Beverly Hillbillies: All For Money Part 2 (MF,voy)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As Melbroune Drysdale was in his bank offices, he was trying to think of a
way to let Jed Clampett fuck his wife. Jan Hathaway came walking in, after
she had just fingered herself to another orgasm. As she had the pictures of
her boss sucking Jed Clampett off just made her pussy so wet.

"Miss Hathaway, I must let Mr. Clambett fuck Margert," Mr. Drysdale said.
"For I must keep his money in my bank."

"Well chief, you could just tell Mr. Clampett it's okay."

"You mean let him just..." he studdered.

"Yes, let him," Jane Hathaway said.

"It would be worth it to keep his money, wouldn't it?" he said with a grin.


"Good you can go tell him," Mr. Drysdale said.

"But Chief, it is your wife. Your wife!"

"What kind of man tell another to take his wife and do as he pleases?"

"A coward," she smirked as she left for the Clampetts.

* * *

Jed Clampett was in the back yard, just walking around when he saw Margert
Drysdale in her garden. Jed watched as she walked around in her expensive
dress. His cock got rock hard. He just couldn't wait any longer. He entered
the garden.

"Howdy Mrs. Drysdale," Jed raised his floppy old hat.

"Good day to you, too. How can I help you?"

"Well," Jed said, "I could sure use some relief," holding his large cock.

"Oh, how disgusting!" Margert said and walked away.

"Wait a minute, I mean to get some relief."

Jed grabbed her and pull her to the ground. He reached under her dress. He
found her panties and began to pull them off. Jed's fingers went to work on
her pussy. He rubbed her clit with his thumb while two long fingers went to
work on her pussy. Margert was breathing heavyshe could feel her nipples
getting hard.

"OOOOHHH please, stop!" she pleaded.

Jed pulled his fingers out licking them. "Do you really want me to stop?"

Margert couldn't believe what came out of her mouth next.

"NO!" she said, "Go ahead, TAKE ME! Do as you will."

With that Jed ripped her dress off her and her bra releasing her frim
breasts. Her nipples were rock hard, she knelt in front of him took his pants
off. Jed wore no undergarments. His cock just hung there. Margert couldn't
believe it. She had never seen one that big. She took in her hands and was
stroking it. She soon had it in he mouth, and was sucking him long and deep.

"WEE DOGGIE! You suck like your husband."

"Melbroune sucked you too?"

"Sure did. Like a calf taking to a mother's nipple for milk."

"Did he do this too?" she sucked his big balls.

"Oh yes," Jed smiled.

Margert laid on her back she opened her pussy and waited for him to fuck her
and Jed did just that. He was fucking like a horny goat. Marget was pulling
up grass as she felt her pussy being filled, "MORE GIVE ME MORE!!!"

Jed turned her on all-fours and was rubbing his cock along her asshole.
Marget howled as he pushed into her ass.

Jane Hathaway stood and watched Jed Clambett was fucking Mrs. Drysdale in her
ass and hearing her begging for more with each thrust. Jed groan as he was
about to cum. Jed pulled out and put his cock into her mouth. She sucked it
hard pumping his cock until she felt the hot juice hit her mouth. She drank
it down, but it was just too much. Jed rubbed his cock all over her face.

Margret said, "I'm having some ladies over today would you like to meet
them? I'm sure I-I mean we can make some money."

"Sure," Jed said. "They all like you?" he asked.

"Oh yes," she said, "They are all in need of a good fucking."

"I'm like a bull in a pasture of horny hefiers."

"Oh, you sure are a bull," she took his cock in her mouth sucked him hard
and fucked another hour.

The End
_ _ _

Let me know if you all like this story.


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