Blade/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Greatest Stories Ever Told (MF,inter)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Buffy Summers looked at the tall, handsome black man who stood before her.
His name was Blade. Blade was one of the Nightstalkers. The Nightstalkers
were this small group of humans who hunted vampires. They were led by
Hannibal King and Abigail Whistler. The Nightstalkers hunted vampires in
large urban areas like New York. Blade was one of them but he was also
something else. He was part human and part vampire. He had the best of both
worlds in him, basically. He was stronger and faster than the average
vampire. He had the vampire's sharp senses and accelerated healing process.
Unlike all the other vampires in the world, Blade could withstand sunlight.
The vampires called him the Daywalker. He was a myth.

Blade had come to Sunnydale with the Nightstalkers on the trail of Makras,
a fearsome vampire who had been walking the Earth since early 1200 B.C. when
he became one of the Undead. Makras was no ordinary vampire. He had survived
thousands of years by being ruthless, even for a vampire. He had gathered
quite a following over the ages. His Blood Cadre had over a hundred members.
Only the strongest and most ruthless vampires were recruited into the Blood
Cadre and its members were fiercely loyal and devoted to their mysterious

Makras and the Blood Cadre came to Sunnydale, thinking the small town would
be an easy prey. Well, it was not. Buffy Summers was the Slayer in Sunnydale.
She and her friends fought against the Blood Cadre. Buffy had enlisted the
aid of her allies in this battle. Willow Rosenberg, the powerful Witch and
her lover Tara along with ex-military man turned construction worker Xander
Harris. There was also Anya, Xander's ex-Vengeance Demon girlfriend. Dawn
Summers, Buffy's little sister. Not to forget Spike, Sunnydale's resident
vampire with a soul.

The Scooby Gang, as Buffy affectionately called her friends had gone up
against the Blood Cadre to find themselves almost overwhelmed. The Blood
Cadre members used advanced technology in their battle, unlike ordinary
vampires who relied on physical prowess and cunning. The Scooby Gang faced
gun-toting and computer-savvy vampires for the first time. They were caught
unprepared. Just when things seemed desperate, the Nightstalkers had come
to the rescue. The Nightstalkers had saved the Scooby Gang. That's how they
met. Over the next few weeks, the two teams worked together to bring down
the Blood Cadre. Their combined might defeated the super vampires. The
Nightstalkes remained in Sunnydale to recuperate from the dreadful battle.
Buffy Summers had graciously offered the Nightstalkers her home as a
temporary locale until they could leave.

Blade was in the Summers house. He didn't like cozy small towns but he didn't
mind Sunnydale too much. He liked being around Buffy. She was everything he
liked in a woman. Strong, smart, beautiful. She was what every man who liked
women wanted. Someone who had a good head on her shoulders and could take
care of business. Also, someone trustworthy. What woman could be more
trustworthy than the female warrior who fought and died to save the world...

Blade was staying in a room downstairs. He walked upstairs and wandered
around. He found himself in the upstairs living room, where Buffy Summers
was. There she was....clad in an old gray T-shirt and black sweatpants. She
was looking very sexy and sweet at the same time. Not many women could pull
it off.

"Hey, man." Buffy said. "What's up?"

Blade pulled Buffy into his arms and kissed her. The girl looked so damn
fine. She was driving him wild and he was dying to fuck her. Buffy read the
need in his eyes. She wanted him as well and didn't want to keep him waiting.
She started to slowly undress. Blade leaned back against the wall and watched
the beautiful young woman as she revealed her sexy body. Damn she looked
fine! Blade gestured for her to come to him and she obeyed. They kissed. It
was a deep, passionate kiss. Blade caressed Buffy's smooth and sexy body. His
hands touched her pretty face, her breasts and her buttocks. The girl had it
going on! Buffy looked at the fine and masculine black man who stood before
her and wanted to taste him so bad. She could feel his erect manhood press
against her even as she finished undressing him. They went to her bed.

Blade parted Buffy Summers' legs and slid his cock inside her. Buffy gasped
when she felt his huge black cock enter her pussy. Blade put his big hands on
her hips and started to ram his cock inside her. Buffy supported herself by
shifting her weight on her elbows and let herself go. It had been a long time
since she had a good fuck. Blade knew how to fuck, and fuck well. He slammed
his cock inside her until she started screaming and her pussy was deliciously

They changed positions and Buffy Summers found herself on her hands and knees
facing away from him. Blade rubbed his cock against her gorgeous heart-shaped
ass and pressed his cockhead against her pink little asshole. Buffy tensed.
It had been a long time since she'd had a cock up her ass. The only guys who
ever fucked her up the ass were the vampire Spike and ex-military man Riley

Blade started to really give it to her, slamming his cock deep into her
asshole. She screamed, feeling like she was being split in half as he
plunged his cock deep inside her anus. He continued to fuck her like this.
Buffy screamed like a bitch in heat. She loved being fucked! Blade yanked
her head back by pulling on her long blond hair and she gasped. He slammed
his cock even harder up her ass. She screamed. Blade shuddered. He grimaced.
Buffy tensed. He came inside her. Filling her asshole with his cum.

Blade pulled out of her. They remained like that on the bed, neither saying
anything. There was nothing to be said. It was more than just sex, of course.
Both of them needed it and had just satisfied each other's needs. Even
superhuman heroes and heroines had needs just like the average man or woman.


Hannibal King lay on the bed he had been given. He was recovering from a
rather nasty injury. The vampire who had wounded him had been a red-haired
female. She reminded him of Danica Talos, the female vampire who transformed
him into one of the undead a long time ago. Hannibal King hated Danica Talos.
A while ago, she and a few other vampires had awakened the first vampire,
Drake. Drake was many thousands of years old. He was the first vampire,
according to legend.

Drake had powers that other vampires did not have. He could shapeshift at
will. He could also withstand sunlight. He was stronger than most vampires.
Blade defeated Drake in a long and bloody battle. Danica Talos had been
killed during the struggle. A mysterious chemical formula had been used on
Hannibal King to change him from a vampire to a human. Now, Hannibal King
enjoyed being human and also hunted vampires. That's what he did best. Now,
he was just recovering.

"Do you need anything?" asked Dawn.

Hannibal King looked at Dawn. She was a lovely young thing. A pretty girl.
He had read up her file. She used to be something powerful and immortal.
Something known as the Key. The Key was the mystical gateway to a Hell
Dimension from which the evil goddess known as Glory came from. Glory wanted
to use the Key to leave Earth and return where she came from. Buffy wasn't
having any of it. She killed Glory. The struggle against Glory and various
supernatural forces allied with her cost Buffy her life but Willow's magic
brought Buffy Summers back from the dead. Hannibal King had grown fascinated
by what Dawn represented. Cosmic power inhabiting a mortal female's body.

Dawn was looking at him with a mysterious smile. Hannibal liked that smile.
He had come to notice how sexy Dawn was. She was a real beauty. He liked what
he saw. She was always extra nice to him. Hannibal liked her too but since
she seemed to be under eighteen, he thought he'd best stay away from her.
Imagine how glad he was when he found out that she had turned eighteen a few
weeks before he came to Sunnydale. Hmm. Right now she was just staring at
him. For the past few weeks, by accident or by design, she was always near

Hannibal King kissed Dawn Summers. It was a deep and sensual kiss. She put
her slender arms around him. Hannibal pushed her against the wall and she
stared into his eyes. She looked so beautiful. He was aching to take her.
She was so lovely. He kissed her forehead. She looked at him. "I want you."
she said.

"I want you too." he replied.

She looked surprised and pleased. She pointed to the bed. "Let's go." she

Hannibal lifted her up and carried her to the bed. She lay on her back and
looked at him. He looked at her. He started to undress her and licked every
inch of her body with that sensual tongue of his. He parted her legs and
started to lick her pussy. Dawn felt so much pleasure she thought she was
gonna pass out. Hannibal's mouth and fingers worked her pussy over and she
was wet and slick with overflowing juices which Hannibal licked eagerly. She
screamed at the top of her lungs as he took her to a trip to heaven. When he
was done, she looked up at him. Her slender body was covered with sweat and
she felt almost dizzy. He just looked at her. "Fuck me!" she said.

Hannibal King got into position. Dawn looked at him with a mixture of fear
and excitement in her voice. He just stared at her. She touched his arm.

"Hannibal, this will be my first time." she said in a meek voice.

Hannibal looked at her with wide eyes. "I'll be careful." he told her.

Hannibal King entered Dawn Summers's hot teen pussy. She gasped. He went in
slowly at first, letting her get used to his length and thickness. He picked
up the pace. In and out he went. In. Out. Hard. Fast. Harder. Faster. He
slammed her pussy with his hard cock. She screamed. He slammed her. She
panted. He rammed her. She gasped. He thrust into her. She whimpered. He
plunged inside her. He came. She grunted. He roared in victory and pleasure.
Dawn and Hannibal King lay on the bed. Their bodies were covered with sweat.
Glistening. Dawn looked at Hannibal and smiled. He just nodded. She rested
her head against his chest.

"How was your first time?" he asked.

"Great." Dawn said. "It was amazing."

Hannibal King smiled. He felt satisfied. Those were the words a man liked to
hear after making love to a woman. With a beautiful young lady by his side,
he went to sleep.

Spike's Lair...

Tara Maclay walked down the street. She was dangerously close to the park
and from there she could see Spike's Lair. The vampire with a soul lived in
an old mansion. This was the place where he slept. The place he once shared
with his lover, the female vampire known as Drusilla. Tara also knew that
this was where Spike and Buffy often had sex. Tara hesitated. She had come
by the place several times in the past. She was drawn to it.

Tara had been going through some changes lately. She was still in love with
her beautiful lover, the Witch known as Willow Rosenberg. She had begun to
feel... unsatisfied with their relationship. Willow was loving and gentle
and loyal. Tara loved her for it. She just didn't feel the same... thrill
anymore. Sex with Willow had become boring. Tara fantasized about other
females like Buffy. She had surprised herself when she found herself
fantasizing about Spike. He was rugged and macho. He was handsome as hell.
She never liked men in a sexual manner but there was something about Spike...

Tara's fantasies increased just as her sex life with Willow became
nonexistent. She masturbated daily and thought about Spike. She wanted him.
This shocked her. She liked men as friends. Never as lovers. If she was into
men, she'd want someone nice and funny like Xander instead of someone like
Spike. Spike was the sarcastic, handsome, nasty, foul-mouthed, uber-macho
scumbag she lusted after.

He was totally bad-ass. He wouldn't hesitate to punch a guy or a girl who
messed with him. She'd seen him fight powerful male opponents like the
'other' vampire with a soul known as Angel. Spike held his own against Angel
and against Riley Finn. He fought against Buffy Summers and Faith. Both women
were Slayers and yet Spike the vampire lived to tell about it. He was bad
news. He had no morals. No values. He wouldn't hesitate to diserespect or
humiliate any man or woman. He was arrogant and foul-mouthed. He had no
allegiance to anyone or anything. He was content to hop from the bed of one
woman to that of another for the rest of his immortal life. He was bad news.
The only person he acted decent toward was Dawn...

Spike seemed to have a soft spot for Dawn. At first, Tara found herself
jealous. She felt ridiculous. She was a lesbian in a committed relationship
with another woman. Yet she was jealous that some macho guy might like a
teenage girl instead of her? She really needed to check herself. She came to
the Lair tonight to see Spike and she thought that if she saw him in all of
his badness for the scumbag that he was, she would forget about him and go
back to being her pussy-eating, pussy-loving, onehundredpercent lesbo self.
Somehow, things didn't go as planned. She walked into the Lair and saw Spike.
He was dressed only in jeans and his muscular body looked so good that Tara
Maclay found herself salivating.

"Hey." Spike said. "What's up?"

Tara looked at him. He seemed genuinely surprised to see her. She hesitated.
"Just wanted to talk." she said.

He offered her a seat.

"Thanks." she said.

Spike looked at her. "Anything for a good young lady." he said. "You're
welcome." Tara found herself blushing. Spike grinned. "What's bothering you,
lass?" he asked.

Tara looked at him. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head. She summoned her
magical power and amplified her empathy a thousandfold. She touched Spike,
and saw into his soul...

Tara Maclay saw into Spike's soul. She saw the young William as a poet in
London in the 1800s. She saw him as a nice youth desperately seeking a good
woman. She watched him feel the sting of rejection. She winced in sympathy.
She had fallen in love with women she couldn't have back in her younger days.
She saw William and saw how he felt. He wanted so badly to prove to the women
that he was a good man and husband and lover material. He didn't know that
the pretty ladies he liked were a bunch of lying, cheating, backstabbing and
bed-hopping bitches from hell. He was young and naive in those days. She
watched the incident that pushed him over the edge. A pretty lady he was fond
of said to him.

"You're beneath me, William." Tara winced in sympathy.

Poor William. She saw the memory and sensed his heart, mind and soul harden.
He no longer thought women were wonderful or great. He thought that they were
all the same. Same old bitches. He hated them but like most men, he was drawn
to them. William stopped writing poetry. He became a hardened man.

That's when the vampire Angelus came into London. Angelus came into the
capital of England with his lover, the vampire Darla and their newest protege
and ally, the mad vampire Drusilla. Drusilla fell in love with the embittered
poet William. She turned him into a vampire. William became the vampire known
as Spike. Spike was a ruthless son of a bitch who respected no one and feared
nothing. All the things that William repressed as a human came to the surface
when he became a vampire. He was one of the most daring and ruthless of all
vampires. He was a vicious fighter. He seduced beautiful women and treated
them worse than he would treat animals because of the way the bitches had
treated him when he had been human. Spike often killed his female lovers. He
also killed men who were arrogant and pompous, the kind of men who had
scorned him as a mortal...

Tara Maclay was overwhelmed by the memories of Spike. She felt bad for him.
Underneath all that anger and hatred was a decent and gentle soul. The soul
of a good man. She reached out and tried to touch his cheek.

"Don't touch me." he said. He was aware of what she had done. "I hate it when
bitches touch me." he told her.

"Spike, I don't want to hurt you." Tara said.

"I mean it." Spike looked at her. "That's what they all say." he grunted. He
got up.

"Leave my place." he barked.

Tara looked at him. She was fascinated. He was not what she thought. He was
not a bad guy. Somewhere inside him was a decent person. She felt herself
drawn to that hidden gentleness in him. She wanted to hold him and embrace
him. They were so much alike. She recalled that once when she was younger, a
male relative of hers "touched" her. This scarred her consciousness. She grew
up with a lot of misandry and eventually became a lesbian. Maybe she would
have been "straight" if she hadn't been "touched" by a pervert? She thought
about Spike. If a bunch of bitches hadn't hurt him, maybe he would have been
a decent man? Yeah.

She looked at him. She felt so close to him. She could tell that he was
hurting still. A lot of men had been betrayed by the women in their lives
and thought that all women were backstabbing bitches as a result of that.
She realized that she was wrong. After she had been "touched" she thought
that all men were perverts and bad people. They were not all like that,
she realized. Rupert Giles was a good man. He had helped Buffy and the
Scooby Gang countless times. Xander Harris was a good man too. Tara Maclay
realized that Spike was a good man as well.

"I'm not like the others." she said. "I don't want to hurt you."

Spike was on her in an instant. He had seized her by the throat. "What makes
you think you can help me, bitch?" he asked. He had morphed into his vamp
face now. A bright light surrounded them, emanating from Tara as she looked
into his feral eyes. "Your magic can't save you now." he said.

He squeezed. She was choking. She still wanted to reach him and help him. She
thought about a magical spell that would hurt him but pushed it out of mind.
She wanted to help him. She didn't want to seem like a backstabbing bitch to
him. She would have to take a big chance as a gesture of good faith. She
whispered a spell that would permanently strip her of all magical powers. It
worked and she felt drained of all power and slumped in Spike's grip. He
looked at her.

"What is this?" he asked.

"I am no longer a witch." she said. "My powers are gone forever. I am at your

Spike spat on her face. She stared at him. "Playing victim won't get you
anywhere with me, bitch." he said. She started to talk but he struck her
across the face. "Shut up." he said. He shoved her on the ground.

She looked up at him, and raised her hands in surrender. "I just want to help
you, Spike." She paused. "We are more alike than you can imagine."

He stared at her. "I am a man and you are a woman." he said. "Nothing in
common whatsoever."

She stared hard at him. "We are both the way we are because we have been
betrayed by members of the opposite sex whom we trusted." she said.

Spike looked at her. He was shocked.

"I was molested by a man when I was younger." she said. "I grew up hating
men and eventually turned to girls for love and sexual release."

He listened cautiously. "You don't trust women because some bitches hurt you
a long time ago." she said. "Not all women are like that."

Spike chuckled. "Yes, you are." he said.

She looked at him. "If you really feel that way, Spike, then kill me." He
looked at her and hesitated. She shrugged. "It'll be one less bitch on the
face of the earth, right?" she asked.

"What in hell do you want from me?" Spike asked.

Tara Maclay looked at him. "I want to help you." she said. "Even if it kills

Spike growled. "It might." he said in a low, threatening tone.

Tara exposed her neck to his fangs. She raised her hands to show that they
were empty of weapons.

The vampire stared at her. "This is some kind of trick." he said. "You women
are full of tricks."

Tara Maclay smiled sadly. "My life is yours if you want it." she said. "I am
not leaving you like this."

Tara Maclay looked past Spike. She saw something move in the bushes. Her eyes
widened. "Watch out!" she shouted.

Spike grinned. "Like I'm gonna fall for that trick." he retorted.

Tara Maclay suddenly rushed at Spike. The surprised vampire found himself
shoved aside. Just at that moment, a mysterious woman came out of the shadows
and shot an arrow. The arrow thudded into Tara's body. Spike turned around to
see a familiar figure. That of Abigail Whistler, the beautiful Huntress.

"You?" she said. She looked at Spike, embarassed. They had fought side by
side against the Blood Cadre. She hadn't recognized him as the only "good"
vampire in Sunnydale. Spike looked at Abigail then at Tara, lying on the
floor in a pool of blood.

"I thought you were a vampire." said Abigail.

"I am a vampire." Spike growled. "You shot her."

Abigail looked at Tara. The young woman just lay there.

"Help me get her to a hospital." Spike told Abigail Whistler. The young
Huntress agreed and they rushed Tara Maclay to the hospital.

* * *

Tara Maclay woke up slowly and painfully in a hospital bed inside the
Sunnydale hospital emergency room. She was in a small white room. She was
surrounded by familiar faces. She smiled when she saw her friends. Xander.
Buffy. Dawn. She recognized new arrivals like Blade, Hannibal King and a
sheepish-looking Abigail Whistler who was mumbling apologies. She saw Giles.
She looked at Willow, who looked worried.

"Hi, Tara." said Willow. She kissed Tara.

Tara looked around and did not see the one face she wanted to see. Spike.
He was not there. She asked about him and learned that he was still alive.
He hadn't been killed. No one knew of her secret desire for him or what had
taken place between them. Her friends remained by her side until visiting
hours were over. Before she left, Willow gave Tara a great big kiss that
looked romantic but left Tara rather cold.

Night fell. Tara had almost fallen asleep. She was recovering from an injury
that would have killed most people. She heard some light footsteps and woke
up. There was no one there. Just some red flowers with no card. She was
puzzled and went to sleep.

The next day, the Scooby Gang was there, plus the Nightstalkers. As before,
they spent the whole day. Tara asked who had given her the red roses the
night before and no one knew. Tara's heart leapt in her chest. She had a
pretty nice might be Spike!!!

The next night, he was there. He looked so good in a black leather jacket,
black silk shirt, black jeans and boots. He came in with flowers. Again. He
was apologizing over and over. She was just glad to see him. They talked
for hours. About everything.

"Why did you save my life?" Spike asked. "You are such a good person, Tara.
I don't deserve such a friend."

Tara touched his hand and looked at him. "Because I love you." she said.

Spike could not have been more shocked if he had been punched by Mike Tyson.
He just stared at her. Tara smiled and squeezed his hand. "Now you know." she

Spike looked at the beautiful young woman who had saved not only his life but
his soul. Since she had saved him, he had felt himself change. He didn't want
to go soft but he did want someone decent in his life, like Tara. He squeezed
her hand. He smiled. He felt happy. He felt worried. He didn't know what to

"Ditto." Spike said quietly. Tara looked at him. "I love you, too." he said.


The Scooby Gang and the Nightstalkers came for one more visit. Since it was
in the daytime, Spike couldn't be with them. The whole bunch was there but
they seemed silent. They went outside, and Tara noticed the look that Abigail
Whistler gave to Willow Rosenberg. "We need to talk." Willow told Tara.

Tara looked at her. This didn't sound like good news.

"I'm in love with Abigail." said Willow. "I'm leaving for New York with her."

Tara didn't know what to say. She fell silent. Willow just looked at her.
"Traitor!" Tara shouted.

Abigail came into the room and gave Tara a look of hatred just as Willow just
stared at Tara.

"This bitch tried to kill me and you are leaving with her?" Tara shouted.
"Traitor!" She pointed an accusatory finger at Abigail Whistler.

The Scooby Gang and the Nightstalkers came into the room. Abigail Whistler
looked at Tara. "Shut up, bitch!" she said.

Tara started to tell everyone how she had been talking to Spike when Abigail
came and shot at them with her friggin arrows. Blade looked at Abigail
Whistler and grabbed her by the arm in his powerful grip. "Is this true?" the
Daywalker asked.

Abigail Whistler looked at them like a cornered animal. She turned to Willow
for support. The red-haired Witch just stared at her. "Is this true?" Willow
asked. "You tried to kill Tara, why?"

Abigail looked at Willow. "I fell in love with you." she said. "I wanted Tara
out of the way. She wasn't satisfying you anymore. I wanted you. I wanted to
get rid of that bitch but the vampire got in the way."

Willow backed away from Abigail Whistler in horror. The Scooby Gang and the
Nightstalkers closed in around her, blocking her escape. Abigail snatched the
sword of the Daywalker from its sheath and pressed the sword against Tara's
throat, grabbing the injured young woman.

"Let me go or she dies." Abigail said. She pressed the sword closer to
Abigail's throat and the young woman winced.

Tara Maclay saw her life flash before her eyes. She couldn't believe that
she might die in this place and none of the gathered heroes and heroines
in the room could save her. Blade looked angry. Buffy looked tense. Anya
looked worried. Xander looked disgusted. Giles looked appalled. Dawn looked
frightened. Hannibal looked sorry. None of them could save her.

"I am gonna leave this place or she dies." Abigail Whistler repeated.

Just then, the window in the room shattered and something came flying inside.
An outline of a human shape... in flame. The burning man burst into the room
and rushed toward Abigail and her hostage. Abigail backed away from the
unexpected menace. The traitorous female Nightstalker looked for an exit but
they were blocked. The Nightstalkers and the Scooby Gang watched as the
burning man seized Abigail Whistler in a lethal embrace. Abigail screamed as
she burned. The burning man held her while she thrashed and screamed and
finally fell still. Little more than ash.

The burning man looked at the gathered heroes.

"Oh, my God." said Buffy. "Spike, is that you?"

Spike looked at them. He was horribly burned all over from braving the
sunlight outside. "I'm alright, mates." he said. He looked at Abigail's
corpse. "Bitch got what she deserved, I'll say." he grunted.

Even though he was talking and laughing, the vampire was in agony. He was in
agony... Tara Maclay looked at her unexpected savior. "Spike?" she said.

"Yeah." he replied. "Couldn't let that evil bitch kill you, love."

Tara felt tears coming into her eyes. She reached out to touch him. Just
then, Willow rushed past Spike and embraced Tara. "So glad you're alright."
said Willow.

Spike looked at Willow and Tara. "Take care of Tara." he told no one in
particular. With that, he turned to leave the room.

Xander offered him his hooded jacket to shield him from the sunlight outside.


Spike stood inside his Lair. It was the middle of the day and he was watching
some porn. It had been a long time since he went out of the Lair. Basically
two weeks had passed since he did either of his favorite things: drink blood
or have sex. He had lost interest in both.

These days he watched television and brooded about Tara Maclay, the woman
he could not have. His body had healed almost fully. He would regenerate
completely within a few days. Vampires were resilient. Spike's heart was a
whole other matter. He had fallen in love again. This time, he was in love
with a great and amazing and caring and decent young woman... who happened
to be a lesbian. He grunted.

Brooding about a woman all day was for losers, yet he did it. His eyes were
fixated on the porno. In the flick, a lanky blond guy was giving it to a
pretty brunette. Spike felt himself get hard and images of Tara popped into
his head. He got really hard and this happened really fast. He jerked off
his dick and then came. He wiped his hands on his pants and fixed himself up.

He went and sat on the sofa for his mid-day snooze. Spike was deep into
slumber when he was awakened by noise. Light footsteps. He opened his eyes
and...there she was. Tara Maclay. She stood there, looking gorgeous. She
wore a sleeveless blue T-shirt and gray sweatpants. "Hi, there." she said.

Spike blinked. "Oh, hey." he said. "What's up, girl?"

She walked up to him. "Just visiting." she said.

She looked at him, grinned and took a look around. Spike looked at her. She
had a gorgeous ass. He felt his cock harden. Damn. Not now.

"I like what you've done with the place." she said.

Spike looked around. If anything, his Lair looked more neglected than usual.
Tara picked up a broom and magically willed it to sweep the floor until it
was spotless. Spike grinned.

"Your magic is back." he said.

"Gift from Willow." she said.

Spike nodded. Hmm. Willow again. Jeez. He had lost the woman he loved to
another woman. Why rub his face in it? As if she read his thoughts, Tara
said, "A gift before a trip." she said.

Spike scratched his head. So, Tara was taking a trip with Willow. How
sweet... excuse him while he threw up.

He decided to stop moping and be a man and take what was coming at him.

"Have a safe and pleasant trip." he told her.

Tara looked at him. She looked surprised. Then, she smiled. She came closer
to him and she would have taken his breath away... if he still breathed.
"I'm not going anywhere, you silly goose." she said. "After our breakup,
Willow decided to leave town."

Spike blinked. "Really?" he said.

Finally it clicked into his brain. She was not leaving. She was staying in
Sunnydale... with him. He picked her up and swung her around and she giggled
happily. "So, you're staying." he said. "With me?"

Tara nodded. She gently touched his face. "I love you, Spike." she said.
"You know I mean it."

He looked at her. "I know." he whispered. "I love you, too."

With that, he firmly clasped her hand and she unquestioningly followed him
deeper into the Lair.

Spike and Tara stood in the dark. They shared their first kiss there. Tara
had never kissed a man before. She liked it. She was new to all this and
Spike decided to give her time. For the next few weeks, they did a lot of
stuff together. They went to the mall and the movies. They went to Sunnydale
high school sports and games. They had long make-out sessions pretty much
everywhere they went.

The Scooby Gang was still not too comfortable with the idea of Tara Maclay
dating Spike. A Witch and a Vampire. Together. Spike found that he enjoyed
Tara's company. They learned a lot about each other. She liked Action movies
and Science Fiction flicks. He grudgingly admitted an addiction to Daytime
Soap Operas like Passions and Days Of Our Lives.

Spike kissed Tara. She kissed him back. He put his arms around her. They let
themselves fall in the comfy bed. Spike started to undress Tara tenderly,
slowly. She was so beautiful. He kissed her face, her neck and her breasts.
She seemed tense. He told her to relax.

"Let me take care of you." he told her.

He caressed her cone-shaped breasts. He loved that dopey-sweet expression
on her face. He kissed her everywhere. He parted her legs and she gasped.
He looked into her face. She nodded. He went ahead and started to eat her
out. His agile tongue went inside her and she started to moan and writhe
on the bed. Tara had a few female lovers in her life and they were great
pussy-eaters. Spike knew how to do it better than all of them because he
had centuries of experience. Centuries. His mouth and fingers, his smooth
yet sure and knowing touch brought her from climax to climax. She felt so
much pleasure that she thought she was going to burst. She came. He licked
her cum. He was so damn good that she was gasping for breath in his arms,
her senses overwhelmed. He looked pleased to see her happy.

Tara Maclay looked at Spike, the one who had brought her pleasures the likes
of which she could not have dared dream of. He was the best she'd ever had,
as far as pussy-eating went. She felt the need to return the favor. She just
hoped that she could. She looked lovingly into Spike's eyes.

"Are you alright?" he asked. "Did you like it?"

"Let me take care of you." she said.

Before Spike could do anything, her head was on his lap. He felt her warm
mouth encircle his cock. He gasped. Tara started to suck him off. He couldn't
believe it. Tara. His beautiful Tara. Sucking him off. He looked at her.
Gosh, she was beautiful. She was sucking and sucking, drawing him out, so to
speak. He felt the irresistible urge and called out a warning. She paid him
no heed and continued what she was doing. When he came, she took all he had
to give and gulped it down. Spike screamed in pleasure. He looked at Tara
with blurry eyes. She had stopped sucking him off. She was looking at him
expectantly. He knew what was to take place.

She came closer. They kissed. A moment later, they started making passionate
love to each other. It was a first for both of them. When they were done, the
two lovers lay in each other's arms. Content at last.


Blade and his fellow Nightstalker Hannibal King left Sunnydale for New York.
Blade asked Buffy to join them and although she wanted to, she had a town to
look after, just like he did. Hannibal and Dawn parted amicably and promised
to write each other. Xander Harris and Anya decided to take off for Hawaii.
Willow Rosenberg took off for San Francisco to join a newly formed Wiccan
Sisterhood. Spike learned that there are good men and good women everywhere
one goes and that the actions of one bad individual should not tarnish one's
view of a whole group. Tara Maclay learned that loves knows no boundaries of
gender or color or whatever. Passion is like a river, it needs someplace to
go. Tara Maclay and Spike have taken off for the wild west. Their first
journey as a couple.

The End


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