Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this, seek help.

Well, before the cast changes, here's my new Baywatch story. Sorry it took
longer than I expected to write it. All comments and suggestions/scenarios
welcomed. Enjoy.

HypnoTV: Baywatch Part 2 (m/f,f/f,mc)
by MAW

There are still mysteries in this world, things that defy human explanation.
Things that cannot be assigned a scientific name. And as many mysteries there
are on land, there are at least twice as more in the sea.

The oceans cover seventy-five percent of this planet. That's a lot of space
to explore and catalogue. As much as we humans may think we know this planet,
there are still things in the oceans that can surprise us.

The moon struck the water, throwing shafts of light on the two figures calmly
walking out of the water. One was a tall man, well-muscled with blond hair
and a large penis. His companion was a dark-haired female with an extremely
well-built body, sizable breasts thrust straight forward. They knew their


She cleaved through the water like a fish, as if born to it. She popped up
to the surface and threw her head back, her long blond hair whipping behind
her. A yellow suit covered her nice, slim body. Taking in a breath, she lay
back on the water and slowly let herself float on her back.

Neely was grateful for the break. It had been a long day working on the
beach. The club may not have been as busy as Baywatch, but she still had to
move fast to keep up with the various small emergencies ocean swimmers got
into. Well, it was still good work and she was glad Mitch had given her the
chance after the mess she'd gotten into getting pregnant and everything. It
was also nice of Mitch to put her up at his house for a while until she got
everything straightened out. He loved the kid and took good care of her.
Another half-hour, and Neely was ready to head home.

A splash broke her daydreaming and she looked up to see a man cleaving
through the water. He was naked, she could see that, and for a moment all she
could do was look at his incredible body. Then, she went into her official
voice. "Um, sir, nude swimming is forbidden here."

"I'm sure we can make an exception." His voice was unbelievable. It sent a
thrill up Neely's spine just listening to it. Neely felt something in her at
that moment, something that made her want this man bad. She had to fight to
keep herself steady as she tried to take command of the situation. "Sir,
night swimming is all well and good--"

"It is, isn't it?" That wonderful voice again cut off Neely as the man swam
closer. "It's nice to sit here in this wonderful pool, the light glancing off
the water. It hits me in the eyes and you must admit it's a sight, isn't it?"
Neely could see his eyes now. They were as beautiful as the rest of him,
seeming to glow a deep blue. Neely couldn't take her eyes away from them. A
buzzing seemed to fill her head as she continued to gaze deep into those
wonderful eyes.

"Yes, my eyes seem to glow in the light, Neely. A nice, wonderful glow. A
glow that takes you in and won't let go. Just keep looking into my eyes,
Neely. It's so nice to look into my eyes and let yourself go. You can feel
yourself let go, Neely. Let go of your cares, of your troubles, of your
will and just let yourself be guided by me. It's so nice to let yourself be
commanded by me, isn't it, Neely?"


"Yes, Neely, it is. You want to do anything I tell you, don't you?"


"If I wanted to make love to you right here in the pool, Neely, would you do

"Yes." Neely licked her lips.

"My name is Alan, Neely. You can call me master."

"Yes, Master." Alan pulled her in and kissed her hard on the mouth. Neely
responded passionately, pushing herself on Alan. She could feel his erect
cock touching her thigh and wanted it inside her so bad. Through the fog
that covered her mind, all she cared about now was having Alan in her,
making love to her, letting loose of this sudden desire she had. She was
barely aware of Alan pushing down her suit, exposing her top, until she
felt the water hit her bare breasts. God, it felt great. Not as great as
what she hoped would come, but still good.

Alan brought his head to her breasts which floated just under the waterline.
He kissed each erect nipple for a moment before burying his face in between
them. Neely moaned as she felt his tongue drag on her chest. "Put it in,"
she said. "I can't wait, put in now."

Alan was happy to comply, pleased that his control over Neely was so complete
she was beginning him to fuck her. He slid his hard member past the small
patch of her suit and into her blond lips. He slowly began to push himself
in and out of her. He pushed her forward as he did, each stroke corresponding
with his cock shoving further into her pussy. Neely moaned and squeezed her
thighs together, eager to feel him in her, knowing her juices were beginning
to mix with the pool water. Her breasts crushed on his chest as they
continued to wash against each other with an ever-increasing tempo. They
kissed again, a long hard kiss as Alan slid in and out of her wet clit.
Neely's groans grew as she felt herself building with an unbelievable desire
that finally released itself into a huge orgasm.

Alan pulled himself out of Neely and pulled her suit back on her. He looked
deep into her eyes and Neely again felt herself lost in those gorgeous orbs.
"You will forget me," Alan said. "You will forget all this. Remember
nothing. Nothing."

"I will remember nothing," Neely said just before her eyes drifted closed.
Alan swam to the stairs and walked up. He grabbed an absent towel from a
chair and wrapped it around himself. Well, that wasn't too bad for a start.
And it gave him a good energy boost for tomorrow.


The roar of the ocean came through the open sliding door of the small
apartment April stayed at. She tossed in her bed, a bit restless. The night
was cool, but April would still had preferred for her air conditioning to be
working. Growing up in Wisconsin hadn't prepared her for the humidity of
southern California. She was adapting well, but she still wished her power
hadn't blown out a few hours earlier.

She sighed and rolled back in bed, her long blond hair framing her young
pretty face. She wore a simple shirt and panties, her natural modesty
fighting against the heat. She was glad she was on for an afternoon shift
the next day. She had a feeling it was going to take a while before she fell
off to sleep.

She lay, eyes closed, listening to the surf rolling in a few yards away, the
cry of birds and...strange. There was another sound in the evening air, a
lyric, really. April opened her eyes and cocked her head, trying to fix it.
It sounded like singing, coming closer as she listened. It was a strange
song, part Celtic sound, part dolphin cry. As April listened, she felt a
sudden wave of relaxation come over her, as if her body had suddenly decided
on its own to relax. She felt herself lying back on the bed, her eyes, which
suddenly felt incredibly heavy, fixed to the doorway. She saw it slide open
farther to allow a dark-haired woman to step inside. She looked like a Greek
statue, her nude form perfect. "Close your eyes, April," the woman said in a
that same soft voice as the song. "Close your eyes and sleep. This is a
dream. A wonderful dream, but just a dream."

A dream. Of course it was a dream. It had to be. How else to explain how a
nude woman could come to her home and fill her with such a desire? "My name
is Tana," the woman said. She opened her mouth and began to sing again. All
of April's defenses fell away in front of that wonderful song. She closed
her eyes and sunk onto the bed as Tana climbed onto it. She continued to sing
that mesmerizing song, even as she put her mouth on April's. April was slow
to respond. She was a virgin, almost niave about sex, but she seemed to enjoy
the feeling of Tana's mouth on hers. Tana's tongue pushed into April's mouth
as she ran her hands down, pushing April's panties down enough to expose the
tiny blond patch between her legs. Tana let two fingers slide in the lips and
slowly work their way inside. April moaned as Tana continued to work. As she
fingered the young form, Tana pulled up April's sweat-stained shirt, exposing
the pert breasts. She continued working her fingers in as she put her other
hand to the nipples, squeezing each one in turn. Her hand worked faster as
she felt April respond, working her pelvis to match Tana's movements. Tana
felt the young form buckle and come and felt the rewarding scent of juices

Tana licked at her fingers, tasting the sweet taste of the young girl. She
was ready now. She climbed up onto April, straddling her wet patch over the
young woman's face. "Lick it, April," she whispered. "Lick it." April slowly
responded, letting her tongue drag along the dark patch before her. Asleep
or awake, it made no difference. The young woman was too caught up in lust
to care anymore. She needed to taste this dream woman's clit. Her tongue
continued to work slowly, the tip just entering the soft lips. Tana groaned
and shifted herself slightly on top of April, hoping this was doing the job
right. April's tongue shifted slightly more into Tana and she knew she was
ready. A tenseness over her body faded into relaxation as she came, her cum,
splashing onto April's face.

Tana pushed herself off the limp young form and quickly put her panties back
up and her shirt down. She leaned forward and whispered into April's ear.
"This was a dream. A wonderful, erotic dream, but a dream nonetheless. This
never happened." She watched April shift in the bed, falling back into a
normal sleep. Then, with a sad smile on her face, Tana turned and left
through the window, lost to the darkness outside.


Lani took a breath as she stopped at the side of the road. The sun was just
beginning to rise over the sky as the well-tanned and well-toned Hawaiian
took a break from her morning jog. Sweat stained her running suit as well as
her dark hair, hung back in a ponytail. She glanced at her watch. Enough time
to get back to her apartment, shower and change before she had to get to
work. She could make it. She stood up straight and started back to running.

She had gone a few yards when she saw something just off the side of the
road. A flashing, really, like a small spotlight. Something about it caught
Lani's attention. Intrigued, she slowed her pace and stepped off the quiet
road, trying to find the source of the mysterious light.

She found it embedded in between the branches of a tree. It looked like a
pearl, although one of a size and glow she'd never seen. It was fixed in the
branches as if specifically placed. It was an odd color, aqua-green and blue
that seemed to shift as the sun hit it. Lani couldn't take her eyes off of
it. It was just wonderful to look at, so enticing and relaxing. The light
played off it onto Lani's face, into her eyes. It was like it was directed
to her line of vision alone. Lani felt everything else drift away as she
continued to gaze at the pearl. Her entire body relaxed and she felt an
indescribable warmth sweep through her, from her head to the patch between
her legs.

"It's beautiful, isn't it, Lani?" Tana asked as she came to the young woman's

"Yes.." Lani said in a distracted voice. "Beautiful..."

Tana stepped forward, blocking Lani's view of the hypnotic gem. "I'm
beautiful too, aren't I, Lani?"

Lani gazed at the nude woman before her. "Yes.."

"Would you like to show me how beautiful you are, Lani?"

Lani nodded, her eyes fixed on Tana's. Tana took her by the hand and led her
to a soft spot behind a roadside, hidden by a clump of bushes. Lying on the
ground was a waiting blanket. Tana took Lani by the shoulders and slowly
pushed her down on the blanket. "Trust me, Lani," Tana said. "Trust me and
let me see how beautiful you are. You do want me to see how beautiful you
are, don't you?"


"Good." Tana slowly stripped away Lani's sweat-stained suit. Lani's breasts
fell open as her shirt was pulled down. Tana didn't completely strip Lani,
only lowered her pants enough to expose the dark-haired clit. She ran her
hands over the sizeable breasts of the lifeguard, kneading them like dough.
She leaned down on Lani and kissed her gently on the mouth. Lani's response
slightly disappointed her. Even entranced as she was, she didn't seem too
keen on same-sex encounters. Oh well, Tana would just do everything herself.
She continued to massage Lani's breasts as she kissed both nipples. She
buried her head in the wonderful cleavage and pushed it around her face as
she lay kisses on the curves of the mounds.

Tana broke off and moved down to Lani's bottom half. She snaked her hands
under the young woman and gripped her buttocks, giving them a squeeze. Lani's
moans were all the incentive Tana needed. She buried her head in between
Lani's legs and went to work. Her tongue jabbed in and out of Lani's pussy,
brushing past the dark hair as it entered her most sensitive area. Tana's
knuckles dragged along the sandy ground as she massaged Lani's ass. Her
tongue continued to probe the young woman, who was responding in kind.
Straight or gay, being eaten out always turned Lani on. She withered on the
ground as Tana continued to gorge herself on the spilling juices. Lani arched
slightly as she came fully, shooting onto the waiting Tana's tongue.

After licking away everything, Tana hurriedly redressed Lani and led her back
to the road. "Thank you," she whispered as she kissed the younger woman. She
walked off, grabbing the pearl from the tree. She glanced behind to see a
slightly confused Lani jog back home. Tana smiled and wondered how her
partner was making out.


The lagoon was on the quieter section of the Baywatch area. It was a nice,
secluded spot that Donna often favored. Not many others knew about it. Well,
except the fish. Donna was wearing a bikini that showed off her nice chest
and flat stomach. She waded through the water, her blond hair just touching
her shoulders. It was nice to have an afternoon off, just enjoy the sun and
the sand without being in the hustle and bustle of the main beach. She waded
waist deep in the water, enjoying the cool liquid on her body.

A sudden splash got her attention. Glancing up, she saw Alan emerge from the
water, his body glistening and his slicked-back hair making him look all the
more handsome. After being wowed by his physique, Donna's eyes were drawn to
a pendant hanging from his neck. It looked like a small pearl attached to a
coral chain. Alan swam forward until he was right before Donna. "Glad to see
someone here," he said with that charming smile.

"Well, that's good for you," Donna said, although her eyes stayed on the
pendant around Alan's neck. As if absently, Alan took the chain in his hand
and lightly swung it, sending the pendant in a light spin. It caught the
sunlight, bouncing it into Donna's eyes, which followed the pendant in its
light side-to-side motions. It was soothing to look at, relaxing. It gripped
Donna's view and held it tight. She couldn't look away. Soon, she didn't want
to look away. She wanted to just keep watching the wonderful pendant. Watch
the pendant and listen to Alan's warm voice. That wonderful voice and that
gorgeous pendant. Alan held them both. Alan held her. Alan had her. She was
his to command and wanted nothing more than to obey his every word.

"Donna, why don't we go to shore?" Alan asked. Mindlessly, Donna obeyed,
walking off to the sandy beach with Alan behind her. Alan pulled her in and
kissed her. He liked doing this first, strengthen his hold on the victim by
having them caught up in lust. Donna felt instant arousal sweep through her
as the kiss continued. Any resistance she had melted away as she knew she
belonged to Alan and Alan alone. "Why don't you take off your suit, Donna?"

Donna hadn't even noticed that Alan was naked. It didn't matter. In seconds,
she was as well, her nice breasts free in the air, Alan's hands running over
her ass. They kissed as they fell on the sand, rolling around in it. Donna
came on top, her thigh touching Alan's hard member. She clutched it in her
hand, gripping the hard shaft and leading it to her pussy. She sat herself
on it and began shifting back and forth, setting up a smooth rythym. Alan
ran his hands up her body, pinching her nipples with his fingers. His hands
slid from her breasts to her hips as she sped up the rythym. She was totally
into it now, ready and willing to get herself off and to help Alan do the
same. Her thighs squeezed around his cock, pushing it deeper into her. Alan
moaned and Donna thrust forward as they orgasmed, a wave of pleasure that
shook them both.

When they recovered, Donna was still eager to help her master. She slid
herself off his cock and got onto her knees. She took his rod in her hands
and put it in her mouth. She slid her tongue down the length of the penis,
tickling the tip with her appendage. Alan leaned back and let Donna do her
work, taking him as deep in her throat as she could. Her tongue wrapped
around his shaft as she sucked hard on the rod. Alan groaned as he came,
his cum shooting into Donna's mouth. She swallowed it as she licked his
shaft clean, trying to clean it as well as she possibly could.

Five minutes later, Alan swam off. He left Donna sleeping on the sand,
clothed, with no memory of what happened. A shame to leave her so soon, but
time was wasting and he had one more important appointment to keep.


Boat patrol was a rather boring duty on the best of days. On this day, a
weekday with a flat sea and few boats out, Jordan was rather bored. Her hair
whipped behind her in the wind generated by the speeding boat, black as her
skin. She was wearing the regulation red swimsuit that covered her body well.
She hated this part of the job, but it beat being on switchboard.

She stopped the boat at the outer limit, making her usual check-in with the
home base. She paused to admire the scenery for a bit. Turning back to grab
the controls, she came face to face with a naked Alan, who was standing
there. His eyes glowed, a bright green and blue, shifting like waves. Jordan
was instantly mesmerized, Alan's gaze washing her mind like a blank slate.
In seconds, she was ready and willing to do all he asked. Alan gave her a
kiss, loving the way she instantly threw himself against him. A shame it
took so much energy to instantly entrance like this. That was why he'd saved
this for last.

He pushed Jordan down on the boat and lowered the straps on her shoulders.
Her breasts were magnificent, the largest and best he'd seen that day. He
loved the feel of them under his hands and face. He spent several minutes
with these breasts, dragging his tongue around the nipples and curves. "My
apologies, dear," he said. "But I'm pressed for time." His apology fell on
empty ears. Jordan wasn't just entranced, she was also now too deep in
pleasure to refuse anything he said. Alan turned Jordan over onto her hands
and knees. He pushed aside the thin strip of red cloth covering Jordan's
ass and inserted his cock. He began to shove it into her, gripping her ass
for support as he nailed her from behind. Jordan moaned as she felt his
lance spike into her. Alan was good, there was no doubt about it. Despite
several ejaculations over the day, he was still hard enough to drive this
lifeguard wild. He pushed ever deeper into her, pinching her ass cheeks
harder as he went. He shot his wad into her, eliciting a cry that was
audible for a mile.

As Alan went about erasing Jordan's memory, he was sorry he had to get her
back before she was to be missed. Oh, well, it was enough for today.


Being in charge stunk. Oh, sure, it had some benefits. But the workload and
the pressure sure got to Taylor some days. Thank God she could finally rest.
A quick shower and change and she'd be headed home. She had the shower room
all to herself, which was good. She turned on the nozzle and lay underneath
it. She let the water cascade on her fiery red hair and her naked body. It
felt great to cool off after a long day at the office. She heard the padding
of bare feet on the tiled floor and opened her eyes to see who it was. The
glowing blue-green eyes of Tana filled her vision and was the last thing she
saw before her mind drifted away.

Tana leaned forward and kissed the motionless Taylor. The water fell on the
two women as they remained liplocked. Tana ran a hand down Taylor's body,
squeezing her breasts, feeling the nipples tighten under her touch. She kept
one hand caressing Taylor's tits as her other hand entered the red patch
covering Taylor's pussy. Her fingers went to work, sliding in and out of
Taylor's pussy, the fingering combining with the breast play to get Taylor's
juices flowing. Tana stopped fingering Taylor and kneeled onto the shower
floor. She placed her face underneath Taylor's pussy and began to lap at it,
waiting for Taylor to come. She didn't have to wait long as the lieutenant
lifeguard shoved herself against the wall and exploded onto Tana's face.

Tana lay on the shower floor, her wet hair haloing around her. She spread
her legs invitingly. Taylor accepted the invitation, falling to the shower
floor and licking at Tana's pussy, unheedful of the water pouring down on
top of them both. Her tongue burrowed into Tana's lips, Taylor trying to
give her mistress the same pleasure she herself had received. She was a
quick learner, giving Taylor a much better tongue workout than April had.
Tana's suspicions about Taylor's sexuality were swept away in a huge orgasm,
the cum that Taylor didn't lick up swirling down the shower drain.

* * *

The sun was beginning to set as Alan and Tana met on the same lonely strip
of beach they had arrived on.

"Thought you wouldn't make it," Alan said, nodding to the sun.

"Sorry, the last one tasted exquisite."

"Yes, we must come back here next year."

The two walked into the surf, diving under the water as soon as they were
deep enough. They skimmed the surface for a time and, if someone had been
watching closely, they might have noticed how the legs of the two people
seemed to merge. In fact, they almost resembled... tails.

For centuries, man has attempted to decipher the motives of the life of the
sea. Most of the known species are still puzzling the experts. The unknown
species? Their motive is unknown to us. Their origin is unknown to us. And
maybe we're a lot better off with it staying that way.


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