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Bewitched/BTVS/Charmed/Craft/Ghost Whisperer/Harry Potter/Sabrina/
Witches Of Eastwick/Wizard Of Waverly Place/Twitches:
The Witches Convention Part 1
by Tripel R


You are cordially invited to the inaugural Witches Convention.
This convention will be hosted at Hogwarts School of Magic.
Please RSVP by owl ASAP to reserve your spot.
If you have received this invitation, you are one of the privileged few.

"I believe that our list is more then sufficient, would you not agree Mrs.

"Yes Professor McGonagal I do believe we have the best of the best; Willow
Rosenberg, Sabrina Spellman, Alex Russo, Alex Fielding and Cam Barnes.
However I'm not so sure about Melinda Gordon. Why is she on the list?"

"Oh Mrs. Stevens, she has unlimited potential. So much to train there. She'll
get a lot out of this. And don't forget..."


"Shit it's been a weird morning," exclaimed Phoebe Halliwell. "Damn owl
swoops down and almost decapitated me. And then it drops this invitation."

"Hey Piper, looks like we've been invited to."

Phoebe stops outside Piper's door.

"Hmmm, looks like Piper and Leo are going at it again, maybe if I crack the
door open just a bit.."

Phoebe opens the door to find her sister on top of her white-lighter husband,
her pussy buried in his face.

"Oh fuck Leo, that's it, lick my clit. God that feels so good. Come on baby,
make me cum."

Leo thrusts his tongue deep inside Piper's pussy, her juices flowing down his
face. His hands already on her round ass, pulling her closer to his mouth,
Leo works a finger into Piper's asshole, making her cry out in surprise and

"Oh yeah, that's it, finger my asshole."

Still spying on her sister, Phoebe has a perfect view of Leo's rock-hard
cock, begging for attention. She lowers her blouse from her tits and begins
to caress her nipples, making them as hard as her brother-in-law's dick.

"Fuck he's huge. I never realized he was so big. No wonder Piper's always
smiling. Can't believe how wet I am. Just work my hand down my..."

"Phoebe, what are you doing?" asks Paige, who came down the hall unnoticed by
her half-sister.

"Shhh! Piper and Leo are going at it. Have a look."

As Paige leans closer, the floorboard creaks. From inside the room, Piper
knows that her sisters are up to no-good. With Leo's tongue still buried in
her pussy, Piper flicks her hands and freezes her husband.

"OK you two, I know you're out there!"

Busted, Paige and a half-naked Phoebe enter the room.

"Sorry Piper- but damn, look at his cock! I couldn't help myself."

"Well, since you're already here, let's give my husband a surprise. He's all
yours girls."

Paige takes off her clothes, her white milky tits bouncing out of her shirt
and below, a small patch of red hair over her pussy.

"Well, I'll just take your place. Getting wet just seeing his tongue waiting
for me.

"Good," said Phoebe, "I am so wet that huge cock will ease right inside of

Phoebe climbed on the bed and impaled herself on Leo's cock, sinking it all
the way down. With a flick of her hands, Piper unfroze her husband.

"What the..." started a startled Leo.

"Surprise hubby. I know you've always fantasized about having all three of
us. Well your wish is granted."

Leo didn't hesitate and started working his tongue inside Paige's pussy.
Phoebe was riding Leo's hard cock deeper and deeper, bouncing on him with
reckless abandon. In the meantime, Piper crawled on the bed between her
husband's legs, licking his balls as he thrust his cock inside of her sister.

"Oh my god Piper," exclaimed Leo.

Phoebe and Paige changed places as Phoebe's bald snatch was now being worked
on by Leo's tongue. Paige knelt down and swallowed Leo's cock in one gulp,
sucking him and working her tongue on his shaft while still inside her mouth.

"Leo's cock tastes so good Piper," said Paige.

"Don't be a hog Paige, we can all share," said Phoebe.

Leo laid back as all three sisters took turns taking his cock in their
mouths, working their tongues on his shaft and sucking on his balls. Leo
couldn't take anymore and shot his load all over the sisters' faces and

The sisters licked the cum off each other as they laid back on the bed,
fingering each other until they all came together.

"Now that's what I call the Power of Three," said Piper. "We will definitely
do this more often. Leo, make sure there's plenty of that white light to go

Phoebe, Piper and Paige lay on the bed, stroking Leo's cock hard again and

"Shit," said Phoebe, " I forgot the whole reason I came up here in the
first place. We've been invited to a witches conference at some place called
Hogwarts. We got the invite by owl of all things. Fucking thing almost shit
on my head. Anyway, we have to be there tomorrow."


Witches from all over the globe gathered in front of Hogwarts to be guests
for the first annual witch conference. It was quite a scene. The front doors
opened and three young witches emerged to meet the crowd.

"Hello, my name is Hermione Granger. This is Ginny Weasley and this is
Loony...Luna Lovegood. We are students here at Hogwarts as well as your
welcome wagon," said Hermione.

"This is a lovely place," said Luna, "but watch out for the snarfles- they
can be quite dangerous."

"First thing I'd like to do," continued Hermione, "is find out who is here.
Some of the younger and less talented witches are already her, but you are
our special invitees, so please raise your hand when I call your name.
Halliwell Sister..."

"Here," said the sisters in unison.

"Willow Rosenberg."

"Here," said Willow. "Can I ask a question? You guys don't do any singing
here do you? I don't particulary care for singing."

"No singing, unless it's karaoke night," replied Ginny, giving Willow a
sheepish grin.

Hermione continued to take attendance, but in the crowd conversations caught
on as the witches became curious of their peers.

"Um, I'm sorry to be forward. My name is Bonnie. I'm here with my friend
Sarah Bailey. I feel like I know you from somewhere but I can't be sure.
What's your name?"

"Hi, my name's Melinda Gordon. I don't think we've met, but you look familiar
to me as well. I'm not really sure why I'm here. I'm not really a witch. I
just kind of see dead people."

"Oh wow, that's cool," continued Bonnie.

"Not really- I mean it's kind of freaky. I've gotten used to it, but I didn't
expect to see it here. There's a beautiful blonde witch hovering around that
Rosenberg girl. She looks like she wants to warn her of something," said
Melinda. "Maybe I should..."

Before she could finish, the crowd entered the hall. Hermione directed all
the witches to their rooms.

"We'll be meeting in the banquet hall in two hours for introductions. Feel
free to make yourselves comfortable."


"Wow, this place is awesome. I can feel the magic just dripping off the
walls. I've been around power before, but this is ridiculous. It's almost...

Unbeknownst to Willow, three curious girls had followed her into her room,
carefully hidden under Hermione's friend Harry's invisibility cloak.

"Shhhh, we'll get caught if you three aren't quiet. Willow is the most
powerful witch here, maybe even stronger then Professor McGonagal. I just
want to watch he...Oh my god!"

Hermione was stopped short as they watched Willow in the blink of an eye make
her clothes disappear. Her nipples were already hard as she began to stroke
her bald pussy. Willow lay back on the bed, caressing her breasts with one
hand, while her other drifted between her legs, slowly rubbing her engorged

Under the cloak, Ginny Weasley began copying Willow's movements through her
clothes - getting hotter by the second.

"Ginny, what are you doing. We're going to get cau..." started Luna.

"You three were caught the second you walked in the door," said Willow laying
spread eagle on the bed. "I am the strongest witch here I believe you called
me. Now get out from under the cloak so I can see you."

"Um, we're very sorry Ms. Rosenberg," said Ginny.

"Oh, nothing to be sorry about. Getting myself off if fun and all, but now I
have three little students to play with," said Willow.

With the same speed that her own clothes disappeared, Willow removed the
clothes of Hermione, Luna, and Ginny.

Luna's pale skin shone in the light of the room, as her tiny nipples stood up
straight from her small breasts. Between her legs, her platinum blonde hair
continued in a small patch above her already wet pussy.

Hermione was more developed then the other two, with larger breasts and
large half-dollar sized nipples that just ached to be sucked on. She too was
becoming increasingly hot.

Ginny Weasley was the least modest of the three, proudly showing off her body
to Willow. She was obviously ready for everything and anything that was about
to happen. Her red hair continued between her legs as her pussy was covered
in a curly patch of red hair.

"Mmmmm, a fellow red head. I know exactly what I'm going to do with you. Now,
all of you stay still, because my fingers weren't cutting it - I need some

Willow lay on the bed stroking her pussy. "Come join me my little

Hermione and Luna sat on either side of her, stroking her breasts, making her
nipples even harder then they were before. Ginny made herself comfortable
between Willow's legs, running her hands over her hot, moist mound.

"This is nice, but we are witches and all, so how about a little witchy fun,"
moaned Willow.

Without any thought, Willow shrunk Hermione, Luna and Ginny down to size.
Luna and Ginny were both small enough to be on each of Willow's tits. They
took each nipple between their hands and began to caress them, making them
hard as diamond. Luna knelt down and began licking Willow's breast, slowly
making her way to the nipple, licking all around it. Compared to Luna, the
nipple was almost as big as her, and with each lick, Willow moaned more and

Hermione mirrored her friend's movements, licking and massaging the now
enormous nipple. She looked over at her slightly strange friend and saw that
Luna had positioned herself on top of Willow's nipple, her legs spread atop.
Luna's wet pussy rubbed against the nipple, making both Willow and Luna moan

Hermione questioned, "Can you make me just slightly bigger please, I want
your nipple inside my pussy."

Suddenly Hermione grew slightly, just enough that she impaled her moist
cunt on top of Willow's erect nipple. Suddenly the entire nipple was inside
Hermione, as she bounced up and down as if it were Ron's teenage cock.

"Oh fuck," screamed Hermione, "I've never had something this big inside me."

Hermione rocked harder and harder as Luna continued to rub her pussy against
Willow's other nipple.

Meanwhile, Ginny had made herself at home between Willow's legs, Her
diminutive body licking and sucking on Willow's clit like a lollipop. Willow
grabbed Ginny around the waist and began to use her small body like a dildo.
She inserted Ginny feet first into her pussy, moving her in and out of her
hot box.

"OH MY GOD!" screamed Ginny. "your pussy is so hot, so wet."

Each time Willow thrust Ginny inside her, the friction of the motion made
Ginny cum, in wave after wave of pleasure.

All three young witches came as if in unison.

"OOOOOOOOOhhhhh GOD!" they screamed together.

Willow, lost in her own orgasm, spasmed so hard she knocked Hermione and Luna
off her chest. Ginny, wet from inside Willow's pussy was spent on the bed
between her legs.

As each girl recovered, they regained their normal size. Hermione and Luna
licked Willow's pussy juices off Ginny's body as Willow thrust her fingers
inside of them. The Hogwarts girls came again. A sly, seductive grin crossed
Willow's face as she got the girls off one more time.

"Now, next time don't be show shy. You're welcome in my room any time. What
do you say, once more...with feeling?"


"How dare they have a witches conference and not invite us. Those little
sluts will pay for neglecting the most powerful witches on the planet. They
will wish they never forgot to invite Nancy Downs."

"Yes darling, they will not forget their mistake, and with a little help, we
won't ever have to worry about them again," said Bellatrix Lestrange, lifting
her head from between Nancy's legs to answer her evil friend.



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