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Becker: A Night To Remember (MF,FF,anal,drugs,voy)
by The Fan ([email protected])

John Becker sat in his apartment. He was really bored. He was a tall,
good-looking man in his forties. He was a doctor with a successful but
chaotic pactice in the Bronx. John Becker was a very difficult man, at
least, that's what his friends would say. He'd been called everything
from egotistical to borderline antisocial and crude, rude and everything
in between. He'd been married twice. Both failures. He was not a romantic
kind of guy (just ask his girlfriends or ex-wives!) and a really bitter
cynic. Underneath it all, you'd think that he was a nice guy who's built
up a tough-guy shield to protect himself from the world. No way. Becker's
not like that. He's a real piece of work. An asshole with a capital "A".
He's not some nice guy with a mean guy image. In fact, when you meet John
Becker, you'd probably think that he's the biggest asshole on the planet.
Later, when you really get to know the man, you find out that....he's much

Take this tale for example. John Becker is having a birthday party. He
invites his friends as well as some people from his office. There's Reggie,
an attractive brunette woman who runs the local diner. There's also Jake,
a tall, handsome black man who became blind recently. He runs a local
newsstand. There's also Margaret, a plump black woman who is Becker's
secretary. Not to forget Linda, a charming but not-too-bright young woman
who happens to be Becker's assistant. Oh, and Anita, the sexy young lady
who happens to be Becker's neighbor in his building. She's a hooker. Not
to forget Bob, a sleazy bastard who is Becker's superintendent as well as
a chronic pain in the butt almost as unpleasant as Becker. So, they were
having this party and Becker gave everyone some wine. This wine happened
to contain a lot of Formula 1000, a potentially super-powerful aphrodisiac
invented by one of Becker's deceased friends. He gave the formula to Becker
before his death. Tonight, doctor John Becker was gonna use it on his
friends and see what happens. It was simply an experiment. One of his
boldest experiments.

The group was at Becker's apartment when they started to sip their drinks.
Margaret had come to the party without her husband Louis. She was standing
there, being annoyed by Bob. Bob was a slender white guy with black hair
and a punk-ass attitude. He also had a thing for big women. Margaret was
once a slim and sexy girl but after two decades of marriage, she'd put on
a pound or two. She was really sensitive about it. Bob didn't know why it
bothered her. He always had a thing for BBWs. In fact, he spent a lot of
time searching for hot BBWs in Internet porn sites. He was daydreaming
about Margaret while drinking his wine when suddenly, he felt super-horny.
He looked at Margaret. She looked at him with wide eyes full of...lust.
Margaret had been drinking when she looked at Bob, and saw him in a whole
different light. All of a sudden, he looked so sexy to her. She wanted some
of that hot white boy thing. He grinned at her. "Let's go, baby." He said.

Margaret smiled at him. "I thought you'd never ask." She said.

They went into another room, found a bed and got hastily undressed. Bob
looked at Margaret's naked form. She looked so damn hot. Her curvy body
looked so sexy. She had big breasts, a nice, full, sexy figure, and a
really nice, juicy-looking, big butt. He wanted some of that. Margaret
looked at his body. He looked good. Her eyes locked onto his hard, long,
thick cock. She knelt before him and took him into her mouth. She started
to suck on his cock. She licked his balls and sucked on his dick. He
grunted in pleasure. She continued to suck him. Bob looked at the sexy
big woman who was sucking his cock.

He felt like he was gonna burst. He warned her. Margaret couldn't care
less. He came in her mouth. She drank his cum and licked his cock and balls
clean. Once she was done, she asked, no, demanded to get fucked. Hard. Bob
positioned himself behind Margaret. Margaret looked at the slim white guy as
he came up behind her. She licked her lips while looking at his big dick. He
had a really big one. One of the biggest she'd seen on any man, black or
white. Bob grasped Margaret's butt cheeks in his hands and spread them.
Margaret backed up against him, pressing her buttocks against his groin.
Bob's cock pressed against Margaret's butt. Right against her tight butthole.

Bob slowly slid his cock into Margaret's ass. He went in slow and steady,
his cock sliding into her tight back door. He pushed, hearing Margaret grunt
as he progressed into her rear. He was finally in. Her ass felt warm and
tight around his cock. He placed his hands on her hips and thrust into her.
Margaret grimaced as she felt his cock thrust into her anal cavity. She
braced herself for what was to come. Bob pushed his cock deeper into her back
door. Margaret grimaced. She'd been fucked in the ass before but not like
this. Bob was...well-endowed, especially for such a slim guy. Bob held
Margaret by the hips and thrust into her. He fucked her, hard and fast. He
was really letting her have it and Margaret welcomed the assault that her ass
was receiving. Bob pounded into her. He continued to fuck her until her tight
ass squeezed his cock hard and he couldn't take it anymore. He came, flooding
her tight big black woman's asshole with his hot, white man's cum. Margaret
screamed as Bob's seed flooded her ass. He pulled out of her, slowly.
Margaret looked at the man who had just fucked her silly. "Damn that was
good." She said.

Bob grinned. "I've been wanting to do this for a long time."

Margaret stroked his chest hairs. "Wanna do it again?" She asked.

Bob smiled.


The other people in the house were getting hot and nasty...the aphrodisiac
was taking effect, unleashing forbidden desires and fantasies...and of
course, Becker watched!

Reggie looked at Linda. Reggie was suddenly feeling very hot...and moist. She
had never thought she'd feel this way around another woman. Linda was one hot
chick ! Reggie once had a lesbian experience. She was 17 at the time and
slept with her neighbor, a 45-year old married woman. She'd never repeated
the experience. Now, here she was, feeling very much attracted to Linda.
Reggie had slept with 56 men and 1 woman in her life. She considered herself
hetero-flexible. Mostly hetero, but capable of kicking it with another member
of her sex if it ever felt right. Well, for some reason, tonight felt...

Linda was well aware of Reggie looking at her. She was pleased with herself.
Linda had a little secret. She was not the dumb broad everyone thought she
was. She was actually quite smart.. Also, she swung both ways. Yep. Linda was
bisexual. She didn't tell anyone what her business was. Especially Becker and
Margaret. Linda had an eye on Becker once but his bad attitude turned her
off. Now, she had eyes only for Reggie. Reggie, the sexy brunette who owned
the local diner. Linda always suspected that Reggie swung both ways but the
chick looked so damn straight that it was really misleading. Now, Linda was
gonna test it. She gave Reggie the signal and Reggie took the bait. The
signal/bait technique was unmistakeable. All gay and bisexual people have an
innate ability to sense others like themselves. Reggie had it. She wouldn't
have it if she were truly heterosexual. Linda smiled to herself. She was
gonna get some tonight.

"Follow me." She told Reggie.

Linda led Reggie into another one of the rooms of the place. Once they were
inside, Linda began her seduction. She didn't have to. Reggie grabbed her and
kissed her. Linda was surprised by the other woman's passion. "I haven't been
with a woman in a long time." Said Reggie.

"I can tell." Linda grinned. She unbuttoned Reggie's shirt and unzipped her
pants. Reggie looked a bit nervous. Linda told her to relax. She kissed every
inch of Reggie's body once they were both naked. She made her way down to
Reggie's legs and parted them. She then started to eat her out. Linda licked
Reggie's pussy and fingered her. Reggie moaned in pleasure. She let go,
abandoning herself to the pleasures which Linda was bringing to her. Linda
continued to lick Reggie's pussy, eating that cunt and fingering it like
there was no tomorrow. This went on until Reggie came, her girl-cum flooding
Linda's face. Linda drank from her. Reggie screamed in orgasmic delight.
Linda held her until she settled down.

"That was..." Reggie said breathlessly.

"Just the beginning." Linda said.

Reggie smiled. Linda grinned. This chick had no idea what she was in for...


Jake and Anita were getting busy in the patio... They had found a comfortable
table to use and were getting their freak on...

Anita knelt before Jake and took him into her mouth. She licked Jake's cock
and sucked his balls. Jake groaned in pleasure. Anita sucked him off and
fingered his asshole as she continued to work his cock with her mouth. Jake
had never experienced anything like this before. Anita was GREAT at what she
did!!! She continued to suck Jake until he was rock hard and throbbing in her
mouth. Only then did she release him. He came all over her face. Anita was a
bit shocked by the flood of cum. Not shocked that it happened but by the fact
that she allowed it. Normally, she didn't let guys, er, clients, do that to
her. But Jake wasn't a client. He was a guy she liked. She licked him dry and
then straddled him. He thrust into her. She rode him like a witch on abroomstick. He fucked her, hard and fast. She bounced up and down on his
cock. They went at it like this for a long time until he came inside her. She
screamed in pleasure as she experienced an orgasm at the same time he did.
This had never happened before.

"Wow." She said, much later. "That's never happened to me before."

Jake grinned. "I got the magic stick." He told her.

"You surely do." She said.

"Wanna go again?" Jake smiled.

"Yeah, baby. Let's do that wild thing again!"

* * *

Becker watched all this in a secluded room. He had cameras in every room and
was simultaneously watching all of his friends doing it. Linda re-introducing
Reggie to the joys of lesbian sex. Bob working Margaret's plump butt,
changing her from a tight end to a wide receiver. Jake and Anita doing their
thing on his favorite table. Becker watched and he was satisfied. Why
shouldn't he be? He was on his way to becoming a very Rich man. "The formula
works." He told himself. He smiled as he continued to watch his friends doing
it. He could make himself quite wealthy if he used the tapes and cut them
loose over the Internet. Seriously. Nah. He stood to make a lot more money if
he just sold the aphrodisiac to some company. Hmm. Maybe. Nah. Definitely.
Someday. Soon. For now, he would have some fun.

The End


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