Baywatch: Part 1 - Caroline Holden (MF, MMMF, MFF, M+FF, voy)
by SJ Bedden

I got the job six months ago, working as a life guard on Venice Beach. This
was my dream, to be working on the hottest beach in the States; and I lived
on the beachfront just a short walk away from the lifeguard centre. This was
going to be a job I would never forget.....

Everyone was so friendly to me in my first week, but it struck me that
this was no normal set of work mates. Everyone who worked on the beach was
gorgeous - the guys and the girls. They all had perfect bodies, and from
their tight swimsuits I could tell that they were pretty well endowed
elsewhere too. I was so happy to be working there and couldn't wait for my
first 'office' romance with one of these horny guys. On my first day I was
shown around by CJ, a beautiful blonde girl who had been there for some
time. She gave me my swimsuit - the infamous red costume that all the
female lifeguards filled so beautifully while they were on duty. I was a
bit nervous at having to were this tiny little outfit, despite having a
pretty good figure, but was told that I wouldn't need to wear it today as
I would be shown round all day.

Once I was home I tried the swimsuit on, and was surprised at how good I
looked in it. My breasts, which were pretty big anyway, were pushed up into
a large, deep cleavage, and my butt looked firm and tight underneath the red
fabric. The high cut front of the suit was a bit too narrow for my bushy
hairs, and they jutted out of the sides of the suit prominently. I showered
and waxed before the phone rang. To surprise it was CJ, who had phoned up to
invite me to her party. I couldn't believe that after one day, she'd gone to
the bother of finding out my number and inviting me to a party even though
she hardly knew me. Not that I minded - I hadn't been out in ages and felt
like partying to celebrate my new job.

I knew that the party would be full of the guys from the station, so I wore
my sexiest outfit. I had a short, tight black dress which showed off my buns
perfectly. It was low cut at the front and I wore a bra that pushed my tits
right up into the front of the dress. Underneath I wore sheer black lacy
stockings with a matching black G-string. I felt really horny and sexy as I
drove to the party, and started to imagine all those sexy lifeguards and what
it would be like fucking them.

As soon as I arrived I knew that this was going to be a good night. All the
girls were wearing their most revealing clothes and the guys were dressed up
for the occasion too. I felt a bit lost and lonely though, amongst all these
people that I didn't know. Then I saw CJ. She was looking stunning in a short
silver dress which showed off her long thin legs to their full extent. We
began to chat when she said that there was someone that I ought to meet, a
lifeguard who I would be sharing a watch with the next day; she introduced
me, saying that he was called Ryan This guy was so hot, I could barely talk
to him sensibly. He was tall, with short black hair and a perfect body, and
it wasn't long before we were chatting like old friends, and I was getting
really wet for him. It was clear that he felt the same, and he said that he
couldn't wait to see me in that tight, revealing swimsuit tomorrow. At that I
couldn't take anymore.

"Why don't we go upstairs, then you can see me tonight," I whispered in his
ear. Now I could see the prominent bulge in his trousers, and it was as much
as I could do to keep my hands off his cock right then in the main room. We
crept upstairs to what must have been CJ's bedroom where I pulled him onto
the bed and unzipped his pants.

I pulled his semi-hard cock out and placed my hot lips over its head. I began
sucking just on the head of his long shaft until he was fully erect, then
plunged it right down my throat, using my tongue to get the length of his
cock wet. I learnt to give deep throats in high school, and all the men I've
sucked off have said that I give the best head they've ever had. This guy was
now moaning loudly, and I thought he was going to get us caught, so I eased
his cock back out of my mouth to let him recover. Now it was out I could see
the full size of his tool. It was huge, at least 10 inches long, and I felt a
sense of pride at having swallowed it all.

I think he was surprised at this too, as he sat there with this swollen red
head right in my face for a few seconds before he turned me over so I was
bent over the bed. By now my pussy was sopping wet, and my juices were
soaking my tight black G-string and running down the insides of my thighs. I
spread my legs a little to help him, as he lifted my dress up to expose my
panties. He peeled them off my tight ass and pulled them down to my feet,
soaking up some of my freely-running juices. Then he slid two fingers into my
slit, probing and twisting into me while I rubbed my clit with my own sticky
fingers. I could feel my orgasm building up as he fingered my cunt deeper,
and I came noisily, oblivious to anything but his touch inside me. My pussy
oozed cum all over his and my hands, and he held his fingers in front of me
as I licked them clean. I had never eaten pussy juice before, and my hot cunt
tasted deliciously sweet as I licked my wet lips dry. I was now aching both
from my amazing orgasm and for his big log inside of me.

I turned over again, onto my back, and pulled up the dress which I still had
on. He spread my legs as far as the would go, and I could feel his long cock
slide slowly into my slippery pussy; pumping deep inside me then lifting me
up under my ass and pushing me up against the wall, my legs straddling and
wrapped around him as he fucked the shit out me with his wide shaft. I was in
heaven, being screwed by this gorgeous stud after one day at work, and I felt
myself coming again, screaming out loud in ecstasy as I was shafted deep and
slow. We had been fucking for about 40 minutes when I felt his cock spasm,
and I knew he was gonna come soon.

"Come on, shoot your load in my horny little mouth, stud!" I was now
shouting, not caring who heard me.

I slid off his cock, my pussy now dripping onto my dress and the floor, and
took his dick in my mouth again. I could briefly taste pussy on his sticky
shaft, savouring my juices before he shot his hot load down my throat. I
managed to swallow the first few spurts, but cum filled my mouth, rolling out
my lips and dribbling down the sides of my mouth. Then I took it out, and he
shot more sperm all over my face and hair. My mouth was still full of his
spunk, and I took him back in my mouth, letting come flow down his length
before sucking it back again and swallowing it. His taste was salty but
delicious, and I licked all of it off my face and fingers greedily, wishing
for more. My dress was also covered in cum, both mine and my new lover's, and
my panties were ruined; but I didn't care. I had just had the fuck of my
life, and all I could think of was that beautiful hard cock filling me up,
and shooting its load over me.

I don't how long I lay there for, but when I woke, he was gone. I tidied
myself up as best I could and crept downstairs, where the party was still
going on.

I could see CJ in a corner of the kitchen, with about 5 guys around her. I
thanked her for inviting me, and said that I had had a wonderful time; and I
got the feeling that she knew why! Then I left - I felt tired after the
night's events and needed to be up fresh for the next day, when I would be
spending the whole day with my new friend. This was shaping up to be the best
job I'd ever had!

* * *

The next day I was woken early by the many people who passed by my house on
the way to the beach. Today was gonna be busy as it was the summer vacation
for schools. All those athletic guys and pert 17 year old girls would be on
the beach flirting and playing together. This had to be the best job! I got
to the locker room at 9.00, to find CJ and another girl talking. The other
girl turned out to be Gena, who was just about the most gorgeous girl of all.
I've never been so aroused by a woman before but Gena was so beautiful that
I soon became pretty turned on watching her in her red swimsuit which looked
stretched to the limit up top, to say the least. It was obvious that CJ had
found out about my activities at her party, and she said that she was pleased
that I had got on so well with Ryan and that he was a great guy.

He showed up shortly afterwards and we left for our tower where I looked
forward to spending the day alone with him. As luck would have it, we were
stationed right at the end of the beach where very few people went, so we
would have plenty of time to ourselves. As we got in the truck, Ryan remarked
on how good I looked in the swimsuit. I felt a tingle in my pussy as we got
in, and remembered last night.

On the way there, he said that he would have to leave at 2:00 for a training
session but that CJ and Pete, another lifeguard, would be along to help out
until the evening. I could see that Ryan was already getting turned on, as he
was wearing a tight pair of swimming trunks that showed up his big package
that was rapidly getting harder as I spoke. I took my seat belt off and
gradually my hand crept across to his seat, then down his trunks, pulling out
his large swollen dick while he was still driving through the groups of

It was so tempting, that beautifully shaped head and long, veined shaft held
in my hands. Soon it was hard as a rock, but I teased him, not letting him
feel my wet mouth. I just kissed the head of it, kissing slowly down to its
base before coming back up to the tip. I put my mouth around it but held it
there without it touching my tongue that was now watering at the sight of
such a pretty cock and the thought that it would soon be inside my moist
cunt. Ryan was swerving all over the beach in excitement, and it was a
miracle that no one was hit; then all of a sudden he pushed my head right
down onto his dick shouting, "Suck it you bitch, I can't take anymore! Suck
hard. I wanna come right down your throat."

I was loving every minute of it, getting that hot rod rammed down my throat
and letting saliva run down the sides of it and dripping off his big balls
that were bashed against my chin as he pushed my head down into his lap.
Managing to lift off a bit, I began to wank him with one hand while my mouth
covered his head. My pussy was getting pretty wet now and I shifted over so
I could rub my clit against the front edge of the seats. Now I was sucking
deeply again, rubbing my cheek against his hairs. I felt the car stop
suddenly as he cried out in orgasm, and tried to keep a lip seal around his
thick trunk as he came, but the sudden stop flew me forward, and he shot off
onto my swimsuit.

Quickly I moved to catch the rest of his wad in my mouth, and again I enjoyed
the taste of his cum filling my mouth and spilling out onto my titties, where
he rubbed it onto my breasts, going right down into my cleavage. As his hand
brushed past my nipple, I was suddenly flooded with sexual energy and
released it into a long, satisfying climax. As it finished, I looked down to
see my swimsuit dripping wet at the crotch, and spattered with manseed in
thick white patches. They felt hot against my skin as I wiped them up with my
fingers and licked them clean, loving the taste of his cum for the second
time in as many days, but at the same time yearning for more of it.

We cleaned each other up, then made our way to the tower where we set up the
radio then took watch. There was only one group of people in our area - 3
horny looking guys with surfboards, but they were just sun bathing so we had
nothing to lookout for. I went down to the beach level to sun bathe for
awhile , and fell asleep. I was woken by the feeling of coldness on my back,
but quickly realised that it was Ryan rubbing sun tan oil onto me. He worked
his way down to the base of my back, then began rubbing it into my thighs,
and their insides. He was using a very oily cream, so my legs became very
slippery; I just relaxed as he rubbed it around my butt, then he started to
rub it underneath my swimsuit, into my slit; so I reached one hand down and
pulled the crotch of the suit to one side, allowing him to finger me again.

I stuck my butt into the air and got on all-fours, so I could grind my ass
against his erection. I really wanted to get porked doggy-style like this,
and began to pull the swimsuit down off my boobs, which swung down as they
were released from the constraints of the suit, and swung back and forth as
we moved. My slit was now doused in slick pussy juices, and Ryan's fingers
held it open as he pulled down his trunks to reveal his veiny shaft once
more to me.

He slammed it right up my aching cunt to the balls, splitting my tender lips
wide open once more. As he thrusted inside my hole, his balls slapped against
my ass due to the deepness of his penetration. I had never been fucked in
this position before, and it felt wild and primitive to be screwing on my
hands and knees like this. It wasn't long before I felt my pussy tightening
and an orgasm hit me, causing me to yelp and groan loudly in pleasure while
Ryan's wide cock kept up its fast piston action deep within me. I could hear
the slushy sound of my cum being squelched by him as I gushed more and more
out in my climax, and now I wanted him to explode his sticky hot cum right up
my crack.

"I'm gonna come all over that big cock you stud...keep pumping my cunt full
of your juicy spunk...oh yeah...fuck me harder... come on shoot your load up
me..." I was panting wildly and hardly made any sense, but he must have got
the message because he just emptied what felt like the whole of his nut sack
into me at once.

He just kept spurting jism out of the large head of his cock and he withdrew
before shooting more onto my butt, covering it my ass in thick white cum. It
overflowed out of my pussy and streamed down the backs and insides of my legs
while I was left completely drained after coming for the second time, and
just lay on my towel as before, as if nothing had happened!

* * *

It was now 1.45, and Ryan had to leave for his appointment, so I was left
alone at the lookout for an hour before CJ and Pete arrived. By this stage I
had been in the sun for long enough, so retired to the shade of the tower to
cool off. It was only a few minutes though before there was a knock on the
door; and the three surfers entered the small room.

"Hi guys," I said, trying to hide both the attraction that I had towards them
and the patches of cumstains on my swimsuit where Ryan had come only half an
hour previously.

"Hi," the tallest of the trio replied nervously, whose name was John.

His friends were called Adam and Steve, and they were all well built and
muscular with well toned torsos. John was dark haired, and the other two were
blonde; but all were displaying a obvious erection that they failed to hide
from my devious gaze. Why were they so turned on though? I couldn't figure it
out. Sure I looked hot in this sliver of a swimsuit, but they had not seen me
until just now, as me and Ryan had performed our mind-blowing fuck on the
other side of the tower, out of their sight.

"You look rather erm, pleased about something," I said, peering down at their
raging hard-ons. They went bright red, and Steve began to explain that they
had heard the shouting from beyond the tower, and went to see if everything
was OK.

"Then we turned the corner to see you and that other guy...well..."

"...Hard at it" Adam finished for him.

"We watched you, then when he left we just saw you lying out, covered in this
guy's load and not giving a shit who saw," he continued. "You've got us so
horny that we thought you might help to relieve us."

I couldn't believe it. These guys were asking me for a screw, straight out,
and I told them so, "You guys are asking to fuck me, just like that. Do I
look like some kind of slut or what?" However, I must admit that the idea
was getting me pretty horny too, and my big nipples quickly became hard and
erect, easily visible to them.

"Well, about 30 minutes ago you did, yeah," said John calmly.

Well, by now it must have been so obvious that I was dying to get my hands on
their ripe young cocks, that I gave up trying to resist them, and knelt down
in front of John, pulling down his baggies to reveal his stiff, thick boner
that looked so ready for the best blow job that this young guy had ever
experienced. There was no point in fussing about, 'cos all I and they wanted
was a fuck.

I wetted my lips before swallowing the large head into my mouth, caressing it
with my tongue and rolling my lips around it and sucking gently with a small
rocking motion that sent him into a frenzy, and causing him to push my head
right down onto him as he thrusted forwards, almost causing me to choke as
his prick reached the back of my throat, where it stayed until I began
sucking the whole length back and forwards slowly, holding him tight in my
wet lips and taking more and more until his entire length was slipping down
my throat, then taking it right out again.

This teasing routine continued just two more times before he began to thrust
into my throat and then climaxed, shooting long spurts of cum into my mouth
then withdrawing, leaving me with a tasty mouthful of jism that spread across
my lips as I licked them hornily. That was the quickest blow job I'd ever
given, but in my rush, I had forgotten the two other guys, who were now
practically coming their pants (except that they'd taken them off and were
jerking themselves off over my bare breasts). With a mouth and lips still
coated in thick cum, I plunged right down onto Adam's long thin shaft, easily
taking it down into my throat and getting right down to his balls with ease.
They were huge - each the size of a plum, and I couldn't keep my eyes from
them as I gave him an delicious blowjob, enjoyed equally by both parties as I
let John's cum run down Adam's long shaft and drip off his swollen nutsack in
long strings.

As I busied myself with Adam's delectable cock, I could feel the insides of
my cunt getting slick with cum once again, wetting my swimsuit which was
rolled down to my waist. Then two hands reached down under the suit, peeling
it down to my dripping crotch and off my butt, to the floor. I spread my legs
to allow John to savour my sticky juice as it leaked from my snatch and down
my legs. He buried his face into me and gave me an amazing tongue job. It
felt like his tongue was deep inside me, then flicking over my clit, then
back inside, giving me a small climax and oozing more juices down into his
eagerly waiting mouth, as I moaned gently and sucked harder on Adam's dick.
This pussy eating sight pushed him over the limits, and he yelled that he was
about to come. I quickly withdrew his long straight shaft from my mouth,
still drenched with saliva and spunk. Even though Adam had a delicious cock,
I wanted to take all of his wad over my face.

What a wad! He just pumped and pumped until my face was totally covered in
his juicy white cum. My hair was matted in it and it dripped down off my chin
in strands and fell onto my tits where I mopped it up with my fingers and
sucked them clean. Then I licked off my face and began to clean off his cock
which had got plastered in spunk too. I took each of his balls into my mouth
and licked them clean, then turned my attentions to poor Steve who was
itching to unleash his weapon on me.

I stuck my butt into the air and slid one hand into my pussy, thus slicking
it in my cum juices. This I began to rub around my sweet little asshole,
until it was just as slippery wet as my cunt. I wanted Steve's beautiful rod
rammed right up my ass. He had waited, so deserved the biggest reward; and
needed no encouragement from me to whip his prick out and begin to butt fuck
me. As the head of his penis struggled in, I thought I could take it no
further, because my butthole is pretty tight (despite enjoying regular back
shots from my previous lovers).

Steve reached down to my wet cunt for more lubrication, rubbing it around his
cock, and then slid his whole length up my anus, right to his balls. I cried
out, but now with pleasure as he gradually began to shaft me harder, pumping
me back and forth on his cock as my butt hole relaxed to help accommodate his
wide girth. I was really getting fucked like a little slut, but I didn't care
what anyone would think - I was having the time of my life as a whore for
these sexy young men to screw and pump full of meat, and begged John to let
me suck on his dick while Steve grinded away up my butt. I rocked forwards
onto John's shaft, then back onto Steve's, savouring every inch of the hot
flesh inside me as I came again, writhing in pleasure as I lost myself in the
awesome sex that I was receiving from the two studs at either end of me.

Adam was literally drained from his huge wetshot, and just watched as I
brought John to another climax in my mouth. This time I caught all of it in
my mouth, but let some spill out before swallowing the rest; then licked the
loose strand back into my mouth with a loud, indulgent slurp.

Steve kept fucking me slowly in the ass, drenched in sweat and pussy juice
which covered his balls from their slapping against the base of my loose

"Jack it off on my butt Steve you horny fuck!" I cried as he began to cum.

With that he pulled that big wide boner right out my butt and grabbed it,
sliding against my butt as cum burst out of his cock in spurts, landing on
the back of my head and all over my buns. His cum was clearer in colour than
the others, but just as plentiful as load after load hit my ass cheeks and
thighs. The sight of all that spunk on my butt and also still on my face and
tits just made me desperate to finger fuck my clit. I spread both hands right
across my arse to cover them in cum, then began rubbing the hot cream into
my clit; and within 20 seconds I was once again overcome with yet another
frantic orgasm that left me fully satisfied...for now at least!

The boys were knackered and lay on the floor panting with their cocks still
wet with theirs and my own cum juices. "I guess I fucked the shit out of you
three studs, huh?" I said in a slutty voice, looking down on their sweat
covered bodies.

"Oh yeah," Steve gasped back. "The Cumshot Queen of California, wouldn't you
say guys?"

They nodded keenly to affirm my new, rather complementary title, before
leaving to shower and dress before CJ showed up. They said that they knew her
as the horniest girl on the beach, who they gang banged regularly, but that
now it was I who was the best of the lifeguards; or anyone else for that
matter, at a gangbang. I was deeply flattered, but knew that they were just
trying to complement me. Mind you, if I was half as sexy as CJ I would proud:
she's one fucking hot chick!

When the yellow truck came into view of the tower, I was surprised to see
that there was only one person in it. It was Pete, who I'd met very briefly
at the party but didn't really know. What I did know was that he was fairly
attractive and had 'the best cock in the station' according to CJ and Gena.
Despite my earlier action I was hornier than ever, pulling my swimsuit high
into my ass and slit, and down to expose even more of my tits to his eager

He was just lapping up my exquisite body as I leaned over to talk to him from
my tower, and he couldn't take his eyes from my tits as he spoke, saying that
CJ was taking over for someone further down the beach and so it was just him
and me on watch. However it was obvious that the only thing he was interested
in watching was my ass as he followed me up the walkway to the tower. I
dropped my shades on purpose, bending down just so he'd get an eyeful of my
snatch underneath the tightly stretched fabric that rode up into the slit of
my pussy and onto my butt; and he walked right into me, copping a feel while
he excused himself for his 'clumsiness'. I remember thinking that this guy
was up for it even more than I was, with a growing bulge in his baggies that
I feasted my eyes on before he went over to chat to the guys on the beach
(the three that had just fucked me silly).

As soon as he arrived back I knew that he had been told everything by the
surfers. He had that look on his face, and that roaring hard-on in his pants
that told me I was about to be soundly fucked again. "The Cumshot Queen of
Cali., huh? That's some claim, 'cause I know some horny bitches out there
that like nothing better than a hot shower of cream on their butts!" He was
begging for a fuck.

"Oh yeah, well why don't you judge for yourself then, seeing as you've been
practically cumming yourself to get your cock sucked ever since you saw me."
I retorted.

I couldn't believe what a slut I'd become in just two days since starting the
job - but saw little point in stopping now. Besides, this was the most fun
I'd had in ages! Now Pete was busting to get his pants off, but I refused to
do it. I wanted to see him beg me to pull his cock out, even though I wanted
it just as bad as him. I rubbed his cock from outside his pants, until I
thought he was really gonna shoot his load before he'd even got it out. It
was so big underneath the flimsy cloth that he had to be almost there; but
still I resisted my urge to go down on him that was getting me so turned on.

He was moaning softly, yet somehow he persisted in our game of 'chicken' for
some 5 minutes before he could take no more, ripping down his pants to reveal
the biggest, stiffest manhood I'd ever seen! CJ and Gena were right about
this guy, who put even Ryan's impressive tool to shame with its vast length
and girth. I mean this was huge, and I seriously doubted that I could even
get my mouth around it, let alone fit it into my pussy.

He said, "Just get that suit off and let me see your boobs."

As I fell to my knees and came closer to it, its size became even more
daunting, but I was determined not to disappoint Pete in my new title as the
Cumshot Queen, so pulled my swimsuit off in one sweeping movement to expose
the big firm titties that he'd been so eager to see. It was obvious that he
had a thing about big breasts, 'cos he just went mad when he saw their full
size and big red nipples right by his knob. I could easily squeeze them
together around his shaft, and began to wank him off as his smooth red
bell-end slid up and down my cleavage, which was slippery and wet due to the
sun tan oil that I'd reapplied earlier. As I went faster and faster, his rod
slid higher on each 'bounce', until it was hitting my chin as I slid down
onto his crotch, then rose back up, watching his face closely. He was in a
frenzy of enjoyment, and it was clear that this was the first time he had
had this done to him.

"Bet your horny friends can't do this for you, can they Pete? You've never
been titwanked before have you? I can see you like it from the size of your
dong, all big and hard with excitement. You want me to suck it better for
you, don't you?" I said, just as I slid down, only this time I opened my
mouth as wide as it would go, just about fitting the head into my gaping

It was lucky that my mouth had been watering at the sight of his prick,
because he filled it right up with his shiny head alone. All I could do was
suck lightly on it, but Pete has other plans, ramming home right down my
throat about three quarters of his shaft in one thrust. I gagged for breath,
then recovered my composure to cope with that pulsing organ deep inside my
mouth. I began to suck it pretty well despite his size, and was soon giving
him the full deep throat treatment that I was renowned for in college.

Pete was in delirium at the blow job he was now receiving. He lost his
balance and stumbled into the room, falling onto the chair with his cock
standing proud and glistening with saliva. He wanted more head, but I
wanted to get screwed again as my sloppy fuck-hole was aching for more
meat, and was spewing out thick cum fast.

"I hope you've been saving up that cum for me; not wasting it on those two
sluts in the lifeguard centre with their big wet pussies just dripping wet
for you. You're mine now, stud!" I said, after which I practically leapt
onto his lap, facing him in the chair, and slid right down his pole.

He held me on either side of my waist, and porked me up my wet hole, full of
cock to the brim as my cum rolled down the sides of his dick in streams, and
collected at the base in a thick pool. We just fucked and fucked in the chair
and my pussy just got slicker and slicker from the royal screwing that Pete
was giving me. I knew that this was going to be the climax to beat all
climaxes, but words just can't describe how it felt as wave after wave of
orgasmic delight filled me for a full minute, as I panted and yelled at the
top of my voice. I always come best with a big cock filling me up, but this
was the best ever; and Pete hadn't even cum yet.

We turned over in the chair so he was ontop and I spread my legs wide to
allow myself to see his cock sliding into me; for I couldn't quite believe
that I'd taken it all in. I saw my minge doused in my cum, as were his pubes;
and that great log fucking me dry (or wet to be more accurate). As he slammed
it up me relentlessly, I let go another mighty orgasm that rocked me and just
made Pete rodger me faster still, keeping up an impossibly fast pace that saw
us both drenched with sweat in the afternoon heat.

After what seemed hours of slaving away inside my cunt, I heard Pete panting
that he needed to come soon or he would collapse. I shouted back that I
wanted him to jackoff onto my big jugs. He knew I was begging for his cum,
"You want my cum on your fat tits do you?....well only if you blow me again
first, you cum hungry little slut."

That was the least I could do after all those orgasms - so I opened wide for
him again and slid him down my throat first time, due to all the lubrication
that my fanny juice provided. I loved that taste of slick pussy, and slurped
all my cum right off with relish before I felt the tell tale taste of pre-cum
spurt out his helmet and down into my stomach. He quickly withdrew from my
mouth and I lay there, legs wide apart, just waiting for those thick white
jets to hit my hot body.

"Here it comes slut!" he yelled before releasing a huge spurt of thick,
bright white spunk which caught me in the face. Then he really came off with
a bang, spewing stream after stream of his sperm onto my titties, stomach,
minge, face, and hair. It was so white that I looked down to see a sea of it
all over me; just as he produced two last squirts, catching me right on the
cunt lips.

He too was soaked in it, but began to tongue all the cum out from round my
pussy before kissing me and letting me suck it out his mouth. His creamy jizz
tasted good - just as well as I had shitloads to lick up off my white tits! I
sucked and fucked away at myself while Pete collapsed on the floor due to the
exertion and drain that his orgasm took.

"How the fuck did you do that!" I gasped once he had regained his composure

"Well that's some blow job you got there" he replied with a smile. "But I
hadn't cummed for about a week either. I was saving it up for CJ and Gena's
weekly gang bang in the locker room. They love a good wet shot too, but not
like you. Those guys are right, you must be the Cumshot Queen of the world,
not just California! I just hope I'll get to get that blow job again."

"Fuck yeah! for a cumload like that again, any day."

I was totally fucked from all the screwing I'd done; so just left Pete to do
all the work while I lay back in the tower, buck naked, just chillin' out.
This was gonna be a damn good job, because I could just get all the guys
wrapped round my little finger and let them do it for me! CJ had said that
this was the best job in the world, and I was beginning to think she was
right. In less than two days I had been fucked by five different guys and had
taken eight delicious wads of cum over me when I would usually be shocked
just at the thought of screwing anyone from work, let alone at work!

Once we got back to the main lifeguard station, it looked like I was gonna
add to my tally, because CJ, Gena and Marie, one of the more experienced
lifeguards, were all putting on their kinkiest bikinis for a beach party at
some guy's house a few hundred yards up the beach, out of the way of the busy
main beach area. They invited me along, but said that I would have to change
out of my work things first (hardly surprising - they were a mess as they'd
been ripped off so many times!).

Luckily I'd brought along a normal bikini in my bag, so accepted and quickly
showered and changed into a tiny blue string bikini that cut right up my
asscrack and was clearly not thick enough to disguise my nipples which
protruded right out underneath the fabric as it rubbed against them. Compared
to the other girls though, it was nothing. They had the smallest, flimsiest
G-strings and thongs on which scarcely covered their pussy lips or beavers at
all. We were quite a sight walking together down the beach together, and I
felt great as we caught the attention of every guy on the beach, and most of
the women too!

I began talking to Gena, who asked me straight out about Pete, "So, did you
screw Pete's cock or what? It's huge isn't it? I love that feeling of being
absolutely stuffed full by it."

I just nodded slightly as I thought back to his dong spurting hot cum all
over me, savouring the memory of the day I'd had in that tower. Gena was
so horny for anything I told her, and must have such an enormous sexual
appetite. It was all she seemed to talk about, but with a divine body like
hers she was born to fuck, I guess. That's what it sounded like, anyway!

The party had not really begun by the time we arrived at the house: about
7:15. The guys were still preparing the food and the tables so we all offered
to help. I was in the kitchen helping out when Gena and the host arrived. His
name was Matt and he seemed pretty nice, but he couldn't keep his eyes off
Gena as she strutted around in her minute bikini. They were flirting
outrageously, so I made for the door to leave them to it; but was stopped by
Gena. "Wait a minute, you can't leave now! We were just getting the party
going, and we want you to stay. No one's actually seen you in action yet."

"Well, that's not strictly true, but I'd really prefer to leave you two guys
to do what you want." I said, somewhat against what I really felt like doing
to these two horny fuckers.

"What we want is to fuck you stupid, you kinky bitch!" she screamed, and ran
over to me, pulling my top to one side to let my right tit pop out from under
the material.

She kissed it before sucking on my nipple and undoing the strap on my bikini,
allowing both breasts to swing free and causing Matt to grab hold of my free
tit and rub the hard nipple while sliding his free hand down to my thong and
into the soft wet slit that lay under its thin material. He inserted his
middle finger into my hole and started to fuck me with it as I grabbed his
butt and pulled down his pants to reveal a handsome pecker that caught Gena's
eye as she sucked on my tits.

In a flash she had him in her mouth, then swallowed it down, her big lips
rubbing up and down the length of his thickly veined shaft like a vacuum as
she sucked and slurped, turning me on almost as much as Matt. This girl could
definitely give blow jobs with the best of them, but I was aching to get in
there too and get his dick in me.

For now though, I was happy to eat pussy for the first time ever, pulling
down the scrap that was Gena's panties to find a sopping wet cunt that was
begging to be licked clean of the thick cum that dripped into my mouth; and
tasted divine as I sucked on her little clit until it was swollen up and
red, on the verge of coming all over me. She sat on my face and moaned in
pleasure, her tiny little minge of thick black hairs brushing over my nose
as I slid my tongue down her crack to lap up the sharp tasting pussy juice
that oozed out. Someone was rubbing me off through my g-string, and I could
feel my own clit getting drenched in thick cum just as the panties were
ripped off my ass and Matt slid a now rock-hard boner up my cunt from behind.

I tried to stay cool and just carry on sucking on the hot pussy of my
gorgeous colleague, but was so shocked by the sudden porking I got that I had
to stop and catch my breath before continuing in eating out her slippery wet
gash while she lay spread-eagled on the floor, right on the verge of coming
as she played with her titties and panted out loud that she wanted a cunt
load of horny cock before she came.

It was only seconds before I myself was screaming out as I came all over
Matt's big bell end, that kept pumping my pussy to overflowing and spreading
my cum all over my legs as it flowed down from my slit. Matt was about to
oblige her, pulling out from my sticky crack and moving into position to fuck
Gena's; but was stopped when I saw his dick glistening with my pussy juice,
dripping off his balls and onto the floor. Now, I couldn't let all that
delicious cum go to waste up some little slut's loose cunt, and licked it
clean as I sucked cock even deeper than Gena. She couldn't believe how much
meat I was taking down my throat, but for me I was just getting more of that
tasty cum that I had acquired such a passion for. His balls were still caked
in it, but Gena needed to come now, so I let her have his cock pumped up into
that greedy snatch while I licked his balls as they slid back and forth and
bounced on her wet puss, getting more juice for me to lick off.

Gena came seconds after she was doggy-fucked by Matt, panting and yelping as
her pussy squelched under the size of the shaft inside her. Now it was Matt's
turn to lose control, pumping faster and faster then releasing his load up
Gena's dripping cunt with a long shout. I saw his tool spasming deep inside
that wet pussy, and spilling its load, streaming down her legs and shooting
over her minge; with great envy. She had just got his hot cum shot up her
twat, and now she could lick it all up off her snatch while I had none.

Maybe I was just a cum-hungry little bitch, but all that spunk was mine. I
had earnt it and now I was gonna collect it from her, by eating her out until
she was dry. While I munched on his cum, I could taste her sweet pussy juice
as well as my own, and the mixture was pretty fuckin' gorgeous. I wanted to
stay at her lips all night drinking the nectar of our combined orgasms; but
my tongue was aching and I was forced to stop while there was still cum on
her stomach to taste.

Gena was still horny after all that tonguing, and kept saying what a good
fuck I was and how I'd be a great pussy eater soon if I stayed on the beach
as a lifeguard. She and I went out to the beach to pick up some more cock to
screw - it really was that simple; we just wanted to fuck anyone who wanted
it, and it wasn't going to be long before the two of us were getting porked

We found two suitably horny guys out on the beach, and dragged them back into
the house. Without even stopping to find out their names, we pulled off their
baggies to see who had got the biggest knob to suck. Turned out that I won,
as the guy I had was very well hung, with equally big nuts that hung down
loosely from his cock. He was about 7 inches long at the time, and growing
fast as I peeled off my top, pushed him onto the couch and dangled my tits
just out of reach of his mouth with his hands held down by his sides, so he
couldn't touch them while I rubbed at my hard nipples, driving him wild in
frustration until he managed to free his hands; then he squeezed and rubbed
frantically at them, desperate to touch his mysterious seducer like some
desperate schoolboy on a date.

I looked back to see a monsterous cock standing tall and rubbing against my
tight ass. It was so bloated and red that it seemed to draw me towards it. I
swivelled round, seating a cum-soaked thong on his face and bending down to
suck on my man's fat cock. He was licking my panties, getting my pussy so hot
that I thought they were gonna melt in the juice! After taking all of Pete's
massive 12 inch knob earlier, This was gonna be easy, as it was similar in
length to Pete's, but slightly thinner. That's what I thought at least, but
I couldn't get all of it in, leaving about one inch exposed at the base as
his head bashed the back of my throat, while the lipstick stains on his shaft
got thicker as I sucked like a wild animal, devouring his prick with my hot
wet mouth. It was clear to me that I now loved sucking cock, giving wet
blowjobs to these big cocked stallions who were getting the best head of
their lives off my dirty little lips. If only he knew (if only I knew!) how
much meat I'd had around them today, or how much cum I'd had shot down my
throat or up my cunt or over my butt! This was the way fuck: hard and fast
all day with as many people as possible.

Gena was riding the other guy like horse, straddled over him and bouncing up
and down on his rod like her life depended on it. She screamed at me, "Come
on you slut, take that guy in the ass, I know you're aching for a back shot
off that stud and his cock!"

My guy was pretty keen on that idea too, and bent me over the couch to lick
my butt hole. "Use my cunt juice too," I whispered to him, felling his
fingers scoop out my cum and spread it over my butt. I wanted this so bad,
but was unsure that my ass was wide enough for him as he began to rub his
cock on my behind and my anus. So it was a shock when it slid right in first
time, right up my arse, and it was easy for him to begin fucking me deep in
my backside.

Gena couldn't believe it either crying, "You loose slut! You must have one
hell of a wide butt hole to take that cock in." across the room, where I
could scarcely hear it against my own moaning over the vigorous butt fucking
that I now was thoroughly enjoying.

I'd never came before just due to anal sex, but felt my pussy quivering and
my ass tighten in climax, leaving a huge hot cum stain on the arm of the
couch just moments after he'd entered me. Now he was riding my ass hard and
fast with his cock deeply embedded up my backpassage and his hand up my
snatch, rubbing my clit with his thumb as he sank three fingers into the
sloppy wet pussy, leaving me with only one free orifice left to fuck!

He was breathing fast, and I was panting loudly, so we weren't being exactly
subtle considering there were about 40 people outside! As I had thought, it
wasn't long before two guys burst open the door to see what was going on.
They were dumbstruck to see me and Gena getting fucked like animals on the
couch, but obviously turned on, for I could see their boners through their
shorts as they just stood in the door in amazement at the mind blowing scene
we must have set as we screwed on regardless of their entry into the room.

"Come on in boys!" Gena gasped. "Join the fun - me and my friend can't get
enough of a good stuffing. We're just fuck happy sluts who'll take it
anywhere you want!"

Well they just couldn't believe their luck, and neither could I, as I really
wanted to suck some more cock 'til I came again. They were naked in seconds,
and one of them moved over to each of us with their whopping pricks standing
out hard as rocks in front of our mouths. I wasn't about to fuck around with
a cock that delicious, so sucked it down quick, dribbling saliva all over the
sides of his manhood as I licked the shiny head until it glistened before
sinking it down my throat again. He began to really fuck my mouth, pumping
down into it while I sucked merrily away, feeling my butt still being screwed
and spread wide by my backside banger who just kept fucking and fingering
like some kind of stud machine. I couldn't believe that he still hadn't shot
his load, yet I had already came once and was about to again. I swallowed
even deeper as I felt my pussy gushing cum, this time onto his hands and my
leg, and this extra deep blow made the cock in my slutty mouth bulge, then
begin lobbing cum right into my mouth. I pulled it out of my mouth, and it
caught me twice in the face before I directed it down onto my titties,
letting the last few spurts shoot over my nipples in thick creamy patches,
for Gena to suck off.

With only one guy still inside me, we could now move onto the couch, so I was
sitting on his lap, cock still in my anus, facing away from him with my cum
covered tits bouncing as he just kept going, banging me just as fast as
before from behind. Now I had a clear view of what Gena was doing, and saw
her sucking one guy's dick while the other was eating out her wet cunt from

Just as I turned to see her, the guy getting sucked off shot his wad right
over her face and breasts, just as I had had done. Cum was dripping down off
her nipples in thick ropes, and she climaxed all over the other one's face,
rubbing her fat swollen pussy lips and cum-sprayed beaver over the whole of
his face while he tried to lick it off as best he could. Yet again though,
Gena was not satisfied, and came over to me on her knees, rubbing her boobs
against mine and licking my clit as it bounced up and down; making me feel
amazing once more, and cum for the third time.

This one was the best of the three though: feeling Gena's wet mouth around
my clit and nipples, and a big shaft up my ass just sent me into heaven, as
my whole body tingled and pulsed with orgasm. I didn't even feel the cock
sliding out of my butt, until I saw it down by my cunt. Just as I looked down
he caught me clean in the face with a spurt of hot jizz, then emptied the
rest of his load onto my pussy and Gena's tits. Even as the last drops were
still flying out, Gena was sucking noisily on my nipples and rubbing her
sticky face into my tits. As the guy left, me and Gena sat there kissing and
licking each other, tasting the cumshot of our anonymous partners and licking
our fingers clean of each other's pussy juices.

What a great fuck we'd just had - but only one of many that I'd had in the
last two days, and only one of many that I've had subsequently on Baywatch
patrol. Like I said, its the best job in the world, and my fuck rate is just
as high now as it was in the first two days. If your in the area, just ask
for the "Cumshot Queen" (A title that I still hold despite fierce competition
from the girls!) and you'll get the best fuck of your life - Guaranteed!

to be continued...


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