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Pairing: Annie/Professor Marshall Kane

Codes: MF, Blackmail, Cons, Oral

Summary: Takes place during Season 3 Episode 1. Don't need to have seen the episode to follow or enjoy the story. Enjoy.

Biology 101: Reimagined
by The Chemist

"Professor Kane," Annie Edison's voice asked in the tone of a question. "Do you have a moment to talk?"

"I have many moments to do more than talking," Marshall Kane thought to himself.

Annie was one of the students in his first ever teaching class, Biology 101 at the community college Greendale. She was an extremely beautiful girl of roughly 24 years old with long brown hair and a short, but not too short stature. However, those were her least impressive features. She possessed a a truly stunning face with big doe eyes that appealed to him so, and the short skirt she wore did well to display her strong but feminine legs.

However, when describing or even thinking about Annie Edison the only feature that really sticks out was her incredible rack. They were rather large, especially considering her small frame, and seemed to defy gravity with their combination of perkiness and they way they would bounce in front of her. Hell, they even inspired her good friend to name a rouge monkey living in the school's ventilation system after her gorgeous boobs.

"Step inside, close the door behind you," his deep, silky voice answered.

"Oh ok thank you," she replied.

Marshall had to hide his mischievous grin that threatened to spread over his face as he watched the sexy coed slink into his office. Just like he had asked, she turned around and closed the door and in the process gave the horny professor a good look at her rump. He noted that though not as perfect as her tits, it was still a very nice ass that made her skirt stick out a good distance from her back and made him want to get a much closer look.

"Now what can I help you with..." he asked.

Marshall had intentionally trailing off to learn her name. He knew it of course, the second he saw her in his class he pulled her file to learn more about the hottest student on campus, but he didn't want to creep her out by letting it slip.

"Annie, Annie Edison sir," she stammered, clearly nervous to be in his presence.

"Have a seat then Annie Edison," he instructed.

The office they were in was very small, a tiny room off of his main classroom. Apart from two tall bookcases on far and right wall, there was only a desk and two chairs in the space. The chairs were placed rather close together so when Annie sat on the only free one, it placed her within 3 feet of her intimidating professor's face.

"So what can I do for you," he asked again.

"It's actually about my friend Jeff Winger, the guy you kicked out of class the other day," Annie started. "You see we're kind of this group that has been through a lot and this is the class we all had together..."

"I'm gonna stop you right there Ms. Edison. This is a really simple matter actually. Mr. Winger came to see me, I gave them a reasonable request and he declined. He's out of the class. That simple," Professor Kane explained.

"What? But..."

"If you want to be in a class all together like that, then why not pick a new subject. I doubt you all need biology for your majors," he suggested.

"We tried, everything is all full up," Annie said with a frown.

Professor Kane knew this of course. Looking up Annie Edison's student file wasn't the only thing he had done when he found the super hot girl in his class. He researched her, asking other professors and even some of the creepier students he had encountered about the girl. Star-burns, Leonard, and Chang had revealed some interesting details about both the brunette and her group of friends.

"So this is really a last chance grasp for you guys," Marshall summarized. "But if your group is as close as you say, shouldn't it be fine if you have different schedules."

"Oh no that can't happen," Annie replied immediately. "The group is special and we need to have a class together."

Chang, the weird little man that apparently had been a professor until being exposed as a fake had already shared some interesting stuff about the tension in the group. Things were fractured with them stemming from Jeff's exclusion, climaxing in the good-looking man taking a fire axe to their usual study room table. The man had been driven to psychosis and now Annie was here trying to find a last second solution.

"Ok but I can't help you Ms. Edison. Jeff disrespected both me and the rest of the class and then showed an inability to fix his mistake. Plus, his spot is already taken and there is no other seats left in the room," Marshall explained.

"But what about of someone else drops out," Annie asked, wheels spinning behind those big beautiful eyes.

"I'll be 100% honest with you Annie, if I may call you Annie," he asked.

"You may," she answered with a new, questioning look on her face.

"Even if you manage to convince some poor smuck to drop the class I still wouldn't accept him. I'm a Ph.D,, have little teaching experience so am cheap to employ and am an ex-con so Greendale get a big tax rebate for having me. Even though Jeff and the Dean are pals, he sides with me in any argument," Professor Kane told her.

"But why are you doing this to Jeff," she asked, stunned.

"Jeff Winger," Marshall practically spat with vile. "I know that type of guy, seem hundreds of them. The way he acts is pure entitlement, like he deserves everything handed to him like some great travesty has happened to him. Given that he's pushing towards his 40s and in community college tells me he did have shit happen, but my bet it was his own doing."

"," Annie stuttered, wanting to protest but unable.

"That's why I don't want him. The first time someone challenges him he snaps," he added.

"So there is nothing we can do to get him back," Annie asked.

Professor Kane knew that she wasn't trying to sexually proposition him despite the potential double meaning of her sentence. By all accounts she wasn't that type of person plus her attitude and tone lent nothing to a sexual seduction. However, he had learnt both from the staff, students and his own observations now that she was furiously protective of her group and keeping them together, a fact he was hoping to exploit.

"Annie, do you know how long it takes to earn a doctorate," he asked her, catching her off guard.

"Um...3-4 years typically," she answered.

"Smart girl, but in prison it takes a little longer. 7 years to be exact. That's also almost the exact length of time I was locked up for, don't worry, it wasn't for anything dangerous," he assured her.

"Congratulations on earning it despite the tough circumstances but what does this have to do with our situation," Annie asked politely.

"Don't worry I'm getting there," he said in an assuring tone. "That was just a little story about how no matter the circumstance I get what I want. It wasn't easy finding a supervisor for my Ph.D. but I found one. It wasn't easy getting extra library hours and resources from the thrifty warden, but I found a way. And now with my latest project, it's not going to be easy to get with you, but I found my way in."

"Excuse me," Annie nearly shouted, standing up and pushing away from him as best she could in the small room.

"Oh relax and sit down. Annie you're an extremely beautiful young woman, a fact that you may find hard to believe but I guarantee everyone here at school would fuck you if given the chance," he described to her.

"Professor Marshall, I've never been more insulted in my life," Annie said, squirming uncomfortably.

"The fact that you haven't stormed out tells me all I need to know. You want to keep Jeff in your study group so you guys can carry on for the next who-knows how many years here. It's those types of friendships that last a lifetime, and who knows, you two may even end up together," he told her.

The words were starting to work on her. With the comments about the study group staying together seemed to relax her icy exterior while eluding to the two of them ending up together really started to soften her.

"I'm not going to have sex with you to get Jeff in the class," Annie stated firmly.

"I'm not a monster Annie, I'm not blackmailing you for sex...only a blowjob," he corrected her.

"A blowjob," she repeated, almost trying on the word to see how it settled.

"Listen Annie, Jeff isn't the only person I know. I know you, but you are a lot different then him. You are strong and a fighter, like me. You are 24 when must girls here in your year are 3 years younger. Something happened to you but you fought and now you are excelling," he told her, building her up.

"Well that is true," she agreed, looking off in the distance.

"And now here you are faced with another difficulty. Your group on the verge of splintering, the man you have strong feelings for being driven away from both the group and more importantly from you," Professor Kane explained. "But I'm here telling you that it is preventable and all it'll cost is 15 minutes of your time and a dick in your mouth. I assume you've done them before?"

"Ye...yeah. A bunch of times," she answered.

"There not hard or painful. It's just an arbitrary action, but an action that keeps you all together. Troy, Pierce, Britta, Shirley, tall weird guy and you and Jeff," he said, knowing she was on the verge of surrender.

"So if know...suck your...cock then you let our whole group take your class," Annie asked for clarification.

"That's the deal. Hell, I'll even be really nice to that dude," Marshall threw in.

Silence filled the room now. The professor was allowing her to think of her options, which were down to two. Suck him off or leave the office and potentially have her group and her life fall apart. He knew what she would decide since he had backed her excellently into a corner but he wanted to hear her say it.

"So do we have a deal?"

"Yes," she answered, bowing her head in defeat.

Annie hated that she had to use a sexual favor to get what she wanted, but she had no choice. Her friends meant everything to her and if that meant taking a cumload to her mouth to prove it then she would do it.

Marshall smirked and then started to stir. He took off his glasses and placed them on his desk before getting to his feet. He took two steps and found himself right in front of the defeated coed who still hadn't met his gaze since she made her decision. That was fine with him, as it allowed him to look over and scan her tight body, which was concealed by a blue sweater vest and navy skirt.

"A little privacy should help," he said in his smooth tone.

Annie couldn't hide the small flinch when his arms snaked under her's, reaching to close the window blinds. It was unlikely that anyone would wander into the biology classroom after hours on a Friday night, but the extra barrier of the blinds covering into his office made him feel better nonetheless.

"Right...good idea," she told him.

Annie figured she would get it over with as quickly as she could so she started to slowly drop to her knees. She didn't get very far as the professor's strong arms held her on her feet, at which point she glanced up into his eyes for clarity on the reason.

"I want to see what's under the hood," he said.

Annie wanted to protest but she had already agreed to suck him off so what would exposing her breasts to him matter. She felt his fingertips on her sweater so she lifted up her arms and allowed for him to full the cotton top up over her head before discarding it on the back of the chair she had used. His hands next found her bra strap, which he undid immediately then pulled the garment away from her chest.

"Little cold," she groaned, her rock hard nipples proof she wasn't lying.

"It's worth it," he muttered, staring at his reward. "Truly amazing."

Annie had been told by the time her tits really developed in her junior year of high school how great they were. Though she was modest and shy, she really appreciated the compliment, even if it was followed by the boy offering himself to her, or asking to see them in the flesh. Throughout her life she was use to men staring at her cannons, unable to look her in the eye as the opted to come off as a pervert and glare at her remarkable tits.

Wanting to do more than look at her perky tits, Marshall reached for them and took them into his hands. They were too large for even his long hands to cover them completely and they felt heavy, which made his aroused. He could confirm now that they were real, though he wasn't too surprised since she didn't seem the tip to get implants.

Annie nearly moaned as the larger man played with her great boobs, but she bit the inside of her lip to stop it. However when he started lightly pinching her pink nipples her resolve was really tested. While still tweaking her small caps and kneading the soft flesh beneath, he bent forward so that he could lightly kiss the side of her neck.

"Mmhmm," Annie moaned as shivers tingled down her spine.

While she groaned and he maintained lip connect with various spots along her soft flesh of her neck, Marshall slid his large hands down her pale, trimmed torso until he arrived at the hem of her skirt. He continued down over the material until he got to the bottom, then traced his fingertips up her supple inner thigh.

"Someone's excited," he commented, feeling the damp spot on the front of her panties.

"I thought this was only a blowjob," she breathed out.

She was right, much as the professor hated to admit it. However, before pulling out from under her skirt, Marshall wrapped his arms around her so that he could palm her ass cheeks. They too were meaty like her tits, but firmer, great in their own way. It was a smaller butt then what he was use to working with, but it had a great shape and feel to it.

"You're right," he agreed.

Begrudgingly he withdrew his hands from underneath her, giving her ass a light slap as he moved away. He offered a quick glance behind him before stepping backwards and sitting down in his comfortable computer chair, legs spread wide.

Annie knew what he was waiting for and she didn't keep him waiting long. Before she dropped to her knees between his legs she took a deep breath to ready herself, then lowered. The tiles on the floor felt cool against her bare knees, but she was sure she'd get use to it.

Now in position she slid his sweater up more onto his strong stomach so that she had access to the top of his pants. Annie could feel his gaze on her as she proceeded undo his pants and pull them down to his ankles. She did the same thing to his underpants as well, which she couldn't help but notice were bulging in anticipation. As she pulled them down his full-erect cock came popping out, smacking the unsuspecting coed directly in her face. The blow didn't hurt at all but was very surprising to the innocent seeming Annie Edison.

"Holy moly it's huge," she couldn't help but comment.

"Why thank you," he smirked, sitting back further in his chair.

Annie wasn't exaggerating to make him feel better about himself either. Professor Kane was hung like no man she had ever seen before. His large, thick black pole stood roughly 11 inches in length, a measurement that the bookworm didn't even know a penis could get to. It also had an amazing girth to it, Annie's best guess likening it to the size of her wrist.

Annie swallowed down the last of her pride and focused on the task at hand. She extended her right hand forward and gently enclosed her dainty fingers into a fist around the portion of his cock just below the tip. She heard the professor let out a soft moan as her palm contacted his shaft, and she heard another one when the younger girl began to slowly stroke the entire length of his hardened tool.

"It's so smooth," Annie noted to herself.

Annie stroked his length for a minute, impressed with how such an unlubricated cock could feel so smooth in her hand. However she was snapped out of her thought when she felt a hand placed at the top of her head. Annie may have been sexually immature, only having a handful of sexual partners and less than a dozen trysts but she still knew what the professor wanted.

Sure enough, Marshall applied firm pressure as he attempted to pull her towards his shaft. Knowing it was now or never, the talented pupil opened her mouth and allowed him to enter. She heard him grunt in a satisfied matter as her warm wet tongue encircled his purple head before her lips wrapped around the shaft, encasing his bulbous head.

"Oh God I missed this," the ex-con grunted in approval.

With her lack of experience, Annie felt buoyed by his positive response. Feeling more confident now in her oral abilities, the brunette student descending down along his length with her lips further, taking as much of him into her mouth until his tip touched the back of her throat. At this point she backed off after a slight gag, but the noise of the wet and sloppy blowjob only heightened Marshall's arousal.

The next time that Annie took him back into her mouth all the way like that, the professor used the hand on top of her head to hold her there for a few seconds in a move she didn't expect. She gagged louder this time and when the color of her face began to change he let her go and allowed her to surface for air.

"Gglllcckk," she groaned as she gulped in air.

"So fucking good with your mouth," he grinned.

His hand was still wrapped in her shiny brunette hair she wore down, so when Annie felt his strong grip begin to pull her back to his spit-soaked cock she didn't fight him. Instead she opened her mouth wide for him, feeling Marshall's hand holding her hair tightly as she pumped half of his member in and out of her mouth while her tongue massaged the underbelly.

Professor Kane wanted her to go faster and just as deep as the first few times, usually something she built up to instead of simply jumping right in to a rapid blow. To his credit, Marshall didn't attempt to force his cock down into her throat, as it was apparent that one skill the talented girl didn't possess was deep-throating.

"Damn girl. Your blowjobs feel, look and sound amazing," he complimented the coed. "A true multi-sense experience."

"Thanks...I guess," Annie replied.

Professor Kane looked down into her bright big eyes as she replied to him, and out of his peripheral vision he noticed her gorgeous large tits bouncing. The jiggling was due to her using her hand to stroke his lengthy cock as she took a break with her mouth to answer his comment. The sight filled him with even more lust, an emotion that he believed he was maxed out on at the moment.

Whipped into a sexual frenzy, the professor tightened the hold on the back of Annie's head and applied more pressure. Her mouth engulfed his penis once again and he looked down to watch as her plump pink lips, covered in strawberry lip gloss pushed to the halfway point of his massive dick. He pulled her into him until hitting her familiar block at the back of her throat, but this time he didn't let her go so quickly.

Professor Kane got to his feet for the first time in the 10 minutes since Annie started. The girl's eyes were now clamped shut and the ex-con thought that he could see a tear trickling down her cheek. Still he held her in position, in fact he actually kept pulling her towards him as he brought his hips forward. Still his cock wouldn't slide into her throat, but his tip was now pressed so hard against the back of her mouth.

"AHHH...AWWWW," Annie gasped for air when finally released.

The consequence of gasping for air so desperately was that your mouth remained wide open. Marshall allowed the sexy coed to get a few good long pulls of oxygen before he repeated his forceful move again, holding Annie down on his tool for nearly 15 seconds before letting her rocket away from him and swallow down air.

"You look so sexy with those thick spit strings connecting your mouth and my cock," he told her, allowing her a long break then usual.

"Please, no more of that," Annie begged.

"Sure thing, bend over the desk," he stated.

Though it wasn't part of the original deal, Marshall Kane couldn't help but push the limits. Annie had already agreed to blow him so it wasn't that far a leap for her to spread her legs. The professor knew it was a risk, but he kept imagining her soft pink pussy that was just reaching out to him and begging to be fucked. The extremely forceful blowjob was just his way of showing her that she could either have sex with him and be done, or stick out the roughest oral sex session of her life for who knows how long.

"Why," Annie asked still recovering her breath. "We agreed on a blowjob only."

"Hey it's up to you. Either let me fuck you or we go back to me cramming my dick in your little mouth. Either way is good for me, just thought you might like to rest or knees from the hard flooring and your throat from the dick punching I've been doing," he reasoned.

"Crap on a cracker," Annie swore to herself.

Professor Kane watched her get off of her knees, staring at her impressive bust as they swayed in front of her with even the softest of movements. Back on her feet, Annie turned to face the desk he eluded to and did as he asked. Marshall had a large smile on his face as the busty coed bent at the hips to drape her upper body against the desktop that had assorted papers on it.

"Smart girl," he said, licking his lips.

With the younger pupil in position, Professor Kane rose from his comfortable leather chair and circled behind the waiting girl. He once again took the time to glance at her perfect body, this time while stroking his spit-soaked cock. His attention was mostly spent on her legs, which were long given her short stature, and also lean from maybe being a cheerleader in high school. He was also spellbound by her short skirts, both the one she wore now and the ones she wore to his class this week as they exposed her great legs and barely covered her round ass.

Already on his feet, Marshall kept stroking himself as he stepped out of his pants so that he could have better ability to move around. He turned his body so that he was now directly behind the gorgeous young coed and pulled her skirt up so that it came to rest up on her back. Hooking his long fingers in the waistband of her thong, which perfectly had divided her ass cheeks, he pulled the panties down to give him access to her sex.

"Let this be worth it," Annie pleaded silently.

Marshall reached down and gave each of Annie's ass cheeks a solid squeeze as the thought of touching her exquisite backside was too tempting. He had been sexually obsessed with the girl the moment she walked into his classroom, and her body didn't let him down. Now seeing and feeling her booty, it was better than he imagined. It was so round and creamy white, but firm and tight.

"God I'm gonna tear this girl up," he thought in anticipation.

Tearing his hands away, he grabbed the base of his penis with one hand while using the other to wind back and crash his palm down on her creamy white ass. She gave a yelp of pain, more due to the surprise than actual physical pain as Marshall stood above her and watched his handprint slowly redden on her skin.

Her little scream did remind him that he was engaging in teacher-student sex, not to mention blackmail so discretion was key. Though the chance of anyone stumbling upon them or hearing her groans was very low, Professor Kane didn't want to take a chance. Picking her panties up from the desk where he had just placed them, he brought his hand around and stuffed them right into Annie's mouth, an action that shocked her again.

"Mmphh...mugghhh," she moaned against them.

"Can't have you making too much noise. It's a precaution, I'm sure you can understand," he explained, appealing to her logical side.

Now that that was taken care of, Professor Kane stepped closer to the prepared coed and was ready to take action. He surveyed the scene one more time and smiled with glee. Her pink pussy was so swollen and glistening, making it appear so sexy. Just above it he scanned her tight, puckered asshole and wish he could fill it, making her feel him for days. He knew today wouldn't be that day, but it gave him hope that in the future he'd have a chance to sodomize the beautiful Annie Edison.

"Did sucking my cock make you wet," he asked her while rubbing his tip in her folds.

"Just shut up and get this over with," Annie said sternly before pushing her own thong back in her mouth.

Anniee knew that the blackmailing professor was right; her pussy was wet as her body was betraying her mind. Although she wasn't being raped since she willingly entered into the situation, she wasn't suppose to enjoy what was happened to her at the hands of the vile dirty ex-con.

"Fine by me," Professor Kane told her.

Though she felt pretty wet and his dick was well lubricated, Marshall wanted to make sure she was ready for his monsterous cock so he bent down and spat right onto Annie's pussy. Happy that she was ready for him he placed his tip against her hole and pushed his hips forward until the first several inches of his black cock plunged into her tight college sex.

"Ughhh," Annie grunted as her pussy was immediately pushed apart as far as it could without splitting in half.

Marshall had made the conscious choice to not wear a condom as he fucked the innocent Annie. It wasn't his desire to get her pregnant whatsoever, it was just that he didn't know if this would be a one-time deal or not so he wanted to get the most out of it. And that meant feeling every bit of the sexy co-ed as her inevitably tight lips clung mercilessly to his veiny member. His plan worked perfectly as the much younger girl was still so shocked by the situation to even remember to check if he was fitted with a latex cover.

Professor Kane had forgotten how good sex was since he hadn't had it in so long, actually since before he went to jail. He was instantly reminded though when his unsheathed shaft penetrated the young pupil. He held himself inside her for a few moments, savoring her wet heat before he started to push and pull inside her.

It took a few minutes given how incredibly tight she was but he had finally managed to be buried balls-deep inside of Annie Edison. Slowly removing himself from her tight sex, Marshall had just the very tip left within her until he slowly, though a little quicker then his previous thrustes, inserted himself back into her completely.

Though Annie had entered into the sexual encounter under less-than-ideal circumstances, she was actually enjoying herself now. Professor Kane was a very good looking man and she always had a thing for much older men and black guys, hence her obsessions with Troy first then Jeff. It also helped that MArshall sure did know his way around a pussy, something that most of her few previous sexual conquests did not.

Meanwhile, Professor Kane kept doing his preferred move so that he could watch his penis fully leave her before seeing it disappear quickly. He would play around with the speed of his penetration, sometimes going almost painfully slow as though teasing both of them, while other times he would spear as deep and fast into the younger girl. This proved his favorite as it let him enjoy watching Annie's lovely backside ripple every time his pelvis crashed against her plump ass, but it ebbed at his sexual endurance much more.

"Mmm," Annie caught herself moaning, hoping like hell Marshall didn't hear.

"Looks like someone actually likes being treated like my sex slave," he hissed from above her.

Banging her head on the counter in almost a form of self-punishment for getting caught, Annie couldn't help but hate herself. Even though her mind was not into this at all and was only doing it to keep her group of tight friends together, she found that her body was again betraying her. She was feeling her own orgasm rapidly approaching, apparently liking the feeling of having his enormous penis slamming repeatedly into her small pussy with disregard.

Though Marshall was out of practice, he has had enough sex in his life to know when his partner was really into the experience. The way Annie's sexy body would thrash around and the frequency of her moans against the gagging panties told him that the young pupil was getting off.

He wanted to see how far along she was and the best way he knew how was reaching his arm around her curvy hips and extending his hand between her legs. He hadn't seen her sex from the front, but he learnt now that Annie was a girl who was regularly waxed, leaving her sides bare and only a thin, neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair behind. Finally he pushed his digit into her folds and found her exposed clit and began to rub it.

"MMGGHH...Fcckkkkk," Annie screamed against her thong.

"Gonna cum for me little girl," he asked with a shit-eating grin.

Marshall had his conformation and he was pleased to see that not only was she going to cum, but that it was going to be sooner rather than later. This boded well for him since it meant that she enjoyed the sex, possibly enough for a repeat performance later on. It also was good news for him since he could feel his own cum boiling in his balls, threatening to come squirting up any minute now. It wasn't that surprising for him considering he had gone so long since having his dick massaged by a woman's velvety folds.

As much as Annie wanted to resist her orgasm so that she didn't give rofessor Kane the satisfaction of making her cum, she couldn't stop herself. The man turned her on sexually and he was so skilled at making her pussy get wetter and wetter. After another few minutes of the ex-con rocking his hips back and forth against hers, she felt him repeatedly hit a particular sensitive spot and trigger her orgasm.

"MMHMMMM....MMHMMM," Annie screamed again, as she experienced the most embarrassing orgasm of her life.

Marshall immediately noted the muffled moans and realized that his mission was complete, he made the sexually impressionable girl cum...and hard by the sounds of it. With that task done, he realized that he wasn't too far behind her, actually his was on the verge. His thrusts had become gradually more reckless while his breathing and moans kept coming more and more labored.

Marshall pulled completely out of her inviting snatch for the last time, looking down to enjoy the sight of the gap in her pussy he left behind. He wish he had time to admire his handiwork after bring the girl to an orgasm but there was a much more pressing matter at hand. The bubbling in his balls had reached the point of no return and he knew he had seconds before his seed would be released.

"Going to cum," Professor Kane warned.

"Okay...just cum in the condom," Annie said tiredly from below.

"No condom," he grunted, feeling the semen start to leave his nuts.

"Then where," she said turning around to face him.

"Get on your knees now!"

Judging by the contorted look on her new professor's face and his demanding tone, Annie deduced that the matter open for debate. Her blackmailing was almost complete and would be over in seconds, all that remained was taking his load to her face than that was what she was going to do. Knowing time was of the essence she descended to the ground in no time at all, arriving on her knees facing the hulking black man. She was propped up perfectly so that her adorable face was eye-level with his cock then she closed her eyes and prepared.

"UUGHHH," Marshall grunted as he reached his long awaited orgasm.

Annie's eyes were barely shut by the time the first strand of cum erupted from his tip. With expert precision the streak shot across the brief distance between them and splattered against the brunette's forehead, luckily none landing in her hair. Annie barely had time to feel the white spunk sliding down her skin towards her right eye before the next spurt of Professor Kane's juices on the bridge of her nose, starting on one cheeks and extending to the other.

Marshall's aim and the amount of population pudding he was able to shoot drastically began to decline. The third jet was only half as much as the first two, but still was a healthy amount that landed on her chin. After that he pushed his cock into her slightly open mouth, forcing his tip inside to finish draining his balls onto her tongue.

When he finally finished and opened his eyes, his vision fell on the sexy sight he may have ever seen. Before him on the floor was one of the prettiest girls he'd ever known with her bright-eyed face covered in his spunk. The beautiful bookworm from her knees was giving him a look that conveyed that she was seeking his approval, not stirring until he had given her the a-ok.

"Damn girl, that was amazing," he said, slumping his exhausted body back into his chair.

"Thanks," Annie said surprisingly upbeat. "If I have to be honest, it was really good for me too."

"So as per our deal your boyfriend is officially back in my class," Professor Kane said, breaking a minute of silence.

"Perfect," Annie said with a bright smile, then adding embarrassingly, "Oh I should probably go clean up."

"Here's a tissue," he said, offering her the box.

Annie flashed him a smile, her face still covered in his cum, before she pulled free a tissue and began to clean herself up. It took several squares but by the end she had cleared her face, chin and tits of his semen and had gotten to her feet. The pantless man watched as she got dressed, starting with her bra then throwing her sweater over her amazing tits. As she went to step into her panties, Marshall spoke.

"Leave them, those are my trophy," he told her.

"Men are so weird," she laughed before exiting the room as if nothing had happened.


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