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Description: Continuing the sexual adventures of the beautiful Black Cat and the repulsive guard.

Content Codes: MF, nc/reluc, humil, cream pie, anal, toys

Black Cat: The Taking of Felicia Hardy - Chapter 3
by JD ([email protected])

Ian's earlier facial had dried across Felicia's face in long smears that accentuated the beauty beneath.

"I can't believe how much of that nightstick you had up your cunt, Black Cat. You had practice? Maybe the NYPD boys caught you more often than we all heard and you had to fuck your way out?"

Ian's taunt was broken with gasps for breath. He got more exercise fucking the Black Cat than he did any other time. He didn't even consider trying to take pictures of her just-fucked pussy with the digital camera; his hands would be shaking too much for a few minutes to come. The other cameras he had set up would do the best they could for his home movies. His red fingerprints were fading on her breasts as Ian settled back into the creakily protesting chair.

Felicia's recovery time was considerably faster, even after a hard and rough fucking. She wondered why Ian had wanted the ankle cuff on her leg; it didn't seem to make her particularly bound - although she was - or helpless or provide much of a visual thrill when he was thrusting into her. She cupped her hand over her swollen pussy mound and scooped a little of the leaking mess onto her fingers. As she caught the fat man's pig like eyes with her own pretty green tinted gaze, she licked them clean.

"You are such a dirty whore, Black Cat."

Ian's insults were as repetitive and unimaginative as the man himself, but certainly carried more than a kernel of truth.

"Yes Sir. I'm the nastiest whore in New York City."

"I have a special treat for you tonight, whore. Something all you total sluts really get off on."

He paused for a moment, hoping to build tension but being so obviously unintelligent Ian sounded more like he'd fumbled his words.

"I'm going to fuck you up the ass! You did such a good job with the nightstick before you can loosen your butt up the same! Better do a good job of it, because I never did a slut in the butt before."

In a moment Felicia went from the emotional cocktail of post-orgasm glow stirred with her shame to a cold fear. She felt like she had when The Punisher had had the drop on her as a thief, in the too-long moments before Spider-Man had saved her from certain death. Nobody, but nobody, had ever fucked Felicia Hardy up the ass. It was a one-way street, an exit only. As she stiffened in shock the ankle chain rattled, and she realised its true purpose that night. The stupid fat guard had outwitted her again, and it was going to cost her more than she'd ever paid.

"Sir... that time we watched some of your dirty movies while I jerked you off, you fast forwarded the anal scenes. You said that stuff was for fags! A real manly man like you wouldn't want to do that would you?"

"It's only faggy when guys do it to guys!" Ian's homophobia was part of the generalised bigotry that made his personality so unappealing across the social spectrum. Well, unless he ever visited Ohio.

Felicia blinked rapidly before turning her attention back to the nightstick. It had felt big in her pussy; surely in her ass it would feel much, much, bigger. She wanted, dearly, to find any particular individual who had broadened the fat fuck's mind over anal sex and beat them. Hard. Her hands were shaking a little as she unscrewed the top of the lube tub; at least he hadn't skimped on quantity. She found she couldn't take a detached and unemotional view.

Felicia dipped her fingers into the tub of lubricant and applied it generously to the fat guard's stout nightstick. Her pussy juices were dried along the length and smelled strongly in the confined interrogation room, at least while Ian was a little distance off. She could feel his semen dribbling down her inner thighs as she worked, and heard the camera click as he started to take zoomed in close up shots of her glistening crotch and legs. The idea of anal sex so repulsed Felicia that she thought desperately for a way to change the man's mind. She didn't really know how it had formed, but there was a deep mental taboo in her mind against the degradation of anal penetration. Her ass was her own affair.

"Um, Sir... How about if I stole you a million dollars? I could get it untraceable, and you wouldn't get caught if you were careful with your spending. If you had that money you could buy all the whores you wanted to take their..." Felicia broke off, barely able to say it, "take them like that instead. Please Sir?"

Ian's cock twitched at the base at the pleading tone in the debased blonde's voice. He wondered how he'd ever convinced himself he didn't like the idea of anal sex.

"That's a great idea, Black Cat. I forgot that you were a thief before you were a whore! Even though that was how we met, right? You can steal me something great! I ain't stupid enough to want a million, you know Orfanelli would assume I stole it from him?" Ian asked, making the small intellectual leap.

"Anyway, I don't want other sluts' asses, I want yours. That stick's nice and lubed now, how about getting some slapped around your butt hole and then ramming that wood up there hard?"

"Please! Don't make me use it up my ass! I'll do anything else you want me too! This stick is so hard and long, and your cock is bigger! Please sir, I'll do anything!""

Ian's cock was really straining as his arousal grew. The fact that the Black Cat was so eager for him not to fuck her butt made him equally eager to do so. He wondered why she was so against it. Sure, he had a big cock, but there was a lot of lubricant and his Internet research had suggested just about anything could go up the ass with enough lubricant. Since he believed porn starlets were rarely great actresses a decent percentage apparently really enjoyed it, too.

"I don't want anything else from you. Right now I want to see you rubbing those slippery fingers into your tight little shit hole! Come on, Black Cat, where's your usual slutty nature? Surely you've had dozens of guys up there... wait..." the penny dropped, "you've never been fucked in the ass have you? Tell me whore!"

Ian was back out of his chair in excited realisation, the camera dangling on his wrist. He yanked back on Felicia's leash. The sudden tug pulled her tanned toned flesh against his hairy sweaty belly. He repeated the last four words straight into her ear. She felt his hot breath and rough stubble against her face. She told him the truth in reply,

"No sir... I've never had a guy fuck me there, not once. A guy tried to stick it in my ass in college and I put him in hospital. I've always had a little pride, a little dignity, and that's just over the line. Also, your cock is so big it's going to hurt me! I'm not kidding, Sir, it'll split me in two!"

As the Black Cat sobbingly revealed that there was one hole in which she, incredibly, was still a virgin Ian nearly grabbed his cock and started jerking off in lust at the thought. He knew listening to the playback of her begging him not to fuck her ass would be hot, and he also knew he had to hear her beg for it as well. He decided to wait until she'd loosened herself up, and he was ready to actually stick his cock in to make her beg him to fuck her.

"I could come to you every day and fuck you any oher way you want it, please, Sir, I could lick you clean, I could be your ultimate slave. I could fuck your buddies for you, put on a real show..."

Felicia realised suddenly that she was degrading herself evermore. She pled harder and with more passion than she had before Ian fucked her bareback the first time. She was offering herself wholly to a disgusting slob to save a further shame, and his breathing in her ear, and cock against her back, told her she was only arousing him further. She knew then that there was no way she could avoid taking Ian's cock into her butt, not short of killing him - and once the day shift arrived and the digital movie recordings were watched, she'd probably get a whole lot more up her ass.

At least there was a lot of lubricant. Ian released his grip on the leash again, and let it hang slackly as he sat back down on the creaking chair. He caught his breath and snapped off the first pictures of the Black Cat probing her rosebud with slippery fingers, and working the lube into and around it.

"Before you visit me the next time, you gotta get some of that anal bleaching done, Black Cat" Ian commented nastily.

To receive tips on appearance from one of the ugliest men in New York City quickly became a contender for humiliation in Felicia's mind with the unexpected pleasure she found from fingering her asshole directly in front of him. She moaned as her slick fingers opened and rubbed her anal ring and probed gently inside. She tried to ignore the pleasure by considering the size of the smelly fucker's cock, and how her surely too-small anus would hurt like hell to take it.

As she worked with her fingers, Felicia cast her mind back to half remembered scraps of advice about anal sex. Her friend, Patsy, had once or twice talked about the act. It seemed the Son of Satan had enjoyed fucking his then wife's ass. Felicia had always looked down a little on Patsy for allowing it. The comeuppance for her contempt was to allow it from a man far less appealing than Daimon Hellstrom. She knew she needed to relax as much as possible, not fight it, and that once the sphincters had loosened and been lubricated the penetration would go easier.

Felicia felt as if she'd applied as much lubricant with her fingers as she could. The already lubricated nightstick slid in her hands as she awkwardly angled it back and up. The blonde hooked one knee up onto the table surface and turned her head as far as she could to aim the lube-dripping nightstick towards her ass. She gasped as the cool round end of the nightstick pressed between her buttocks. The wooden shaft was long, and the angle awkward, but she managed to ease it in until it entered about an inch.

Ian cackled with appreciation as he saw it enter. A moment later, Felicia shifted her weight, and put her foot back on the floor. A wave of disgust washed through her body as she contemplated her actions and appearance. The wood felt hard and alien inside her, far worse than it had in her pussy. Luckily, the lubricant really eased the passage, and with a bitten lip she managed to push it through than apparent barrier inside. A minute or so grunting later, and she had the stick deep up her own ass.

"Come on! Fuck your ass with that wooden cock, you dirty whore!"

"Yes Sir...I'm doing it sir."

Felicia pulled the nightstick out jerkily, and did her best to spread more lubricant along it. She repeated the process until, bent over the table with her as hiked up high, she could pull the wood in and out fairly smoothly. She wished she were anywhere but there, face down over a table, with a fat loser snapping shots of her fucking herself up the ass. She felt even more of a slut than when the fat guard first claimed her body with his spurting essence deep into her.

"Oh, god, please, can't you see how unnatural this is?"

"It's no more unnatural than dressing up as a cat to rob people!" It was almost as if being around the Black Cat so much had caused some of her intelligence to rub off on the loser. He certainly spent enough time rubbing off over her.

Ian heaved his bulk standing again and took a fresh grip of the nightstick. This time, he made sure to grab the length that hadn't been inside her ass.

"Put your hands on the table. Now!"

Felicia complied. She laid her palms flat on the cold metal, and lifted herself up so that her buxom cleavage was no longer compressed between rib cage and table. She groaned again as Ian twisted the nightstick inside her ass, then started pulling it out, thrusting it back in. Ian fucked the Black Cat's virgin ass in long strokes with the nightstick.

"Beg me... beg me to fuck you in the ass. Tell me how much you want my huge cock inside you instead of this little stick, because you're such a filthy whore Black Cat."

"I can't..."

"Do it!" Ian's facial flab shook as he shouted.

"Please... don't..."

Ian smacked the Black Cat's ass hard three times. She yelped loudly in surprise, yet the hot flat-handed blows actually felt perversely good within the pain.

"I... fuck me in the ass. I want your big cock in me, I'm ready for you to stuff my butt full of your hot meat. You have the biggest dick I've ever seen and I want it in me!"

"Tell me more, Black Cat!"

"Fuck my ass sir! Take out that tiny stick and... oh god... fill my ass with your cock! I want it!""

Ian pulled the nightstick from Felicia's gripping ass very fast. Her eyes watered as the sudden withdrawal tugged at her rectal walls. She felt the fat guard's straining cockhead replace it almost immediately. He slipped into the gaping hole before it could close. There was enough residual lubrication for him to slide inches into the Black Cat's virgin butt. Felicia looked at her eyes in the mirror and saw fear and disgust before the flowing tears blurred her vision. At least she didn't have to see Ian's repulsive face twisted with lust and power.

He was doing it! His first ever time fucking a woman in the ass, and it was an incredibly hot blonde who served his every sexual whim. It was a dream come true, even if he'd only dreamed it a little way before. The wet warm tightness around his shaft was even tighter than the Black Cat's pussy had been the first time he fucked her over that table, and Ian groaned again. He felt so good he pushed in too hard, too fast, and drew another pained yelp from the Black Cat. Ian glanced up from Felicia's ass to the mirror, and realised that tears were streaming down her face, though she mostly stifled her sobbing.

On the one hand he found the sight very erotic, the strong sexy Black Cat impaled to the point of pain on his cock. On the other, he ultimately wanted her to orgasm when he fucked her ass, because he figured it was much more degrading that way. He liked degrading her. Ian grabbed more lubricant himself and slathered it down on his cock, and the Black Cat's ass. He took it slow then, and finished the job the nightstick had started. He didn't have a whole lot of willpower, but he had enough to work his cock slowly into the Black Cat's ass without making her yelp or scream any further. As she detected the change in pace, Felicia sought to beg for mercy again,

"Please... take it out. Please Sir...It feels like a baseball bat."

"Black Cat, your ass was made for fucking. Your throat and your cunt are good, but your ass is another level!"

Inch after thick inch of Ian's veiny shaft disappeared between the Black Cat's hard buttocks. The video cameras caught the act, but the digital camera was forgotten. Her anus was stretched hugely, but not enough to be split or damaged, and gripped his shaft wonderfully. Once he was three quarters of the way inside he pulled Felicia back into his arms, reaching around to her famously perfect breasts and letting her weight impale her a little further into his shaft.

"Play with your cunt. Make yourself come on my cock! You can thank me."

"Thank you, Sir," Felicia sobbed.

She eagerly sort pleasure to alleviate the amazingly stuffed sensation in her butt. At first she had been genuinely concerned Ian would puncture her bowel and sentence her to a painful death, but as he slowed and took his time she started to believe she might survive. Ian's hands had no skill or tenderness as she mauled her breasts, but, still, the nearly pleasurable sensation distracted her mind along with her furiously rubbing and probing fingers. Her clit was still sensitive from the hard fucking earlier in the evening, and it wasn't long before she started to draw back the old familiar sparks of pleasure.

As Ian jiggled the Black Cat against his huge belly, and atop his oversized cock, she finally sank the last inches onto his shaft. His cockhead was deeper into her ass than she would have thought possible, at the end of a throbbing club-like shaft. As he started slowly withdrawing a little, and thrusting back in, her sensitive ring buzzed with the rubbing of his cock. Her rectum accepted Ian as the rest of her body had been forced too; until he could slide in and out with something close to ease.

"Oh god... I can't believe it's starting to feel good!" Felicia hated admitting it, but with her fingers working her cunt, and Ian roughly using her tits and ass for his own pleasure, she was starting to get off.

"You fucking whore! Only real sluts like getting fucked up the ass!" Ian's voice was heavy with effort as his heart pounded fast in his chest. He felt a moment of dizziness which quickly passed.

He pushed Felicia hard down on the table, then pulled back on her hair and the leash together. Her back bowed almost painfully, but she was flexible and didn't even slow down from her self-fingering as Ian treated her like a gutter whore. Her pussy juice flowed freely down her thighs, while her ass squelched and sucked loudly as Ian sodomised her harder and harder, giving her increasingly powerful strokes.

Ian staggered backwards from the table, overbalanced as he pulled back on Felicia's hair. He was so close to his own mighty climax that he couldn't correct his shaking legs. Like a redwood in the forest, he fell backwards onto the chair. The protesting screws gave under his weight and he hit the floor heavily, the metal seat flat beneath his pistoning buttocks. Felicia was dragged down with him, the impact driving his cock one last time up her ass before they achieved an awesome simultaneous climax.

Felicia's scream hit an almost inhuman pitch as she writhed, splay-legged, on the fat mattress of Ian's body. She had truly plugged the depths of degradation then, coming hard with a cock buried up her ass. The chain holding her ankle clanked like a bell against the table leg and she was half convinced she could feel the hot jets of semen into her ass as Ian bellowed his orgasm beneath her.

The Black Cat's face head had just missed breaking Ian's nose as he hit the floor, but he might not have cared as his spunk sprayed into her butt. It was an incredible sensation, for pure pleasure it beat even the first realisations that the Black Cat had consented to fuck him to save her skin that first time. Her ass squeezed down hard on his cock as she shuddered with orgasm atop him and he hazily realised he had defeated her again. Now the sexy Black Cat was truly his cum dumpster. He virtually drained his balls dry.

"You came," he managed to gasp, "You came when I fucked you up the ass!"

Felicia didn't reply. There was no point denying it. The tears had dried on her cheeks as the pain had slid away and turned to pleasure. She'd let the fat man fuck her ass until both of them came. Her hands were still between her legs, and in the breath catching moments after climax she relaxed her fingers. Her pussy had flowed heavily as she approached her orgasm, and little splashes still squirted in the pleasurable aftershocks. Ian's usual stench seemed worse, radiating from beneath her, but she had to admit it wasn't uncomfortable lying atop his soft body. At least his cock seemed to be shrivelling a little inside her butt as the last seed leaked into her bowel.

Ian made a monumental and unexpected effort, and succeeded in rolling over with the Black Cat still on his cock. Felicia grunted as his weight was suddenly atop her, pressing her into the hard floor. There wasn't air enough in her lungs for her to do more than croak her sudden discomfort, but it was only momentary. Ian pulled himself to his knees. Felicia felt her ass lifted for a moment by his cock, and then he tugged himself loose with a slurp that seemed all too long.

"Fu.. Fuck, Black Cat. I think I can see all the way into your stomach! Your shithole isn't closing fast, it's gaping like the Holland tunnel! It looks like you got could run road trains up your ass!"

Felicia heard Ian as he fumbled for the camera, and snapped off several shots of her freshly sodomised asshole for his growing collection. She was flushed and sore, and felt cool air inside her. She flexed and pushed, working a little sperm back out, as her stretched sphincter tightened again. Felicia felt a spark of hope that at least things could get no lower for her, when she felt Ian take her platinum blonde hair in his hand and wipe it roughly around his soft shaft. Warmed lubricant, spunk, and worse, splattered against the perfect smooth skin of her bare back.

Ian gave the Black Cat a satisfied smack across the buttocks as he got back up to his feet. He liked the feeling of power that came from having the near naked woman sprawled at his feet, though he doubted he'd be up for another fuck. He thought about getting his whore to lick his cock properly clean, but as even her hair had seemed a little too much on his sensitive glans he decided against it. There were tissues that would do the job when he'd recovered. He'd forgotten the nightstick needed cleaning too or it would have made a worthy substitute.

"That wasn't so bad, was it? If God didn't want me to fuck you up the ass, he wouldn't have given you an ass could fit my cock! Tell me how you liked me using your ass, Black Cat!"

"Yes Sir... I loved you fucking my ass. It was the best ever." came Felicia's weary reply.

She had rarely been so thoroughly fucked. Felicia twisted herself into a sitting position as Ian released her ankle chain again. She kept her head subserviently down. As the chain clattered freely to the floor, she realised that even if he hadn't chained her she would have eventually given in to the fat man's demands and let him ravage her last virginal hole. Only a few months ago she had been so much more than a sperm receptacle; now it seemed the only role she could truly perform.

Felicia stood stiffly, following the bruising combination of nightstick and cock. She would certainly be walking a little funny for a while, and sitting very tenderly. Ian's dirt stained sperm continued to leak from her asshole as she stood. He indicated her Black Cat costume with wave of his pudgy hand, and she pulled it back on. The filth was sealed in with her as the leather enclosed her grubby skin. Ian detached the leash from her collar once she was fully en-costumed, and then pulled her towards him.

He liked her to look him right in the pig like face as he gave her a final groping, and to press her tongue to his when he took from her the kisses few whores would allow a paying client. Her hair hung unpleasantly damp against the back of her neck, and presumably her costume too. Ian's flaccid cock hung down too far beneath the bulk of his gut to further befoul her leather on the outside, but the mixture painting the inner legs of her Black Cat outfit would leave some difficult stains. Ian had more bad news for her,

"When you come next Thursday night, make sure you have $1000 stuffed in your cunt for me. Steal it from one of your do-gooder friends if you can. Understand, Black Cat?"

"I understand... Sir." Betraying one of her friends would be hard, but after giving her ass to Ian Hunt, Felicia Hardy wasn't even going to lie about it to him. At least she knew a few heroines who wouldn't even miss a paltry thousand.

"Get out of here then!"

Ian pushed her away and sat back on an unbroken chair. He was going to get his breath back, wipe off his cock, dress and grab a beer - probably in that order. An idiot grin split his face as she watched the Black Cat walk gingerly from the basement. Next time he'd make her take his cock up the ass without chaining her first. Hell, she'd probably enjoy it from the start next time, he decided.

End - Probably.

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