroline?

Caroline: (Moaning softly) Mmmmmm what?

Shawnie: Can I kiss you?

Caroline: (Smiling) Mmmm if you want to.

Shawnie: Oh I want to very much.

Caroline: (Holding out her arms) Well then come and do it baby.

Shawnie removed her seatbelt and scooted closer to Caroline, and
when she felt Caroline's arms close gently around her body, she let
out a soft moan and moved her face right up to Caroline's and looked
deeply into her eyes for a moment, and then cocked her head slightly
and pressed her lips against Caroline's and got the thrill of her life
as she felt Caroline's arms squeeze around her tigheter. She liked
that feeling. It told her that Caroline was enjoying herself. And
she then got another wonderful thrill as she felt Caroline's tongue
slip into her mouth, which she gladly returned the favor. And by
the time they broke the kiss, they were both so wet between the legs,
that little puddles of their juices could be seen soaking into the

Caroline: (Breathing heavily) Ohh... My.... God.... That was the
most wonderful kiss I've ever had in my entire life. Not
even Tracy was that good.

Shawnie: Thank you.

Caroline: Move for a sec.

Shawnie moved back closer to the passenger side door and observed
Caroline as she opened the glove compartment and took out something
long and wide, and flimsy. On each end, it appeared to have a head that
looked similar to a man's dick. Caroline held it up in front of Shawnie
and closed the glove compartment and smiled.

Shawnie: What is it?

Caroline: My two headed dildo.

Shawnie took it from her and Caroline leaned forward and began to
remove her baithing suit. As the straps easily fell off her arms, her
breasts just kinda flopped out, and Shawnie couldn't help but to stare.

Caroline: Like what you see?

Shawnie: (Moaning softly) Mmmmmm very much. You are so beautiful.

Caroline: Thank you.

Caroline took the dildo from Shawnie after she had finished taking
her baithing suit off, and Shawnie did the same. By the time she had
the baithing suit on the floor of the passenger side, she looked over
at Caroline, who already had one side of the dildo inside her pussy
and was pushing it in and out of herself slowly, moaning softly each
time she pushed it in.

Caroline: (Smiling at her) The other end is for you lover.

Shawnie smiled brightly. She liked being called lover by
Caroline. Caroline scooted over more towards the middle of the
seat, and shawnie brought her right leg over Caroline's body,
straddling her, and positioned herself right over the other end
of the two headed dildo, and as she lowered herself upon it,
she let out a scream of pleasure with each inch that sunk inside
her pussy. Caroline let go of the dildo and placed her hands on
Shawnie's shoulders and began to pull her down harder and a little
faster with each thrust. Shawnie was so turned on that she
was litterally screaming so loud that the whole world might
as well have heard her. But she didn't care. She was having
lots of fun, and didn't want to stop.

Caroline kept her hands firmly on Shawnie's shoulders, and
Shawnie just placed her hands on her hips and allowed Caroline
to controle her every action. And a smile shot across her face
as she felt her hands being picked up and placed on something
warm and soft. She didn't know what it was for a split second
cause she had her head thrown back and was leaning against the
dash board, enjoying the dildo being shoved inside her. She
pulled herself forward and looked and saw that Caroline had
taken her hands off her hips and placed them on her breasts.
Shawnie smiled as Caroline put her hands back on her shoulders
and began pulling harder on her. This felt so good to Shawnie,
that she needed to grab something. So she decided to squeeze
and pull on Caroline's breasts.

Now both of them were screaming at the top of their lungs,
enjoying every minute of their sexual experience. And a few
minutes more passed, and they both let out one last scream of
joy as they both reached the peak of their orgasm at the same time
and squirted cum around the two headed dildo, and all over eachother.
They ended the experience by removing the dildo, Shawnie taking one
end in her mouth, Caroline taking the other end in hers and sucked
their juices off of it, then embraced eachother for one last kiss
before their short drive home.

That night, they had a threesome with Caroline's husband Mark,
but that... Is another story.




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