This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Bedazzled/Joan Of Arcadia: In God We Trust
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Among the sea of people in a Los Angeles bus station two were sitting at a
table playing a quiet and intense game of chess. As the dark haired white
woman pondered her next move the black man across from her spoke.

"I told you Elliot wasn't the best choice."

"Quiet, I'm thinking here," The woman replied. A few minutes later she
finally moved her knight, which put the man in position for a checkmate.

"Checkmate," The man smirked. "Like I said, I told you Elliot wasn't the
wisest choice."

"Don't you ever get tired of winning?" The brunette woman grumbled.

"I can't help it if I'm good."

"You know everyone's move before they make it."

"You know I don't cheat by reading people's minds. Every person I've beat I
beat honestly."

"I don't want to believe you, but I know you can't lie. As for Elliot,
everyone has their off days. Look at you. You couldn't save me, you had to
send me to Hell."

"If I let you do whatever you wanted, then everybody would want the same
treatment and it'd be chaos. Besides, you're constantly starting wars
between the angels. Ready for another game?"

"No I think I'm done playing for the day. I've got quite a few souls to take
from the law firm on 46th. There's going to be a shooting there in an hour."

"I know the place. Bad things always happen when you deal with demons and

"Anyway, before I go there is one more thing I want."

"The answer's no."

"And why not?"

"You had your chance with Elliot. We only make this bet every two hundred

"Well I want one more try before then. Like I said I had an off day when I
chose him."

"What kind of bet did you have in mind?"

"I thought you said you don't do the mind reading thing."

"I said I don't do that during chess."

"Then you should know what I want."

"Okay, I accept on one condition. If you win I'll let you back in heaven,
but if you lose you can't leave Hell more than once a year starting this

"Why not forever?"

"Same reason that I let you leave Hell at all. I could banish you there
forever and make you wait for the sinful to die before you got their souls
if I wanted. Take it or leave it."

"It's a deal."

"And I get to pick the person."

"Give me your best shot."

"I'm glad you said that. The girl's not far from here in fact. She lives
right down I-10 in Arcadia. Her name's Joan Girardi."

"A girl this time? Nice. No restrictions again right?"

"Same rules as with Elliot."

* * *

"Isn't this nice?" Joan muttered aloud to herself sitting in the cafeteria
during lunch reading the school newspaper.

"What is?" a tall lanky kid asked sitting down across from her at the table.

"It looks like the ACLU is going to get the Christmas display the school
sponsors every year at the mall shut down."

"They're only trying to remove the religious scenes," The boy corrected
taking a bite from an apple.

"Do I know you?" Joan asked suddenly catching herself talking to a stranger.
The boy gave her a look of 'You know who I am.' "So I take it you want me to
do something about the display at the mall right?"

"Yes, this time I have something simple I want you to do. The next time you
go to your meeting about the Christmas display they're going to ask you to
remove the manger scene. I want you to make sure it's there once the display
opens to the public."

"That's it? There isn't any hidden cryptic meaning behind this?"

"No, just make sure the manger scene stays in. Christmas has already taken a
hard enough hit with it becoming a competition to see who can spend the most
money on their kids."

"Alright then. For some reason I think there's something more to this, than
you're letting on, but I'll do it."

"Thank you Joan," The boy said getting up from the table. "Oh, and remember,
no matter how bad things seem at times there's always a plan and reason
behind everything."

"Who was that?" Luke asked joining his sister at the table.

"Just someone who had something to tell me."

"Anything interesting?"

"Nothing anyone around here would understand."

"Oh, okay. Look Joan as your brother and one of lower rungs on the totem
pole here at school please reconsider taking Steve Ramsey to the winter

"Ugh! I've already been through this with everyone. I'm taking him to the
dance so let it rest."

"But why him of all people? If you really wanted to go that badly you could
have ask Friedman."

"And why exactly are you going with Grace? She seems an odd choice for you,
considering you used to think she was gay."

"It was more her idea than mine. I didn't even really want to go, but she's
been getting into it with some kid named Charlie in one of her classes and
decided to show him up at the dance. Besides she's not psychotic like

"Ramsey is not psychotic, just misunderstood."

"I know the dance is tomorrow, but I know someone who's not going and has a
big crush on you."

"I'm not going to the dance with Patrick."

"Is this about the whole reanimating dead tissue thing?"

"Mostly, but there are a few other creepy things. Look Luke, I'm taking
Ramsey and that's it."

* * *

Thirteen years ago...

Peter Withers sat on the couch in his apartment living room watching
Sleepless In Seattle with his girlfriend Naomi. He had seen the movie a
hundred times, but it was her favorite and everytime it was on tv they
always watched it together.

"Hey I'm going to get something to drink. You want anything?" Peter asked
getting up from couch and walking into the kitchen.

"Make some popcorn will you?"

"Sure," Peter replied opening the cupboard where he kept the popcorn. He
stopped when he heard a knock at the door. "I'll get that."

Peter left the kitchen empty-handed and answered his door. Outside stood two
police officers.

"Can I help you with something officers?"

"Peter Withers you're under arrest for the murder of Samantha and Chelsea
Donner," one of the men began reciting as he cuffed Peter.

"Peter what's going on?" Naomi asked frantically as she got up from the

"Naomi call Jack and tell him the police have arrested me, then call my
parents and tell them what's going on."

"Yeah yeah sure," Naomi replied as she picked up the phone.

Peter noticed a plain-clothes officer standing in the hallway as he was led
out in cuffs.

"Will you know I didn't kill those two girls!" Peter protested.

"Peter, I want to believe you, but the evidence says that you did."

"Girardi! I didn't do it! Girardi!"

Peter pleaded his innocence from his arrest to his trial, but the
circumstantial evidence and coincidences were just too much to overcome. The
one piece of evidence that sealed his fate, was the one piece he couldn't
explain away. Peter couldn't explain how the bloody knife used to kill the
twin girls who lived two floors down with their single mother ended up in
his car.

Despite what the evidence showed Peter was an innocent man who was wrongly
convicted and sent to jail to serve thirty-five years.


Now thirteen years later Peter sat alone in a strip club a jaded and very
angry man. Shortly after his conviction Naomi shot herself in the head too
upset to continue living knowing she loved a child murderer. Peter's father
died a few years later and he was unable to attend his funeral. His mother
quickly succumbed to Alzheimer's disease shortly there after and now spent
her days in a rest home. But he was a free man now proved innocent with the
advances made in science the use of testing DNA.

As Peter watched a stripper named Ivy straddle a pole on stage and dance,
his anger started to fester and boil aiming at Will Girardi. He was the
officer who investigated the twins' death and had Peter arrested. Will was
also the guy whose testimony sent Peter to jail for thirteen years.

"Can I get you anything sweetie?" One of the servers asked stopping at his

"Just another beer and the last thirteen years of my life back."

"I can get you the beer, but I'm not so sure I can do anything about the
thirteen years."

"Forget it. Just get me a damn beer!"

"Hey if you're going to act that way I'm going to call security and have you
thrown out."


"Don't worry, I can more than handle myself. You though you look like you
could use a break. Why don't we go into one of the private rooms in the back
and work some of that tension out of you?" The brown hair server whispered
setting her tray on the table and straddling Peter's crotch grinding herself
into it.

"Not tonight, I want to be alone," Peter replied feeling his prick harden
from the server's grinding.

"That's not what it feels like to me. Come with me into the back. It'll be
on the house."

"Have I seen you somewhere before?" Peter asked looking into the woman's
eyes. "You look vaguely familiar."

"I don't think so. I've only been in California for three months."

"Well what's your name sweetheart?"

"Spice. What about you stranger?"

"I'm Peter."

"So what do you say Peter? Want to go in the back? It's free, I promise."

"Alright, I've let you talk me into it."

"You won't regret it," the brunette smiled leaving her server's tray on a
nearby table and taking Peter into the back. The private room they ended up
in was simple and plain looking. It had a couple of couches and a few small
tables for setting drinks on, but not much else. "Why don't you sit down and
take a load off?" The woman asked as she closed the room's door.

Peter sat down on one of the couches with a smile on his face finally having
something to get excited about. The woman provocatively danced in the center
of the room, bending over in front of Peter letting him stare at the bad
case of camel toe the hot nylon hotpants gave her. Spice stood up and
straddled Peter's lap. Her top left little to the imagination as well being
a sheer really low cut shirt. She pulled her shirt up over her head letting
her firm C cup breasts breath. Peter reached out to fondle them, but then
stopped concerned about Spice telling on him or getting caught.

"Go ahead baby, play with my breasts," Spice encouraged Peter by grabbing
his hands and placing them on her tits.

The brunette felt Peter's dick stiffen quickly the moment his hands were on
her chest. Thirteen years had passed since Peter had seen a good looking
woman nude let alone got to play with her body. He savored the touch of
Spice's breasts in his hands squeezing and massaging them as though this was
his first time. Spice saw he wanted more and urged him on.

"It's okay Peter, you can lick my breasts if you want to. We're all alone
here," Spice said.

Peter leaned forward slightly sticking his tongue out as Spice's right
nipple got closer. With a still firm gentle grasp of Spice's tit he licked
his tongue from the bottom to top on the left side of her chest. He quickly
flicked his tongue across the nipple hardening it quickly so he could wrap
his lips around it and suck on it gently pulling it out with his lips.

"Mmmmmm... Yeah... That's a good boy Peter... That feels nice. Don't you
feel better?" Spice purred as Peter took to flicking his tongue across her
left nipple.

"Oh yeah..." Peter grinned letting out a loud popping noise when his lips
slipped off her breast.

"I've got something that'll make you feel even better," Spice grinned

"Oh yeah? What's that?"


Spice climbed off Peter's lap and got to her knees on the floor. She spread
his legs apart his erection ever present and visible in his pants. Spice
then unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants pulling them and his
underwear down when he momentarily stood up. All that was left before her
was a rock hard eight-inch penis. Spice took a firm hold of it at the base
and slowly began to stroke her hand up and down it. She could feel the
excitement in Peter's shaft as it pulsed every time her hand slid over it.

While she jerked Peter off Spice began to tongue his balls licking her
tongue all over his sac. Peter moaned and saw a tiny bit of precum dribble
out as Spice gingerly sucked on his left testicle and slowly switched to his

"Mmmm... Spice I should warn you it's been awhile since I've had sex so my
load will be pretty big when I come," Peter moaned.

"That won't be for awhile long," she replied smiling before taking the tip
of his cock into her mouth and working the rest inside.

Peter smiled impressed how Spice eagerly and quickly took all eight inches
of him into her mouth Even as his dick pushed against the back of her throat
she didn't seem to let it bother her and keep sucking him off wrapping her
tongue around his shaft each time her head went up and down. Loud
enthusiastic groans began to leap from Spice as she continued suck on
Peter's shaft. Suddenly he felt his cock throb and thought he was about to
come. Orgasm didn't come just yet; it was just more precum though his groin
was aching intensely.

"There's one other wet spot you need to try," Spice said emptying her mouth
and standing up.

She dropped the last of her clothing to the floor and bent over the couch
placing her hands on the back of it. With his hard-on in hand Peter eagerly
stood up and got behind the waiting woman. Slowly he pushed the head of his
penis between Spice's cuntal lips and slowly pushed in relishing the feel of
her pussy hugging his cock inch by inch. When he bottomed out Peter stood
there for a moment taking in the warm wetness of Spice's snatch.

His hands then grasped her hips and slowly he began to pull out until he
could see his cock head start to peek out. Then he slowly began to push back
in. Spice moaned as Peter worked himself into a rhythm, his throbbing
manhood thrusting in and out of her pussy excitedly. He began to moan as his
throbbing became more intense. Peter could feel himself nearing orgasm
again. Suddenly his dick opened up and his semen shot deep into Spice's
womb. Peter was right when he said it had been awhile, but Spice already
knew that. It was nice for her though to feel five large heavy shots of his
cum squirt into her body. Peter slid out of Spice and flopped onto the couch
with a thud. As his cock shrank back down Spice pulled her shorts up and put
her shirt back on.

"How are you feeling Peter? Better I hope?"

"Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good right now. How much do I owe you?"

"I'm not a hooker Peter. You don't owe me anything. Besides I said it was on
the house."

"Speaking of the house won't your shorts be wet here in a second."

"Don't worry about me silly. Let's worry about you and what I can do for

"What more can you do? You've done plenty."

"What about Will Girardi?"

"Who?" Peter asked uncomfortably quickly redressing himself.

"The man who helped put you in jail for thirteen years, even though you were

"Okay what's going? How do you know so much about me?" Peter growled.

"I know everything about you Peter. I just want to help you."

"Help me with what?"

"Help you fix what's wrong with your life."

"Unless you can give me my thirteen years back, then you can't help me."

"I can't make time go backwards, but I can help even things out. Do have a
wife or kids?"

"If you know everything about me then you should already know that answer."

"What about a good secure job?"

"What's the point of all of this?"

"Nothing really, except that Will Girardi has all of those things and you
don't because of him. It's time to even things out wouldn't you say?"

"Who the hell are you? You don't work here do you?"

"My, my you're quick Peter. I'm the devil."


"I am the Devil! Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, the Prince of Darkness! Well,
the Princess anyway."

"Fine let's say you're the Devil. What do you want from me?"

"You don't believe do you?"

"Eh... No."

"This would go by so much faster if you would just accept that I'm the
Devil. Since you won't though wish for something."

"You said Will had kids. Does he have any daughters?"


"Good I want to see her getting gang banged."

The Devil snapped her fingers and instantaneously one of the couches turned
into a bed and on it was Joan who was laying on top of one guy who was
thrusting his cock into her pussy. Behind her stood another guy who had his
dick lodged in her ass, and in front of Joan was a third guy who was fucking
her mouth. Peter watched smiling as Will Girardi's daughter was violated by
three men. Then almost as quickly as it appeared, the scene disappeared.

"Okay, I believe you, you're the Devil. So how can you help me?"

"You want to destroy Will's life? Make him pay for what he did to you,
having the chances in life you never got?"

"Keep talking."

"For the price of your pitiless little soul I can help you get even with
Will Girardi, help you destroy the one thing you never had a chance to have;
a family. All you've got to do is sign this paperwork."

Peter grimaced as a large pile of papers landed with a thud in his lap. He
looked at the first page and began reading, "I Peter, hearby known as the
damned-The damned?"

"Just sign Peter. It's all legal talk really. Once you get done taking your
revenge you'll be free to walk away and never have to pay the consequences
again. I'm on your side here, so here's what I'll do. For as long as you
live you'll be able to do anything you want and never have to go to jail
again. In return all you have to do is give your soul to me when you die.
And what can be more fun than spending eternity with me?"

"Will you asshole I'm coming for you," Peter grumbled as he signed the top
page and gave the stack back to the Devil.

"That's a good boy Peter! Now go have your fun!" The Devil exclaimed before
walking out of the room.

* * *

"So where's Grace?" Friedman asked as he and Luke stood near the table
sipping on punch.

"In the bathroom doing girl stuff."

"Grace is doing that?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I don't know, it's just that everyone thinks she's a lesbian and she always
tries to play hard. Sometimes I think she acts the way she does just so she
can be the outcast, be different from everyone else."

"She is a bit different than everyone, but that's kinda cool. So where's

"Doing much the same as Grace. Said something about her make up not being
right. Tell me again why Joan is here with Ramsey?"

"I'm not sure myself."

"Well look, I know this isn't quite you or Grace's thing, and I wouldn't
even be going if it wasn't for Kelly, but her parents are out of town and a
bunch of us are going to her house after the dance just to hang out if you
want to come."

* * *

"Yeah I'll go," Grace said matter of factly as she and Luke danced.

"Can I ask why? You've never been one to be this social with your classmates
for as long as I've known you," Luke said.

"We don't have to go if you don't want to."

"I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you, so we can go if you want."

"I've got a better idea."

"What's that?"

"Let's leave early and go down to Beverly's."

"Beverly's? Who's Beverly?"

"Beverly's of Arcadia."

"The motel? Why?"

"Do you like me?"

"Uh... There is some seed of attraction since I am the one who initially
started up the idea of coming to the dance and..."

"Shut up Luke."


"Let's leave now, and if anyone say's anything we'll say I was feeling sick.
Besides nobody is expecting me to be here for the whole time."

"Umm... Ok."

"Good, now let's go," Grace said dragging Luke by the hand as they left the
dance hall.

* * *

"Tell me Charlie did you spike the punch with the powder I gave?" A brunette
asked walking to Charlie's side as they watched Grace and Luke leave.

"Yes I did. Won't it affect everyone who drinks the punch though?"

"No, I formulated it specifically for Grace. It'll only affect her.

"How can you be so sure?"

"I just am."

"I want my money before your substitution gig is up."

"I've got something better. How would you like seven wishes instead?"

* * *

"Where did you get that key?" Luke asked as Grace unlocked the door to room
18 at Beverly's of Arcadia. "That wasn't even the limo we came in."

"Stop worrying about it. I had a friend of mine get the room earlier today.
And the limo belongs to a friend of my dad's. Everyone thinks I'm a lesbian
and some people think you're gay. Let's show them otherwise," Grace said as
she shut the door to the room and reached behind her trying to unzip her
dress. "Give me a hand with this will you?"

"Are you ok?" Luke asked nervously as he unzipped the back of Grace's dress
and it fell to the floor. He gawked staring at her near naked body.

"I'm fine. Are you going to take that suit off or not?"

"This all just seems a little forward for you... and me..." Luke replied as
he took his jacket off.

"We can stop if you want, but we're both grown up here. Let's be adults
about this."

"No, let's keep going, but just this is my first time and..."

"It's mine too," Grace whispered in Luke's ear as the two nude teenagers sat
on the edge of the bed. "Let's just go with it and see what happens. Now lay
on your back."

Luke crawled back on the bed and laid down. Grace smiled at his already
erect penis and gently took it in her hands. Luke gasped as she took a firm
grasp of it at the base and started off with a nice slow stroking motion. He
could feel his cock twitch each time Grace's hand slid over the shaft.

"You like that Luke? How does that feel?"

"It feels nice," he moaned.

"How about this?"

"Oh god!" He muttered as Grace's tongue tickled his balls.

"I see you like this," Grace smiled licking Luke's scrotum then working her
tongue up the bottom of his shaft towards the tip.

"Oh god yeah! Where did you learn to do this?" Luke grunted with some
pleasurable agony as her tongue wove his away around his manhood.

"I saw a movie at my cousin's once."

"Oh God Grace!" Luke groaned loudly as Grace took his cock into her mouth
and went down on him.

He felt his dick throb as her lips pressed on as she bobbed her head up and
down. Grace took Luke's balls into her hands and began to fondle them. As
she did that she felt a sudden squirt of something into her mouth. Grace
assumed it to be Luke's cum, but quickly realized that he was still hard and
hadn't come yet.

"It's not fair I do all the work Luke," Grace said suddenly getting up.

"What do you-" he started but stopped as she got into a sixty-nine position
with him.

Still growing Grace didn't have a full blown bush yet, but had a nice tuft
of hair to note that puberty was working it's course. Grace's pubic hair
wasn't what Luke was concerned with though. It was the sight of female
genitalia just inches from his face. He was too focused on that to realize
Grace had started to suck him off again. Several minutes later she broke his

"Are you going to get me off or just stare at it?" Grace asked.

"Oh... Sorry..." Luke apologized as he ran his hand up and down Grace's

He marveled at it's moistness and heat when he slipped a finger inside.
Grace moaned humming on Luke's dick as he pulled his finger back out. He
took notice and began to work a second finger in and out of Grace's pussy.
Luke could feel her gratification as her lips and tongue worked his dick
over. He then pulled his fingers from Grace's pussy and smelled them briefly
before licking her girl juice off of them.

Luke liked the taste of Grace's wetness and dove his tongue into her snatch.
The moans from her body increased intensely as his tongue wiggled up and
down her slit tasting her insides. Luke and Grace could feel the effects
they had on each other as their oral stimulation turned on the other even
more. Luke could taste her girl cum started to flow a bit and he licked up
every bit. He could also feel as she worked over his cock with her lips and
tongue sensuously sucking and working every inch of it over. Luke's crotch
ached with every deepthroating she gave him and his dick ached for release.
It was when she gave his balls a light squeeze that he started to come.

Grace was temporarily caught off guard as Luke's first shot of semen struck
the back of her throat making her gag. She regained herself and hungrily
swallowed down his cum as it squirted into her mouth. Five shot's later with
Luke's dick still rock hard Grace turned around on the bed.

"That what's great," Luke smiled.

"It's not over yet," She said returning the smile. "You're still hard."

"So, how do you want to do this Luke?" Grace asked crawling onto his body.

"Anyway you want to is fine," he muttered.

"Fine just lay there then," She smiled sitting up.

Luke could feel his dick start to throb and ache again as Grace straddled
him slowly working his dick into her twat. She was a bit of tight fit, but
it felt great to him. Then before he bottomed out in Grace Luke felt his
member hit something and they stopped.

"See? We're both virgins here, just push hard and pop my cherry."

Luke couldn't believe what was coming out of Grace's mouth or the things
they were doing, but he felt alive at the moment and couldn't care. He
grabbed her hips and with soft thrust he broke through her hymen. Grace
cried out at the pain, but a few minutes later it was gone for the most
part. She leaned forward onto Luke pressing her breasts to his face. Grace
was grinding her hips into his crotch as his hands remained at her sides.

Luke brought his head forward licking at Grace's tits. An extra sensation of
delight ran through her body each time his tongue managed to strike one of
her nipples. Grace decided to help Luke out and held herself up on the bed
with one hand while using the other to press her right breast to his mouth.
Luke's lips quickly latched onto it sucking like a newborn. Grace's body
jolted each time he pressed his tongue to her nipple.

As her body started to burn more and more Grace placed both hands on the bed
and began to really grind herself down hard on Luke's dick. Luke's cock
began aching and throbbing beyond control as it seemed to push deeper into
Grace's cunt. She suddenly screamed out in orgasm, her pussy clamping down
on Luke's member. Luke could see Grace's face squirm in delight and felt her
girl cum begin to trickle down his leg. Suddenly his body gave out as well
and he came a second time squirting his semen into her belly. Luke's second
orgasm was bigger than the first and he began to feel his cum drip onto his
body. When he finished coming and Grace climbed off of him, she dug two
fingers deep into her snatch scooping out his cum and sucking it from her
fingers. She then turned around to face Luke.

"Let me clean that up like they did in the movie," Grace said noticing
Luke's mess. She began to lick Luke's cum that still covered his dick and
his legs. When there was nothing, but a trail of saliva on Luke's body Grace
sat down on the bed next to Luke.

"So how was you're first time?" She asked smiling.

"It was good. It felt nice. You?"

"The same, but don't be expecting this to happen all the time. We've got
reputations to maintain you know."

"I know," Luke smiled.

"But if you don't mind people thinking we're some sort of odd couple, then
we could go out and do something. Catch a movie or something."

"Sounds good, just try not to act so hard and tough all the time."

"Just as long as nobody we know is around."

"Already back to your old self I see."

"Maybe. You read to go again?" Grace asked coyly.

"My my Grace Polk. How I've misjudged you like everyone else," Luke answered
smiling as she started to jerk him off again.

* * *

As Monday rolled around Joan found herself eating lunch at school by herself
as she went over some paperwork and ideas for this year's mall Christmas
event. Tonight she'd be meeting with the project supervisors and would try
to finalize things. She looked up as she took a sip from her Diet Pepsi and
saw Luke walking nearby.

"Hey Luke come here for a second," Joan called out.

"Hey what's up? I've really got to get caught up on my chemistry project so
I'm going to work on it during lunch so please make this quick."

"No problem, I was just wondering about something. Where were you on
Saturday night?"

"I was at the dance with Grace."

"I know, but I saw you two leave early."

"She wasn't feeling well so we left and she went home."

"Well how did you two leave? I thought you two shared a limo with Friedman
and his date?"

"We did, but we ran into someone outside that Grace knew and they gave us a
ride home."

"Would I know this person?"

"No, I barely know the person. Are you done with the third degree?"

"Yeah I've got to finish these notes for the Christmas display anyway. I'll
see you later."

"So I can go now mother?"

"Shut up."

* * *

Luke smiled humming to himself as he placed a beaker of distilled water on
his lab table. He opened his notebook and started writing some notes
concerning his project. He stopped momentarily to think about something and
reached behind his neck to scratch it with his pen. He jumped in his seat
startled as a raven crashed through one of the room's windows. Luke's hand
hit the beaker spilling the water on the floor as he ducked while the bird
flew around the room for few seconds before flying back out through the
broken window.

"Damn it!" Luke grumbled looking at the broken glass and the water on the
floor. "I better let someone know about the window."

Luke got up and carefully stepped over the puddle of water that resided on
the floor next to a rack full of chemicals. As he started to bring his
second foot down another raven crashed through a window startling him again.
Luke's foot hit the puddle of water sending him tumbling backwards with his
arms flailing. His head hit the floor hard knocking him out.

The bird circled around the room for a few seconds before landing on Luke's
forehead. The raven took a few tiny steps then stopped and leaned forward
taking hold of Luke's glasses by the brim of the nose. Then it flapped it's
wings rising into the air and pulled off the glasses. The raven dropped them
on the floor next to Luke's head then flew up into the air landing on the
rack above his head. The bird then seemingly singled out an unmarked corked
Erlenmeyer flask and began pecking at it. After several minutes cracks
appeared in the glassware and the raven began pushing it's body into the
flask pushing it towards the edge.

Luke laid on the floor groaning as he regained consciousness and rubbed the
back of his head. He rubbed the knot forming on the back of his head as he
began to sit up. Suddenly Luke heard a loud squawk and looked up in time to
briefly see a flask before it hit him in the face shattering. Luke screamed
in agony as hydrochloric acid and glass from the broken flask spilled into
his eyes. As he lay screaming and writhing on the floor Luke heard the lab
door open and shut followed by footsteps.

"Are you okay Luke?" A female voice asked.

"Help me! Please help me! Something got in my eyes and is blinding me!" Luke
cried out.

"That would be hydrochloric acid. Don't let anyone say I don't do anything
nice for people. I let you pop Grace's cherry before this unfortunate
accident didn't I? Let's go Theodore," The brunette woman said before
turning to leave the room. The raven jumped from the rack to the woman's
shoulder and they left Luke lying on the floor in agony as the acid ate
through his eyes.

* * *

"You don't have to be here Joan. You should be at your meeting," Kevin said
wheeling himself into a hobby shop as Joan held the door open for him.

"The committee cancelled the meeting before I could even call them. We'll
have it on Friday," Joan replied.

"You still didn't need to come. I could have made it down here on my own."

"Don't start with me Kevin. I just didn't feel like sitting around the
house, okay? What are we doing here anyways? I thought you quit painting
those miniature figures."

"I did. I'm getting something for Luke. I was going to get it for him for
Christmas... I won't be long."

"No hurry. I'll be outside." As Joan waited outside leaning against the
store window she started mumbling to God underneath her breath. "Nice work
God. Is this what you meant when you said no matter how bad things get
there's always a plan? You told me to keep the manger scene in the Christmas
display at the mall. You never said anything about Luke going blind! Luke's
got permanent eye damage regardless of any eyesight he gets back! They said
there's an eighty- percent chance he'll be completely blind! God damn it..."

Joan sighed deeply as she sat down on a sidewalk bench and hit it hard with
the bottom of her hand.

"Joan you know better than to use language like that," a black man said
sitting down next to her.

"What's Luke have to do with any of this? Why'd he have to get hurt!" Joan

"You're right, all I asked you to do was to keep the manger scene in the
display, but you know better than to think that I'd punish innocent people.
There are always other forces around you, to tempt you into doing things you
normally wouldn't."

"Who? The devil?"

"Joan all I can tell you is that there is always a plan, no matter who is
involved. In the end it's your actions that determine your fate."

* * *

Kevin watched his sister sit down on the bench and hit it before he turned
back around to the aisle he was in. There were only three other people plus
the clerk in the store so getting what he came for would be easy. Three
weeks ago when he was still doing his miniatures Kevin was in the store with
Luke, who came across a build it yourself radio kit that he took a great
liking too. Unfortunately it cost far more money than Luke had and would
take him nearly four months of saving his allowance.

Even though Luke was all but completely blind and the doctors had said there
was an eighty- percent chance he would go completely blind, Kevin refused to
believe that and wanted to get him the kit. He already most of the money
needed to pay for it when Luke first pointed it out and had saved enough to
get it for him for Christmas. This year though Christmas wouldn't quite be
the same and there was no point in waiting he thought.

When the aisle was clear and nobody was looking Kevin quickly placed the kit
in the backpack hanging on the back of his wheelchair and zipped it up. He
looked around a bit longer pretending to be looking for something, then
picked up two Warcraft miniatures and headed for the cash register. Mr.
Mooney who he had seen hundreds of times before in the shop had a look of
disappointment on his face as Kevin rolled up.

"Hey something wrong Mr. Mooney?" Kevin asked.

"Please take the kit out of your bag."

"What are you talking about?"

"You see the big black dome on the ceiling?"

"Yeah," Kevin answered turning to look at it.

"That's a camera and I saw you stick one of the radio kits into your bag on
the surveillance tv under my counter."

"Fine," Kevin sighed removing the kit and throwing it on the counter. "It's
for Luke, he's been temporarily blinded you know! You've never complained
about me taking stuff before!"

"I heard about Luke on the news and my condolences to your family."

"Luke's not dead! He was just in an accident! He's going to get his sight
back!" Kevin screamed agitated. "What're you looking at!" He screamed again
noticing the three other customers in the store looking at him. They mumbled
to themselves returning to their own business.

Outside sitting on the bench Joan could hear Kevin scream through the
slightly open store door and ran inside to check what was going on.

"What are you screaming for Kevin? I can hear you outside."

"Stay out of this Joan!"

"Your brother tried to steal a radio kit and I caught him."

"What? You're stealing again?!?"

"I've never stolen anything before! They've always let leave the store with

"And each time we caught him he's complained about us treating him
differently because of his handicap. This time I have no choice, but to call
the police."

"This is bullshit!" Kevin screamed throwing the two miniatures at Mr.

"Damn it Kevin calm down! What's wrong with you???"

"I said stay out of this Joan!"

"Look Mr. Mooney do you really have to call the police? I swear I'll let my
parents know what happen and he'll be punished for it."

"He's left me with no choice this time Joan. He's throwing things at me

Joan sighed exasperated as Mr. Mooney picked up the phone and dialed the
police. Minutes later a police car and her father's unmarked car arrived.

* * *

Joan rode in the car in silence as her father drove her home. First it was
Luke's accident, then it was Kevin's arrest. Now Joan was sure that there
was more going on than what God was telling her. She was becoming less and
less concerned with fulfilling God's request and didn't care too much what
happened to the Christmas display.

"Are you ok Joan?" Will asked noticing his daughter's silent depressed
demeanor as they drove towards home.

"This sucks... Everything sucks... I hate Christmas and they can shut down
the Christmas display for all I care."

"I can't argue there. It certainly has been one hell of a week, but I must
ask you to reconsider doing the Christmas event at the mall."

"Why should I? God certainly doesn't care what happens to us! I'm not doing

"God doesn't have anything to do with this Joan. I'll admit what happened to
Luke is something that can't be described as anything other than a freak
accident. But Kevin chose to steal that kit, nobody forced him to."

"What if he didn't have a choice? What if someone made him do it?"

"You always have a choice. He just made a very bad one, which is why your
mother and I decided to let him sit in jail overnight."

"I'm sure he chose to be paralyzed in the car accident too!"

"Joan what are you talking about? What's gotten into you? That accident has
nothing to do with today!"

"I know," Joan said moaning as she leaned her head on the window. "It's just
that this whole week has just sucked."

"I know this is hard for you, it is for all of us especially your mother,
and if you want to pull out of the Santa display at the mall then I won't
stop you. But I think it'll do you some good, keep your mind off things."

"So you want me to just forget everything that's happened?"

"That's not what I meant at all. I didn't want to tell you this yet, but
after Luke's accident at school your mall committee called to send their
regards and told me that in your absence various members of the ACLU have
called and harassed them to either remove the manger scene or shut down the
display all together."

"God, what's wrong with those people! I'm gone a few days because my
brother's in the hospital and they try to take advantage of it!"

"Do you think the other members on the committee are strong enough to stand
up to them?"

"Debbie maybe, but only if she has other people around her. I have no
choice, but to go back. There's at least one thing right now I can keep from
getting screwed up and I'm going to do everything I can to keep it from

"Good, I'm glad to hear it. I'm not sure if it was Debbie who called, I
don't remember her name, but she said that instead of opening the display
tomorrow they'll be having a meeting at Sharon's house to discuss what
they're going to do with the ACLU. I'm sure they'll be glad to see you
there. Before I forget I'm picking up Kevin from jail tomorrow at one and
your mother will be at the hospital visiting Luke. Do you think you can get
a ride with Debbie or someone if you need to? Your mother will give you a
ride there, we just don't know when either of us will be available to come
get you."

"Don't worry about it. I can get a ride home with someone."

* * *

"Are you sure you can get a ride home if you need it?" Helen asked as Joan
got out of the car and started towards Sharon's front door.

"Yeah I'll be fine. Go give Luke his Discman. You know he's bored laying
there in the hospital."

"Shit! I knew I forgot something," Helen accidentally cursed realizing she
left Luke's Discman and cd's at home.

"Mom! You got upset last time I said that word!" Joan joked.

"If you said it now, I'd be a little more understanding. The last time you
said it was when the ice cream man passed us by and you were six."

"Well just hurry on home and get Luke's stuff. I'll let it slide this time."

"Thanks honey. I'll see you in a little while."

Joan watched her mother drive away and feeling a bit more relaxed than she
had felt lately she walked toward Sharon's door and rang the doorbell.

"Joan it's so good to see you!" Debbie greeted with a big smile. "After
talking to your dad we weren't sure if you were going to show up. Hey
everyone Joan's here!" Debbie shouted at the others in the house.

"So they started calling after Luke's accident?" Joan asked as she entered
the house.

"Day after as a matter of fact. They saw an opportunity to strike I guess."

"Better luck next year for them then. Everything's going to go on as

"You were the last one to show up so we can begin now. Oh before we start,
let me introduce you to somebody Joan," Debbie said as she walked towards a
man Joan didn't recognize.

"Joan this is Peter. Peter this is Joan. He'll be one of the guys playing
Santa this year and he's the one who got us the reindeer for the petting

"Nice to meet you Peter," Joan smiled shaking his hand. "And a big thanks
for finding the reindeer. It's a big part of the display for the kids every
year besides taking a picture with Santa. The kids love petting them."

"Glad I could be of some help," Peter said returning the smile. "I'm looking
forward to seeing the smiles on the kids faces. I'm sorry I need to answer
this," he said as the cell phone hanging off his pants began ringing.

"This is Peter... Uh-huh... What do you mean you can't find it? I left the
check in an envelope on my desk... Argh! Alright I'll be there shortly. Make
sure Tom doesn't leave ok?"

"Is everything alright Peter?" Debbie asked as a look of annoyance crossed
his face.

"Everything's fine, or will be soon enough. Someone misplaced the check for
the stable fees for the reindeer and I have to go find it or write another

"What about the reindeer? We're not going to lose their use for the mall are
we?" Joan asked concerned.

"No, no don't worry about, we'll still have the deer," Peter smirked. "I
really must be going though to make sure the check is handed in."

"Not a problem at all if we get to keep the reindeer. I've got your number
so I'll call you later with any changes in the plans and what not," Debbie
smiled relieved. "If nothing else just be sure to be at the mall tomorrow
morning with the Santa suit. We're going to open at nine."

"Sure thing. I look forward to getting this thing going. Nice to meet you
Joan," Peter smiled nodding her way.

He left Debbie's house and returned to his red van with tinted windows. As
he pulled away down the street his cell phone rang again.

"Hello again princess," Peter answered the phone.

"So did you get a good look at her?"

"You know if Will hadn't fucked my life up and sent me to jail, I'd almost
feel guilty for what I'm about to do to Joan and her mother."

"Guilt only holds people back and brings them down. Will Girardi screwed you
over now it's time to return the favor. Pick Helen up where I told you to,
then get Joan. Follow my instructions and we'll both be happy in the end."

"I'm on my way."

* * *

A lone raven flew over the skies of Arcadia as it looked for a car. It
carried a single nail in it's beak and once it spotted the car it was after
it flew towards it. The bird flew ahead of Helen's vehicle and the nail fell
to the road. It landed on it's head and buried itself in the tire as it was
run over.

"Damn it!" Helen groaned when she heard a loud popping noise and felt the
front right side start to ride low. She reached into her purse and retrieved
her cell phone. As she started to dial Will's number the battery icon on the
screen flashed to indicate a dead battery and the phone abruptly shut off.
"You've got to be kidding me."

Helen looked back and forth down the road she was on and got out of her car.
She would have to get out of the car and try to flag down somebody since the
nearest gas station was two miles away. As Helen got out of the car and
locked it, a large red conversion van pulled up next to her. Helen was
caught by surprise and a little amused when the window rolled down and a man
dressed in full Santa gear, including hat and beard, leaned his head out of
the window.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"Maybe. Do you have a cell phone? I've got a flat and my phone's dead."

"Do you have a spare tire and jack? I could change it myself if you did."

"Yeah, in the trunk," Helen said unlocking the trunk as the man put the van
in park and got out. "Do I know you? You seem familiar."

"I don't think we've meet," the man replied taking a tire iron and jack from
the trunk.

"I've got to be somewhere important shortly so I really want to thank you
for stopping and helping me out," Helen replied as she walked to the front
of the car to get her purse. As she turned back around to face the man she
was struck on the top of the skull with the tire iron and immediately fell
to the road unconscious.

"Now that I think about it, I'm sure we haven't met yet Mrs. Girardi, but I
plan to get to know you and your daughter real well soon. Please, call me

Taking his time and not worried about passing motorists seeing him, Peter
picked up Helen's unconscious body and dumped it in the back of the van. He
then put everything back into Helen's trunk and drove off.

* * *

As the last of the Christmas committee drove off Joan found herself still at
Sharon's house asking for a ride.

"Are you sure it's not too much trouble giving me a ride home?" Joan asked.

"Not a problem at all. I don't mind giving you a ride and in fact if you or
anyone ever need anything give me a call."

"I don't think I'll need too much more than today's ride, but thanks

"Let me go to the bathroom real quick and we'll be on our way."


Joan paced around Sharon's house thinking about various things; Luke's
accident, Kevin's arrest, God's current project for her. While she waited
her thoughts were interrupted when the doorbell rang.

"Joan can you get that?" Sharon yelled out of the bathroom.

"Sure," Joan replied walking to the front door to answer. "Uh... Hi, can I
help you?" Joan asked a man in full Santa attire.

"It's me Peter, I picked up the suit earlier and I want to see what Sharon
thinks of it. I think it's a little small for a Santa suit. Is she here?"

"Yes she is, but she's kind of indisposed at the moment but she'll be out in
a few minutes."

"Indisposed? Oooooooh! Okay."

"Who was it?" Sharon yelled again.

"It's me. I need you to look at this Santa suit," Peter called out.

"Just a second, I'll be down in a bit," Sharon replied before flushing the
toilet and washing her hands. She then joined Joan and Peter in the living
room. "Hey Peter how are you doing?"

"What do you think of the suit? I looks a little small in the legs."

"I think it looks good, what do you think Joan?"

"Me too, looks good."

"Good then. We won't have to make any alterations, but I do have one more

"What's that?"

"Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moon light?"


Joan screamed hysterically when Peter reached into his Santa coat and pulled
out a gun. A single shot to the head killed Sharon immediately and Joan
tried to run for the door, but Peter caught her by the arm.

"Where do you think you're going?" Peter sneered.

"Why- Why'd you kill her?!?" Joan cried.

"She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. You and me have a trip
to take. Your mother is waiting in the van."

"My mother? What did you do to her?"

"Nothing yet," Peter replied as he forced Joan from the house and walked
towards the van.

"MOM!" Joan screamed hysterically seeing her mother's unconscious body on
the van floor. That was the last thing she saw before Peter struck her in
the back of the head with the gun.

* * *

Helen slowly woke up suffering from a pounding headache. As she opened her
eyes and gained her bearings she saw that she was lying on a barn floor
covered with hay. She looked around a bit still groggy and concern swelled
her head when she saw Joan lying unconscious only a few feet away.

"Oh my God! Joan! Joan! Speak to me!" Helen cried as she moved over to her
daughter's side.

"Don't worry Mrs. Girardi she'll be awake soon enough. The fun won't start
until she does," Peter said slamming the barn door shut behind him still
dressed in the Santa suit.

"Who are you? What have you done to my daughter?" Helen demanded her motherly
instincts kicking in.

"I only knocked her unconscious. She'll be alright."

"What do you want from us? My husband's a cop! You lay a hand on us and he
won't stop until you're arrested!"

"Then he'd finally arrest me for something I did."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"That's not important," Peter said momentarily distracted by moans coming
from Joan. "Good, Joan's awake so things can finally began."

"Mom what's going on?" Joan asked her mother as she collected herself
suffering from head trauma too.

"Are you okay Joan?" Helen asked embracing her daughter and helping her sit

"My head hurts, but I'm fine." Joan's face turned to shock when she looked
up and saw Peter. "Peter what're you doing here? Why are you doing this?"

"I haven't done anything yet. I owe your father for a 'favor' he did for me
several years back, and now I'm here to return it and I thought I'd keep in
the Christmas spirit and keep the suit on while I made him his gift."

"But he's not here," Joan replied.

"He doesn't need to be. I'll deliver the gift to him myself."

"What are you talking about?" Helen asked.

"If the two of you will, please oblige me and stand up."

"Why?" Joan asked as she and Helen continued to sit.

"Oh god why must you make it difficult?" Peter asked annoyed walking into an
empty nearby stall and dragged Sharon's body out throwing it on the ground
in front of the two Girardi females.

"Oh my God!" Helen groaned.

"Why'd you shoot Sharon?!?" Joan cried remembering the shooting right before
she was knocked out.

"Like I said the proverbial wrong place at the wrong time. That's not
important here. Would you two like to live to see tomorrow?" Neither Joan
nor Helen answered, so Peter pulled a pitchfork out of a nearby bale of hay.
"Like I said, who would like to live to see tomorrow? If you want me to kill
you I can, but it'll be slow and painful."

"What do you want? WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Helen suddenly screamed hysterically.

"Great I can see this won't be as easy and fun for me as I had hoped. I see
you two are just going to sit there and make me do everything for you. But
before I forget I need to do one more thing."

Peter left the barn and disappeared for several minutes before returning
with a tripod and camcorder. Joan and Helen were sitting in the same spot
that he had left them.

"Holy shit you two must really depend on Will for your peace of mind. You
dumb cunts didn't even try to escape while I left."

"What's that for?" Joan asked as Peter set up the camera.

"It's the favor I'm doing for your father Joan. Now I know hay isn't the
most comfortable thing in the world so I also brought you a blanket," Peter
said throwing the blanket at Joan. "Spread it over the floor so the hay
won't stick you as much." He waited as the blanket was spread then gave his
first orders to the Girardi's.

"Good now we're ready to roll," Peter said flicking on the camcorder
recording their every movement. "First I want you two to undress each

"NO! You can't make us!" Helen shouted defiantly.

"Yes I can," Peter sneered removing a gun from ankle holster underneath his
pants and pointing at Joan.

"NO! Don't!" Helen screamed as Peter pulled the trigger several times. Joan
cried out in pain falling to the ground clutching her side as a handful of
bb pellets struck her.

"Please, I'm not going to kill you just yet," Peter laughed as a crying Joan
got back to her feet. "Now do as I ask without anymore trouble and nobody
gets shot. Understood?"

"Yes," Helen and Joan mumbled almost inaudibly.

"Good girls, now strip each other like I asked." Peter then checked the
camera one more time to make sure everything was working correctly. As Helen
and Joan started to undress each other he spoke to the camera. "Hello Will,
remember me? You do don't you? You sent me to jail for the murders of two
kids and I didn't like it one bit. It was your testimony that put me there,
but the miracle of science and DNA got me out. This is no time to reminisce
though. While you're stuck in the basement of your house I'm spending some
quality time with your wife and daughter." As Peter spoke Helen and Joan
were soon in just their bra and panties. "I know you've seen your wife naked,
but what about your daughter? Have you ever seen her naked? She's got quite
the nice body now, and it's too bad I won't be around to see Joan fully
developed, but I'll have a good time deflowering her. Helen's not too bad
either." Joan and Helen were finally completely nude. "Oh man look at the
tits and ass on Joan. She's definitely a hottie, but wait! She's your baby
girl isn't she?!? Oh well, somebody's got to show her the ropes. Now spin
around for me!" Peter shouted at Helen and Joan. They obliged and began
turning. "Many oh man Will you've got it good, the apple doesn't fall far
from the tree does it? Let's have a taste shall we?"

Peter left the camera on Helen and Joan recording their movements and walked
towards them as he stripped off the red Santa pants. He stopped in front of
the two females looking them both up and down.

"Bend over and spread your legs Helen so Joan can have a nice view of your
ass," Peter. He smiled delighted as the elder Girardi did as she was told
with a look of disgust across her and her daughter's faces. "Before we go
any further I just want to make sure you two cunts know that I will maim and
kill you if you give me too much trouble," Peter warned. Helen and Joan
nodded their heads yes and Peter smiled again. "Good, now Joan eat your
mother's ass for daddy. Get your tongue nice and deep inside."

Joan gagged and pouted as she followed Peter's orders. She got to her knees
on the blanket with her mother's ass right about eye level. Helen sighed
despairingly as Joan's hands clamped onto her ass and spread her checks.
Peter's cock started to rapidly stiffen as Joan's tongue dipped inside her
mother's ass. Helen mumbled in pity and disgust as her daughter started
tonguing her butthole. Joan worked her tongue in and out of her anus much to
Peter's delight. Joan gagged as her tongue worked further and further into
her mother's butt, the smell and taste of shit starting to become more

"That turns you on doesn't Will?" Peter asked the camera as he ran his hands
up and down the front of Helen's body. "If you ask nicely maybe Joan will
eat your ass out one day? Maybe she could service Kevin and Luke too. Oh...
I'm sorry, Kevin doesn't have any feeling below his waist does he? You could
stick a brick up his ass and he wouldn't feel it. And I guess Luke wouldn't
really know it was Joan eating his ass out since he's blind now unless of
course someone told him it was her. Oh well we'll talk again later."

"That's enough Joan," Peter said "Come here and suck on my cock while mom
lays on her back and tongues your pussy." Joan got to her feet and looked
at Helen with a pleading look in her eyes. Helen had no response for her
daughter other than a look of pity.

Helen laid on her back in front of Peter and waited in emotional agony as
Joan stood over her face and slowly lowered herself. When Peter's cock was
at mouth level Joan's pussy was pushing into Helen's mouth. Joan felt a pang
of embarrassment as her mother's fingers spread her cuntal lips apart and
her tongue slowly pushed in. Joan took Peter's cock by the base and started
by slowly licking at it's purple head.

Peter smiled condescendingly as Joan amateurishly played with his prick.
Her tiny inexperienced mouth slowly took in the tip of his penis her tongue
pressing against it. As Joan slowly worked more of Peter's shaft between her
lips she suddenly let out a gasp. Her face turned red and Peter laughed when
he realized what happened.

Helen nearly began to cry as Joan orgasmed from her oral stimulation. Joan's
eyes were starting to wet as well as she felt her mother lick the girl juice
from her moist pussy. Helen continued working her tongue up and down her
daughter's slit cleaning it not wanting to upset Peter and have him shoot
Joan with the bb gun again. When the last of his eight-inch long shaft
entered Joan's mouth, Peter grabbed the back of her head pressing it towards
him. He grinned as Joan gagged and wheezed trying to suck in air.

Helen slid out from under Joan as her daughter suffered waiting for air.
"Stop it! You're hurting her! Don't do this!" She screamed hitting Peter
trying to pull his hands away from Joan's head.

Peter let go of Joan, her mouth sliding off his dick with a pop and she fell
to the floor coughing. He then turned his attention to Helen and became
angry. Without a word or warning Peter reared back and punched Helen in the
face. She stumbled backwards a few steps before falling to the ground. He
then turned towards Joan and glared at her before giving her a warning.

"See what happens when you fight?" Joan could only watch in horror as Peter
stormed towards her mother pinning her neck to the ground choking her. "This
could have been so much easier you stupid slut!" Peter shouted not letting
up on his grip even as Helen's face literally turned blue. When her body
began to twitch and her eyes bugged out he let go of Helen's neck.

She coughed violently as air slowly trickled into her body and Peter grabbed
her ankles and yanking her towards him. He spread Helen's legs apart and
jammed his white-gloved index and middle fingers into Helen's cunt.

"Stop it! Don't!" Joan cried as Peter began to forcefully work his fingers
in and out of her mother's snatch.

"Shut up!" Peter sharply warned and Joan said nothing more. She began to cry
hysterically as Peter humiliated Helen. "So tell me Helen, does Joan know?"

"No..." Helen sniffled with Peter continuing to jam his fingers in and out
of her pussy.

"Is that true? Do you not know Joan?" Peter asked smiling at her.

"Know what?" Joan sniffled quietly.

"That mommy's been raped once before?"

"No I didn't..."

"Huh, well when I get done with the two of you, you'll both have something
else in common," Peter sneered turning his attention back to Helen.

Peter pulled his fingers from Helen's cunt and took hold of his dick pushing
it toward her opening. The pain and terror of her previous rape came flooding
back for Helen as Peter's cock pushed inside of her. She heard his grunts,
felt his rod as he pumped it deep inside of her. Joan began crying
hysterically as her mother's face turned red and swelled with tears. Helen
felt helpless to protect her or Joan as Peter's dick plowed into her
spreading her pussy lips with every thrust. She waited in agony for him to
come in her, to impregnate her like her previous rapist did. Helen lived
with the agony and guilt of an aborted baby keeping it a secret even from

But Peter's orgasm didn't come, and his semen didn't enter her womb. Instead
he pulled and turned her onto her stomach. Helen cringed as the head of his
cock slowly pushed her ass apart forcing itself into her anus. Joan watched
with horror and disgust as Peter forced his shaft deeper and deeper into her
mother's backside as she bit her lip. When he was bottomed out in Helen's
rectum and his balls rested against her skin, Peter leaned over and
whispered in her ear.

"You like that Helen? You like having my thick cock in your ass?"

"Stop it... Please..." She blubbered.

"Is this your first time taking it in the ass? I bet it is; it feels so nice
and tight."

Joan curled up in shock watching as Peter anally raped her mother. Anguish
cursed Helen's face with each thrust of Peter's manhood into her rectum. His
cock throbbed with every push into Helen's butt. The tight fit of her asshole
squeezing down hard on it made it throb more and more. Peter looked over at
Joan and laughed as he blew a load pumping cum into Helen's ass. The
half-dressed Santa got up and walked over to where she lay crying.

"Suck my dick clean," he ordered. Joan continued to cry not moving as if she
didn't hear Peter. A hard kick from his big black boot to her stomach brought
her back to reality. "I said suck my dick clean."

Sobbing Joan sat up and quickly glanced at her mother who was trembling as
she laid on the ground. She took Peter's prick into her mouth wrapping her
lips around it and slithering her tongue along it's shaft as she licked both
Peter's cum and hints of her mother's crap from it. When Peter decided she
was done he pushed Joan off of him and then looked at Helen.

"Helen stay there, Joan go to your mother and suck all of my cum from her
butthole," Peter demanded.

As Joan slowly made her way to Helen's side Peter took the camcorder off the
tripod and zoomed in on Joan's face.

"Do you see that Will?" Peter asked into the camera's audio recorder as Joan
began to eat out her mother's ass again. "Does that turn you on watching your
daughter eat out Helen's cream pie. Do you think Joan will grow to be a cum
slut? I think she will." Peter zoomed the camera in real close on Joan as her
tongue pressed deep into Helen's rectum while she sucked Peter's cum out of
it. "Hey Joan daddy, and frankly I, would like to know if you like the taste
of cum? You'll grow to be a cum slut won't you?"

Fearing for her mother's life and her own Joan gargled what she thought Peter
wanted to hear, "Yes."

"You hear that gargling noise Will that's my cum in your daughter's mouth. It
taste good doesn't it Joan?"

"Yes," came another distorted response.

"Good, but let's see what your mother thinks. Spit my cum into her mouth."

Peter's dick started to throb and pulse again as Joan crawled towards her
mother. Helen turned over onto her back and waited as Joan moved her face
above her's and opened her mouth. Peter got hard as the cum dripped from
Joan's mouth to her mother's.

"Now swallow Helen," Peter commanded as the last string of white dropped into
her mouth. With one gulp Helen swallowed the semen and he smiled. "Excellent,
it's almost over and my present to Will is almost done. Now Helen I want you
to get on all fours and Joan I want you to fist her pussy and asshole."

The two Girardi women looked at Peter incredulously and he made a simple
gesture toward his gun that put them back into their places. Watching as Joan
inserted two fingers into her mother's snatch, Peter took his right glove off
and began to stroke himself. Helen's anus was still stretched and gaping from
Peter's dick so Joan easily slid two fingers into it.

"That a girl Joan. Work your whole hand into your mother's cunt and asshole,"
Peter encouraged before turning to the camera. "You see that Will? You've got
one giant incestuous family. Your daughter is about to fist your wife. Watch
and enjoy, I know I will."

Peter brought his attention back to the Girardi's as he continued to jerk
himself off. Joan's left hand worked itself nearly down the wrist in little
time. Her right hand though was taking a bit longer and Peter decided to
help it along. He stood over Joan and grabbed her right wrist pushing it
into Helen's ass. Helen cried out as her anus swelled quickly to accommodate
the invading hand. Minutes later both of Joan's hands were stuffed into her
mother's orifices.

As Joan began to fist her mother like she was ordered, Peter climbed off of
her and moved behind her. He brought Joan to her knees as well and stood over
her backside working his cock into her pussy. Joan grimaced and cried out as
her virgin cunt was being sowed for the first time.

"Keep fisting your mother until I cum in your belly," Peter warned.

He kept pushing his dick deeper into Joan until he bumped into her hymen.
Then with one hard thrust he broke the fleshy membrane. Joan cried out as
her cherry was popped and a small trace of blood trickled from her pussy.
Wishing for the ordeal to be over Joan continued to pump her hands in and
out of Helen's openings. Her mother gasped reeling from the pain in her
overly stretched ass.

Peter just smiled and continued sliding his prick into Joan's folds
stretching her walls. He felt his balls start to swell again, his cock
started to ache. Tears were flowing down the faces of Helen and Joan as the
younger fisted the elder. Joan was starting to hate life and was starting to
hate God. No plan he had in mind was worth this misery.

Then after what seemed forever Peter finally came, shooting his semen into
her belly. Letting out a deep-relaxed sigh Peter pulled his cum covered dick
from Joan's pussy and slowly stood up.

"That's enough girls. Pull your hands out of your mother Joan," he smiled
waiting as Joan slowly did as he said. "Now turn around and suck my dick

Joan turned around and sat up on her knees looking at Peter pitifully before
hesitantly taking his dick into her mouth. She could see the small amounts
of blood she lost when she was deflowered. With a gagging feeling tumbling
through her body, feeling as if she was going to throw up, Joan placed her
lips around the base of Peter's shaft. Slowly she moved her head back and
forth cleaning up the blood and semen with her tongue.

"Now swallow," Peter ordered as Joan's lips popped off his member. "That's a
good girl," he replied chuckling as he put his Santa suit fully back on.
"Now Joan get back on all fours and Helen now it's your turn to fist your

"Please stop Peter... Please... No more..." Helen begged one last time
looking for mercy. Peter coldly stared the two of them down and they finally
accepted there was no avoiding doing what he wanted.

Peter walked back to the camera as Joan got to hands and knees and Helen
crawled up behind her. Without even spreading Joan's pussy lips Helen could
see the sticky bloody mess that was inside her daughter as it dripped from
her snatch.

"Oh god..." Helen mumbled as she spread her daughter open and looked inside.
It was a thick ugly mess of semen and blood with barely a bit of flesh

"Quit stalling Helen," Peter warned and he smiled as she slipped two fingers
in Joan's still swollen and freshly popped cunt.

"You know Will," Peter began speaking into the camera, "While I was fucking
Joan watching her fist Helen I just couldn't help but think that Joan was
all grown up now and needed to be fisted too. I really hadn't plan on Helen
doing this so think of this as a bonus scene. Oh and don't worry, I'll be
getting them some drinks for their thirst when they get done."

Peter smiled and grinned as Helen worked a third and fourth finger into
Joan's pussy. The defeated and traumatized look on Joan's face pleased him

"How are you doing Joan? Is your mother being a handful?" Peter mocked Joan
as tears ran down her face.

"Mom... Please stop..." Joan whined quietly as Helen's entire fist slipped
inside her pussy.

"I'm sorry honey, I'm so so sorry," Helen cried her fist plunging deeper and
deeper in Joan's body.

"Mommy would stop if she loved you Joan, but she doesn't. Your mother wants
you to become a slut just like her, to only be able to get off by being a
really dirty girl. That's right Helen work that hand of yours in and out of
Joan. Fist her hard and deep."

Peter began to feel his crotch act up again as he watched Helen shamefully
continue to fist Joan. This time though he wasn't hard. He opened the zipper
on his pants and pulled out his cock. Walking in front of Joan he got to his
knees and forced his penis back into her mouth holding it in place by
holding the back of her head.

Joan screamed and gagged as Peter's urine started gushing into her mouth.
Peter watched smiling as couldn't help but begin to try and swallow down his
piss. The rank taste became too much for her and she stopped swallowing
letting it build up in her mouth. Some began to trickle out of her mouth as
she coughed and gagged, Peter held back and stopped pissing while Joan

He pulled his penis from her mouth and Joan immediately spit the urine all
over the blanket as she tried to suck in air. While she was wheezing Peter
let loose again and let the remainder of his pee exit his body and splash
down on Joan's face. Spitting piss and coughing violently Joan let out
agonizing moans as she tried to regain her bearings. Peter tucked his cock
back into his pants and zipped up. He then gave Helen new orders.

"Pull your hand out of your daughter's cunt and sit up Helen. Joan stand up
and face your mother."

Helen was the quicker of the two to do as she was told while Joan took her
time getting up trying to recover. Peter became impatient and gave Joan a
hard boot to the hip.

"Get up stupid cunt!" Peter screamed. Joan let out a cry of pain from the
kick as she dragged herself to her feet. "Now piss on your mother's face,"
Peter ordered when mother and daughter were as he ordered.

"I can't... Please don't make me..." Joan whined.

"Joan do it, he'll hurt us if you don't," Helen murmured.

"I can't, mom, I can't."

"I'd advise you to do as your mother says or she'll be having lunch with
Sharon real soon."

Joan stood there crying silently as she spread her legs and began peeing on
her mother. The yellow liquid hit Helen in the face, a lot of it getting
soaked up by her hair. Peter smiled pleasantly surprised by how well the
tape was turning out.

"You can sit down now Joan," He said as the last of the pee hit Helen in the
face when Joan emptied herself out. "Your misery is almost over. There's
just one more thing I want you to do. And of course stay here or I'll kill
you," Peter warned before heading toward the other side of the barn.

"Joan, are you ok?" Helen asked as Joan fell to the floor like a stone.

"Mom please make it stop, please make it stop..." Joan whined as the two
urine soaked Girardi's sat up inching towards each other.

"It'll be over soon," Helen said trying to reassure her daughter.

"How do you know? It'd be over now if God still gave a shit!" Joan screamed

"What was that? Did you hear it?"

"Hear what..."

"That," Helen said as the noise of a stable slamming shut rang throughout
the barn.

"What's going on? Mom please make it stop!" Joan pleaded with her mother.

"Don't worry Joan it's almost over," Peter said coming back into their sight
pulling something behind him. "I could hear you two gabbing on the other
side of the barn. You should really try whispering. It'll be good though for
Will to watch you two crying and carrying on and shit. Makes it more

"What do you want from us? WHAT?" Joan wailed.

"Not much my dear. Like I said there's just one more thing I want from you
two. Then I'll let you be on your merry way."

"You raped my daughter, you made her fist me, and you made her suck your cum
out of my butt before feeding it to me! WHAT MORE COULD YOU DO TO US YOU

"Only this."

Helen and Joan's jaws dropped and their faces paled when Peter led two
reindeer from behind him.

"No! NO!" Joan muttered as she stumbled to her feet to run. Peter immediately
pulled a gun from his Santa suit and cocked it.

"Did you hear that? I wouldn't run if I were you. This isn't the bb gun,
this is the gun that killed Sharon and will kill mommy if you run." Joan sat
back down whimpering. "That's a good girl. I don't care which, but pick a
reindeer and sit back in front of the camera."

Helen was the first to slowly get up and grab a rope without looking at the
animal then Joan took the one left. Peter zoomed the camera out a bit then
made some final adjustments on the Girardi females and their animals before
speaking one more time to the camera.

"Well Will, this is it, the final act. Your daughter tossed your wife's
salad, your wife ate your daughter's pussy, they're both soaking in and
urine, and now all the women in your life have been raped. I bet the fact
that you couldn't save Helen from being raped again or keep Joan from
becoming a slut just like her hurts the most doesn't it? Just remember you
brought this on yourself, I didn't kill those kids, you knew it and I knew
it! You fucking bastard! You took away thirteen years of my life!"

In a sudden fit of rage Peter stomped towards Joan and planted a hard boot
to her face sending her crashing the barn floor with a bloody nose.

"Joan!" Helen screamed instinctively reaching for her daughter before being
met with a boot of her own.

As the Girardi women cried in pain as they struggled to bring themselves
back up Peter took a deep breath and returned to the camera.

"Sorry about that Will, I lost my cool there momentarily. Anyway, this is
the last I'll say to you so remember this, Merry Christmas."

"Now girls," Peter began turning his attention back to Helen and Joan. "I
want you two to crawl underneath the reindeer and began to gently stroke
their penis until it's nice and erect."

Peter watched as Joan and Helen obeyed getting under the deer and slowly,
but surely, arousing them. He knew the implications of his deal with the
devil, knew that by signing away his soul he'd be spending eternity in hell,
but this was well worth it he thought. Will Girardi help wrongly convict and
send him to jail for two murders he didn't commit. That felt like an eternity
to Peter, felt like hell on earth. He no longer dwelled on the half dozen
rapes that had been forced on him, or having a homemade knife stuck in his
gut. He was getting his revenge and Will Girardi would soon be as miserable
as he had been.

Within just a couple of minutes Helen and Joan had erect deer penis in their
hands and were jerking them off. Peter watched them masturbate the deer
listening to them sniffle and moan at the humiliation. The only thing that
would make this scene better for him is if Will was here to watch his women
jack off the beasts. It was now time to move on to step two.

"Okay that's enough jacking off, now I want you two to suck your deer's

Joan and Helen started to look at him in silent protest, but one show of his
gun stopped that in it's tracks. The two women turned back around to their
deer and holding the cocks in their hands they slowly took them in their

"That's it girls. That taste good doesn't it?" Peter taunted watching Joan
and Helen's lips start to slide back and forth over the reindeers' members.
"Which taste better? My dick or theirs?"

Humiliated and defeated Helen and Joan continued to let the deer penises
slid between their lips. Their bitter nasty precum began to fall on their
tongues and they gagged. Joan was having a difficult time dealing with the
situation in hand especially since the reindeer were introduced. She gagged
and moaned nearly spitting up several times as the deer penis sank back into
her mouth and Peter noticed it deciding to push Joan's one last button.

"Okay now it's time to move on to the third and final step. Both of you on
your knees now," he ordered.

Helen and Joan once again did as they were told though each were in separate
states of mind. Helen was somewhat unaware of what was going on. She could
hear Peter and did as she was told, but didn't think too much past that. Joan
on the other hand was going through a deep and personal crisis. She watched
crying begging God for answers to questions she didn't want to ask as Peter
lead one deer behind her mother who did nothing as the animal tried several
times to mount her before successfully doing it. The as Peter led the second
deer towards her Joan closed her eyes tightly and bit her lip waiting for the
incoming animal penis to invade her... But it didn't hit where she expected.

"PETER STOP IT! STOP IT!" Joan screamed in agony as the deer cock pricked
her asshole. "I hate you God! I hate you!"

* * *

Peter, Joan, and Helen were unaware that they were being watched by two
figures sitting up in the rafters of the barn.

"That's it! I win!" The dark hair women exclaimed.

"No, the bet was that she would renounce me. All she said was that she hated
me," the black man replied.

"That's the same thing! It's close enough!" The Devil protested.

"No it's not and you know it," God said. "You do realize now that because of
your viciousness with the Girardis, I'm going to have to let the entire
family into heaven despite just about anything they do before they die. Oh,
and unless Joan renounces me sometime in the future and means it, I'll let
you walk Earth anytime you for the time being. We'll just call this whole
thing a draw. Anyway I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got to run. Because
of our little bet Will's going to shoot himself after seeing the tape and
it's not his time yet. Oh and you need to take care of Peter when all of
this is done. I don't care what you told him, just break the deal or I will."

"All right, all right. I've got some other people to visit, so I've got to
get going myself. I'll see you around."

"But not too soon Luci."

"You know I hate being called that."

"I know, but doesn't Lucifer sound a bit masculine to you?"

"Lucifer sounds more intimidating than Luci. That's the annoying girl on 7th
Heaven too."

"I can't stand Ruthie myself."

"You could make the writers of that show change things to be the way you want
you know."

"I don't know, the use of my power for things like that seems like a waste.
If people only knew their conception of me was bit off."

"If people knew you actually made bets like these every church would burn."

"Like I said the Girardis will get in Heaven."

* * *

Joan screamed and cried hysterically as the reindeer cock continued to pound
her ass, stretching her sphincter with every push inside. Having the large
engorged animal penis penetrate her backside was painful beyond anything she
knew. Her muscles were being stretched and torn, her skin was becoming raw.
The blood now spilling from her butthole made Peter cruelly laugh at her.

Helen's eyes were open and she made grunts and groans, but for the most part
she did little as her body was rocked back and forth as the reindeer thrust
himself into her. Suddenly the deer's weight fell on her pinning her to the
ground. It's large bulbous dick erupted sending shot after shot of it's semen
deep into her belly. Joan looked over at her mother and began muttering and
crying as deer cum started slipping from Helen's snatch.

Then she cried out as she felt the deer's member balloon up one more size
before depositing it's cum into her ass. The reindeer's orgasm lasted several
minutes and she felt as every last drop of semen squirted into her body.

As the deer finished depositing in the Girardi women Peter pulled them off
the girls and led them back to their stables. He returned letting the camera
continue recording catching every gasp for air, every groan of pain that came
from Helen and Joan. Helen now a defeated and humiliated two time rape victim
and Joan crying and bleeding from the ass and vagina left Peter with a nice
sense of accomplishment. Leaving the Girardi women laying in heap on the barn
floor he packed up the camera and left them.

* * *

News quickly spread through Arcadia and the newspapers and tabloids told the
story of a wrongly convicted man come back to get his revenge on the man who
put him in jail.

Shortly after leaving Helen and Joan in the barn Peter Withers stopped by
the Girardi house to drop off the tape. After watching Will take the tape
inside Peter drove off heading towards the freeway. As he got off the
entrance ramp and onto the main stretch of road a diesel truck carrying
gasoline jackknifed in front of him. He was killed immediately as he plowed
into it and a large explosion ensued.

Joan and Helen laid in the barn awhile longer whimpering and crying
traumatized by their ordeal. When they were finally convinced Peter was gone
they both slowly got up and dressed themselves. When they left barn and
emerged outside they found the farm they were on abandoned and didn't know
where they were. They started down the road walking until a gas station came
into sight and their used the phone to get some help.

Moments before he was to leave to pick up Kevin, Will got a sneaking
suspicion that something wasn't right in the basement and was drawn to it.
Letting the door shut behind him he found the doorknob jammed when he tried
to leave. It wasn't until much later when he tried the door again he was
able to leave. When he got back to ground level his doorbell rang and he
answered the door. There he found the tape that led to his drinking and two
weeks later his suicide attempt.

Given the circumstances his family was in pity played a role in the theft
charges against Kevin being dropped. He skipped school for several weeks
when Luke was finally released from the hospital Luke was eventually
released from the hospital with no hope of his sight ever returning. He
stayed in his room most of the time lying in bed and not doing much of
anything. He had no immediate plans of returning to school and didn't know
what was going to happen from here.

* * *

For the fourth day in a row since being released from the hospital Luke lay
in his bed moping in misery. There was nothing but silence in his room as he
suffered trying to deal with what had happened to his family when the phone
rang. He picked up the cordless he had in bed and answered.

"We don't need any more condolences, so if you don't have anything else to
say hang up."

"Hey Luke it's Grace. Can I talk to you?"

"Sure. Sorry about that, I'm just tired of listening to strangers say how
sorry they are for everything," He said bitterly. "Anyway, what's up?"

"Umm... I just got back from Planned Parenthood and I have something I need
to tell you."

"Wait a second. Did you just say Planned Parenthood?"

"Yeah I did. Luke I'm pregnant."


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