Beverly Hillbillies: Part 2 - Jethro And Jane (MF,FF,voy)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Alone in the mansion can be boring, especially for a half-wit country boy who
may have never tasted pussy before. Jethro had seen Ellie Mae get laid from
their Uncle Jed and also watched as granny devoured the pussy of Ellie Mae
while waiting for a batch of moonshine to brew. All the while Jethro wonders
what it would be like to fuck his cousin or any woman for that matter. At his
age many country folk have fucked many women and in short order as many as
three per week in some cases. So as he gets to it he has a lot of catching up
to do.

Jane Hathaway, Milburn Drysdale's secretary, not very pleasing to the eye,
but has a shapely body to enjoy. Today as her boss is out on business, Jane
is pleasing the single men in her office and even her assistant. In the back
of her mind she wants to be able to have her way with Jethro or Jed and even
slurp the juices from Ellie Mae's pussy. Anyway, the last of her lover's have
left the office and she asks her assistant to enter her office. Lisa walks
in; she sees that Miss Hathaway is nude and her tits are cum soaked. She
walks over and licks the remains of the male lover's cum while finger fucking
her boss. Jane takes off Lisa's clothes and begins to lick each part of the
body that drives her wild. Jane lets her assistant return to her desk and
decides to drive to the Clampett mansion to see if her opportunity to have
her way with Jethro is about due.

Arriving at the mansion, she leaves her car near the front door and rings the
bell. Jethro being the only one home answers it. On the other side is Miss
Hathaway, Jethro asks her in and immediately tells Jane that the rest of the
family are out for the day.

Jane is pleased to hear the news, slowly walks toward to the yet untested
Jethro and slips her hand to his crotch. He flinches and backs away not
exactly certain of what to make of Jane's advances. Hathaway reaches to
Bodine's bulge and squeezes it to find out how thick it may be. Jethro
smiles nervously as even he knows his time is now.

Moving to the parlor, Jane and Jethro hold one another gently, Jane removes
her dress right then and there, while Jethro whistles at the sight of this
woman. Hathaway lies on the couch with her legs outstretched and tells Jethro
that she wants him to eat her pussy. Uncertain of what she means, Jethro
watches as Jane points to her cunt and tells him to take his tongue to her
bush and lick until he has made her cum.

Jethro kneels in between the long legs of Mr. Drysdales secretary and does as
she described to him. His tongue flickers over her jet-black hair surrounding
the pink passion lump of his first woman. Jane widens her thighs as Jethro
uses his fingers to spread the slit to drive his tongue within her gaping cum
filled pussy. Jethro realizes that Miss Hathaway may have been fucked a few
times today already and is so hot that she chose him as her next conquest.
You see even a half-wit can figure out the simplest things once in awhile.

Jethro stands up and removes his clothes, as he is getting so hot that he
needs to continue this while naked. Jane kneels on the floor and grabs a
handful of Bodine's massive dick. Miss Hathaway has never seen or felt such
a huge cock before and then wonders if old Jed is well hung as well. Using
her tongue to tease Jethro's stick, she licks it like a Popsicle and listens
as Jethro moans to the new feeling of having his first blowjob. Jethro
watches as Jane deep throats his throbbing cock and hopes it won't end with
this piece of art.

Jane swallows that load that Jethro shot into her mouth and soon kneels
before him with her ass facing him. Jane looks back and tells Jethro to shove
his cock into her asshole. He is perplexed as Jane reaches behind and helps
him to enter her tight hole. Next she tells him to go back and forth, but do
not pull his cock out all the way. Listening to her instructions, Jethro
plunges his thirteen-inch cock in and out of the ready, but tight ass of Jane
Hathaway. She yelps at the massive size driving her ass and hope his load
goes inside. Jane has never had a man cum in her hole only on her cheeks
while her butt is pointing upward. Jethro finally shoots a full load into her
ass and wipes the remaining jism on her butt cheeks.

Next Jethro knows what he wants and proceeds to fuck her from behind. Jane
squeals as she feels Jethro enter her cunt from the back door. She meets his
every thrust with one of her own. Jethro moans as his next load ejaculates
wildly on her cheeks as he has pulled out quicker that she thought he would.
One more time as he plunges deep in her pussy for another go around and this
time it is a little longer until he cums on her ass.

Jane lies on her back, opens her thighs and points to her pussy. Jethro
catches on quick and drives his cock in her cunt. With the hair tickling his
prick, Jethro has decided to blast her pussy with a full load of cum when he
is ready to. Jane folds her legs around Jethro as he fucks her harder than
any man has done before. Jane moans loudly as Jethro has passed his first
sexual lesson and will not need to learn much more. She also knows that he
will be a lover of hers many times over.

Once they have redressed and walked to the living room, they hear some
moaning and investigate. In the kitchen Granny has tied Drysdale to a chair
and is giving him a blowjob. Jethro and Jane laugh loudly as they see Milburn
squirm to get away from Granny, who by now has swallowed a couple of loads of
Drysdale's cum. He sees the two younger people and knows what Jane was here
for. Agreeing to never repeat this in the office Milburn renegotiates Jane's
contract so that she can have an afternoon off to enjoy herself. Milburn
agrees and watches Jane help Granny suck his cock a little longer.

Two hours later the co-workers leave the Clampett home and head back to the
bank. Granny and Jethro smile at one another knowing that they got who they
wanted and loved every moment of it. Jethro wonders if Drysdale actually
fucked Granny and she nods her head, as she knew what her grandchild

The End


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