Beverly Hillbillies - Miss Hathaway, Ellie May And... (FF,MF,FF-best,exhib)
by Spyder ([email protected])

The Clampett Mansion is normally a hubbub of activity with granny cooking up
a batch of medicine or Jethro always eating and even Jed with his whittling.
Today is different as most of the family is out, leaving Ellie May to watch
over things and since she completed the chores, she decides to relax by the
cement pond. The only difference is that she is totally nude enjoying the
sunshine and an occasional dip. Her animals scurry around her as she sings a
few words and then all is quiet as she falls asleep.

Not much later, Jane Hathaway has walked around the house to see if anyone
was home only to see the sexy Clampett woman still naked and very much awake
squeezing her firm breasts. Ellie May sees Jane walking towards her and asks
if there is anything that she needs. Miss Hathaway nods no, but is so tempted
to join Ellie May by the pool that she turns around to walk to her car. Ellie
May stops her leads her poolside and helps her out of her clothes to lie by
the cement pond to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Jane lies beside the hottest young woman she has laid eyes on in the last
little while and comments about the thoughts to the now horny Ellie May. The
two ladies stand up and kiss one another; Jane plunges her forefinger of each
hand in Ellie May's ass and pussy, bringing a shriek out of the young blonde.
The favor is returned as Ellie May uses her tongue as a kissing tool inside
Jane's mouth. The kisses are long a passionate as they lie on the grass side
by side. Jane opens her skinny thighs as she accepts Ellie May's probing
tongue inside her hot cunt. Eating as hard and as fast as possible, Ellie May
is thinking about giving Jane an experience she has never had before. The
mind of the young Clampett woman is racing with thoughts of what she will do
and then she knows exactly what will occur. Miss Hathaway cums many times
over as Ellie May has plucked a banana off the table and uses it to stimulate
the now hot Jane Hathaway.

Jane turns the situation into her favor as she gets Ellie May to squat over
her face and she dips her tongue into the ass of her lover. Ellie May has
never felt this before from a woman and giggles as her ass is being licked
feverishly. Soon Jane is entering her tongue into the pussy of her young
lesbian lover and eats the red -hot love tunnel until she is pouring cum on
Jane's face. Using a new banana, Jane peels the fruit and slips it in and
out of Ellie May's blonde covered hole. Hearing a few moans of delight, Jane
eats the banana as she pulls it from Ellie May's cum soaked abyss.

Ellie and Jane fuck each other with Jane taking the top position. Their
pussies pound together in a passion of love and heat with each lady climaxing
over and over again. Ellie sits on Jane's face to have her eat her dripping
love hole one more time and then asks her to close her eyes to receive the
final pleasure.

Ellie leads her pet bear onto the poolside. She asks Jane to open her thighs
and not her eyes. The next thing is she slowly works the bear cock until he
is hard and slides into Jane's pussy, which is totally sticky from the sex
with Ellie. She then asks Jane to hump upwards to feel the action of the next
few moments. Jane does as asked and with out opening her eyes immediately
fucks the bear. The animal growls as Jane now realizes that Ellie has her
fucking a bear, she then also knows that she is enjoying the new experience.
Once she is about to cum, Jane slips from between the bear's legs and waits
to see what is next.

Ellie May shows her what is next as she takes hold of the bear's cock,
strokes it thoroughly and then begins to suck it. Jane is about to faint as
she sees that Ellie May is about to deep throat an animal's cock. Up and down
Ellie May goes as she waves Miss Jane over to join her. She tells Hathaway to
relax her body to get the rhythm of the blowjob. Soon they are both licking
and sucking the animal's cock until some animal cum shoots on Jane's face.
Ellie May slides beneath the bear and proceeds to fuck the hairy beast one
more time. She stops a short time later, relaxes as the bear lumbers off to
rest nearby.

Jane leaves her alone after gathering her clothes, as at this time Jethro
enters the scene as knows what has happened. To shut her dumb cousin up,
Ellie May spreads her legs and accepts his advances. Jethro plunges his
dick in her as hard as she can take it. Not one of experience in sex,
Jethro quickly pulls out and unloads on Ellie May's stomach and tits. He
looks a little sad at the fact that he has only fucked two women, Ellie
May and Miss Hathaway, one an older woman and his hot cousin. Jethro walks
into the house to find something to eat as Ellie May lies in the sun knowing
her horniness needs to be ended, so she returns to masturbating until...

The End


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