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TV Characters involved in Sex/Sexual Activity: Bella (H20), Georgia Jones (Shake It Up), Emma (Bunk'd)

TV Characters from TV Shows: Bizzardvark, Shake It Up

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Bizzardvark/Bunk'd/H20/Shake It Up: Cherry Town Part 3: The Good Vampire
by Dragon333

Paige just got done telling Ryker that she woke up in her hotel room and Frankie wasn't there when she woke up.

"No, I haven't seen her." Ryker told Paige.

"It's not like her to leave without telling me."

"Did she mention any where she's going?"

"No." Paige said. Then Paige suddenly remembered something. "She was acting really strange last night too. Ever since that guy just popped out of nowhere and told us weird stuff, it's like her brain got empty."

"Interesting." Ryker said as he began to actually think hard. "Did the guy leave faster than humanly possible?"

"Yes. It was like he disappeared. How did you know?" Paige asked him.

"This wouldn't be the first time I heard of this. Did the guy tell you anything weird? You know, like tell you something in a form of a sentence where others would actually ask you for?"

"Well, he did tell me I was going to invite him to my house this morning and give him the address. That was pretty weird."


"Um what?" Paige said not sure if she heard that right.

"The guy that talked to you guys. He was a vampire. He compelled Frankie. And that's why she left without saying anything."

"That's crazy. There's no such thing as vampires. What does compel mean?"

"It's a form of brainwashing. It's a form of mind control."

"Even if vampires WERE real, if they can compel someone, how come I wasn't compelled?"

"Your necklace."

"The one you gave me? What about it?"

"It has vervain in it. I made it with vervain, so that vampires wouldn't be able to compel you."

"Well, if you see Frankie, let me know, OK?" Paige told Ryker.

"Ryker, Emma brought blu-ray movies of Power Ponies. Can you take these to Zuri's room?" Ava told Ryker.

"Yes, Ava."

"At this rate, she actually should be OK by tomorrow night." Ava told him.

While Paige was walking towards her hotel she saw Ally Dawson walking by with two friends.

"WOW! Aren't you Ally Dawson? I LOVE your music!" Paige said to Ally.

"Paige from Bizzardvark? I LOVE your videos! They're so funny!" Ally told her. "I can't believe I actually got to meet you!"

"I can't believe I got to meet YOU!" Ally came in and gave Paige a hug.

"Oh are we hugging?" said a tall redhead guy as he leaned in to hug his fat friend.

"I'm good!" the fat curly haired friend said as she pushed him away. "Hi, I'm Trish. I'm Austin and Ally's manager. If you ever need me to manage you, give me a call." Trish said as she gave Paige her card.

"Where is Austin?" Paige asked.

"He's doing a show here in Cherry Town. That's why we're here." Ally told her. "He's getting ready for the tour."

"Hey kids!" a busty female cop said jogging towards them.

"Is there a problem officer?" Ally asked.

"You guys aren't from around here, are you?" she asked.

"No." Ally said.

"Well, I thought I should warn you, there is a serial killer going around killing people. There might be more than one actually. The killer bites people's necks and drinks their blood. It could be some kind of cult." the police woman told them.

"Vampires." Paige whispered. 'Maybe Ryker was telling the truth after all.' Paige thought to herself.

"I'm Officer Georgia Jones, so if you see anything suspicious let me know."

"This pimple looks suspicious don'tchu think? I am suspicious it's really a wart." Dez told the officer. Trish then hit Dez in the head with her purse. "Owe, what was that for, Trish?"

"You doof! She meant anything about the weird serial killer on the loose." Trish told him.
"The killings have only happened at night so far, so as long as you all get home before dark, you should be fine." Officer Jones told them. "Have a nice day."

As the female cop walked away, Trish smacked Dez with her purse again.

"Owe, now what was THAT for?" Dez asked.

"Nothing. I just felt like hitting you."

"Jeremy!" Officer Jones exclaimed seeing her boyfriend at her house. He was still wearing his fire fighter uniform. "Why the long face?"

"Georgia, my... my son Logan died."

"Oh my gosh! That's terrible."

"He was killed by a bite to the neck and died of blood loss."

"It must be the vampire cult! I'll get those bastards for killing your son!" Georgia promised with rage.

Rocky and CeCe were walking on the beach.

"It's really windy today, isn't it?" asked Rocky.

"If my nipples weren't hard before, they are DEFINITELY hard now!" said Cece.

"Hey Ryker! I met you at the slushie shop. How are you?" said Bella behind some kind of wooden booth.

"So NOW you are OK with talking to me?" Ryker asked.

"OK, hear me out, Ryker. As you know it's October. You know what the month of October means right?" Bella asked.

"That's it's gonna Halloween?"

"No, silly!" Bella smiled. "It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. "And since you showed interest in me I thought you'd want to help raise funds."

"What does being attracted to you have to do with raising funds?" Ryker asked.

"Well to raise money for the cause, I'm charging $20 for people to feel all over my tits!" Bella said.

"Where? Here? In public? With a bunch of beach people walking by and looking?"

"Oh don't get the wrong idea. I'm not gonna take off any of my clothing. I'm not offering you sex or to SEE my tits. I would let you TOUCH my tits, but THROUGH my bikini top. I wouldn't want my boyfriend Will to get upset, so I can't SHOW you my tits.. just let you touch them. To raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness." Bella exclaimed. Ryker felt his dick harden in his pants. 'Should I?' thought Ryker to himself. 'Would it mess up my chances with Paige? What the fuck? What am I saying? I asked Paige out and she said no. I don't have to factor her into anything. And this IS kind of a once in a life time opportunity. I better get in on this deal because I'll never run into it ever again. I get to touch the tits of a hot older girl!'

"OK, I'll do it. Ryker said. "It IS for a good cause after all. Here's twenty bucks." Ryker said handing over Bella the twenty dollar bill. Bella then went around the booth and stood in front of him. She then stuck her boobs out in front of him welcoming his hands. Ryker slowly moved his hands towards Bella's beautiful white tits and then when he got his hands to touch Bella's tits, he squeezed, pressed, and massaged her tits. He did this for a whole minute and released.

"You can touch them for a few more seconds." Bella told him. "You did pay twenty bucks after all." Ryker then played with Bella's beautiful tits again touching her tits through the pink bikini top, but also touching the bare part of her tits with his fingers towards the top of her melons. Bella's tits felt just as good in Ryker's hands as he anticipated; soft, pressy, and just AMAZING!

"What's going on here?" Officer Georgia Jones said catching them. Ryker got worried. "It looks like you were being a prostitute. It looked like you let this young man touch your breasts for money! That's prostitution miss! I'm gonna have to bring you in!" Officer Jones said reaching for her handcuffs.

"No, you don't understand, Officer! It's for a good cause. I'm doing a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness. For every $20 I get, I let people feel on my breasts, and at the end of the day I donate all I earned to a Breast Cancer Awareness organization." Bella exclaimed.

"Oh you mean it's for charity? Well, if it's for Charity, then it waives out the prostitution thing. After all, that one site has a video of something very similar and THEY have NEVER taken down the video no matter how many complaints they get. Even though their policy of videos is that there can't be videos of prostitution." Officer Georgia Jones said. "Hey kid, I'll let you fondle my tits for just $10 for the cause." she told Ryker. 'Well, she's not THAT bad looking. And she DOES have some pretty big tits! So why not?' Ryker thought to himself.

"Deal!" Ryker said. Then he eagerly pressed, squeezed, and felt all over Officer Jones' huge tits.

"Hey guys. What's going on." Emma Ross said as she was walking and stopped while she saw her friend Bella. Bella explained she was raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness by charging guys to play with her tits. "Oh, that's cool. At Camp Kikiwaka, I sold hot dogs to raise money and kissed and made out with all the guys who bought hot dogs from me." Emma told them.

"Nice. Do you want to raise money in my charity by letting guys touch your tits for $20?" Bella asked.

"Sure, why not? It is for a good cause after all." Emma said. Ryker was amazed at how beautiful Emma was. She was the 2nd most beautiful girl he ever saw in his entire life. Only Paige was the one who could top Emma's beauty.

"Twenty-bucks to Breast Cancer Awareness. Can I please touch your tits?" Ryker said in awe as he held out the money in his hands to Emma.

"Sure," Emma said taking the money from him and sticking her chest out towards him inviting his hands to touch her big beautiful white tits. Ryker felt like he was standing in heaven while he massaged Emma's beautiful tits that felt so soft. It was an amazing feeling. As he continued to fondle Emma's tits through her red tight tank top, he felt any and all the stress that he had all go away. Feeling Emma's tits in his hands and being able to play with them with Emma's full consent was a much better stress reliever than stress balls. It wasn't just Emma's big tits that made Ryker awe in her beauty; it was just every thing about her appearance. Emma's skin was flawless; so smooth. Her hair was silky and so straight and no naps. Her smile was charming and welcoming. Her teeth were straight and white. Her body was slim, but not too slim. Her stomach was flat. After Ryker was done playing and feeling all over Emma's tits he was still in awe.

"So are you guys ready to create fireworks tonight?" Bernie asked Paige on the phone.

"I'm sorry, Bernie, but I can't find Frankie. I looked all over for her."

"WHAT?! You guys are supposed to perform in four hours!" Bernie exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, Bernie." Paige said sincerely.

"Oh no. I have to cancel." Paige then hung up her cell phone.

Paige thought it wouldn't make sense for her to miss her own concert AND not have a good time. After all, Frankie wouldn't want Paige to miss out on fun, so Paige called Ryker. He might have seemed a bit weird to her believing in vampires and all, but other than that, Paige thought Ryker was smoking hot.

"Hey Ryker. It's Paige. I still couldn't find Frankie, so we had to cancel our gig tonight. Is the dance offer still on the table?"

"YES!" said Ryker excitedly. "I mean, yeah, sure if you want it to be." he said calmly.

"Good. I'll meet you there."


Ryker and Paige were dancing as were a bunch of other students from Ryker's school.

"It looks like all of this dancing is making you sweat. How about I get you some punch?" Ryker said.

"Yeah, that'd be good." Paige said. As Ryker went to get punch Emma came with Zuri and Harley over to Paige.

"Hey Paige!" Emma said. "Look, my little sister is all better now."

"That's great!" said Paige.

"Do you see any family resemblance here?" Harley said. Paige shrugged.

"Here you go, Paige." Ryker said handing Paige her punch. Paige took a sip.

"Hmm. This taste a bit different than the punch back home." Paige said.

"It must be at least better than the old water Gladys serves at Camp Kikiwaka that she says is green apple juice." Zuri said. Emma nodded in agreement. Emma just got a text.

"Sorry we have to go so soon. Our brother Ravi accidentally gave himself a paper cut trying to open his new book." Emma said.

"That party pooper!" Zuri said. Minutes after they left some man in a mask that covered only his nose and up came through the door.

"It looks like I found myself a buffet!" he said and then fangs came out.

"Whoa cool costume, bro!" a guy said. "You look like a real vampire if there was such a thing."

"What's your name?" the vampire asked.


"Well, James, I'm Gary. It looks you'll be joining me for dinner!"

"I'd love to have dinner with you, bro!" James said. Then Gary opened his mouth as wide as he could and took a bite from James' neck. Then sucked his blood while everyone watched in horror. They then realized Gary's costume was not a costume at all.

"Hey, there's a basement nearby in this school. Let's get there and stay there until the sun rises. Sun light burns vampires." Ryker told Paige and Harley.

"Comrades! Buffet time!" James said right before a ton of vampires came in causing a ton of the students and faculty to run. It was emotional draining for Ryker, Paige, and Harley to have to listen to a ton of their peers and fellow humans get bit by vampires. They tried hard not to imagine their friends and acquaintances not being killed by vampires or turning into vampires themselves. As Ryker, Paige, and Harley were running towards the basement, Gary used his vampire speed to get in front of Paige and her friends stopping them in their tracks.

"What's the rush? Don't you want to stay for my little game?" Gary asked. Gary grabbed Paige by the neck and lifted her up. Paige gave off a look of fear.

"Hey Gary! There's a ton of punch left. Should we drink it?" said another vampire.

"Don'tchu DARE!" Ryker said. "That's OUR punch!"

"Don't we have a little feisty teen on our hands? Let's show this kid who's boss and drink it. But FIRST, I'm gonna force this teen girl to watch some people get bit!" Gary said as he put her down, but still held her, this time, putting her head inbetween his hands to make sure she couldn't turn away. "Feast on one of those teachers!" Gary ordered the other vampire. A beautiful girl with blonde hair came. She grabbed Harley and Ryker by the neck; one neck in each hand.

"Gary, I'll take these two." she said.

"Feast away, Abby!" Gary encouraged her. Abby then showed her vampire fangs ready to take a bite. She used her super speed to bring them to the nearby vacant football field.

"If you're going to bite both of us, you should probably bite me first. I am bigger, so I'd give you more blood." said Ryker knowing he had vervain flowing through his blood currently, so if Abby bit him, it would give Harley enough time to run away.

"I'm not here to hurt you. I had to pretend I was to get you away from Gary. Gary is an evil vampire that needs to be taken down. He's been killing a bunch of humans left and right for the fun of it. If it keeps up, the whole world will be nothing but evil." Abby explained.

"You mean you're not evil? I thought all vampires were evil." Ryker said.

"No. I saved you, didn't I?" Abby said.

"Now I want to know why. So why?"

"Word has it that a young man was able to take down a vampire with no prep time. I believe that young man was you, Ryker. At the slushie shop. Was that you?"

"Yes, that was."

"I need to build a team to take down Gary!" Abby said.

"We're not gonna help you until you save Paige too!" Harley said.

"Deal!" Abby said.

They then snuck back into the dance area. some of the vampires and humans were still there. They saw Paige tied to a chair.

"I want you to witness the horror of watching people die!" Gary told her. He then took a black man by the neck and held him up to his face.

"Hey, that's Too Short! He's a rapper who makes like six CD's in a year. He loves to talk about fucking everyone's sisters, cousins, and shit." Ryker said. Gary then took a big bite out of Too Short's neck and drained every ounce of blood from his body.

"Gross!" Paige said. Gary then took 2pac and tied him up to a chair as well. He placed him in front of Paige about 3 feet away from each other.

"Whoa, did you know that 2pac showed up to the dance?" Harley asked.

"Nope. I didn't even think he was still alive." Ryker said.

"Who's 2pac?" Abby asked.

"He's a legendary rapper. Everyone in the entire planet is his fan... well.. except for me." Ryker said.

"You doin' dis cuz I'm black, huh? Everyone hates me cuz I'm black!" 2pac said. The time froze as only Harley was able to move.

"I know right? The entire planet loves him, yet he's complaining that everyone hates him!" Harley said right before the time returned.

"I'm so poor! I hate that I'm poor and even worse I'm black!" 2pac whined. Time froze once more and Harley looked to her side.

"I know right? 2pac is a multi millionaire and he STILL complains about being poor! How many MILLIONS of dollars does he need to consider himself to be NOT poor?" Time returned and Harley, Ryker, Abby, and Paige witnessed the horror of Gary take his first bite on 2pac. Gary pulled 2pac's pants down and took a bite out of his crotch.

"That was the smallest snack I ever had!" Gary said.

"He's not gonna be fucking anyone's wife anytime soon!" Ryker said referring to all the times 2pac told everyone he was fucking their wife in every one of his songs. Gary took a bite from 2pac's arm. Then bit off his entire foot. 2pac screamed in agonizing pain. Gary then took multiple bites of 2pac's neck which caused 2pac's head to fall off.

"Human blood to me is like kool-aid to you, 2pac!" Gary told 2pac's dead head. "Or maybe it's more like weed and beer to you!" Gary said.

"Speaking of kool-aid I want more of this punch!" said a vampire and he took a cup of the punch and drank it. "Delicious!" Seconds later that vampire and all the other vampires except Gary fell to the ground holding their stomachs in pain.

"There must be vervain in the punch!" Gary realized. "Human blood makes me stronger and allows me to HEAL from vervain!" Paige screamed as Gary opened up his fangs and went towards her. He took a big bite from her neck and drank blood from it. Paige started to cry. Gary then started to get on his knees holding his stomach in pain too.

"That was a close one. " Harley said.

"I made sure she drank the punch when we got to the dance." Ryker said.

"How did you know the punch was spiked with vervain?" Abby asked him.

"Cuz I'm the one who spiked it." Ryker replied. "I knew that if I made a scene that I didn't want them to drink the punch, they would want to drink the punch even more." Abby then rushed to spike Gary with a wooden stake, but Gary zoomed out with vampire speed. Ryker took a spike and stabbed all the other vampires in the heart.

"We couldn't take down Gary, but at least we were able to take down a ton of his henchman." Abby said.

(Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this story)


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