Baywatch: Part 2 - Gena's Story (MF,M+F,FF,bukakke,voy)
by SJ Bedden

Well, you just heard about Caroline's sexcapades as a beach lifeguard, and a
bigger cum lover you're never likely to see. I mean, she really does get her
recommended daily protein intake! I've screwed her myself, and the look of
pleasure on her face as she takes a wetshot in the face, or up the cunt,
almost brings me off too! I'm Gena,and I arrived here about 12 months after
Caroline did. She taught me the ropes when I first arrived, and so we're best
of friends, except for one thing - when it comes to fucking. The title of
'Cumshot Queen' is hotly contested at the station, and before I showed up,
she was the undisputed champion. Now things are different, and she can get
kinda jealous at times when the guys pronounce me the winner. Mind you, it
wasn't easy getting in that position.....

It was my second day, and to my surprise I hadn't experienced the fuckfest
predicted for me by Yas. In fact, I hadn't had one, and I was begining to
question the relibility of her information concerning the gangbang screwings,
the orgies and the general fucking that was rife in the lifeguard centre. It
was just as I was finishing for the day that this doubt was thoughly cleared
from my mind, by a guy called Martin. He came into the ladies locker room
casually and just said, "So your the new girl, huh? Have you had the pleasure
of the inaugral orgasm?"

"The what?" I replied, taken by surprise by his bluntness. I was dressed in
my red swimsuit, but the straps were off my shoulders, as I was about to pull
it off when he came in to the room.

"Well, every time a new girl arrives, she has to have a special inaugral
fucking from one of the guys, kind of like a unofficial debut into the
lifeguard service. It's a big tradition round here."

"And what if I don't want to fuck with you?" I said, but both of us knew full
well that I had been screaming out for a good seeing to all day. There was
little use in pretending otherwise now, so I moved towards him and rubbed my
tits against his bare chest. I could feel his rapidly hardening shaft against
my own crotch, and I began to get wet in the pussy as he gave me a horny,
almost ravenous look.

"You've been aching to be fucked all day you little slut. What, has Caroline
influenced you already? I bet you've already fucked her haven't you? And now
your thirsty for some hot spunk, you wanna tank your pussy up with cum don't
you? Why don't you suck me off with that sweet little mouth of yours, till I
cum on your face!" Martin had a raging boner busting out of his baggies, and
I fell to my knees, wrenching them down to reveal a big throbbing cock just
begging to get blown. The big swollen tip was coated in pre-cum, and I was
quick to slide his whole length deep into my wet mouth. He fell down onto the
bench, and pulled down my suit to show my 36d titties and their big, swollen
nipples. As I sucked, he played with my boobs and the nipples, turning me
right on and making my pussy cream like mad, juicing up my cunt lips in thick

"Finger me! Come on, stick your fingers in my cunt and feel me cum! Yeah
baby! Oh shit!"

Martin did as he was told, and rammed in three fingers as I came to touch on
my clit. His hand was coated in a sticky goo, which he rubbed over my tits
and into my tiny mass of thick pussy hairs, making them glisten in the light.
Meanwhile, his cock was still crammed down my throat, and I was in heaven as
it glided in and out of my lips, filling my mouth up to the brim with meat.
He wanted me to stop and let him screw me, but I was having none of it. I
wanted him to shoot off in my mouth, and especially over my face, and soon
enough I felt his big cock pump and spasm, and his hands forcing his dick
deeper into my mouth.

"Take it out! I wanna see you spray my face in cum!" I mumbled, trying to
speak around his huge weapon. Just as I spoke, he lurched forward and slammed
a massive shot of cum right down my throat. Before the next one came, I
pulled it out and aimed it at my face; and took a full 10 spurts of jizz
there, then left him cumming over my tits. Hot sticky spunk covered my body,
as I rubbed it all over my skin, and up my cunt.

Now I was on all fours on the bench, with my soaking wet snatch dripping cum
onto the floor. I leaned back, so that it was only inches from his face. "I
hope you've got some cum left for my pussy, because I want you to stuff me
with your cock until all my cunt juice is pumped out of it! Get to it!"

He pushed my legs apart, then positioned the head of his penis at the opening
of my cunt. He slid it in really slowly, inch by inch sliding between my
pussy lips, making me groan in satisfaction, and lean back into his shaft
until his balls hit my pussy with a slap. He grabbed hold of my ass and slid
out just as slowly as he went in, until he was almost fully withdrawn again.
My body was busting to be pumped full of meat, hard and fast, but this slow
screwing continued until I could take no more. I placed his hands on my
dripping wet tits, then rocked back right down his schlong to the base.
Forwards again, then back as fast as I could, going mad for his dick and
screaming in pleasure each time I was pumped. Thick cunt slime glistened on
his thick prickshaft, and ran down off his balls while I came in a long
series of wet orgasms that lasted several minutes. All I can remember of it
was feeling him spraying the insides of my pussy walls, and all the cum that
seeped out into my beaver, then him creaming my butt with yet more spunk in
the final throws of his climax.

Once I came to, I just saw all that cum spilling down my legs and covering
just about every bit of my body. All my clothes were soaked in it too, and
when I reached down to feel my pussy, the thick juices covered my hand like
treacle, only tastier! Martin left, and I just sat there a while, eating his
cum, before showering and leaving for home.

* * *

The next day, it was obvious that Martin had been on the phone all night,
telling all the men what a good fuck I was, and I was teased all day by them.
Not that I cared if it meant that they'd fuck me. They all had a training
session after work that day, and so Caroline and I decided to surprise them
in the changing room afterwards. We burst in, in our bikinis, and were amazed
to see about 15 cocks on display as the men changed. I had only anticipated
about 5 or 6 people being left, and the sheer number of leering guys scared
me shitless. I began to make for the door, when Martin slammed it shut with
a bang.

"Oh no you don't, sweetheart! You've been set up, and there's no getting out
of it now! This'll teach you to trap us." I looked across at Caroline, who
just laughed with everyone else. She was obviously in on the joke too.

"I hope you like group sex, slut!" one of them cried, as my bikini top was
ripped off and my boobs popped out from their constraints. I was really
worried now, about what all these horny guys were gonna do to me, but at the
same time I couldn't keep my eyes away from their big hard ons, as I glanced
from cock to cock, assesing each one in my mind while two guys attacked my
nipples and the others just gawped!

I was wrestled to the floor, and my tiny panties were whipped off to whoops
and cries of encouragement from the others. One guy shouted, "Shit, she's
sopping wet!" as he spread my pussy lips wide open and glided a whopping
great fuck stick inbetween them. My cum was squeezed out by this enormous
violation, and slid down the black shaft as he struggled to push his cock all
the way inside my pussy. Now I was beginning to relax and see the benefits of
all these guys screwing me at once, ie. the quantity of spunk that I would be
pumped full with!

"Come on you big stud, fill my fuck hole up with cum!" I panted, as he began
to slide in and out in long slow movements, and was about to shout some more
encouragement, when another cock appeared from above me and was forced down
my lips while the guy sat straddled over my neck and chest, stuffing his
prick into my mouth until his nutsack rested on my chin, and his whole 8-9"
cock was being sucked. Just as he bottomed out, two more pricks fell into my
cupped hands on either side of me, and I proceeded to jack them off as fast
as I could.

With 4 cocks in or on my body, the others lined up to pork my cunt, or just
started to jack off over my titties and face. Then I felt a finger up my
butthole, and knew what was about to happen. As he started spreading my pussy
juice around my asshole, the guy in my cunt yelled out, then unloaded his
sperm deep into my hole. Despite everything else, I could still feel the jets
of his cum hitting the very top of my pussy, and his cock throbbing with each
delivery. The throbbing and spasming inside me sent me crashing to a huge
climax, as I felt my pussy contracting tight against his pole and my mouth
sucking harder around the other one! Before I had even stopped cumming,
another fat boner was splitting my cunt in two, and now it was joined by an
even tighter feeling in my ass, as I took a cock up every hole I had to
screw! I had done anal before, and not found it especially good, but this
double penetration was amazing! The thin layer that seperated the pumping
organs inside me was squeezed and stetched to the limit, and they soon had me
cumming again, just as the guy in my mouth lost it, and spunked me right in
the face!

With my mouth free, I managed to cry out how everyone was to shoot at least
two loads of jizz over me, and that I needed another cock to suck. As you
can imagine, it didn't take long for someone to oblige me with a hefty white
stick, that was on the verge of cumming anyway. As I licked on this, the two
guys in my ass/pussy came together, tanking me up almost to the brim. As
they both withdrew at the same time, I was able to turn over onto all fours,
doggy- style,allowing easier access to get fucked up both ways, and give blow
jobs at the same time.

My cunt was spewing cum fast, and needed to be plugged quickly, so I just
waved my butt around to signal that another two pricks were required. Again,
two fresh rods were soon found, and again I was being stuffed full of meat
in every place. I was now just cumming like mad, every couple of minutes,
and my constant eruptions were too much for most of the guys who were jacking
off. Soon, they began to lose control one by one, begging to be allowed to
shoot their loads off on my pussy, or titties - As if I was in any state to
stop them!!!

Guy after guy took his turn in my sopping cunt, each one seemingly spraying
more than the last, and the same was true in my mouth. Some guys managed to
feed me about 5 loads each, and every single one of them spunked in my twat.
I must have swallowed about half a pint of come in that session alone. Just
as I thought that I'd finished everyone off, six more guys came in, after
going for a surf.

You can imagine their amazement to see 15 guys laid out on the floor, with
cum covered cocks, and me in the middle of it all, pussy lips swollen and
asshole wide open, spilling cum from every orifice! They wasted no time at
all in surrounding me by their hard-ons, then enjoying my totally used,
sloppy fuck-hole. By now, double penetration was easy for me, and I rode all
6 of their beefy shafts in pairs- one in the ass, one in the pussy, while
blowing another, cramming more meat into me than I thought possible. As each
one came to a messy orgasm, my pussy squelched and squirted loudly, full up
past its capacity of spunk. They just kept on cumming, and it was another
hour before they were drained of any more energy or liquid to fuck me with.

I was a total mess. Cum and sweat made my hair wet, and my whole body was
covered in pints and pints of thick sticky goo. Large patches, thick streams,
small droplets, not one area was leaft untouched, especially around the cunt,
zass and face where I was totally white from the spraying I'd received. I
remember thinking what a nympho I must be, to take such a pounding from over
20 guys for 3 hours! I looked around the room to see all the guys laid out,
mostly asleep, with cum all over their dicks and their balls. And there in
the corner, I could make out Caroline, who had watched the whole show,
without even partaking at all! She just sat there looking at my cum coated
body in amazement.

"That was the biggest gangbang this lifeguard centre has ever seen! You must
be one hell of a nympho slut, Gena." She said quietly.

"I bet you wished you were me right now Yas. Don't deny it!" She nodded, then
climbed over the sprawled out frames to begin lapping up the cum that was
pouring from my cunt. She was one hell of a good pussy eater, and seeing her
swallowing down all that cum out of my wasted cunt sent me into one final
orgasm, before collapsing on the floor of the room, exhausted!

* * *

I woke the next day in the same room, still covered in love juices from
yesterday. My ass was sore, as were my pussy lips, but altogether I felt
great from the night before. I showered well, and found a fresh bathing suit
to wear for the day.

In the briefing room I felt like all the eyes were on me, and could hear the
guys comparing stories from the session at the back. It was obvious that they
wanted to repeat the events today, and when I spoke to them afterwards they
told me that I was the new 'Cumshot Queen', and that I had to do whatever
they said if I didn't want to lose the post. It sounded ominous, and sure
enough I was set to receive a 'visit' at my tower at lunch time.

As lunch approached, I felt better about what was to happen. This time I
wanted to control them, and get them to cum where I wanted (not that I minded
where especially!). But most of all, I wanted to outdo Caroline, beat all her
records of sexual achievement and become the No.1 rated pussy on the beach.
I'd noticed some guys eyeing me up all morning, and began to flirt with them,
so that I had more people for the gangbang.

It wasn't difficult to get them eating out of my hand, and they were
transfixed by my breasts as I bounced around chatting to them. The size of
their boners was obvious, and so it was only minutes before they were in the
tower with me, getting sucked off one by one until they came. There were 6 in
all, and once I had swallowed one load off each of them, I stuck my fingers
in my mouth, then pulled off my little red suit and splayed my wet cunt lips
open with the cum soaked fingers, frigging my clit slowly with their cum.

Every one of them totally lost it as I diddled myself to a loud climax, and
they all creamed me again, over my boobs as they shook violently in climax.
My loud moans mut have been heard outside, because about 10 more surfers came
in, looking for the horny slut that was cumming off so badly. One of them was
a big black guy, with the biggest cock I've ever seen in my life (and believe
me I seen a lot of them!) It was about 15" long and as thick as a baseball
bat, and was just glistening with young sperm.

At seeing that, I told the others that they would have to wait while I got my
cunt to grips with this monster, but that they were welcome to watch and see
if I could do it. I spread my legs out as wide as they would go, and saw him
approach the opening to my well-used twat. At least I was dripping from the
orgasm I'd just had, so the lubrication was there. In fact, his cock head
slid into me quite easily, and ended up going about halfway in. From there
I sat up right over his cock, thrusting downwards until only one inch of jet
black, cum covered meat remained outside of my well streched cunt. I just had
to find one more inch of room for this huge weapon to slide into, so told him
to slam me against the wall of tower and thrust hard.

"Oh Shhiiiittt! Fuck me YEAH! OH! It's in baby, all the way.... AH!"

I was now totally impaled on him, and now he was screwing the fuck out of me
against the wall. As he slammed his dick in deep, his huge balls slapped over
my quim, spraying pussy juice over my thighs. What a stud this guy was! If
his cumshot was anywhere near as big as his cock then this guy had about a
quart in him, and I wanted it deep in my wet puss! After only a couple of
minutes of penetration, I came like mad, really spurting out cum over the
piston that pounded my cunt in and out relentlessly while I screamed and
begged to be fucked even harder! Sweat poured off me , as it did him, and I
knew that he was gonna shoot soon, as his cock was beggining to spasm and
jump of its own accord.

"Load me full of spunk, stud! Come on, let me see you come all over that
tight pussy!" I cried as another climax built up within me. As I was on the
verge, he just exploded inside me. I felt the first cum hit the top of my
cunt really hard, then just pumped out in long, 5 second pulses. I came too,
thrashing around and moaning wildly for him to fill me, too.

Eventually he had to withdraw, because there was just no room left for the
jizz to fill! The last shots splashed over my titties where my hands were
waiting to rub it into my nipples and face. As the beast of a cock slid out,
my pussy lips stayed wide open, and you could clearly see the thick white
fluids pouring out from inside, which was very pink and swollen, and over my

Once I'd recovered, I looked up, to see an audience of maybe 35 guys and a
few chicks, including all those who were meant to be gangfucking me this
lunch time. Martin had a camera out and was taking pictures of me, legs
spread wide, with cum all over my cunt and tits - I couldn't believe it!
Everyone was cheering and shouting, and all the guys had their cocks out. I
saw something being passed to the front of the group, much to the amusement
of everyone there, and when it got closer I could see it was a large glass,
about three quarters full with spunk from the onlookers!

The thick white juice was passed to me, and it was still hot from being
jerked out of all these cocks. However digusting it may seem, it smelt
delicious to me! I was just so thirsty for cum that I had to get it down me
fast. Sitting up so that my pussy was on the edge of the table, and my legs
spread wide, I tilted my head back and began to drink the good pint or so
of hot sperm, pouring into my mouth from a distance, and letting some run
down my chin and drip onto my tits. I gulped noisily, swallowing 3/4 of the
cum and savouring the varied tastes before pouring the remaining quarter
right down my front - coating my tits and running right down onto the table
and onto the floor from there.

"What a SLUT!" someone shouted.

I just sat there, licking up the cum from around my face and looking
innocent! I saw that someone from the lifeguards had filmed the whole thing
on camcorder, but really I was past caring - everyone knew I was a slut now
anyway! I just needed some more cum.....

When I came to work the next day, no one was around. Everyone had gone to the
T.V room, to watch the video of my performance yesterday. As I snuck up to
the window of the darkened room, I could make out just about every guy in the
centre; most of them with their hands on their cocks, jacking off while
watching me take all that black cock inside my cunt. Now I could see just how
stretched my pussy had been, and how truly enormous that big piece of meat
was. It was glistening and dripping with cunt juice, and the look of pleasure
on my face surprised even me as he slammed his cock in and out of throbbing
pink pussy lips. Whoever was filming had done a great job - with some amazing
close ups of the porking I was getting, and then shots of my cum-sprayed face
begging for more.

I moved my hand down to feel my pussy, and realized that I was now very wet
from seeing the scene again from a new perspective. With all the rock hard
meat on show in the other room, there was no use resisting my urge, so I
burst in, pulled off my swimsuit, and jumped onto the biggest, blackest cock
I could see (I have found that black cocks cum more, and that was all I
wanted right now).

The guy stayed cool, and just began to grind his cock slowly inside me while
I buried his face in my tits. With my ass in the air, it was only moments
before arms wrapped around my waist and another big boner was stuffed into my
butt to the balls. I cried out in surprise, but soon set about screwing the
two shafts in fast rhythm, while a few others rubbed their cocks on my tits.

As they had been jacking off beforehand, no one was going to last long, and
soon they began to cum one by one, shooting big loads of spunk over my ass,
pussy and tits. My face was relatively free of cum, until one big white guy
ran over to me, and sprayed a huge shower of jizz across my whole face, and
lots into my long blond hair. The sensation of the hot sticky goo spattering
my nipples and lips brought me to one nice orgasm, shortly followed by
another as I turned around to see the guy in my ass pulling out and creaming
it with cum.

With just the guy in my pussy remaining, I could turn around a bit to see the
TV screen. The picture showed the black cock sliding out of my cunt, and the
cum was easily visible oozing out from inside of it, because my pussy lips
were gaping wide from his huge tool fucking me silly. It was an incredible
scene, and just seeing it brought me to climax for the third time. In the
throws of my orgasm, I felt behind me and squeezed the black guy's balls
hard. He yelled, then I felt them throb and pulse as his cumload hit the top
of my well fucked cuntwalls. I just buried his prick as deep as it would go,
and relaxed to concentrate on the marvellous feeling of his spunk filling me
up. My beaver was thickly covered in sperm, as was my clit, yet he kept on
cumming for awhile longer. When he finished, he pulled out of me, and a long
thick rope of cum fell from his cock onto my stomach.

"Clean me up, slut," he said, "I have to be on watch in five minutes"

With that, his jet black shaft was stuffed down my throat, and I thouroughly
enjoyed cleaning every drop of cum from his dick while he pumped down my

Again, I saw Caroline watching from afar, and was intrigued by her interest
in watching me get fucked. However, this curiosity was soon answered, because
as I sat on the sofa, with my legs splayed out wide and my pussy and thighs
covered in fresh cum, she dashed over and began to finger me deeply, then
pulled her fingers out and licked them off. Once most of the cum was gone,
she gave me a superb tongue fucking that had me cumming like crazy, and
covering her face in a mix of pussy juice and sperm that glistened in the
light of the TV. Seeing that made me glance over to the telly, only to see
myself downing that whole glass of spunk, and running the rest down my front.
It oozed so slowly down my titties, and looked so delicious drenching me;
that I let go one final orgasm - the best of the lot, looking at the image of
my lithe naked body drenched in bright white cum, and my hands rubbing it all
over myself and into my cunt.

And so life goes on here at the Baywatch station. We fuck and fuck and fuck!
The whole job is a bit of a joke really. I suppose if the government knew
what they were paying us to do............... they'd probably want the video!
I know that that video made those guys a small fortune, and so it was only
natural that I got some form of compensation; but that's another story

Gena. XXX



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