The Team:
Black Canary (Birds Of Prey)
Black Scorpion
Captain Liberty (Tick)
Huntress (Birds Of Prey)
Pink Ranger Cassie (Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers In Space)
Violet (Incredibles)

Black Scorpion/Tick/Bird Of Prey/Power Rangers Turbo/Incredibles:
The Action Figures, Inc (FF,Ff,fist,cons,ncon?)
by Hamster

Obligatory Origin Story...

Barbara Gordon aka Oracle, formerly known as Batgirl had gathered together
the Huntress and the Daughter of the Black Canary to help battle the forces
of evil But that was not enough. She knew that she needed more help and more
heroes to help in the battle against. So she recruited the Black Scorpion,
the Pink Power Ranger Cassie Chan and Captain Liberty. They became The Action
Figures, Inc.

Unfortuantely the first mission really didn't go so well. Evil villainess
Amazonia planned to infect the women of the world with the SLS virus and
turn them all into horny lesbian, then she planned to destroy all of the
planet's men. Amazonia was thwarted by the Action Figures but they were all
exposed to the virus. Now in their secret Arizona base they deal with this
turn of events while a villain plots against them.

* * *

Lord Fluffy's Lair...

The four dozen or so cybernetically enhanced Ninjas all knelt before their
master in humility and reverence.

Sitting on the throne before them was a young woman with shoulder length
brown hair who wore what looked like a modified Nazi uniform. In place of
where the Nazi symbols should be were little paw-shaped symbols. She had
lovely full lips and a cute, little, slightly up-turned nose. She even wore
those sexy elbow length leather gloves.

On her lap rested their master, the fuzzy white mutant cat known only as Lord

"You have done well, the time of our domination is at hand..." Fluffy was cut
off by loud cheering.

"Wait, I wasn't finished! Soon the world will tremble before us and we shall
destroy all who get in our way AHHHHHHHH HAHAHA HAAAAAAAAAA MWAAAAA HAHA!"
Everyone began laughing maniacally along with Fluffy. "With my new death ray
on the moon I will be unstoppable."

"But master, haz zat not been done before?" Ms. Kilner asked in her heavily
accented english.

"Yes, but this time it will work. I have a little distraction for any
superhero teams that might be paying attention. By the time they are done
with my wild goose chase my laser will be complete. Besides the Titans,
X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Power Rangers and Justice League are all
at that Super Hero convention in Vegas. Who is there to stop us?" Fluffy
began laughing hysterically again.

Pressing a button with his white fluffy paw, a hologram appeared of the
planet earth and several points on earth lit up.

"The locations of the nine sexy female scientists we will capture and hold
for ransom in order to distract the heroes from our real goal." As Lord
Fluffy spoke, Ms. Kilner scratched his ears affectionately. "Oh, yeah, baby,
that's the spot, oh yeah..."

* * *

Spirit Rock Compound, the middle of the Arizona desert.

The woman in the sexy pink two-piece bikini was a really hot Oriental chick
with long black hair, which flowed behind her as she swam in the compound's
Olympic-sized swimming pool. Cassie Chan, aka The Pink Ranger, enjoyed the
cool water as she swam laps around the pool. Her mood was a carefree mood,
something she hadn't experienced during her missions with her former team,
the Exiles.

As she was swimming, she noticed Dinah aka the Black Canary, coming to the
pool, wearing a swimsuit similar to Cassie's, except hers was black, her
breasts wrapped pleasingly in bikini top. Dinah climbed the ladder and walked
to the end of the diving board. With her arms extended, she jumped off the
diving board and dove into the water, splashing The Pink Ranger. A second
later, Dinah rose from the surface of the water like a phoenix rising from
the ashes, water dripping from her gorgeous body.

"Nice dive, Dinah," Cassie commented with delight. "I'd give it a 9.95, for

"Why, thank you, Cassie," Dinah replied as she swam up to the beautiful
Chinese-American heroine. Upon reaching Cassie, the former member took her in
her arms. Cassie returned the embrace.

"Is that all you have to show me?" Cassie inquired with a smile.

"Not by a long shot," Dinah smiled back, her lips inching toward Cassie's.
The two heroines began to kiss each other passionately, their hands roving
over each other's bodies.

Dinah sat Cassie on the edge of the pool and removed the Chinese-American
woman's bikini bottom while Cassie removed her bikini top, leaving her
totally naked. Dinah thrust two fingers into Cassie's hot, wet pussy. Cassie
moaned with delight, massaging her firm tits as Dinah's vigorous finger
fucking sent intense waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Dinah
slowly put the rest of her fingers into Cassie's sopping wet fucktunnel until
she was able to fist Cassie with lustful abandon. The woman known as The Pink
Ranger squealed with delight as Dinah fisted her. Dinah's ministrations gave
Cassie the most stunning orgasm she ever had since before she joined Brenda's

"You wanna do this again sometime, Cassie?" Dinah asked.

"You just name the place and time, Dinah," Cassie answered breathlessly,
smiling with delight.

* * *

Elsewhere in the compound...

Black Scorpion's lovely naked body was bent over a table she was moaning,
gasping and screaming as Helena, wearing a large strap-on, was plowing hard
into her cunt. Helena had a firm hold of Black Scorpion's waist as she drove
the dildo home repeatedly, one hard thrust after another. Black Scorpion
pushed back to meet each thrust, sweat rolling off her forehead. The large
dildo completely filled her and her pussy was stretched tight over it. She
was nearly senseless as she bucked against the great rubber cock. Helena
herself had sweat rolling from her head, down her neck and over her firm

Helena grabbed a length of Black Scorpion's long red hair in each hand and
pulled back hard as she increased the timing of her strokes.

let out a great cry as her girl-cum splattered on the dildo.

Helena slid the dildo out and smacked the other woman's smooth bottom.

"Eeep!" she squealed.

She placed the tip of the dildo between her cheeks to the entrance of her
little asshole. Helena thrust forward into her as hard as she could. Black
Scorpion's back arched and she let out an ear-piercing cry as the big rubber
monster penetrated her tight butt hole. Black Scorpion felt like she had a
huge log on deck. Helena held Black Scorpion's hip with one hand as she began
thrusting in, her other hand slid to her own wet cunt. She fingered herself
to an orgasm as she fucked Black Scorpion's ass. She slid the dildo out of
Black Scorpion's ass and smiled as she heard the girl huff, puff, gasp and
moan. Idly she took some of her own girl-cum and smeared it over Black
Scorpion's smooth cheeks then licked it clean.

Black Scorpion slid to her knees and began happily sucking and licking the
dildo clean. Just then her communicator sounded. Helena picked it up as Black
Scorpion continued sucking the 'cock'.

"Go for Huntress," Helena said huffing a bit from exertion. "I see. We'll get
right on it. Usual fee, naturally."

After concluding the conversation, Helena hung up the phone and looked
down at her friend. "Scorpion, assemble the team," she said. "Several top
scientists have been kidnapped and are being held for ransom."

Abandoned Warehosue, London

Cassie ran up the side of the wall and flipped behind the poorly dressed
ninja cyborg then kicked him in small of the back, sending the goof flying
into a wall.

"Ooounph!" The ninja exclaimed as he was slammed violently into a wall.

The slaughter continued as Ninja after Ninja was downed by the Action
Figures. In a dazzling display of martial arts Huntress and scorpion were
practically playing kickball with one Ninja whom they were knocking back
and forth. One fell to the floor shrieking as he clutched his poor balls,
which were blasted by one of Dinah's telekenetic blasts. The Ninja proceeded
through the wall and crashed to the ground below where he made a small

One Ninja attempted to jump Captain Liberty from behind, but the heroine
turned and caught him, then flipped him at Cassie, who kicked him into the
air, where he was blasted by another heat beam fired by Dinah. Then he was
thrown back into the ground by Huntress's equally powerful left arm.

A ninja stopped for a moment to wipe a tear away from his face.

"What's wrong?" Another Ninja asked.

"I just think teamwork is really beautiful," he replied.

Cassie kicked one into the air in Captain Liberty's direction, then Liberty
kicked the Ninja back at Aisha. They kicked him back and forth playing the
super hero version of catch before Cassie. finally caught his bruised
senseless body, turned him upside down and pile drove him into the ground.
Even Violet, who was the youngest and had the least combat training was
beating the shit out of them. It was not long before the entire situation
was resolved and every single ninja in the abandoned warehouse was sprawled
out on the floor unconscious. Many were twitching.

There were nine sexy female scientists, one Japanese, one Russian, a German,
an Indian, one Irish, 3 Americans - one blonde, one redhead, and one black
woman - and an Israeli all tied up to chairs, naked. The Adventurers untied
each of them happily.

"We did good," Cassie said with a goofy smile as she was embraced by a
grateful scientist lady.

"Ummm, I don't think the scientists were the real targets," Huntress said.

"Why do you say that?" Captain liberty asked.

"Well, I found this note on one of the Ninjas," Huntress replied, holding up
small a piece of paper.

All the women huddled together to read the note.

It read as follows:

Things to do...

1. Clean and press Ninja outfit
2. Renew membership in Super Villains' Cannon Fodders' Union
3. Download naked pictures of Britney Spears photo-mainipulated so she looks
8 months pregnant
4. Kidnap scientists to distract super heroes from master's real plot to
create giant laser on moon
5. Get ass kicked by good guys

"Uh-oh!!" The team exclaimed in unison.

* * *

The Adventure Jet streaked through the sky at high speeds. It was on its way
to L.A. in the hopes of borrowing a space vehicle from Tony Stark, founder
and CEO of Stark Solutions.

Scorpion insisted on being by herself in the cockpit so she could be free of
distractions. Any one of her sexy teammates would prove highly distracting
to anyone interested in women. It was a 3-hour trip from London to L.A. and
Scorpion's teammates were mostly sleeping on the trip. Nearly half way into
the trip, while her friends dozed and Scorpion flew, Dina felt the
overwhelming need to use the restroom. Getting up from her chair she made her
way to the restroom. Dinah removed her leather outfit and let it fall to her
ankles then sat down. Dianh felt her abdomen loosen up as a stream of hot pee
splashed into the toilet bowel. The released pressure caused Dinah to sigh

She slid a hand to her tit which she began massaging gently occasionally
tweaking the nipple. She stood and let a hand slide to her clit which she
rubbed and pinched gently.

"Ooooh," she moaned as her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

It was then that the door to the girl's room opened and Cassie came inside.

Dinah squeaked in surprise.

"Oh, my goodness!" Cassie exclaimed, a hand covering a smile. "Let me help
you with that."

"Umm, Cassie, I - uhhhh mmmmrph!!!" Dianh began but was silenced by a kiss.
Cassie pressed herself against her teammate and slid a pair of gloved fingers
into her moist pussy.

Dinah struggled briefly but soon was rocking with pleasure as Cassie pumped
her fingers in and out her pussy in a steady rhythm.

"Mmmm mmmm!" Dinah moaned into Cassie's mouth.

Cassie then began using two fingers then three. Dinah was almost in tears
from the vigorous finger fucking that was sending crashing shockwaves through
her beautiful body.

With great effort Cassie managed to get the rest of her fingers in and was
fisting Dinah roughly. Dinah was almost a rag doll in her hands, having
fallen completely to the pleasure and pain Cassie was providing. Cassie felt
the wetness of Dinah's girl cum and the shaking of Dinah's orgasm.

Cassie removed her hand and held it to Dinah's mouth. Dinah licked it clean.

Cassie smiled with satisfaction. She had fantasies about fucking Dinah, and
now those fantasies had been fulfilled.

* * *

Lord Fluffy sat at a large comfy chair staring at earth through his vid
screen. Soon, he thought, Earth will be mine and I will be loved and
worshipped by all who did not wish for a very painful and gruesome death.

Fluffy transmitted his message to the leaders of the world.

"Good afternoon, leaders of the world. This is your new lord and master. I am
Fluffy, son of Snowbell, son of Tom, son of unnamed alley cat. You will all
surrender to me and praise the glory that IS Fluffy or I shall waste you with
my laser. You will comply and/or beg for mercy now." Fluffy demanded.

He stared at the vid screen and watched as each and every world leader began
to laugh at him.

"YOU DARE mock your superior?! How DARE you, I ... oooo, oh FINE, I'll show
you. Ms. Kilner, I think Paris needs a face lift." Fluffy said as he pointed
at Earth on his vid screen.

Kilner managed the commands and felt the power of the ship as she unleashed
the laser.

Down on earth people fled and screamed in terror as the giant laser cut a
terrible path of destruction over the city. Homes were split in two several
land marks were disintegrated. Finally when Ms. Kilner's work was done a
giant 3-eyed smiley face was carved into the city of Paris.

"Very nice work, Ms. Kilner. But why 3 eyes?" Fluffy asked.

"I am very big fan of ze movie Evolution, unt Fluffy katchen," she explained.

The world leaders - except the French president, who was now toast - all
stared slack jawed in horror.

* * *

The spaceship the Adventurers had borrowed from Stark Solutions landed inside
Fluffy's moon base space dock. The team piled out of the ship only to be
surrounded by more Cyber-ninjas. Each of the girls sighed. Time for more
Ninja ass to get kicked.

Scorpion began to blast away with her plasma rifle, the Black Canary blasted
away with her tk bolts, and the rest just began beating down people.

Ninjas were flying, frying and crying left and right.

"Enough!" Someone new demanded.

All the Action Figures stopped to look. All the beaten and bruised Ninjas
slunk away quietly. Ms. Kilner stood in the Moonbase space dock with her
hands on her hips.

"I zink zat ze ninjas have enough. You vill now be taking ze break," Ms.
Kilner said.

Ms. Kilner threw a small grenade across the floor at the girls and odd purple
smoke began to issue from it. Ms. Kilner quickly put on a gas mask and sat
down to watch the show. The girls all coughed and gagged until the gas
cleared. Each and everyone of them fell unconscious.

"Vell, vell lets see ve seem to have all ze Action Figures here. How very
nice! I zought zer was anozer one. Ninjas, take ze heroines to Lord Fluffy.
I must find ze missing zuper girl," Ms. Kilner ordered.

* * *

The Adventurers - minus Violet - were all held to a wall by small mechanical
tentacles. Fluffy walked back and forth, examining the now unconscious women.

HA HAA." Fluffy laughed maniacally. "So the world leaders think they will
defeat me by sending this ragtag group of heroes after me, eh? Well, we will
just have to show them not to fuck with me. You there, ninja! No, not you the
other one! Yes, you! No, don't tell me your name, it is not important. Please
just set the laser to destroy Tokyo. Say good-bye to Anime and Manga, world!

"NO! YOU CANT!!!" The Action Figures cried in unison. Fluffy was quite
obviously a very bad kitty.

"Watch me!" Fluffy said as he sprayed each of them with sleeping gas.


"What the fuck was that?" Fluffy said surprised.

"My lord, it ... it's the laser. Something is wrong with it," the Ninja
operating the laser said.

"Well, hit the dash, jiggle the handle, do something, damn it," Fluffy

"Sir, none of that is working! We have to send a technician to repair it,"
the Ninja said.

"It's always something." Fluffy shook his head.

* * *

Violet was thoroughly lost in the giant moonbase. She had to find the control
room or at least her friends because she was getting pretty tired of beating
up ninjas. As she turned a corner she ran smack into Ms. Kilner. Kilner acted
first, reaching for her stun gun and paralyzing Violet.

"Vell, vell, vell it zeems ve have ze missing zuper hero here. And vat a cute
little tart. I zink I vill play viz zou a bit," Ms. Kilner said smiling.

Violet was conscious, though unable to move, and her eyes widened as she
saw Kilner cut away her costume. Once Violet was suitably naked Ms. Kilner
started kneading and squeezing Violet's tit in one hand while gently
fingering her pussy with the other. In spite of herself, the heroine felt
little ripples of pleasure run up and down her spine as she moaned slightly.
Once Ms. Kilner had gotten Violet nice and wet, she lowered her face to the
dark haired teen's pussy and began planting light little kisses on it in
between stabbing into her sweet little hole with her tongue. She quickened
her tongue strokes and was soon tongue-fucking the girl in a frenzy. Violet
whimpered as she came to an orgasm and spilled her juices. Ms. Kilner lifted
her head from her feast and wiped her chin, then licked her fingers clean.

Smiling Ms. Kilner stood and began to strip off all of her uniform. Once
naked she rolled over the paralyzed Violet and gave the cheek solid SMACK!
Violet let out a high pitched squeak which drew a smile from Kilner.

Ms. Kilner straddled Violet's butt and began grinding her crotch into the
firm cheeks. The German blonde was moaning and grunting loudly as she humped
Violet's firm and shapely butt. Her tempo got faster and faster and she
ground harder and harder as she rode Violet like a mechanical bull.

out a mind-blowing orgasm.

Ms. Kilner lay on top of Violet, her energy spent.

Violet, who had already began to regain her mobility, gritted her teeth and
focused all her strength in order to use a martial arts move to throw Ms.
Kilner into the wall. She then kicked Kilner in the face.

"Bitch," Violet commented as she walked away.

* * *

Lord Fluffy stood next to the controls for the giant laser.

"Finally I am going to destroy Tokyo and show the world that they must bow
and pay homage to ME! BWA HAAAA HAAA HAAA" Fluffy cried.

"You are such an evil Cat." A ninja commented.

"Fuck you, I'm not an evil cat. I'm a morally-challenged feline-American."
Fluffy retorted.

Fluffy began to lower his paw onto the controls but was interrupted as he
had to jump to the floor to avoid being fried by a heat blast from a ray gun.
Violet dropped the gun and went to the control panel

"Stop!" Violet shouted as she ran to the controls that released her friends.

Suddenly all the Ninjas in the control room had other things that they needed
to do.

"DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT!! I'll see you in hell, bitch!!!" Fluffy cried as
he ran out the kitty door that led to his escape pod.

Cassie tried to catch up to him to stop him but the cat door was too small.

"Shit, he got away," Huntress said angrily.

"He'll be back ... just like some bad comic book cliché," Captain Liberty

* * *


Spirit Rock Compound, Arizona

Barbara was stretched out naked on the bed and Huntress was running her
tongue over her round melon-like boob. Huntress stopped at the hardened
ipple and gave a long hard suck. She tugged at it with her teeth lightly,
causing Barbara to moan softly. Barbara had a machine that allowed her
the use of her legs for a short period of time and now seemed as good a
time as any.

I'm very proud of my team, she thought as she stroked Helena's hair. We
worked well together and we managed to save the world, a must for any
legitimate super hero team.

Huntress traced her tongue down to Barbara's belly to her pussy. With skilled
practice Huntress found the clitoris and began to lavish attention on it.

Barbara moaned and grunted as she grabbed Huntress's hair and rammed
Huntress's face into her pussy. As Huntress fucked her, Barbara slid a bag
out from under the couch and pulled out a large double headed dildo. She
gently pushed Huntress's face away and began to slide one end of the "L"
shaped dildo deep into her own pussy. It was big and her pussy was tight
against the rubber rod.

Knowing exactly what to do, Huntress got on all fours and looked back at her
boss with a smile. Barbara stepped up and spread Huntress's cheeks and found
the cute little bung hole. Barbara brought the other end of her twin-headed
dildo to Huntress's hole and pushed her way in. With a powerful effort she
began pumping in and out, fucking Huntress's ass with a steady rhythm.
Barbara could feel every stroke in the end that was rammed up her pussy.
Huntress, despite her great discomfort pushed back to meet each stroke.

It was not long before Barbara was having a very satisfying orgasm, thanks to
her most dedicated employee.
_ _ _

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