Beast Master: Backdoor Mistress Part 1 (MF,FF,inter,oral,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

He was the new master of the Midlands. Voden was perhaps the youngest man
ever to rule the land. He was a tall, slender youth with blond hair and pale
blue eyes. He was very handsome and a rather pleasing individual to look at.
Voden rose to power by means of intelligent schemes and hard leadership. He
was the King of the Nords. A fearsome foe to anyone who stood in his way.

He was entertaining a special guest in his palace. He turned to look at the
young woman known as Arina. Arina was tall and beautiful, with dark brown
skin and long black hair. Her eyes were dark. She was a beautiful woman as
well as a skilled fighter. She served first King Zad, then his archnemesis
Voden. Tonight, she was here to entertain. The young king Voden wanted things
and what he wanted became his. Such was his way. He admired Arina as she
silently undressed. She took off the red tunic she usually wore. He watched
her athletic body as she emerged from her clothes. She had nice legs, big
tits and she was bottom-heavy, with a nice round booty. She smiled shyly at
him. Voden grinned and beckoned her to him. She came and he grasped her tits
in one hand and with the other caressed her firm butt. Hmmm. The girl had it
going on.

"Do you desire me, my king?" she asked.

"Of course." said Voden.

He undressed and she admired his body. He was lean but muscular. There was
desire in his eyes.

"Anything to please you, my king." she said.

Arina wrapped her hand around Vodenís cock and slowly pumped it as she
watched his face. He leaned back against the table, preparing himself for
what Arina was getting ready to do. He had to because she had the power to
bring him to his knees when she sucked his cock. She took the tip of her
tongue and captured the cum seeping from his cock. She drank it into her
mouth and sucked his cock, taking in as much as she could. She continued
sucking him and he looked at her beautiful face as she did. He soon came,
shooting his load all over her. She drank his cum and cleaned up his cock.

He asked her to turn around and get on her hands and knees. Arina obediently
complied. He could control her like no one else ever had. He was her master,
he was her love. He looked at her gorgeous butt and caressed it. Voden teased
her asshole a little by rubbing his cock head around it, then he entered her,
slowly. His cock head pushed past the tight ring of muscle. He went into her.
She grunted and tried not to scream as the Nord King's cock entered her
asshole. Voden felt a little resistance, grinned and pushed harder and deeper
into her. If only he could see her face...

Arina's beautiful face was contorted in pain as the Nord King's cock filled
her ass. She had never been fucked up the ass before. He thrust deep into her
bowels and held fast onto her hips and began to move in and out of her. She
gritted her teeth against the pain. Voden was going so deep inside her that
she felt like he was tearing her apart. She felt tears coming to her eyes.
She was determined not to scream but when Voden thrust his huge cock
impossibly deep inside her, she screamed at the top of her lungs. That only
seemed to encourage him as he thrust deeper inside her. His cock throbbed
inside her and she felt him grow stiff. He screamed and she joined him as his
cock spat how cum inside her, filling her bowels with his seed. Once he had
taken his pleasure, Voden pulled out.

Arina lay there, and was breathing heavily. Her body was sore, and her ass
hurt from the merciless fucking she had taken from the Nord King. "Are you
alright, my dear?" he asked. He came and took her into his arms and put her
on the bed. He was so slender she was surprised he could carry her. "Rest
now." He smiled and gently stroked her cheek. "I will return and we can
continue this later." He kissed her on the lips.

Arina looked pale. "Anything to please you, my lord." she said.


Curupira walked in the Forest that was her domain. Anyone looking at her
would have seen a slender girl with blond hair clad in a blue bodysuit. She
was no ordinary girl but a Demon. She had magical powers beyond comprehension
and she ruled the woods.

At the moment, Curupira was experiencing something her kind seldom felt.
Fear. True fear. She was running. Something very old and powerful was
stalking her. The enemy she feared had come to her domain. She thought she
could fight it but that proved impossible. She was facing something far
more dangerous than herself and she was afraid for her life...

Iara the Water Demon was at ease in both land and water. She hunted her
enemy. She was a very old Demon, one of a rather ancient Breed that existed
long before humanity. Iara craved power and would have it at any cost. One
of the obstacles she faced was the female Demon known as Curupira. Curupira
was a sniveling little bitch and Iara was gonna teach her a lesson. Iara
sensed that Curupira was coming. She saw the blue-suit wearing female Demon
and changed form. She went from a beautiful woman with short black hair,
dark eyes and bronze skin to a large, slithering Serpent. Not any Serpent
but a virtually indestructible supernatural beast. Curupira came running on
the road. She wanted to get to the Ancient One and ask for his protection
against the Demon Iara. She suddenly stopped. She sensed...something. Too
late did she see the Serpent. It came out of nowhere and bit her.

"AH!" Curupira screamed and she fell.

Normally, nothing could harm Curupira. She was an immortal. But she had been
bitten by no ordinary snake. She lay on the forest floor, watching as a large
Serpent came near her. She closed her eyes. She could hear the thoughts of
her enemy, the evil Iara.

"At long last, I will have my meal." said Iara.

Curupira felt very scared. She did not want to be eaten by a snake. "Please
don't kill me." she begged.

The huge Serpent's head was inches from her face. "Why not?" asked Iara the
Demon in Serpent form.

"I'll do anything." Curupira said.

Iara changed from her Serpent form to that she preferred, the form of the
beautiful, dark-haired, bronze-skinned woman. Iara looked at Curupira. The
Forest Demon was scared. Very scared. Iara liked that. "You are scared of
me." she said, smiling.

"Yes, I am." said Curupira.

Iara looked at her fallen enemy. The girl looked so...delicious.

"Just grant me a dying wish." said Curupira.

"What is it?" said Iara. "I can't let you go."

Curupira bit her lip. "Just kiss me." she said.

Iara looked at her. "Kiss you?" she asked.

Curupira nodded. Iara glared at the girl. Forest Demons were strange...
very strange. Still, she saw no harm in a simple kiss and kissed Curupira.
Curupira kissed Iara. She waited for her power to be activated. Usually,
whenever Curupira kissed someone, she sucked the life out of them, human
or immortal alike. This time, it didn't seem to work. Curupira didn't
understand why. It must be the Serpent's venom negating her powers. She
kissed Iara, who seemed to really get into it.

"Wow." said Iara. She looked at Curupira. "I've never felt anything like
this before."

Curupira stared at Iara. The Water Demon should be dead. Curupira's kisses
killed. That was a known fact. So why was she alive? Iara looked at Curupira.
Curupira shuddered, thinking that the female Water Demon was gonna return to
Serpent form and devour her. She saw something in Iara's eyes...a different
kind of hunger than she expected. Iara took Curupira's face into her hands
and stared into the girl's eyes. She had never noticed how beautiful she

"You are so beautiful." said Iara.

Gently, she caressed Curupira's face. Her hands went to Curupira's neck and
breasts and finally to between her legs for an exploratory feel. Curupira
gasped. "What are you doing ?" she asked Iara.

Iara looked at her. "I don't know." she said. "I just want to touch you." She
looked at Curupira. "You are so beautiful and I never noticed that."

Curupira felt revolted by that. "Don't touch me, you filthy snake."

Curupira summoned her power and felt it return. The Serpent's poison was
wearing off. She pushed Iara away and ran. She ran, thinking Iara was chasing
her. She stopped dead in her tracks when she heard a strange sob. She turned
around to see Iara, sobbing. Curupira glared at her with wide eyes.

"What the hell is wrong with you ?" she asked.

Iara looked at Curupira with tear-filled eyes. "I don't know." she said.

"What have you done to me?" Curupira stared at her.

This could all be a trick. The Water Demon could be trying to lure her in,
ready to eat her if she got too close. Still, Curupira approached Iara.

"Are you okay?" Curupira heard herself say. She couldn't believe she was
talking to her worst enemy that way. Iara nodded, and came closer to her.
Curupira's heart beat faster. If this was a trick, she was gonna get eaten.
She saw Iara come closer to her, with tear-filled eyes. Iara took her into
her arms and embraced her.

"I don't know what I am feeling." she said. "You did this to me."

Curupira held the female Water Demon in her arms. "I am sorry." she said.

Iara gently touched Curupira's face. "Don't be sorry. I'm not."

She came closer and kissed Curupira. Curupira hesitated, then kissed her
back. The two of them caressed each other and tenderly explored each other's
young bodies. Curupira took off her clothes and Iara admired her smooth, slim
and sexy body. Iara grinned and came to kiss Curupira and the two of them
kissed and rolled around on the Forest floor.

Iara found herself on top of Curupira. "I want you so bad." she said.

"And I you." Curupira said.

She caressed Iara's breasts and fondled them. Iara came and lay flat against
Curupira, positioning herself so that her pussy was over Curupira's face and
she buried her face in Curupira's pussy. She licked the other female Demon's
pussy tenderly. She tasted her juices and fingered her. She breathed in the
smell of another female's pussy, and liked it. Curupira was not inactive.
Though she moaned under Iara's caresses and touch, she was determined to
return the favor. She licked Iara's pussy and fingered it. She inserted her
tongue inside Iara's ass.

Iara gasped and Curupira continued what she was doing, fucking Curupira's ass
with her tongue like it was a small cock. Iara relaxed as Curupira worked on
her pussy and ass. She fingered and licked Curupira's own pussy, and watched
as the other girl got excited and her scent changed. The two of them
continued to suck and fuck each other until they achieved a mutual orgasm.
Curupira screamed in pleasure at the top of her lungs and Iara joined her a
second later. Iara turned around and rested in Curupira's welcoming arms. She
kissed her.

"I love you, Curupira." Iara said.

"Back at you." Curupira said.

They fell asleep in each other's arms.

Somewhere else...

Dar was walking in the woods. He was accompanied by his tiger Ruh, his
ferrets Podo and Kodo and his best friend Tao. Dar was a tall, handsome
young man with blond hair and pale blue eyes. He carried a staff. He was
no ordinary human being but a Beast Master. He had the power to affect and
control every animal in the universe. A great power indeed.

Dar and Tao met awhile ago. They met while fighting their common enemy, the
Terrons. The Terrons were the goons of King Zad. Zad was an evil king who
wanted to rule the Midlands. Currently, he was at war with the Nord king

"Dar, why is it so quiet in the forest?" asked Tao.

Dar looked at his best friend. Tao was a slender young man with black hair,
brown eyes and bronze skin. "I don't know, Tao." he said. "Sometimes the
silence of the forest can mean so many things."

"Or it can mean something good is coming." said a voice.

Dar and Tao turned to see a girl with black hair clad in animal skins. They
immediately recongnized her.

"Lyca." said Dar. "What are you doing here?"

Lyca came to him and gave him a hug. "Enjoying my freedom." she said. "Thanks
to you." Lyca shook hands with Tao.

The two men looked at her. She was even more beautiful than Dar remembered.
She was slender, with black hair and dark brown eyes. Her skin was light
bronze. She wore a shirt and dress made of animal skins. Although she looked
like a beautiful young woman, both men knew she was far more than that. Lyca
was one of the Lionmen. The Lionmen were a strange race of creatures.
Supernatural beings. They could look like lions or humans. Half breeds imbued
with supernatural powers.

The Lionmen lived in a distant land. Dar first encountered them when Lyca
came into the Midlands. She was a frightened Lion-girl fleeing from a life of
servitude at the hands of a rather domineering Lion-man. Dar met the Lion-man
named Navas. Navas was a Lion-man sent by the Lion-People to retrieve the
rogue Lyca. He let her go free after having a long talk (and a fight) with
both her and Dar. Dar looked at Lyca. He remembered the fury of the
Lion-girl. She had a strength and speed far exceeding any human's. She was a
dangerous creature.

"Where are you headed?" she asked.

"To the city of Xinca." said Tao.

"Care to join us?" asked Dar.

Lyca nodded. "Sure, guys."

Lyca told them that she was just wondering, enjoying her freedom. What she
didn't tell them was that the Ancient One and his Sorceress had changed her
into something even more dangerous than the Lion-girl she started out as and
now she craved human flesh and blood. She wanted nothing more than to kill
them but she would take her time and enjoy herself before the final act.

To be continued...


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