Bewitched: The Travels Of Joshua Long Part 13 (MF, b-mail)
by JH

Joshua stared at the two screens in front of him. There had been
two programs. On the first was I Dream of Jeannie and the second was
Bewitched. As much as he wanted he still could not work out how to combine
the characters of two different programs. The problem had consumed him, and
two or three million dollars, for over half a year. The effect was always
the same. He had no doubt he would eventually solve the problem but not now.

He fitted the headgear in place and lay back closing his eyes. In the mean
time this would have to do. The world lost focus. Joshua found himself
standing outside a small well kept house at 1164 Morning Glory Circle. He
rang the doorbell. The woman who answered the door was known in this world
as Samantha Stephens. She was a witch married to a mortal. In the world of
Joshua's reality she was a character played by a beautiful actress, Elizabeth
Montgomery. She stood 5'8" tall. It appeared that most of that were well
muscled legs. The mane of honey blonde hair, the wide smile and the
blue-green eyes with the high arched eyebrows all added to her visual impact.
Before making this trip Joshua had spent time reviewing pictures of her and
her remarkable beauty was evident even in that two dimensional view.

"Yes, may I help you." Her voice was full and earthy.

He stuck out his hand. "Mrs. Stephens?"


"My name is Joshua Long. May I speak to you a moment?" The question was
rhetorical. He controlled the world he entered, but it was all part of the

"Yes. Won't you come in?"

She escorted him to a couch in a well lit living room. She moved with the
assurance of someone who knew they could control any situation that arose.
He sat down and she took a chair across from him.

"Mrs. Stephens. Let me come to the point. I am an investigator, of sorts."
She looked vaguely interested. "You are a witch."

At this she appeared both surprised and amused. "Really Mr. Long?"

"Yes. Your mother and father are not only witches but very powerful ones."
Before she could react he put up his hand. "Before you try anything let me
tell you nothing you can do will effect me."

She twitched her nose in a movement that any TV watcher would recognize. He
leaned back and smiled. She watched him and her eyes opened wide.

"Mrs. Stephens. Please, I am more powerful than you can imagine and I do not
want to hurt you or your family."

"What do you want?"

He lay an envelope on the table.

"When I leave here you will open this. If you agree (He knew she would, after
all this was his fantasy!) then well, I will know and in three days we will
conclude our business."

"What if I dont agree?"

"In three days we will discuss the alternative." He stood up and walked to
the door. "Oh, you can consult with Serena if you wish." If she was surprised
to hear her cousin's name she didnt show it. "I will see you in three days."

As he walked down the walkway he chuckled to himself it was all in the set
up and this was his set up. He moved the time ahead and no sooner had he hit
the street than he had three days pass. He walked to the end of the street
and had a payphone appear. He dialed her number. Her voice was easily
identifiable, "Hello."

He replied. "Mrs. Stephens?"

She was colder. "Mr. Long, I do not think I can help you."

He smiled. "Of course. I understand. I am sorry."

She quickly responded. "What are you going to do?"

"Mrs. Stephens I believe I explained that in my letter."

She was quieter. "Is there no other choice."

He responded. "No, I think I was clear in what I wanted and wanted from you."

She sounded resigned. "When?" She was colder now.

"Do we have an agreement? I mean a total agreement?"

"Yes. When?"

"That depends on you. If you want to conclude our business there then you
tell me. If not there then I will tell you."

"Here and this Saturday."

He added the days in his head. "Ok, in two days at 6:00 in the evening?"

She quickly said ok and hung up. He hung up the phone and it and the booth
disappeared. Looking at his watch he saw it was 5:45 and he knew that it was
two days later.

He walked to the door and rang the doorbell. The door was opened by Mrs.
Samantha Stephens but not the same one he had met. This Samantha still had
the mane of honey blonde hair but her eyebrows were accented in color and
arch, her eyes were highlighted by the green eye shadow and by being outlined
by a dark pencil line, her lips were a dark red and looked full and lush.
(Some would say pouty.) She was wearing and black minidress. It was cut low
in the front accenting the swell of her breasts. It was sleeveless but she
had over the elbow black nylon gloves. The brevity of the dress showed her
long muscular dancers legs. Her 5'8" height was extended by the 5 spiked
heel knee length black boots. Between the top of the boots and the hem of
the dress her nylons showed dark tan, but as she moved the hem rose and he
could see the darker welt at the top.

She let him in, closed the door and walked ahead of him to the living room.
As she turned he got the scent of heavily applied Chanel #5. He watched the
seams of her nylons and as she walked he could see the two of the chrome
clasps of her garter on each leg. She stopped in the middle of the floor and
raised and eyebrow in question. He smiled and nodded an affirmative.

She moved towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Their lips met
and opened. Their tongues wrapped around each other. Her body pressed against
him and he could feel the warmth beneath the nylon of the dress and the lace
of her lingerie. He began to grow and get hard. She pressed tighter to him
and began to rub her pelvis against him. He slid his hands down her back and
cupped the two globes of her ass beneath the material of the dress and
panties. He felt the line of the garter straps beneath the panties. He pulled
the hem of the dress up and shifted his grasp to the panties. He kneaded and
squeezed. She made a little sound at the back of her throat. He moved his
hands up and found the zipper at the back of her dress. She reached down and
matched him by unzipping his fly. As he reached the end of the zipper opening
she had inserted her hand and was grasping his cock. She began to pump it as
she pulled it out. He pulled the dress off her shoulder and let it fall to
the ground. She had on a black strapless bra cut so low her nipples showed
just under the lace at the top, a garter belt that had four garter straps
down each leg holding tan seamed nylons, spiked heel boots and above the
elbow gloves.

She pushed him into the couch and got on her knees in front of him. Taking
one hand she pushed her hair to the side so he could watch her. With the
other hand she grasped his cock. She slowly licked the head then let her
tongue lap along the length. She continued this until he was fully hard
then she gently sucked him between her red lips slowly pulling him entirely
into her mouth. Her tongue traced circles on his imbedded cock. She let him
slide out until only the head was held in her lips then back until his cock
was lodged in her throat. Soon she was bobbing her head slowly sucking him
close to a climax. Her hair kept falling in front of her face she was trying
to hold it and his cock at the same time. She pulled him out of her mouth
and rubbed him across her cheeks and lips before pulling him back into her
mouth. She continued to suck on him. He could hear soft slurping sounds as
his cock moved between her lips to be buried at the back of her throat then
slid until only the head was held. At that time her tongue swirled around
the top and her hand replaced her mouth sliding up and down his cock.

Her tits now sat exposed on the top of the lace of the bra. She reached
around and unsnapped the bra letting her breasts free of the material. She
lifted up and let his cock rest in the valley between the two warm mounds.
She pressed them together and began to tit fuck him. As his cock moved up
she let it slip into her mouth. At this time she sucked and tongued him.
Then his cock would slide back down.

He reached down and pulled her up. He had her kneel on the couch with her
ass towards him. He knelt behind her pulled her panties to the side and stuck
his tongue into her cunt. He licked from the wet slit to the puckered asshole
then back again. She pushed against him and wiggled against his tongue. He
continued to tongue fuck her until she was dripping wet from her own juices
and his saliva.

He stood up behind her and tore the panties loose exposing her cunt. He took
his prick and buried it deep in her. She gasped then pushed back against him.
He was pumping deep in her. He reached around and grasped her tits rubbing
the nipples into hardness. Her hair hung down as she moved in rhythm to his
thrusts. His cock was buried deep in her and his hips were tight against her
ass. He pulled it out until only the head was held by the lips of her vagina.
She was wet with her on juice and he found his cock sliding easily in the
tight cunt. She was rocking with his motion.

As his prick pushed deep into her she pressed back against him. Her nipples
were swollen and red with his rubbing. He pulled his cock out of her cunt and
placed it against the tight opening of her ass. She turned and looked at him
with a wicked smile.

"Are you going to fuck me in the ass?" He began to push beyond the muscle of
the opening. She pulled away from him as he continued to push. "Wait. Slowly.
I want it but, slowly."

He slowly inserted his cock and watched her ass open to meet him. She reached
under herself and opened her cunt with her fingers. She stuck three fingers
into her own cunt as his cock was buried to its base in her ass.

"Oh, yes, yes, thats it. Fuck my ass. Fuck me."

He began to pump the tight channel as she finger fucked herself. He had her
hips and was controlling her movements, pulling her to him as his cock pushed
deep into her. He felt her shudder in response to her fingers and his prick.
He reached around and grasped one of her swinging tits. As he kneaded the
breast he felt himself begin to shoot his cum deep into Samanthas ass.

Samantha almost screamed in response. "Oh yes. Cum in my ass. I want you to
cum in my ass."

He shot into her over and over. He felt the world begin to blur but heard
Samantha's voice.

"I am cumming. Oh yes, I am cumming."

Joshua found himself back in his lab with a smile on his face.


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