Beverly Hillbillies: All For Money (MF,MMF,F-best,oral,slash)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Jed Clampett was out by the cement pond, he was working on a piece of wood.
His hand was working his big cock going slow. He cupped his big balls which
was full of cum. Jed heard a voice on the other side of the hedges. It was
Mrs. Drysdale. Jed continued to stroke his cock watching her. He thought
what he could do with that. Although in her fifties she had a certain appeal,
which Jed seem to admire. Jed shot a big load of cum on the ground. He put
his cock away walked into the house. Granny was cooking a big pot of hog
jawls and greens.

"Where's the youngin's?" Jed asked.

"Oh, Jethro is out watching birds with Miss Jane and Elly May is with some of
her critters."

* * *

Jethro was in the woods with Jane Hathaway, but he wasn't watching birds. He
was watching Jane Hathaway suck his big cock.

"Oh, Jethro!" Jane Hathaway sang as she ran her tongue the lenght of his
cock down to his big balls, which she put in her mouth sucking on them. Jane
Hathaway striped naked laid on the ground her legs open.

"Oh, come fuck me with that monster!" she said in a trembling voice.

Jethro did just that. He was fucking her hard and fast. Jane wrapped her long
legs around Jethro pulling her body to him.

"Miss Jane, you okay?" Jethro asked, but all she could do is mumble as her
pussy quivered she had never had a orgasmed like that before. "Come on I'm
starving," he said as he pulled out of her with a loud popping sound.

Jethro went to the basket, which she prepared with three chickens and fixins.

* * *

Meanwhile, Elly was with a couple of her favorite pets, a large brown lab
named Luke. Elly had taken her shorts off and was laying on the bed with her
legs open. "Come on boy!" she called Luke up on the bed.

Luke got on the bed between her wide spread legs and put his cold nose
against her wet pussy. Luke flicked his tongue out against her wet pussy.
Elly opened her pussy up so Luke could lick inside her. Luke's tongue was
inside of Elly's pussy, she was shivering as Luke licked her pussy. Elly
was puling on her hard nipples and rubbed her clit.

Soon Luke was fucking Elly. He pushed his large knot on his cock into Elly's
pussy. "OOOHHHH GOD!" she screamed as Luke was fucking her. "Faster, oh
please!" she moaned.

Luke was about to cum. He buried his cock deep into her waiting pussy. Elly
had a thunderous orgasm. She bucked as Luke fucked her.

* * *

Jed was talking on the phone when Jethro and Miss Hathaway, who was still
shaking from the fuck she had gotten, came in. "Sure thing Mr. Drysdale. I'll
stop by with Miss Jane."

They arrived at the bank Jane Hathaway was in the restroom fingering her well
fucked pussy while Jed was talking to Mr. Drysdale. "Mr. Drysdale, I have a
good piece of money here in your bank."

"Why, yes," he said with that greedy look in his eye.

Jed said in a plain tone, "What would it take if I could fuck your wife?"

"MY WIFE!?!" he said.

"Yes," Jed said.

"I'm sure I could make her come to like it."

"Oh, she may fight a bit," Melbroune looked at Jed.

"You would rape my wife?"

"Well, I wouldn't call it that. Most women don't like to take hold of a cock
like mine."

"I see," Mr. Drysdale said.

Jed stood up dropped his pants just as Jane Hathaway walked in and she saw
his giant cock. She dropped to her knees and began to lick his large cock
head. Her tongue licked his piss hole. She held it with two hands sucking
it wildly.

"Want to try it Mr. Drysdale?"

"Oh, no thanks! She is having a good time."

"Come Chief. Taste a billionaire's cock. Go on," Jed said, "or my money will

Melbroune was on his knees sucking Jed Clampett's cock while Jane Hathaway
held it stroking it.

"Faster Chief," and he worked his mouth all over Jed's cock until he shot a
load all over his face.

Jane Hathaway licked it off her fingers.

"Mighty good!" Jed said.

I geuss I'li be seeing you and Mrs. Drysdale tonight then?"

Melbroune just shook his head. For he was going to be rich and his wife was
going to get fucked.

to be continued...


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