Beverly Hillbillies: Part 1 - Jed And Ellie Mae (MF,F-best,inc,BDSM,oral,voy)
by Spyder ([email protected])

It is two months since the Clampett's loaded up the truck and moved to
Beverly, Hill that is. Life is a whole lot different for them as they get
used to city life and being billionaires. They are quickly finding out that
the neighbors to the right (the Drysdale's) are a strange breed of people.
Milburn is somewhat normal and his wife has sexual tendencies that are weird.
Jethro found out that she enjoys giving head to the butler and her driver.
He stood there watching for nearly half an hour as she made the chauffeur
cum over and over again. While doing so, he felt his cock rage into full
state as Jethro decided to release the inner tension by whacking off. Once
he was done he let out a yelp that had Mrs. Drysdale seek out the sound and
seeing Jethro with his pants around his ankles and jerking off his long
thick dick, she went home thinking about how she can enjoy this neighbor's
prick. Drysdale also knows that his will be the biggest she has encountered
in her life.

Meanwhile wily old granny has been already cooking up her famous hill's
moonshine, not realizing there is laws against this from occurring in city
limits. On one occasion she had a visit from the government to stop her
whiskey making. In order to get out of this predicament, granny forced the
young man to fuck her ass and he did with a promise to stop the visits to
the mansion. Of course one other visit took place and the man this time
wrote off the ticket to get out of eating grannies withered pussy. So she
continues to brew batches of moonshine without incident.

As for Ellie Mae, she takes care of her animals and the grounds for the
family, because Jethro has enough with college and keeping the old truck
running. One afternoon Ellie Mae has completed her tasks and decides to
shower instead of swimming in the cement pond. While stripping down, she
is interrupted by Jed, who is about to hop in the shower as well. Not one
to argue the young lady let's her uncle go first, but he insists that it
is ladies first. While standing in Ellie's room, Jed strips out of his
clothes and Ellie Mae is shocked to see such a huge cock on her uncle.
She walks to where he stands and wraps her fingers around his manhood.

Slowly Ellie Mae strokes Jed's dick, while she kneels in front of him.
Jed clears his throat and asks her if she knows how to give head. Ellie is
smiling at the suggestion and licks up to his balls while he moans. She also
tells him that Jethro has been in her mouth many times as well as Mr. Drucker
back home. Jed then asks if she has been deflowered, to which Ellie Mae
responds that indeed she had has her cherry plucked.

Jed watches as she makes him cum and is shocked that she would swallow his
load so readily. Ellie Mae stands erect and smiles as Jed looks over his
niece's naked body. Her blonde patch of hair at her pussy is tempting as he
lies her on the bed. Ellie opens her thighs as wide as possible and waits
for her uncle to eat her pussy. At first Jed pokes his tongue in between her
pink lips of delight and then plunges it in further before lapping up the
juices that begin to flow freely. Ellie moans in ecstasy as Jed makes her
cum vigorously on his tongue and mouth. As he continues to eat, he double
dips her ass and cunt, making her squeal louder than he had hoped.
Unbeknownst to them Jethro had been watching, but left after he let her pet
monkey in the room. Jethro is still a virgin and has never tasted much pussy
at any time what so ever.

Jed lies back and accepts her pussy over his cock. She rides her wily old
uncle wildly until they both have cum again. Ellie slides off her uncle's
pole and bends over the bed to get a dildo, but before she can use it on
her uncle he has licked her hole and plunged his rod into her ass. She
yells again as Jed fucks his niece's ass for a half an hour or so, he pulls
out as his cum spills on her cheeks and in her hole. Ellie has forgotten
the dildo and turns onto her back, rewidening her thighs for a frontal
entry by Jed.

By this time the two of them have seen the monkey lying watching their every
move. Jed quickly slams Ellie Mae's pussy with his cock and fucks her hard as
the monkey sits on her face. Ellie takes the smallish monkey cock and sucks
it as her uncle continues to fuck her young pussy. Almost at the same time
Jed and the monkey have cum, Jed leaves his load in her pussy and she
swallows the animal's load. Jed leaves for a few moments as Ellie slides the
smaller beast down between her thighs. She guides the cock of her pet into
her cunt and humps the monkey until it leaves her lying there wanting more.

Jed returns to the room and with a rope in his hand, begins to tie up Ellie
to her four poster bed. He then sits on her stomach and places his cock
between her sweet large tits and tit fucks her while using part of the rope
to whip her thighs and ass. Ellie tries to muffle her squeals, but is heard
by Jethro who watches, but waits his time with his hot cousin. Jed finishes
his sex with Ellie, but not before she has blew him once more. They head to
the shower together and water fuck each other while the water trickles from
their bodies. Ellie smiles while wondering if Jed will pleasure her in the
future. Jed is of the thought that he will definitely fuck her over and over
again After they complete their shower together they get dressed and prepare
for dinner.

The End


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