PORNO TV: "Bewitched - Part 1 of 2"

PORNO TV: The Classic Pornographic Television Network Presents:


The morning sun glistened wetly off the naked branches of the trees outside the
house at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

Lily Munster was in the kitchen, preparing the cauldron to make breakfast. She
jumped when she heard the sound of the huge knockers on the front door.

"Who could that be at this hour?" she muttered. She wiped her hands and headed
to the front door.

The huge door swung open, revealing a young woman. The young woman's dark hair
hung long around her face. "Hello, Lily," she said, gently.

"Oh, my," Lily gasped. "You told me you wouldn't..."

"Now, now," she murmured. "I'm only here to talk."

Lily said in a loud whisper, "You're not to come here until..."

"Until I learned about my powers," finished the voice behind Lily.

Lily spun around to see Marilyn descending the staircase.

"It's all right, Aunt Lily," Marilyn said, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I
know all about it." She turned to the woman at the door. "Hello, Serena. Or
should I call you 'Mother'?"


Now, as if you hadn't guessed...

PORNO TV: The Classic Pornographic Television Network Presents:
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Introduction and commercial break:

This posting is segment one of two, the two segments forming part three of a
three-part crossover story, the first two parts being "The Munsters" and "The
Addams Family", respectively. (If you can follow the grammar in THAT sentence,

It would probably do you well to read the first two parts first.

Please don't email me for the other parts; they should be reposted at the same
time this segment is posted. The finale is not yet completed -- it will be
posted (and the other parts reposted again) when it is finished.


The early sixties saw a lot of "fantasy" sitcoms, like "I Dream of Jeannie",
"Bewitched" and "My Favorite Martian". Two popular series that featured a
"horror" theme were "The Addams Family" on ABC, and "The Munsters" on CBS.

"Bewitched" also ran on ABC, and told the story of Samantha, a lovely witch who
married Darrin Stephens without telling him of her special powers. Those
powers -- and Darrin's strange in-laws -- became evident shortly after their

Samantha was played by the late, lamented Elizabeth Montgomery. In the early
episodes, Darrin was played by Dick York and in later episodes by Dick Sargent.
Endora (Samantha's Mother) was played by Agnes Moorehead, and Larry Tate
(Darrin's boss) was David White.

Darrin's role was not the only one to undergo a cast change. The roles of
Louise Tate and Gladys Kravitz (the neighbor) were also filled by a second cast
of actors with no explanation to the audience.

There was also a full cast of occasional characters, played by Maurice Evans,
Marion Lorne, Paul Lynde, Alice Ghostly and Bernard Fox, all gifted character

Elizabeth Montgomery also played the recurring character of her look-alike
cousin, Serena. Usually, she was billed in this role as "Pandora Spocks".

The stories usually revolved around Samantha resolving not to use her
witchcraft, then Darrin ending up in a jam (because of some stupid action on
his part or a practical joke on the part of one of Samantha's relatives), and
Samantha coming to the rescue.

The couple was blessed in 1966 by the birth of Tabitha, and later by a son,
Adam. Tabitha herself became the focus of a later series.

This is another show which has never been off the air since it began. It has
been seen in daytime reruns on ABC, then in syndication, and now on


This story breaks with my own tradition, in that it does not attempt to be an
episode of the actual show. In writing it, I found that the character "Serena"
wanted to do a lot of expository stuff, and I found room to work in several
other television series as well. But I started out as "Bewitched", and will
continue with that title.

It should also be noted that this story "got away from me" in that it seemed to
take on a life of its own. Three specific "gags" that I had in mind when I
began the story have not even appeared yet! In fact, it got so far out of
control that Samantha and Darrin appear only in a cameo in this segment. This
should be corrected by the time the second segment is completed.


Bewitched: "Long Lost Marilyn"


The woman smiled. "Serena is fine, dear. Whatever you feel comfortable with."

"So where do we start?" Marilyn asked.

Serena turned to Lily. "I'll bring her back soon, Lily." She turned back to
Marilyn, and waved her hand. "We'll start..." There was a flash of light, and
Serena and Marilyn were -- elsewhere. "," she said.

Marilyn looked around. All about her was darkness and fog. The two women
stood on a firm, but not hard, surface, and the only light to be seen was
glowing around them, with no apparent light source.

"Where are we?" Marilyn asked.

"The Continuum." Serena spoke matter-of-factly. "This is where we really
consider 'home', and it is from here that our powers originate."

"Woah," Marilyn sighed. "Continuum, home... You're way over my head already.
I thought it was just magic."

Serena smiled. "Someone once said that magic was just science beyond the
current understanding. It's not just magic, it's science. Think of it this
way: Matter is energy, and thoughts are energy, and energy is matter. It's all
the same."

"Sounds like Einstein."

"It should. Einstein was one of us."

"So how do I use the power? I discovered by accident that if I rubbed my nose
while I made a wish, it happened."

Serena laughed. "Sounds like my cousin Samantha. Except she doesn't rub her
nose, she just twitches it."

"Actually," she continued, "you can use any method you please. Endora snaps
her fingers. Esmerelda incants. Me, I wave my hand. It's just a matter of
focusing your thoughts."

"I see."

"My advice would be to pick something simple. Something you can use without
drawing much attention."

Marilyn nodded. "Are there any restrictions? Can I do anything I want?"

"Almost." Serena looked grave. "There are some restrictions. You cannot
actually harm anyone -- you can inconvenience them, but not hurt them. You
also cannot counteract someone else's 'spell'." Serena smiled again. "That's
about it, though."

"Now, about why you didn't raise me as your own..."

A frown crossed Serena's face. "That's a long story. But the brief version is
that when you were born, it was very ... inconvenient ... to have the
responsibility of a daughter. So Endora 'cast a spell' that you would not be
able to use your powers until after you lost your virginity. She thought that
would give her enough time to come up with something else."

She waved her hand. Two chairs materialized. Serena swept around and sat down
in one of them, and motioned to the other. Marilyn took a seat.

"Lily and Herman Munster have been friends of the family for a couple of
centuries. They volunteered to be your 'uncle and aunt'; and it worked out.
You were raised in a loving family, and I was left free to pursue a separate

Marilyn started to speak, but Serena raised her hand. "I know, I know. It was
selfish of me. I'll admit it. But I really think it worked out for the best."

Marilyn sat still in her chair as Serena paused. Then Serena leaned forward in
her chair. "Now tell me about losing your virginity. I'm really interested."

"Not much to tell," Marilyn sighed. "He was a jerk. He used my body to
masturbate, then rolled over and went to sleep. So I wished it hadn't

"Oh!" Serena clasped a hand to her mouth. "Then... you've regained your
virginity and retained your powers! How clever!"

"Next time," Marilyn smiled, "it'll be different."

"I should hope so." Serena smiled a secret smile. "You want some

"About sex?" Marilyn blushed a little. "I'll admit I've been curious. I've
heard Uncle Herman and Aunt Lily in their bedroom late at night, but there's
some heavy machinery involved, and the lights all get dim."

"They're the exception, not the rule," Serena smiled. "I've got an idea.
Let's take a little trip and do some sightseeing."

She stood up and took Marilyn's hand. Serena waved, and the scene changed.


The room was dark. The only light came from the outside window, and the
curtains were drawn, not letting much in. It took Marilyn's eyes a minute to

She and Serena were sitting on thin air, near the ceiling of the room.

"Don't worry," Serena said. "They can't hear or see us."

"They who?" Marilyn said, blindly. Then she noticed below her was a bed, and
two people were in it.

"Oh," she said. "Oh, my." She stared at the couple below. "What're they...?"

"Shh," said Serena. "Just watch."

He snuggled up behind her, spoon-fashion, his erection throbbing, pressing into
the contours of her bottom. He reached around her, his hand covering her

He heard her sigh softly in her sleep, nestling against his body. Under his
palm, he felt her nipple begin to stiffen.

She moaned softly as he kissed the back of her neck. He moved his hand in a
small circle, massaging her breast gently.

She turned, rolling over to face him, her arms wrapping around his body. Their
lips met, their mouths opened, and their tongues played.

Marilyn, hovering above with Serena, blushed.

After a long moment of kissing, she sat up. He followed suit, stroking her arm
as she pulled the thin nightie off over her head.

She lay back on the bed. He remained sitting, his fingertips caressing her
breasts, pinching her now-erect nipples lightly.

He leaned forward, and kissed her bare belly. Then he moved down her body,
pushing the top sheet under which they lay down.

As he moved slowly down her body, Marilyn could see that he was completely
naked already. The pale skin of his bare ass flashed in the dim light.

His lips had found her trimmed pubic hair. She spread her legs, pulling up her
knees slightly. His tongue traced her opening labia, locating the small button
of her clit as he inhaled the fragrance of her inner parts.

He ran his tongue the length of her slit, from clit to asshole, and back again.
She reached over and wrapped her fingers around his erection, tugging on it
lightly, until he moved his lower body around.

She pushed on his nearest leg, and he lifted it up and over her head to the
other side, straddling her face.

She pushed his cock backwards until she could reach it with her mouth and
tongue. She rolled her tongue briefly around his cockhead, then took it into
her mouth.

He worked his tongue around her clit, coaxing it into erection. As it warmed
and lengthened under his ministrations, he moved a hand around and worked a
finger into her tight, moist hole.

She moaned, and worked her tongue back and forth over the head of his cock; a
sandpapering motion she knew drove him wild.

He rolled his tongue over her clit, as his fingers pressed upward inside her.
She shivered, a wave of pleasure rolling through her body.

She pulled her head back, gasping. "Now, darling," she whispered.

He moved quickly around, pausing briefly between her legs as he rubbed his
cockhead over the entrance to her honeyhole. Then he moved over her, kissing
her breasts, and slid his cock home.

She took in a deep breath through her teeth, then wrapped her legs around his
knees. He began to make deep strokes, pushing his penis deep inside her, then
pulling back until only the very tip of his sizable penis was at the entrance
to her pussy. Then back in again. Each stroke deliberately slow and sensual.

She began to breathe heavily, and met each of his strokes with a tilt of her
pelvis, squeezing him inside her, rubbing her clit against his shaft as she
breathed into his ear.

Marilyn, looking down at them, felt herself getting wet, a warming sensation in
her groin. Serena glanced over at her, and Marilyn met her eyes for a second,
then both gazes went back to the couple on the bed below.

She whimpered; she was so close, so close to the edge. She felt his body begin
to tense, and from long experience, knew he was about to climax.

Then -- bang -- release. Her vagina contracted, her abdomen vibrated. He
pushed deep inside her and held still as her body shivered, then his ass began
to jerk as he climaxed inside her.

Marilyn watched as the man held his woman close, their bodies quivering. Then
the man rolled to the left, the woman to the right. They slid back together
into a spooned position, the man behind the woman, his arm around her waist.
He kissed the back of her neck.

The woman looked up toward the ceiling -- right at the area where Serena and
Marilyn were hovering.

"Are you sure she can't see us?" Marilyn whispered.

Serena looked over at Marilyn, then waved her hand.


They were back in the dark nothingness of the Continuum.

Marilyn sat limply in her chair. Serena smiled at her. "So what do you

"Was that ... normal? Is that what I get to look forward to?"

Serena smiled again. "Maybe. Everything depends on the chemestry between the
man and the woman. Not everyone does the same thing all the time."

"Who were those people?"

"Not that it was important, but it was my cousin Samantha and her husband
Darrin. He's a mortal, but he's pretty good in bed. Probably what keeps
Samantha interested in him."

"You look in on them often?"

Serena grinned. "From time to time. They have something I've never had -- not
even with your father."

"Who was my father?"

Serena's smile vanished. "I don't want to discuss that right now. Are you
ready for another peep?"

"Oh, I don't know, I..."

"C'mon," Serena smiled. She waved her hand.


Again, Marilyn found herself floating near the ceiling of a darkened room. She
strained her eyes to see, until Serena waved her hand and a dim blue glow
illuminated the room.

Below her on the bed were two bodies. The covers thrown off the foot of the
bed, and Marilyn could see now that they were both women.

They were mirror images of each other, but one-half of the mirror was flopped
180 degrees -- each lay on one side facing the other, each had one leg raised,
each lay over the lower leg of the other, the fingers of one hand probing the
other's pussy, their lips and tongues busy with the other's clits.

Marilyn blinked. The two girls looked very much alike; only their hair-styles
were different.

As she watched, the two girls began to move, together, in perfect synchrony,
they rolled over. One took a sixty-nine position over the other, continuing
their finger-probing and tonguing.

Serena slipped her hand over onto Marilyn's knee. Marilyn glanced at it, then
stared back at the young women on the bed below. It was not until Serena
squeezed a bit that Marilyn looked up at her face. There was a little smile on
Serena's face.

"You like this?" Serena asked.

Marilyn nodded, voicelessly. She looked back as the girl on top began to
shudder, her head tilted back, gasping. Her body quaked as Marilyn watched,
then she leaned forward again, her mouth buried between her twin's thighs until
the other girl began to gasp, too.

Marilyn felt her own abdomen churn, an ache -- an itch -- beginning between her
legs. Serena's hand on her leg squeezed slightly. Beginning to get flustered,
Marilyn glanced over at Serena.

"Let's go," Serena whispered, and snapped her fingers.

Back in the comfy chairs in the Continuum, Marilyn sat limply, lying back in
the chair. Serena sat forward, perched on the very edge of the chair.

"Who were they? Were they really twins?"

Serena smiled. "Is that important? Well, the truth is that they are cousins.
Identical cousins all the way."

"Are they... like us?"

Serena shook her head. "No, they're mortals."

Marilyn raised her head. "You keep referring to mortals... Does that mean
we're immortal?"

Serena sat back in the chair. "We call ourselves 'witches'. Most inhabitants
of this planet are what we call mortals. You should know -- perhaps better
than most -- that there is a minority of inhabitants of planet Earth that are
... different."

Marilyn nodded. "Grampa, for instance. And Uncle Herman."

Serena smiled. "Your 'Grampa' is a vampire. The Count is not one of 'us'; but
he does tap into the power of the Continuum occasionally. Even mortals can use
the power of the Continuum. Your 'Uncle' Herman was a construct -- an
artifact. Built of parts of other humans."

"You mentioned others?"

"The water-breathing humans who live in the oceans -- what some would call
Atlantis -- for instance. You know about vampires and werewolves and other
'creatures of the night'. There are everal genies and imps, and individuals
who arrived here from a future era. There are a few extra-terrestrials;
Martians, Orkans, ... and of course, the Immortals."

A question passed over Marilyn's face, and Serena continued.

"They go about with swords decapitating each other. Eventually, there can be
only one in existence. The rest of us take bets on who's going to be the last
one. My bet's on a fellow named McLeod."

"Duncan McLeod?" Marilyn asked.

Serena nodded.

"I've met him. He visited our house to talk to Grampa. What a hunk."

Serena smiled. "You noticed."

"Well, I may have be a virgin, but I don't intend to be a nun."

"From the way you acted when we got back from the Lanes', I don't think you
want to wait much longer to lose that virginity."

Marilyn blushed. "I feel so... so..."

"The word is 'horny', dear," Serena smiled.

"But I want it to be romantic. And exciting."

"The first time rarely is both," Serena frowned. "I mean, it's possible, but
with our powers, we can create ... "

Rather than explain, she demonstrated. Serena waved her hand, and a man
materialized. He was muscular, but evidently not a weight-lifting body
builder. Marilyn gasped as she realized the man was completely naked.

His shoulders were broad, and his chest was covered with dark, curly hair.
Marilyn's eyes followed the path of hair to a darker patch below, where a
heavy-looking penis hung limply.

"Who is he?" Marilyn breathed.

"You keep asking who they are. It's not important, but his name's Troy. Adam
Troy. He's the skipper of a small boat in the South Pacific, the Tiki. He's
just a guy who is sleeping back there, and is having a very pleasant dream."
She waved her hand, and the man's penis began to swell, pumping full of blood
to a throbbing, massive erection.

"A VERY pleasant dream," Serena grinned.

Serena waved again, and a bed materialized behind the man. He turned and
walked slowly to it, threw back the covers, and climbed in. He lay on his
back, his hands behind his head. His penis stood up, leaning slightly toward
his head.

Marilyn stared, remaining in her chair. Serena leaned forward, and whispered.
"You want him?"

Marilyn sighed. "I'm not quite ready."

"Then do you mind if I...?"

Marilyn gaped at her. "You? Here? With me watching?"

Serena stood up. She waved her hand, and her clothing vanished. She stood
before Marilyn naked. Her breasts were large, with dark aureole, and hung down
only slightly. Her stomach was flat, with a small bulge over the dark patch of
fur that hid her pubic mound.

"Why not?" she smiled. "You've watched people you don't know..." She strode
over to the bed. As she reached the side of the bed, she waved her hand again,
and Marilyn's chair slid effortlessly closer toward the bed.

Serena climbed onto the bed, and straddled the man's head. She lowered herself
over the man's face, upright, supported by her legs.

As her pussy got close to the man's mouth, Marilyn watched him open his lips
and extend his tongue so that it just touched the front gather of Serena's

She lowered himself further, allowing the man to tongue her clit. "It feels so
good," Serena sighed, closing her eyes. Her hands slid over her body until she
reached her breasts. She lifted them, her fingers pinching her nipples into

Marilyn crossed her legs, squeezing her thighs together. A burning sensation
was crawling through her genitals.

Serena worked her hips forward and back as the man's tongue moved up and down
her slit from clit to pussy and back. Marilyn could see her breathing begin to
speed up. Serena paused as the man's mouth was again over her clit, and she
pressed herself down. The man responded by sealing his lips around her clit,
beginning to suck gently on it as his tongue continued to work.

Serena took a long, deep breath, and held it. Her body began to quiver a
little, then shook violently.

She let out the breath, then with a smile toward Marilyn, moved off the man's
face and worked herself around to straddle the man's hips. She put her hands on
the man's shoulders, leaned forward, and allowed the head of the man's cock to
bounce against the entrance to her pussy.

Slowly, deliberately, she slid down the man's shaft, until it was fully inside

Marilyn shifted nervously, uncrossing, then crossing her legs the other way.
The 'itch' was becoming almost unbearable. Marilyn put one hand in her lap,
and pressed her fingers against her body, trying to rub at the itch. But her
clothing prevented her from reaching it.

She stood up briefly, and pulled her skirt up over her hips. She sat back
down, and pushed one hand into her panties. Her fingers slid down to her pubic
mound, and she rubbed at the itch, which seemed to center around her clitoris.
As her fingers moved over and around her love-bud, she felt her body begin to
tense, her abdomen begin to tighten.

There was movement on the bed. Serena had rolled over, the man now sliding
over and between Serena's legs. She raised her legs, pulling each one up to
the man's shoulder level. He hooked an arm around each leg, pulling her up so
that her pussy was on a level with his cock.

He slid into her again, making a slapping noise as his thighs hit the soft skin
of her ass.

Marilyn's fingers slid downward, the long middle one finding the slick entry
point to her pussy. She slipped it inside, pressing the palm of her hand
against her throbbing clit. She watched as the man thrust mightily into
Serena, and matched his thrusts with small movements of her hand.

Serena was whimpering softly. Marilyn could sense that Serena was on the edge
of orgasm again -- as she was herself.

Serena gasped, and held her breath. Marilyn's body tensed, her pussy clamping
down on her finger. The man grunted, and drove his cock deeply into Serena's
cunt, his ass muscles tightening.

"Oh, yessss," Serena finally exhaled, her body sliding down as the man released
his grip on her legs.

He rolled over, off of her. Serena kissed his forehead lightly, then waved her
hand. The man vanished.

Serena sprawled in the bed. Marilyn could see between her spread legs, the
man's semen drooling out of her sopping pussy.

"Was it good for you?" Serena smiled at her.

Marilyn nodded.

"There are, you know, better ways of getting off," Serena said, a strange smile
on her face. She waved her hand, and the man's semen vanished. Serena's hair
reformed itself in order. She sat up and swung her legs over the side of the
bed, sitting naked on the edge.

She leaned forward. "Do you know what I mean?"

Marilyn shook her head.

Serena leaned forward and kissed Marilyn's forehead. She slid down off the
bed, and knelt in front of Marilyn's chair, pressing her naked body between
Marilyn's knees.

Her hands slid down Marilyn's body, pausing to squeeze her breasts through her

"Serena, I..." Marilyn muttered, but her voice stopped as Serena kissed her
lips. Marilyn felt Serena's tongue pressing against her lips. She hesitated a
moment, then opened her lips to allow Serena's tongue to enter her mouth.

Serena's touch was gentle; much more gentle than Irvin's had been. Marilyn
found herself relaxing, returning the kiss, pressing her tongue against

Serena's hand waved; a cool flush of air made Marilyn realize that her clothing
had vanished. Serena's hands were warm against the skin of her naked breasts,
her fingers caressing her erect nipples.

Marilyn moaned softly; Serena dropped one hand down to rest on Marilyn's thigh.
As they continued to kiss, Serena's hand slid up her thigh, her thumb pressed
against Marilyn's pubic mound.

Serena slid her fingers down into Marilyn's crotch, palm up, one finger sliding
into Marilyn's wet slit. It slipped effortlessly into the warmth of Marilyn's

Marilyn broke the kiss; her head tilted back as she gasped. "Oh gosh!" she
breathed. "Oh!"

Serena began to slide her finger in and out of Marilyn's pussy, slowly, drawing
her hand against Marilyn's clit.

Marilyn slid down in the chair, tilting her pelvis forward. Serena slid down
her body, kissing her breasts lightly, then her belly, then her pubic mound.

She moved her hand to one side and began to tongue Marilyn's clit. Immediately,
Marilyn began to shudder.

Serena continued to work her finger in and out of Marilyn's cunt as her tongue
rolled her clit like a marble.

"Serena... I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Her pussy clamped down on Serena's finger as her body shook violently. Serena
held her until the quivering stopped.

Marilyn's eyes were closed, her head tilted forward in her chair. Serena's head
was cradled against Marilyn's breasts.

A voice rang out. "What are you doing to my daughter?"


Marilyn was startled by the male voice. Serena fell backwards, waving her
hand. The two women were instantly clothed again.

Serena scrambled to her feet to confront the man. "What makes you think she's
your daughter?"

"Who else could she be? She has my eyes, my nose... and my powers."

"I have powers, too, or have you forgotten?"

The man smirked. "Mostly the power of deception, Serena. And successful
enough to have hidden her from me all this time." He turned toward Marilyn,
still slumped in her chair.

He took her hand and tugged her gently to her feet.

"Marilyn, my dear," he said softly, "how wonderful to meet you at last."

Marilyn stood and looked him in the eyes. "Are you really my father?"

The man smiled. "Your father... and your grandfather..."

Marilyn's eyes widened.

"And your great-grandfather..."

Her eyes got even wider.


"Don't tell me any more!" Marilyn glared at him. "What are you, anyway? Some
kind of ultra-incestuous wierdo?"

The man laughed heartily. "My dear girl, what a wonderful term!
'Ultra-incestuous'. Wonderful!"

"That didn't answer my question."

"That's correct. It didn't." He smirked. "Yes. Just so. Ultra-incestuous.
I'll have to remember to spring that one on Jean-Luc."


"Never mind. One of your descendents, about five hundred years from now."

"How do you know about five hundred years from now?"

"It's a long story, my dear. And more than some people want to hear about."
He glanced over at Serena, who was sitting cross-legged on the floor.

"The high points," Serena glared. "Just give her the high points."

"Time is nothing to me," the man smiled. "It's just another direction of
travel. From star to star, planet to planet, time to time. Nothing."

"Planet to planet?" Marilyn asked.

The man smirked again. "What makes you think you're on Earth right now?"

"I just assumed..." Marilyn faltered. "You mean we're not?"


"Look," Serena said, scrambling to her feet. "I didn't tell her everything --
because there's so much for her to learn. She's only known her true identity
since this morning."

"Congratulations," the man said.

"For what?" Marilyn asked.

"On your marriage." When Marilyn still looked perplexed, he turned to Serena.
"She did get married first, didn't she?"

"Look, you arrogant son-of-a-bitch, my spell wasn't perfect. She lost her
virginity on a date last night, then -- without knowing what she was doing --
wished it back." Serena took Marilyn's arm protectively. "Whatever you were
planning, and I think I know what it was, you'll have to put it on hold for a

The man frowned. "On hold? You don't know the attraction I have for your
family's jewels. I've spent damned near an eternity cultivating your women to
be beautiful and powerful; I don't intend on being thwarted just because you
didn't do your part correctly."

He snapped his fingers. Marilyn's clothing vanished again.

The man grasped Marilyn by the shoulders, and pushed her down into the chair.

"No!" Marilyn shouted. "No!"

He reached down and grabbed her calves, and lifted them up. Marilyn slid down
in the chair, her butt perched just on the front edge of the seat.

The man's clothing flashed into nothingness; his large, purplish cock throbbed
into erection. He pushed Marilyn's legs apart.

Serena saw Marilyn's pink slit. "Wait! You can't...!"

"I can!" he shouted. "And I will!"

"No!" Marilyn screamed.

He pushed forward, his cockhead squeezing between her labia.

"No... no... noooo...!" Marilyn sobbed.

With a firm pelvic thrust, he entered her.

Marilyn felt her hymen break painfully. Even though she was still wet from
Serena's ministrations, she was still not prepared for the size of his cock.
It felt as if he were ripping her insides. She screamed.

"You're hurting her!" Serena shouted.

"Frankly, my dear," the man smirked, "I don't give a ..." He wiggled his hips.

Serena watched as his cock jerked; he was coming inside the girl.

Marilyn whimpered as he withdrew his cock; it was covered with blood and semen.

He snapped his fingers; another chair appeared, and he sank into it. Marilyn
lay in her chair, sobbing softly.

"Don't be sad," the man said. "After all, it is your destiny. Look!"

He waved his hand, and the air between them began to glow. Within the glow,
Marilyn could see what looked like a ball. From one side, a cloud of what
looked like dots with wiggling tails headed for the ball.

"This is inside you right now," he said. "That's your egg -- and my sperm.

The cloud clustered around the ball. Then suddenly, there was a change, almost
imperceptible, but the ball was 'different'.

"You are now officially pregnant," the man smirked.

Marilyn sprang from the chair. "No!" she shouted. She reached up and rubbed
her nose. "Never happened!"

She heard a scream of frustration before she shimmered away.

There was a moment of discontinuity.

They were standing in front of the Munster home.

The woman smiled. "Serena is fine, dear. Whatever you feel comfortable with."

"So where do we start?" Marilyn asked.

Serena turned to Lily Munster, who was still standing by the door. "I'll bring
her back soon, Lily." She turned back to Marilyn, and waved her hand. "We'll
start..." There was a flash of light, and Serena and Marilyn were --
elsewhere. "," she said.

Marilyn looked into Serena's eyes.

"Did you just do what I think you did?" Serena asked.

Marilyn nodded.

"Brilliant!" Serena grinned. "I wish I'd thought of it."

"One thing's bothering me," Marilyn frowned. "When we peeped at those people,
it was night... but we started out now -- in the daytime."

Serena smiled. "We did a little time travelling. Just minor league stuff
compared to centuries or days -- or even dropping back hours to avoid
unpleasantries like we just did."

Marilyn nodded.

"I have an idea," Serena grinned. "I know just the place we ought to visit
now." She waved her hand.


The space was dark. Marilyn's eyes slowly adjusted, as her ears picked up the
sound of soft, feminine voices in conversation.

Serena led the way into a softly-lighted area. Marilyn glanced around. She
could see nothing beyond the lights -- they must be in the Continuum.

All around her were large and small pillows, and draped over the pillows in
various positions, were roughly ten women. Marilyn looked at them and noticed
that they were of many ages -- and some whom she could not determine their age.

Serena leaned closer to her. "This is one of our regular gatherings; what the
mortals might call a 'coven', although that's not our term for it."

Marilyn nodded. "Are they all... like us?"

Serena smiled. "Usually. Sometimes one of the 'girls' will bring a guest, but
usually it's just us 'witches'."

"What do you do in these gatherings?"

There was a glint in Serena's eye as she winked. "Just wait and see."

She led Serena to one of the larger pillows, and they sat down.

to be continued!

The Finale coming soon...

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